Looking for the Perfect Corporate Gift Box? 10 Corporate Gift Boxes to Help You Create the Best Impression on Associates and Clients (2019)

Looking for the Perfect Corporate Gift Box? 10 Corporate Gift Boxes to Help You Create the Best Impression on Associates and Clients (2019)

Corporate gifting should be undertaken as an art. There are many ways of corporate gifting, depending on the type of gift as well as the objective. To carry this out like a professional, some guidelines to help you through have been provided below, as well as 10 of the best corporate gift box designs. Peruse through to find one that suits your purpose and understand which one will be the best as well as how to use it.

How to Choose the Right Corporate Gift Box

Remember the Objective

Corporate gifts have a way of being forgotten quick and considered junk very fast. A corporate gift usually sounds like an excess supply of promotional items that have no long term use as such, except for being a tabletop show piece or company branded property. However a corporate gift if given careful consideration, can prove to be quite promising way to support the growth of a business, strengthening professional relationships and give a distinct identity to your brand.

As unique and significant it is to select a gift that’s top of the line, and one that is of use and will linger on in the receiver’s mind for long, the way you package the gift is also very important. The saying ‘the first impression is the last impression’, holds true in this case. If the first step of corporate gifting, which is its packaging is given substantial importance, the gift is bound to be appreciated as well. A flimsy, mediocre and ordinary gift pack or box will not encourage the recipient to move ahead and unwrap the gift.

Packaging that is themed, such as a company’s annual day or a festive occasion or a holiday like Christmas, or serves a promotional or branding purpose, warrants that the quality and presentation of the gifts are equally valuable if not more than the gifts, thereby acting as gateways to acquiring new clients or associates.

Consider Utilitarian Items

Corporate gifting is no longer a luxury, but a necessity that needs to be followed to enhance the company’s image in the market, create an emotional and positive imagery of the brand, create goodwill and strengthen relationships. In pursuit of this objective, how the gifts are packaged demand a quality check as well.

An appropriate packaged gift represents your thoughtfulness and care for your clients and employees and reflects on the company’s value as a whole. For instance, if you’re gifting accessories like ties or scarves they should be packed in a suitable accessories box and then covered in wrapping paper, branded with the company’s logo with a ribbon on the top. Gift bags are good for multiple gifts and allow each gift item to be wrapped individually and then placed inside the bag, making it a quick and easy thing to use. With some coordinating patterned tissue paper a bow can be tied on the handle.

Giftware boxes are an ideal packaging option, where you can choose from a variety of sizes, apt for almost all kinds of gourmet food, branded mugs, sippers, ornaments, tableware or small gift items and then adorned with some fancy ribbons.

Professional, Practical and Creative Packaging is a Must

It’s good to be innovative and creative in all that your company does and you can even use your gift packaging to promote your company and the story behind your products. Think of your packaging as an additional promotion of your brand. So when packaging your gifts, think creativity and use materials that reflect your product or your company’s thought process. For instance, if you are into upcycling, use recycled paper or rare material like aluminum.

Avoid using bright colors or busy patterns in packaging your gifts, it should instead complement your gift/product. The visual appeal and messages should be consistent across your products. Be grammatically correct when addressing your employees or associates or clients, however, be a little artistic and substantive through the packaging. Be practical when labeling or using tags and try using renewable packing materials, use stuff that’s economical as well. Also be considerate of protecting your goods in addition to gift wrapping them! Be sure to let your gift item be accessible, even through its packaging.

10 Corporate Gift Boxes to Impress Clients and Associates Alike

Rigid Folding Box

Made of fine paperboard, rigid boxes are the optimum choice for packaging corporate gifts. The material is a fine quality thick paper and the boxes made out of it are available in different sizes and colors in the market. These boxes can be printed with high quality inks, embossed, laminated, UV coated, varnished and stamped. They can be customized with the company logo and custom designed as well. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces for rigid boxes and they are inspected for 100% quality before delivery. The Rigid folding boxes can be got from Bellprinters.com and prices available on request.

Gift Product Boxes

Made in a variety of designs and shapes like square, triangle, rectangular and hexagonal, the designer gift boxes are styled customized, adorned with premium, fancy or vibrant printed papers and ribbons ideal for corporate gift packaging and can as such be used for chocolates, dry fruits, and many other assorted gift items. The minimum order quantity is 200 boxes in each size chosen. These gift boxes can be acquired from Caravan paperproducts.com. Prices available on request.

Designer Premium Gift Box

Fabricated with the use of premium grade raw material with state of the art designing techniques these premium gift boxes are elegantly designed, extremely lightweight and easy to carry with high durability and accurate styling. The boxes are made in different sizes, designs, dimensions at low-priced rates in vibrant colors, tamper proof packaging and moisture-resistant features. These boxes can be embossed or laminated in gloss as well. The available colors are white and blue. For more information, you can visit: Mkpackaging.co.in.

Candle Boxes

These days, scented candles have become a popular choice as gifts by individuals and companies alike. These handcrafted and decorative metal candle boxes make for a strong and sturdy gift box for candles. Metal tins are age-old packaging solutions which are practical, and can also support company branding. There’s a whole range of assorted and printed decorative containers that can suit your requirements with specific printing effects like embossing, stone finish or wrinkled effect. Prices available on request and you can order Candle Boxes of your choice form Nikitacontainers.in.

Chocolate Boxes

Chocolates as corporate gifts can serve as a token of gratitude to your clients for their business or to your employees for their valuable services also creating a brand appeal among them. There’s a considerable volume of printed and assorted chocolate boxes that can be customized here made of premium grade materials. The box sizes vary from 2 piece box to 18 pieces box, with a range of custom options to choose from. The prices for each box varies with its size and the arrangement of chocolates. You can get any of these Chocolate Boxes from Chococraft.in and prices available on request.

Flat Boxes

Choose from a variety of premium hard boxes in different shapes that can be styled as flat boxes for a broad range of gift items. Whether it is an offset printed box with a screen printed logo with the choice of UV printing, foil stamping or lamination or boxes with/without transparent window lids, you can customize the boxes to your liking and select the perfect shape from our offerings of round, magnet, book, normal rectangular, photo frame type, hexagonal 3 tier, oval or square shaped box types. You can also opt for eco-friendly boxes by choosing recycled or FSC certified papers. The Flat gift boxes can be got from Tatvaonline.co.in and prices available on request.

Leather Gift Box

Source in.all.biz

Made of genuine cow nappa leather and available in different shades, the leather boxes are made of thick boards with a unique opening and designed so, as to get maximum storage space. Sizes can be custom specific. Available on Allbiz, prices available on request.

Customized Handcrafted Boxes for Corporate Gifting

Made of hardwood, paperboard or mdf materials these handcrafted boxes can be customized in color, and size, ranging between 8” – 3” with company logo digitally printed on them. The minimum order quantity for each type/size of box varies according to stock availability and design criteria. These corporate gift boxes can be got from Merakiindia.in. The prices available on request.

Embroidered Gift Box

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Designed creatively keeping both traditional and modern designs in consideration, these gift boxes are lightwood and hand embroidered boxes with fabrics of satin, jute, velvet with attractive zari, silk thread or beads work. These boxes can be used for a variety of gift items in the realm of corporate gifting and can be acquired form Allbiz, prices are available on request.

Kraft Cardboard Drawer Box

A drawer box packaging, this kraft cardboard box has a grey board with coated paper, CMYK full color and Pantone color printing features and matt lamination to create a custom gift packaging box for a corporate gifting solution. The box can be customized for color, shape and paper with the company logo and can be used for a variety of gift items. Different surface techniques used in designing the box include embossing, foil stamping, glitter, debossed effect, matt & gloss finish. The Kraft Cardboard Drawer Box can be got from Hxcustomlable.com and prices available on request.

Bonus Tip: Creative Corporate Gift Packaging

Giving your corporate gift packaging the attention it deserves will prove to be a good move when it comes to enhancing your company’s goodwill. Coming up with some creative designing solutions to package your products and gift items for all long term is a smart choice to make. With a graphic designer’s assistance you can create a basic label design that can used in different ways.

Here are some quick and lovely ways to jazz up your gift packaging without compromising on the quality quotient.

    With the transparent basket bags, you have a versatile packaging option that not only allows the recipient to have a clear view of the gift, it is an economical choice when the volume of gifts is huge and it comes in a variety of sizes that is befitting all kinds and sizes of items. The Cello basket bags are also appropriate for bulky items and can be further decorated with custom branded ribbons.

    Gable boxes can used optimally by either being opened like a gift basket or filled and given closed. They are apt for small gifts, chocolates, cookies or gourmet food items with their versatile and top handle boxes which can be further adorned with tags, stickers or ribbons all brand customized.

    An elegant choice for a corporate gift package, the wine carriers are available for bottles 1-6, easy to open, fill and package. Their built in handles make them easy to carry and transport as well. Each bottle can be wrapped in patterned or colored tissue paper for a colorful effect.

    These bags have a small cardboard piece placed inside at the base of the bag to provide support for items placed inside the bag. The bags can be decorated with color coordinated basket shreds at the bottom and the entire package wrapped with a customized bow ribbon.

    The gift card box comes with pre-cut slits to hold a gift card in place, which is a popular and preferred option for most companies these days for both corporate gifting as well as for employee gifts. When packaged like this, the recipient feels special opening the box. The box can also have a corner ribbon to make it look visually more appealing..
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Contemporary Corporate Gift Boxes

Modern corporate gifting has evolved. It now entails gifting in different realms, from something to impress to one with some utility. Knowing how to present the gift is of essence as it depicts how you feel about the giftee and value them too. It is no more just a mere act, you have to put some work into it. To reduce the task, listed are some of the top most considered corporate gift box designs that will surely impress, associates, clients and customers too.