Make a Profound Fashion Statement with a Stylish Formal Ensemble. Top Branded Formal Shirts for Men for That Suave and Dapper Look (2020)

Make a Profound Fashion Statement with a Stylish Formal Ensemble. Top Branded Formal Shirts for Men for That Suave and Dapper Look (2020)

"Clothes make the man" as the saying goes, truly summarises the fact that people will treat you as seriously as you dress up. If you aspire to command respect at your workplace or leave an indelible impression at a formal event, you need to be extremely discerning about the formal shirt that you wear. A good quality branded formal shirt not only enhances your confidence but also conveys unambiguously that you mean business and compels people to treat you with respect. This BP Guide will take you through some of the top rated branded formal shirts in India which will suit every budget and all occasions.

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Branded Formal Shirts Complement Your Personality with Elegance

Formal shirts for men look classier than many other attires and their charm is something that no one can deny. The range of designs and colours of formal shirts make them a versatile fashion item and enables you to experiment with different styles and trends. But, with lots of options available in the market, choosing the right one seems difficult at times. All the details such as colour, cuff, pattern, style, collar, and fit matter while purchasing a formal shirt.

Irrespective of whether you buy a formal shirt for office, party, or any casual occasion, a decent collection of formal shirts is always important for a man. This is because these shirts make up for the best option that men can wear on all types of events. Further, there are various branded formal shirts for men available in different shades, styles, and patterns that make you look distinct from the rest. Check out the list below to pick some amazing ones for a stylish and smart appearance.

Consider these Factors Before Buying Formal Shirts for Men

What Will You Wear it With

Wanna know how stylish and smart you will be looking in a formal shirt? See what you wear that formal shirt with. You can pair it up with jeans particularly if you are going to an office that allows a certain dress code. Besides, selecting a formal pair of shoes and trousers with it also make your formal shirt look more stylish.

Specific Attributes

A formal shirt’s certain attributes play an essential role in making it look good or bad on you. For example, the collar could be semi-cutaway, cutaway, spread, mandarin, etc. The length of the sleeves could be three-quarter, short, or long. Other attributes to look out for include checks, stripes, or a printed design and it could also feature full, concealed, or half-button pockets. Keep all these things in mind while purchasing a branded formal shirt and appear fashionable and not outdated.

Fabric, Collar, Button

While buying a formal shirt for men, the fabric is another important thing to consider. Most men buy such shirts for formal occasions or office where they only sit in AC rooms. Some of you may want something suitable and sporty for outdoor environments. And, there are various fabric options available like linen, fine-cotton, flannel, and man-made fibre to suit different needs. Besides, choosing the right collar also helps accentuate your facial features with a variety of collars available out there. Know the function of every style and choose the one that suits you the best. Spread collar, band collar, classic collar, wingtip collar are some of the common styles of collars. Another important factor is the buttons that seem insignificant or small individually. But missing or loose buttons may spoil your overall look.

Colour and Design

While buying formal shirts, pick those colours and designs that match your style and complement your personality. Solid blues or whites are considered the best for formal events and office attire. The striped and check patterns are perfect for casual or social occasions when going out along with your family or friends. Moreover, bright and multiple colours go well with dinner parties and weddings.

10 Branded Formal Shirts for Men in 2020

Now, here’s our list of the top 10 picks from numerous branded formal shirts for men out there:

Van Heusen Blue Striped Formal Shirt

Van Heusen is a famous brand among men who love gracious and urban outfits. It gives you a completely voguish look and its shirts are available in a range of shades from pastels to vibrant ones. Formal shirts from the brand define elegance with magnificent designs such as prints, stripes, checks, self-designs, and solids. The style of the blue striped formal shirt has a spread collar making it a perfect fit. It is the best choice that complements a classy style.

Wear this shirt with shoes, a brown belt, and formal trousers. Van Heusen shirts are affordable and provide you with colours that are suitable for college, casual meetings, as well as office. These shirts also help you look chic and courteous. Upgrading your wardrobe with these shirts also helps add to your fashion collection. The Van Heusen Blue Striped Formal Shirt is available in various sizes like L, M, S, XS, XL, and XXL. It’s made of cotton material with a pattern of stripes on it. You can get this beautiful shirt delivered home by ordering it from LimeRoad for ₹ 1,179.00.

Louis Philippe Men Blue & White Classic Fit Self Design Formal Shirt

Louis Philippe is another famous brand for men’s formal shirts with an extremely popular summer collection. It gives perfect fits to men looking for something more in their fashion lineup. Its designs and prints are specially designed for formal occasions. Wearing these formal shirts effortlessly makes you look stylish while defining elegance, status, and class. You can pair a Louis Philippe shirt with sneakers, trousers, denim jeans, and shoes.

The blue and white formal shirt comes in cotton material and has a spread collar with long sleeves. Besides, the self-design formal shirt also has a button placket, one patch pocket, and a curved hem. Be careful as you wash this shirt in the washing machine. The regular fit formal shirt has regular weave pattern and surface styling on the chest pocket. You can purchase the Louis Philippe Men Blue & White Classic Fit Self Design Formal Shirt from Myntra by paying just ₹ 1,799.00.

Raymond Men's Plain Slim Fit Formal Shirt

Raymond is a well-known brand for making formal shirts as well as for fabrics that are used in various clothing styles. The brand offers some quality shirts that are specially designed to meet corporate dressing ethics. An attraction of Raymond products is that their designs and patterns always have a finished touch. Its formal shirts can comfortably help you put on a classy look. And, you can get one for your size with multiple options available such as S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The sophistication and class are highlighted by a range of printed and solid designs from the brand.

The Raymond Men's Plain Slim Fit Formal Shirt is a perfect wear for office if you need an executive look. The shirt is prepared with cotton material and belongs to the slim fit category. It is available in light grey colour and has a cutaway collar and can be washed in a machine. The Raymond Men's Plain Slim Fit Formal Shirt is available on Amazon for ₹ 719.00.

Arrow Men's Plain Regular Fit Formal Shirt

Arrow is one of the oldest brands known for some quality formal shirts. It enjoys the top position with a range of designs and patterns for men looking for formal shirts. Besides, you can also discover a reasonably-priced range of formal shirts that make you look elegant and are a perfect upgrade to your wardrobe. You can pair these shirts with formal trousers, dress shoes, and a black belt. You can wear them at social gatherings or parties too, for a stylish and classy outlook.

This classic black formal shirt comes in a regular fit, which is specially designed for corporate wear. It is available in all sizes starting from small (S) to triple extra large (XXXL). This black shirt has full sleeves and a button-down collar and is made of pure cotton. Normally, you should wash it in the washing machine with cold water. Add Arrow Men's Plain Regular Fit Formal Shirt to your formal fashion collection by paying ₹ 2,099.00 on Amazon.

Peter England Men Green & Blue Slim Fit Checked Formal Shirt

In India, Peter England is the largest group which is famous for its cool formal shirts collection. It makes it worth upgrading your closet with comfortable and handsome formal shirts. Shirts from Peter England give you a stylish look on a budget. In the brand’s collection, a range of designs from solid colours to striped shirts in ultra-trendy styles are available. Besides, there are a variety of styles and colours available that you can choose from. The formal shirts provide you a smart look enough to grab the attention on various occasions.

This green and blue formal shirt from Peter England comes in a slim fit design along with a button placket, one patch pocket, long sleeves, and a curved hem. Its collar type is cutaway while the length of the shirt is regular. You can pair it with dark jeans and a blazer for an eye-catching look. Besides, this formal shirt is made of pure cotton and its weave pattern is regular as well. Moreover, the check pattern or print style has a check pocket surface styling. You can purchase this machine-washable formal shirt from Myntra at a cost of ₹ 1,399.00.

Indian Terrain Men Formal Shirt

Another top brand for men’s formal shirts is Indian Terrain. It is famous for making good quality, remarkable, and appealing texture of fabrics. And, formal shirts made of these are awesome as they are available in great styles and reasonable prices. Putting these in your wardrobe adds a perfect styling sense to your regular formal wear on different occasions.

The Indian Terrain Men Formal Shirt is available in blue colour with a solid pattern in a range of sizes from large (L) to double extra large (XXL). This shirt is made of pure cotton and comes in a slim fit, button-down design. You should gently wash this shirt in the washing machine as per the instructions displayed on the tag. This Indian Terrain Men Formal Shirt is available on Amazon for ₹ 1,264.00.

John Players Men Blue & White Regular Fit Checked Formal Shirt

A brand known for affordable clothing with a special collection, John Players is also popular among men for formal shirts. Its range adds a sophisticated and sharp outline to your wardrobe, adding some popular as well as fashionable shirts. If you want to be ready for a presentation, formal shirts are a perfect option for you.

John Players’ blue and white formal shirt comes with long sleeves, curved hem, and button placket. Besides, the regular fit design it also features a patch pocket and a spread collar. Other features include opaque transparency and a regular weave pattern. This formal shirt is made of pure cotton material and is machine washable. You can buy John Players Men Blue & White Regular Fit Checked Formal Shirt from Myntra at a price of ₹ 639.00.

Marks and Spencer Men's Solid Regular Fit Formal Shirt

This one’s another name on the list of best branded formal shirts for men. If you want a heritage feel, shirts from Marks and Spencer could be just the right pick for you. The designs work well in an environment that requires you to wear casual outfits. Besides, wearing these shirts gets you a really aesthetic look. In addition to the good quality, these shirts come with affordable prices as well.

The Marks and Spencer Men’s Solid Regular Fit Formal Shirt available in light mint colour is a great pick. It features a button-down collar, which is particularly designed to sit under jackets. While, on the chest, a patch gives a classic look. Made of pure cotton, It’s preferable to wash this shirt in the washing machine. You can purchase this shirt from Amazon at a price of ₹ 1,902.00.

Blackberrys Men's Printed Slim Fit Formal Shirt

Blackberrys has a huge range of patterns, colours, and styles for men’s formal shirts. It provides you a great look and feel that could go beyond your imagination. Shirts from Blackberrys are crafted in pure cotton that further add to the rich and stylish look.

Blackberrys Men’s Printed Slim Fit Formal Shirt is available in mid-grey colour and comes in all sizes including small, large, extra large, and double extra large. The slim fit shirt comes with long sleeves and is particularly designed for progressive men. Make this one of the best choices in your wardrobe for various occasions including the office. You need to wash this shirt with your hands and only non-chlorine bleach is to be used. This formal shirt is available on Amazon for ₹ 965.00.

Park Avenue Men's Slim Fit Formal Shirt

Last, but not the least, Park Avenue is an affordable brand for men looking for formal shirts. The range of shirts from the brand add elegance to your collection with a unique range of styles and designs. From patterns to fabric used and colours, everything in Park Avenue shirts is perfect. Besides, the comfortable and stylish range of formal shirts also encourages you to wear them daily. Park Avenue brings some of the best collections for summers and a wonderful range for office-wear.

If you are looking to buy a new yet affordable formal shirt for a meeting, you must have a look at this slim fit formal shirt in dark blue colour. It has a cutaway collar and long sleeves and is made of pure cotton and is machine washable. You can pair it with matching brogues and trousers for a charming look. Park Avenue Men's Slim Fit Formal Shirt is available for ₹ 1,247.00 on Amazon.

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Your Clothes Say a Lot About You

Your clothes convey a lot about your personality, style and tastes. It is for this reason that you should have good quality branded formal shirts in your wardrobe which complement your personality and boost your confidence. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you to understand the latest trends in men's formal shirts and which style would suit you the best. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.