Stand Out in the Crowd with These 10 Designer Shirts for Men: How to Choose a Perfect Shirt and Other Useful Tips

Stand Out in the Crowd with These 10 Designer Shirts for Men: How to Choose a Perfect Shirt and Other Useful Tips

Clothes say a lot about our personality. It is what largely makes our first impression on others but it is also how we choose to express ourselves through fashion. This is why, In this article, we have listed down everything you need to know about men's shirts - top trends, how to find a timeless shirt, and some great styles out there that you should focus your attention on. Keep reading to know more!

Why Own a Designer Shirt?

What sort of clothes a person wears determines their personality. As a well-known quote says “A MAN IS WHAT HE WEARS”. It can be an extravagant watch or overpriced looking pair of formal shoes, or an elegant suit that can make you appear like a man with good mature tastes and habits. While a huge bland hoodie with only a company logo as design or a gaudy pair of sneakers can do the polar opposite.

Designer shirts are somewhat special, they can easily do both. If you own them, you are clearly a man who likes clothes that are skillfully made and are up to date with the currently trending fashion. Although it is rather hard not to stand out when you wear one as they usually feature bold prints and designs.
Designer shirts usually stand for something unique, it’s bold and spunky and it contains an organic aura. This conveys the feeling of an altered and sophisticated person. Unlike casual clothes we don’t require a large number of these, a modest number of these designer shirts are enough for an individual.

Represents Class

Designer clothes are a prominent choice for people attending a formal affair such as weddings, meetings, etc, as these clothes represents an individual’s class. This might indicate spending some extra cash for something that you might have not planned. But having a personalized designer piece of clothing helps you in the long run. As the designer clothes are limited in number, a good fitted designer suit is exceptional at making the wearer the centre of attention.


Owning a designer shirt also means that there are not many people out there who own a shirt similar to yours as these clothes are limited in number. There might someone who has a comparatively identical outfit, but it won’t be the same. This gives you a feeling of individuality and uniqueness.

Quality Fabric

There is never any compromise in the quality of the fabric used in the making of designer clothes. Not only this provides you with clothes having the fabric of best quality, but also provides you the opportunity have the clothes made with the fabric of your liking. Moreover, it provides you with clothes that are pleasant to wear.


Another compelling argument in favor of buying designer clothes is that they are more tenacious and dependable than any regular suit. This capability is the virtue of the quality of fabric use in making of the suit. As these clothes are made by professionals there is a minimal chance of them getting damaged or mangled. Therefore, with proper care and maintenance these shirts can be used for a long time.

Designer Shirts in Different Styles

Fashion is ever-evolving and so is designer wear. There are various kinds of designer shirts in the market these days and we've listed down the top designer styles for you here.

Stylish Shirts

Rust Canyon Made In India Shirt

This is an earthy, coarse and straightforward designer shirt which is great for travelling. It is made up of simple yet elegant brushed fabric. This type of cloth is ideal for a moderate climate and while travelling as the cloth is made of 100% cotton that is labelled as ‘Made in India’. The shirt is classified as casual wear, with an inner neckband and metallic buttons. It can be worn over a formal shirt or a neutral tee with a pair of leather boots or with stylish sneakers. It can be purchased from at a price of Rs. 5,090.

Vagator Coral Red Pure Linen Shirt

This is a coral red colored Italian styled designer shirt with Chinese collar and round cuffs. The shirt is contrived of the finest Linen fabric, which is known to be stronger and more absorbent than cotton. The linen fabric is most sought after as this fabric is very soft and comfortable for the skin. As the shirt is bright in color it is very much suited for formal occasions and the shirt’s beauty can be enhanced by wearing it under a blazer or a proper suit. This designer shirt can be bought for a price of Rs 2,699 from

Navy Blue and Red Checked Shirt

This is a navy blue and red checked long-sleeved casual designer shirt with a spread collar. It is a slim fit shirt made of 100% cotton. Both sleeves of this shirt contain roll-up tabs that allow it to be worn both as half and a full-sleeved shirt. This is a useful feature as this allows the shirt to be worn in hot weather also and the pattern and the colour are most famous among teenagers and people who want to wear something semi-formal. The shirt can be bought for the price of Rs. 699 from

Wedding Shirts

Van Heusen Navy Shirt

This Van Heusen shirt is yet another navy blue coloured shirt with a delicate pattern that enhances the visual appeal of this full-sleeved, casual designer shirt. This 100% cotton shirt is made with a normal collar and a comfortable fit to provide a comprehensive designer shirt that is suitable for formal attire with brown trousers and formal footwear. Not many details are needed for this shirt as Van Heusen is known around the world for making the best formal and designer shirts. It can be bought for Rs. 1,544 from

Rosewood Premium Cotton Shirt

If you are into wearing something different and unique to each event then you can check out this beautiful Maroon Pure Cotton shirt made by the French Crown. It is a must-have in your wardrobe as it looks extremely elegant and goes with any colour bottoms. The colour itself is dark but not too bright. You can easily wear it under your favourite suit and look classy. The shirt is made of 100% Premium Giza cotton and has a soft and silky texture to it. You can buy it for Rs. 2,297 from

Unique Shirts

Blue Designer Shirt

A designer shirt that is not hard on the pocket of the buyer. If you want to own a modest stylish shirt then this is a perfect choice, as the Indianmart is able to provide the clients with fancy look looking designer shirts which are sure to attract the attention of many people. This shirt is made by combining two beautiful shades in half and half style which makes it unique. It would look great on a pair of jeans for a casual outing. You can buy it only for Rs. 240 from

Relaxed Cotton Linen Shirt

Weddings are considered a sacred and most revered occasion in the Indian culture. Therefore, it demands your best representation and you can never go wrong with a perfect designer shirt. This lightweight shirt is made from 55% linen and 45% cotton which makes it one of the most comfortable shirts you can wear amidst the hustle and bustle of a wedding and still look relaxed. It comes with a button-down collar, long sleeves with inner tabs, and a button-up front. Go ahead pair it with your classic suit or wear it under a blazer and make heads turn. Buy it for Rs. 2,590 from

Bonjour Men's Floral Printed Black Shirt

A black designer shirt with an alluring multi-color floral pattern is what makes this shirt desirable by men of all ages. This shirt can be worn not only at a family gathering but also to your office meetings with a light-colored suit to complement the black color. With a tailored fit and buttoned collars, this shirt is made up of 100% premium cotton. It can be bought at for Rs. 3,299.

Silk Shirts

Dragon Print Long Sleeve Designer Shirt

Dragon is the symbol that displays power and wisdom and this long-sleeved casual shirt with a dragon is the subtle way for a man to display these traits. With the shirts polyester make-up, fit design, and smooth finish, this shirt illustrates the wearer’s boldness and will. This type of designer shirt which fits well is sure to gain the attention of people. A shirt of your desired color combination can be bought for a price of Rs. 7,047 from

Raymond Silk Shirt

In the world of designer shirts, Raymond is well-known by men. It is a company known for making clothes with premium fabrics and a perfect fit. And this elegant, formal shirt is a great choice for formal office wear, with a comfortable fit and 100% silk material this shirt is not only stylish but also cozy. This shirt can be bought for Rs.2,999 from

Tips for Buying a Perfect Designer Shirt

With a large assortment of designer shirts to choose from, it becomes almost impossible for a man to pick the shirt that will fulfill their needs. But there are a number of factors besides the cost of the shirt that a person should consider before deciding to buy any shirt from an online store to get your desired product at a reasonable value. A few centuries ago the shirts were considered nothing more than an undergarment, but that notion is no longer true, manly as the shirts are the item most commonly bought on online stores. Numerous international brands are providing their product online and with the age of super-fast internet, your desired designer shirt is most likely a few clicks away. There is a wide variety of things that a person needs to look into before buying any shirt such as design, fit, style, etc. Some of the crucial things to keep in mind are -

Neck Size

The neck size can be considered as the most important thing that you need to take into consideration before buying a shirt. A larger neck size would be improper and a small neck size might put pressure on your neck causing difficulty in breathing or speaking. It is best to measure the size of your neck before buying a shirt. With the help of a measuring tape, measure the size of your neck (across your Adam’s apple). Ideally, there should be at least a gap for two fingers to slide between your neck and shirt’s color.


The length of the sleeves might look insignificant to a person, but it is an important factor in deciding the desired shirt. Under the proper condition, the shirt’s sleeves should reach the starting point of the thumb with unbuttoned cuffs. A longer sleeve will be difficult to handle and a shorter sleeve will restrict the motion of the hand.

The Fit

Proper fitting is crucial for buying a designer shirt. While having a fit is important for buying any type of clothing, but a badly fitted shirt will not only be uncomfortable but will also show the body in the wrong proportions. A slim fit shirt is good for athletic guys with a lean and nonmuscular torso, while a normal fit shirt would complement people with muscular and buff torso and lastly a loose fit is for a higher muscle to fat ratio in the torso area.

The Collar

The purpose of the collar is to highlight the facial features of the wearer. As the different types of collar emphasize different facial structures, it’s important to choose the right collar type. Some of these can be –
  • Spread Collar: The collars in a shirt are spread out and are for people with medium shaped facial structure.
  • Wing Tip: This style works best with a tuxedo or a formal suit.
  • Widespread Collar: The collar here is pulled back and looks elegant when worn unbuttoned.
  • Classic Collar: It is considered to be the most versatile as classic collar shirts are good for both professional as well as casual occasions.


Cuffs are a subtle addition to make the shirt appear more dynamic. The placement of the cuff is important in establishing the size of the sleeves. They should cover the hinge bone of the wrist.

Right Fabric

Choosing the right type of fabric can change the complete experience of wearing a shirt.
  • Cotton: It is considered the best fabric for a shirt as it has high durability, smoothness, and moisture absorbance. But cotton comes in different types of weaves that influence the quality and the type of shirt. The different types of weaves such as – Poplin: These are soft, cozy, and light fabric. Broadcloth: These tend to be a little coarse and heavier compared to poplin.
  • Linen: Linen is a fabric that is best for hot weather. Linen can absorb a large amount of sweat by getting damp or creating an unpleasant feeling. But Linen requires a large amount of care as it is prone to get wrinkles.
  • Silk: Silk Fabric is known for its beautiful luster and lightweight. Although, this fabric is adored by people, but the cost of its maintenance is very high and it also has low durability.
  • Poly-Blend: It is made of polyester blends. They have higher stain resistance and are easy to maintain, but these fabric are less breathable and are quite irritating to the skin. Therefore, this fabric is used mainly for work-wear clothes.

Shirt Length

The ideal length of the shirt that needs to be under the belt should be 6-7 inches. I the length of the shirt is less than this the shirt won’t stay tucked under the belt. This might restrain the movement of the person wearing them. The best way to check this is to pull your arm above your head to check if the bottom part of the shirt gets pulled out of the trouser.
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Have Multipurpose Shirts in Your Closet

Fashion constantly changes with the changing times, and now you can experiment with different ways on how to spend less and still be stylish. Since designer shirts can be very expensive, one trick is to buy clothes that can be styled easily and worn on multiple occasions. You could invest in a smart casual basic white shirt - which can not only be great office wear with a tie or a basic blazer but can also be worn for get-togethers with jeans. So when shopping, buy shirts that can be worn for different occasions.