Flaunt Your Perfectly Toned Body. Top Slim Fit Formal Shirts and Trousers to Boost Your Confidence and Nail That Perfect Professional Look in 2020

Flaunt Your Perfectly Toned Body. Top Slim Fit Formal Shirts and Trousers to Boost Your Confidence and Nail That Perfect Professional Look in 2020

Your attire not only says a lot about your personality but also plays an important role in boosting your confidence in social and official interactions. If you are planning to do a wardrobe makeover by adding some fashionable slim fit formal shirts which do justice to your perfectly sculpted physique but don't know where to start, then you have come to the right place. This BP Guide will introduce you to the best slim fit formal shirts and trousers currently available in the market which you can conveniently buy online from the comfort of your home.

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Types of Collars on Men's Shirts

Maintaining decorum at the workplace is everyone's first priority. Maybe you are the always-formal guy in your office and have to maintain your image by being perfect. But, have you really thought about what the smallest thing is that might ruin your well-nurtured image? Then the answer is the type of collar you wear and whether it suits you or not. Some of the most popular types of collars are:

  • Forward-Point Collar:
    The forward point collar has got pointed tips, and the distance between these tips is really small. Also, the collar does not get concealed by the blazer or jacket lapels. This collar is one of the most conventional among all the other types.

  • Button-Down Collar:
    The button-down collar, as the name specifies, is a complete dress down. The collars are small and offer a more easy-going and fun look to your wardrobe. This collar compliments you with or without a tie. It provides a class to your style, with a hint of coolness.

  • Spread Collar:
    The spread collar, lies in between the forward point collar and the button-down collar, in terms of style. This collar works wonders with a jacket because of its conventional way the points end just where your jacket starts. Shirt featuring this collar can be an all-occasion wear.

  • Cut-Away Collar:
    The cut-away collar is the most frequently preferred one when compared to the others. As the name suggests, this collar cuts away from your face in a perfect angle. This collar is designed to suit everyone, irrespective of the shape of your face.

In addition to these, there are several other types of collars in the men's line – tab collar, band collar, club collar and pin collar are some of the most important ones. Other factors to be considered for your collar are:

  • Collar Height: Observe how high it sits on your neck.
  • Collar Size: The size of the collar must be checked as well.
  • Collar Spread: The distance between the point tips, which can actually take control over your face shape.

Best Slim Fit Formal Shirts for Men

Men's Formal French Grey Shirt

We have a French grey shirt suitable for all your parties, functions, meetings and any other occasion, and it works well as your casual office wear too. Pair it with a dark brown or black trouser or jeans, and it offers you a classy look with minimal effort. The colour is appealing, and the way this cloth will drape your body will provide you with an authoritative look.

This classy shirt has full sleeves and a semi-cutaway collar. It offers a streamlined cut to your body with its classic design. The shirt is made of an enriched cotton fabric and must be washed separately only in cold water. This super stylish shirt must be present in your all-occasion wardrobe. Buy this classic design for ₹ 999.00 from Tooley Shirts.

Stop Men's Printed Formal Shirt

We have another classy look for all your gatherings and events, whether casual or formal. This printed shirt by Stop will give you a cool and quirky look for any purpose. Try this shirt with darker shade trouser, add on a belt, and tuck it in. You will look decent and sincere, and that is all what you need. Pair it with lace-up shoes only, to add on a sophisticated look.

This is a regular collar, slim fit shirt with full sleeves and features a printed pattern, which adds a casual look to this formal shirt. The fabric is 100% cotton and is comfortable during the summers. You can also wear it under a jacket or a sweater during the winters to look classy. Buy this shirt from Shoppers Stop for ₹ 999.00.

Invictus Blue Slim Fit Formal Shirt

Next up is this blue formal shirt by Invictus. Blue is the colour that works wonders when you need to be professional without losing your touch of class and it blends perfectly with your natural rhythm. It is most complimented with formal work pants, though you can wear it with jeans and still rock that look. Try lace-up shoes with formal trousers, and sneakers if you are wearing jeans.

This full sleeve shirt with a cut-away collar and full button placket is crafted from 100% cotton fabric. it is comfortable to wear and the fabric is breathable with sheer transparency. It features a textured pattern which is why it has a sleek look. Make sure you buy the right size from Myntra for ₹ 1,539.00.

Jack & Jones Powder Blue Slim Fit Shirt

Jack & Jones’ soft shade of blue offers a sleek look to your conventional office wear in all unconventional ways because of its soft powder colour. This is an outfit that offers maximum exposure to your look with minimum effort. It compliments your posture in many ways because of its perfectly crafted fabric. This adds charm to your personality and establishes an air of authority around you.

This plain shirt is a must have in your wardrobe. It is a full sleeved, slim fit shirt with a tab collar. You can wear it with a pair of jeans and sneakers to make you look super stylish. Grab this shirt for ₹ 1,250.00 from Jack & Jones.

Marks & Spencer Men White Slim Fit Solid Formal Shirt

White colour is your ultimate choice for anything to pair it up with. White is the most professional colour of all, and is appropriate for all occasions. Pair it up with pair of denim jeans or a dark formal trouser, it will always look classy and stylish. Go with leather shoes under your formal pants and a belt if you tuck the shirt in. It gives you a solid look and reflects professionalism.

This slim fit shirt has got a cut-away collar with full sleeves. It has a full button-down placket. The material is 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is machine washable. It offers no transparency and is comfortable for your 9 to 5 shifts. You can buy one for yourself from Myntra for ₹ 1,299.00.

John Players Slim Fit Cotton Shirt with Patch Pocket

Source www.ajio.com

Next shirt on our list is this grey shirt by John Players. It will be most suited over black formal, ankle length pants. You can make it look more stylish with folded sleeves and by adding on a belt. Leather shoes will work the best to complete your look. You can also wear a blazer to style it. It has a patch pocket at the front that gives it a clean and modern look. It is a 100% cotton blend slim fit formal shirt with full sleeves and adjustable angle cuffs. It is machine washable and the fabric is light and breathable. You can buy this grey slim fit shirt from Ajio for just ₹ 560.00.

Invictus Mauve Printed Slim Fit Formal Shirt

This Invictus shirt has a soft mauve colour that conveys style, class and casual, all at the same time. Pairing it with formal dark pants or jeans, with lace-up or leather shoes is nothing but establishing a style statement. It will make up as a stunning option for your office work-hours and meetings.

The fabric is 100% enriched cotton that keeps you cool and dry throughout the day. You are sure to shine in this slim fit, full button placket, long sleeves formal shirt. A patch pocket is present in the front and the shirt features a printed texture. Buy this spread-collared shirt for just ₹ 1,424.00 from Myntra.

Arrow Men Printed Formal Spread Shirt

Another gem in blue we have is this printed formal shirt by Arrow. Your perfect choice for office work hours or for your non-official meetings as well. A quick styling tip - go with a pair of formal pants and leather shoes or lace-up shoes. You can also try to pair it with dark jeans and sneakers with the shirt tucked in. This will give you a formal look yet a casual vibe. You can wear a dark blazer or a sweater in winters for a classier look. This shirt has cotton fabric and is thus an all-weather shirt. It is comfortable to wear and is machine washable. It has a printed texture, full sleeves, slim fit with spread collars. Upgrade your wardrobe by buying this shirt from Flipkart at just ₹ 899.00.

Invictus Men White & Green Slim Fit Printed Semi-Formal Shirt

We have another printed formal shirt by Invictus available in a very interesting sea-green colour. The colour is somewhat different from what you will usually prefer. This semi-formal shirt is your go-to shirt for both formal and casual meetings and setups. This shirt will work with jeans and easy going loafers to create a great casual vibe. Also, you can pair it with formal, ankle-length pants to make a proper style statement. It has a contrast, full button placket, full sleeves and a curved hem. The fabric is 100% cotton and thus light to wear. It is machine washable and offers no transparency. Buy this stylish semi-formal shirt at just ₹ 1,259.00 from Myntra.

Raymond Dark Blue Slim Fit Cotton Shirt

Source www.amazon.in

Blue goes perfectly with every occasion and meeting. Another blue formal shirt is available to you from Raymond. It works well with a pair of formal dark pants. Add a belt and wear it over a pair of lace-up shoes or leather shoes. It gives a slender look to your body and you will pull an easy-going look with confidence. Your wardrobe requires this slim fit shirt. The fabric is breathable with no transparency. It is 100% enriched cotton and is thus machine washable. It offers a good fitting and a cutaway collar. Grab this great piece from Amazon for ₹ 949.00.

Slim Fit Trousers to Go with These Shirts

Some people might question you if you are not in an attire that perfectly suits the environment. While talking about the attire, you should consider the complete attire. That includes your formal work pants and trousers. Wearing a formal shirt and pairing it with a contrast trouser for your important meetings will be your worst nightmare. Not only the name of the brand, but the quality of the cloth also speaks for itself.

You can choose some of the best pants or trousers that are offered by popular brands like Peter England, Park Avenue, Raymond, John Players, etc. These brands help you upgrade your wardrobe by presenting some fine formal trousers and also help you style them properly. Some other brands that are rapidly emerging in the men's line of fashion are Louis Philippe, Invictus, Allen Solly and John Miller.

Richard Parker Men Slim Fit Formal Grey Trouser

We have selected this Richard Parker Men Slim Fit Formal Grey Trouser available on Pantaloons at a reasonable price. This grey trouser goes best with a formal shirt tucked in. It has a solid design and works best with leather shoes under it. The regular length of this trouser makes you look slender and makes your ensemble decent. Add on a formal belt to complete your look. You can also wear them under a blazer and also as suit pants. The fabric is poly viscose and fits your body smoothly. Upgrade your style in pants by buying this trouser a just ₹ 600.00 from Pantaloons.

Network Slim Fit Formal Trousers

Source www.ajio.com

This slim fit black trouser by Network is your perfect office wear. Due to its colour, it blends perfectly with any shirt you decide to wear. It is suitable for any occasion under any shirt you wear because of its sleek design and ankle length. This super stylish and all-occasions pant is fabricated with a stretchable cloth and fits well as if it was tailored especially for you. It has a polyester blend which makes it suitable for machine wash. Pair it with loafers or leather shoes and this trouser will rock with both of them effortlessly. Grab these must-have all-occasion pants from Ajio for just ₹ 999.00.

Louis Philippe Men Navy Blue Slim Fit Self-Checked Formal Trousers

These Louis Philippe trousers come with a beautiful self-checked print. Wear either lace-up or leather shoes and style them with a light-coloured shirt to effortlessly rock them. Put on a belt to make your look even more stylish. The regular length of this pant makes the fit proper. You can also wear graphic T-shirts over them to get a more modern look. The material of the trousers is 63% polyester, 34% viscose, 3% elastane. This makes the fabric comfortable to wear and smooth over your skin. It is machine washable and needs to be ironed for a better look. Buy this self-checked formal trousers for ₹ 2,249.00 only from Myntra.

Jack & Jones Navy Blue Slim Fit Trousers

Another solid blue slim fit trouser available for you from the house of Jack & Jones. This can be your ultimate summer choice. It is a very stylish and super comfortable pant for your 9 to 5 shifts. You can rock everyday by pairing this trouser with a printed T-shirt or a full button-down shirt. Because the trouser is plain and solid, prefer wearing it under printed shirts, either tucked in or out, doesn't matter because it looks cool both ways. The premium fabric of the trousers offers great comfort during the long hours of your shift. This slim fit, ankle length trouser sits perfectly on your body which adds to its superior look. These pants are preferred to be dry-cleaned and available on Jack & Jones for just ₹ 1,500.00.

Simon Carter London Men Grey & Navy Blue Slim Fit Checked Formal Trousers

Another checked formal trousers available for you is by Simon Carter London. We have this trouser available in grey and navy blue, both royal and extremely popular colours. Just pair this trouser with a white shirt and you manage to look classy and stylish with minimal effort. This is a versatile and fashionable pick for your office wears. Everyone will appreciate your taste in clothes, if you have one of these. Wear easy-going loafers or leather shoes for a clean-state look for your office. The material of the trouser is 80% wool and 20% cotton, which is a perfect blend for adding convenience in your day to day life. It is a machine washable and mid-rise pant available in the desired size ranges on Myntra for ₹ 3,599.00.

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Slim Fit Formal Shirts Enhance Your Personality

Whether it is an office setup or a client meeting or a formal occasion, donning a high-quality slim fit formal shirt definitely enhances your personality and makes your presence felt in your social and professional circle. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which slim fit formal shirt and trousers you are going to buy next. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.