Top Men's Office Wear Accessories to Make That Sharp Suit Look Sharper Still (2020)

Top Men's Office Wear Accessories to Make That Sharp Suit Look Sharper Still (2020)

The way you dress and accessorise, plays an important role in the success you achieve in today's cut-throat competitive corporate environment. In addition to your basic formal wear, the accessories that you use are critical in creating your unique persona in your office. This BP Guide will take you through the top office wear accessories for men which should definitely have a place of pride in your wardrobe.

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Power Dressing at the Workplace


You can be part of the senior management or even be on the board of directors. There could be several subordinates, and you could be leading a team. You may be the owner of an expensive car that you drive to the office. However, you are always characterised by your clothing. And you may be only a junior executive, but people may like you because of your clothes and the accessories.

Let us look at a simple example. We love to go to a garden with beautiful flowers. Similarly, power dressing is a formula for success. Your body language and style must complement the dressing sense, and you should be able to carry yourself. How you present yourself is very important, in addition to being intelligent.

Benefits of Power Dressing

As a responsible corporate citizen, you need to dress professionally. While you may be highly qualified, but the way you dress can leave an everlasting impression on your peers and seniors about you. And not only your professional life, it can extend to your personal life as well. Power dressing not only enhances your outlook but also improves your self confidence. We will now take a sneak peek into the benefits of power dressing.

Allows to Focus on Essential Matters

If you are dressed well, you can have a cool head. It will, in turn, allow you to focus on essential matters. You need not listen to what people say about your clothes, and it will help to concentrate on your work. Moreover, it will also leave a good impression on your clients and prospects who visit your office for a meeting. If you visit your clients for a meeting, they can also have a good idea about you and can directly come to the topic of discussion.

Shows the Ability to Balance Trends


You need to adapt to change in the workplace. For example, if you make a forecast for the coming six months, you may need to change the plan after three or four months because of market factors. Now, if your colleagues find you are coping well with the frequent changes in workplace dressing, they will rest assured that you can face the challenges in the corporate world too. It helps you to win over the belief of your colleagues. And along with that, you can be the one who sets the style statement at the workplace.

Shows Positivity

You can have the best get up and sport a cleanly shaven look. However, without power dressing, it will be a dampener. Your branded shirt, trousers and accessories will provide the completeness required to carry out your daily work. The swag will help you win the trust of your colleagues as well as your clients. While you need to wear simple clothes to the workplace, it can always adhere to the latest fashion trends. Dressing correctly with the proper accessories shows an air of positivity to the people working with you.

You Could Bump into Anyone

On regular working days, you may carry out the day with your boss and colleagues. On a rare occasion, you may bump into the CEO in the elevator or at the cafeteria. If you are appropriately dressed, it improves the impression that the CEO may have of you.

While going out for an interview at your dream company, would you forget to dress appropriately? If you did, the interviewer would not have a great impression about you. It is necessary to get into the power dressing mode at all times.

The Smallest Impressions Matter

Visual impressions go a long way in having an idea about someone. If you are in marketing and sales, it does matter a lot. You need to dress appropriately, else your prospects and clients will not have anything good to say about you and the company you represent as well. Research has shown that we tend to form an opinion about a company based on the front line employees that we meet. If you are not dressed up appropriately, you may lose that prospect forever.

Instils a Healthy Work Culture

If you do a study about most mediocre companies, you will find that their dip in productivity is because of the lackadaisical attitude of the employees in dressing up for work. If the employees show a lack of interest about their wardrobe, it shows in their performance at work as well.

On the other hand, most outspoken companies have a laid down policy that their employees must dress up professionally for work. Power dressing instils confidence among employees and improves their self-esteem. Senior management people must project confidence through what they wear to work. In all, it leads to a healthy work culture.

Fashion Accessories for the Workplace

Men's fashion at the workplace has been in the limelight for a long time. The most attention that men give is to their shirts and trousers. And to their suits. However, they also need to pay heed to fashion accessories when they are at the workplace. The accessories can also enhance their outlook and get up. Even renowned designers normally have a specific section for fashion accessories for men. We will take a look at some of the fashion accessories to enhance your personality in the office.


Your eyewear can also be a great fashion statement. While there may be a dress code in your office, it would normally not apply to eyewear. The proper eyewear can also make you look elegant. You need to match your glasses with your outfit. Or, at least wear something that would go with all the outfits.

People who have a medical issue can use computer glasses. These are quite fashionable too. When selecting an eyewear, do consider the shape of your face. Those of you with sharp features will look good with round glasses. Rectangular glasses look good on plumper people.

Some of the best eyewear designs can be found on the websites of GKB Opticals and Lenskart. The frames at Lenskart start from ₹ 999.00 and can be bought online on their website. The ones at GKB Opticals are of renowned brands, and the range starts from ₹ 2,790.00. You need to visit their stores or arrange for a home visit.


We generally wear a tie to office when we have meetings with the senior management or with our clients. But a tie can be worn to the office every day and in a casual setting too. You may choose interesting patterns for wearing to the office on normal workdays. The conservative ones can be worn on days when you are having meetings.

Choosing the textures and hues is essential. You must also consider the shirt and trouser that you would be wearing. If you are wearing a traditional suit, the ties can be of brighter colours. Also, pay attention to the collar and ensure that the tie you wear looks good on that collar. If time permits, you may also experiment with different types of knots.

Some of the best collections can be found on the website of Raymond for their Park Avenue brand. The price starts from ₹ 649.00. Louis Philippe, another renowned brand, has its range of ties starting from ₹ 1,499.00. The Tie Hub has its range of ties starting from ₹ 1,150.00.

Tie Clips


Tie clips are worn to keep the tie in place. These days it is more of a fashion accessory. They enhance the overall look by being classy. While you can keep it conservative during a business meeting, you may try out various colours on other days. The acceptable colours for a tie pin are usually silver or gold, though some may choose darker shades. You can choose any shade as long as it compliments the rest of your outfit.

The best designer tie clips can be browsed on Tiekart. The prices start from ₹ 500.00.


Most of us do not pay heed to our belts. But belts can also be a fashion statement and draw attention to your looks. Ideally, you should match the colour of the belt with that of your shoes. In an informal setup, you can choose various shades too. The most natural choice of colours for your belt is black or brown, and most of the belts come in these 2 shades. The buckle needs to be polished, and depending on the occasion, it can be a bit thicker too.

If you are looking for branded but low-price belts, you may choose one from the Van Heusen stable. The range starts from ₹ 1,299.00. You can also choose a Louis Philippe belt, and the price range begins from ₹ 499.00.



They are an essential accessory if you are wearing French cuff shirts. You must not wear loud designs as they are inappropriate in the workplace. The coloured and silk knot ones look good on men. Carefully chosen cufflinks can enhance your personality. The chain link cufflinks and the ball return types are quite common and give a dapper look. However, do not wear any precious stones as cufflinks.

You can browse through Tistabene for one of your choices. The range starts from ₹ 380.00. If you want a pricier one, you can also browse through the collection on Shaze. The range here starts from ₹ 1,990.00.



Your footwear plays an integral part in your outfit every day in the office. There are many options to choose from, and leather is among the most common ones for daily use. The black shoes with laces are the ones most of you would prefer.

The shoes need to be slim with rounded toes. The square ones do not look good in a corporate environment. Pair them with your favourite socks. Most of you would prefer to match the design of your shoes with that of your belt. But black and brown are colours that are the most popular in a formal set up. The styles can be varied though.

Bata happens to be the brand of choice for low-priced formal shoes. The range starts from ₹ 1,999.00 for the black and brown slip-on. The ones from Woodland are also trendy, and the range starts from ₹1,977.

Wrist Watch

Watches are a favourite accessory for men. And a misused one too. Normally men tend to wear all types of watches to the office without considering whether or not it matches with their outfit. Leather straps can go in a corporate set-up, but fabric ones are a strict no-no. Metal straps should be either silver or gold. Any other colour looks rather odd. Most of you would be having a preferred watch that you tend to wear every time. But you should also ensure that it gels with the rest of your outfit. Choose simple styles and make it one of your best aesthetics.

Titan has its range of wrist watches for everyone. The range of watches starts from ₹ 945.00 and there are premium watches over ₹ 12,000.00 too.



Of late, bracelets have gained popularity among men's wardrobe. And more and more men are wearing it to their offices. It is also among the top accessories for men. The ones with a leather cord look good on men. The ones with cuffs look dated.

Whatever your style, do not use the bracelet as the centrepiece of your attire. But it should definitely form a distinct part of your outlook. It is better if you choose a metallic bracelet or a beaded one. A silver chain will also work on any informal day.

You may buy your favourite bracelet from LimeRoad where the range starts from ₹ 400.00. Tistabene and The Bro Code brands are available on Myntra, and other e-commerce sites and the range is around ₹ 800.00.


Sunglasses are used to protect your eyes from the sun. For some, it is an alternative to fake eyeglasses. Whatever the reason might be, sunglasses have found a way as an important accessory for men. Men are increasingly using it to showcase their style. You should choose ones like wayfarers or aviators.

It is good to have separate sunglasses according to your attire. But you should always do some research before selecting one and decide what looks good on you. Neutral colours can go with any occasion.

You can choose a great pair of sunglasses from Titan Eyeplus. Their sunglasses start from ₹ 799.00.


The ubiquitous wallet can also be a fashion statement. Does it sound like news to you? Some men simply consider a wallet as an accessory only to carry cash, debit and credit cards. But it can be your profound fashion statement too. For formal wear, slim wallets must be used. The popular ones are those in brown or black. Leather is the most preferred wallet material. You can also have some personalised craft on the top, but these come at a premium.

The designs from Da Milano are exquisite and start from ₹ 1,999.00. The wallets from Hidesign are available on Tata Cliq and other e-commerce sites and are quite reasonable with the range starting from ₹ 1,200.00.



When some of you are late for the office, you may give scant regard to the socks you are wearing. You just put on whatever is in front of you. It is ideal for matching the socks with your shoes. The socks you wear should also complement your trousers too. You may wear darker textures if you are wearing light coloured trousers. You may wear thicker socks in colder weather.

Maanja is known for premium quality socks at a low price. You can get premium-quality design socks at a discounted price of ₹ 99.00. You can also explore socks from Soxytoes starting from ₹ 199.00.

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