Look Sharp and Dapper with an Impeccably Styled Dress Shirt. Your Guide to the Top Brands in Men's Dress Shirts and Why They Need an Entry to Your Wardrobe Now (2020)

Look Sharp and Dapper with an Impeccably Styled Dress Shirt. Your Guide to the Top Brands in Men's Dress Shirts and Why They Need an Entry to Your Wardrobe Now (2020)

Dress shirts are an integral part of men's wardrobe which can be worn on formal, semi-formal and casual events. If you are looking for the most trending dress shirts and the top shirt brands in India, then this BP Guide is surely going to quench your thirst for information. It will also provide great tips on how to select the perfect dress shirt for yourself.

A Dapper Shirt Can Make a Fashion Statement

Your clothing can make a lot of difference to your personality. Some of you may feel that wearing trendy shirts to work may not be in, but it is just the opposite. Power dressing in the workplace is very much a part of being successful at work. Shirts are an essential part of your wardrobe, and you must have separate ones for various occasions. But it is important to know that there are a variety of shirts. How will you select a shirt, and what are the renowned brands available? In this article, we will discuss all these aspects.

How to Select a Shirt for Yourself

The Colour of the Shirt

As a first step, you must finalise the colour of the shirt, whether you prefer a light or a dark coloured one. It all depends on the occasion on which you wish to wear the shirt. If you want to buy a shirt for wearing to the office or a job interview, it is suggested that you opt for lighter and conservative colours. Ideal colours would be white, light blue and grey. If it is for a party, you can choose some darker colours. For a party, green, pink or orange can make people notice you. A few formal shirts could be worn at after-office parties too.

The Shirt Pattern

Once you have decided on a few colours to choose from, you must also decide on the design of the shirt. Light coloured solid shirts are ideal for business occasions. You can also wear checks and stripes. Full sleeves are suitable for work and job interviews. Whereas, thicker stripes and checks can be worn on casual occasions and if your organisation has a relaxed work atmosphere. Also, patterned shirts do not go with ties and would be for more casual occasions. Lastly, if you wish to wear the shirt with a tie, ensure that the shirt design matches and does not make you look awful.

Check the Fabric

You must also check the fabric of the shirt that you wish to buy. If it is to be worn in summer, choose a cotton shirt. Cotton is soft and can be worn throughout the year. It is also ideal for business occasions. Linen can absorb sweat from the body and also allows free flow of air. It is crispier than cotton but can retain heat too. This makes it ideal to be worn in winter. You must check the tag and find out the fabric used to make the shirt.

The Fitting of the Shirt

Always check the fitting of the shirt before buying it. You must try the shirt by wearing it. The cuffs should ideally be an inch below your wrist when you fold your hand. The shirt must be comfortable at your waist and your chest. Also, spread and raise your arms. The shirt must not feel tight and should not come out of your trousers.

Best Dress Shirts for Men

Solids Shirts

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These are shirts with a single colour and without any other design or style on them. One of its utility is that it can be worn on any occasion and can be paired with a trouser, denim or chinos. It looks classy and elegant and is a must-have for your wardrobe.

Before buying one, you should choose your favourite colour, as the premium brands usually have a vast collection. This white, regular fit formal shirt from Arrow is available at a heavily discounted price of ₹ 1,100.00 on Amazon.

Linen Shirts

If summer is near and you are eager to have a customised wardrobe, then linen shirts should definitely be a part of it. Linen is a natural fibre and has a lower effect on the environment. It is comfortable to wear in the hot weather and is made from absorbent fabrics that conduct heat very well. Linen shirts can also repel insects, are breathable and absorb moisture. They are strong and durable. Check out this pure linen shirt from Marks & Spencer which is white in colour and costs ₹ 2,999.00.


Many of you may prefer to segregate your wardrobe for specific occasions. If you are one of them then you would have a particular set of party-wear for hanging out with friends. You may wear a fashionable shirt for weddings and a satin shirt for the after-office party. There are party-wear shirts of various designs and styles available online. This printed, slim fit shirt from Park Avenue is available for ₹ 1,399.00 on Myntra.

Herringbone Shirts

Herringbone shirts have an elegant appearance as they are made using a unique design. A herringbone shirt is woven tightly and created with lines going in opposite directions, which resembles the bones of a herring fish. Hence the name! The shirts can have different colours and have a textured warmth with a smooth feeling. You can wear it for business or even casual occasions too. These shirts enhance your personality dramatically. This blue herringbone shirt has an angle cut, French cuffs and is available in sizes 38 through 44. The shirt costs ₹ 2,399.00 and is available on MensXP.

Tuxedo Shirts

This is an elegant style of dressing up, and tuxedo shirts always go with a tuxedo. For some of you it may be difficult to distinguish between a tuxedo shirt and a regular shirt. Your choice of colour depends on you, but they are usually lighter in colour. The spread collar is the ideal one in most cases. It also has French cuffs as they are worn with cuff-links. This slim fit tuxedo shirt is made from pure cotton. It costs ₹ 2,999.00 on Marks & Spencer.

Striped Shirts

Striped shirts are an excellent option for wearing to the office and for meetings. The stripes can be of various types, like hairline stripes or pencil stripes. Sometimes the stripes can be a bit thicker too. Stripes make you look smarter and are a stylish option. You can pair them with trousers or even chinos. It is best if you wear a light-coloured striped shirt with a dark-coloured trouser. This white and blue striped shirt is ideal for casual wear. It has a button-down collar with long sleeves. The shirt comes in sizes 38 through 46 and is priced at ₹ 1,559.00 on Myntra.

Best Shirt Brands for Men in 2020


Arrow is among the oldest brand of men’s premium shirts. The brand has a global presence and has been present in the Indian market for a long time too. It is known for its unique fashion trends and premium quality range of its shirts. It has a wide range of shirts covering formal and casual shirts along with various designs like striped, solid shirts and printed ones. This regular fit checked shirt is available in sizes 38 through 48 and is priced at ₹ 1,100.00 on NNNOW.

Peter England

Peter England is among the largest menswear brands in the country. The brand is known for its designs and has a blend of style with comfort that elevates it to the platform it has now. You can get a wide range of designs – be it a regular fit or a slim fit. The brand has a wide range of styles that makes it a renowned mid-segment brand with apparel for men of all ages.

The brand was acquired by the Aditya Birla Group in 2000 and has been among the top trusted apparel brands for a long time. The brand also offers a wide range of denims, kurtas and festive wear. This blue full-sleeve shirt from Peter England is available in sizes 38 through 48 and is priced at ₹ 1,399.00.

Wills Lifestyle

Wills Lifestyle is a premium menswear brand from the house of the conglomerate ITC. The brand offers a rich assortment of formal, casual and semi-casual shirts. The range of shirts can be paired with any trouser or denim that you may deem fit. The brand is inspired by fashion from across the country and is held in high esteem. The brand has shirts for all occasions and that includes an exhaustive range of colours and designs. This classic formal shirt is of a slim fit, and the fabric used is cotton lycra. It is priced at ₹ 1,439.00 on Wills Lifestyle.

Louis Philippe

Since its introduction in the late 1980's, Louis Philippe has a good brand recall. The brand is owned by Madura Fashion – a part of the Aditya Birla Group. The shirts use various fabrics like cotton, linen, lyocell and blends of these. The brand is synonymous with exquisite designs, high-quality fabric and affordable prices. This blue shirt is a classic fit, has regular cuffs and has a regular collar. It is priced at ₹ 1,999.00 on The House of Louis Philippe.

John Players

Source www.amazon.in

John Players is another premium brand from the house of ITC. Of late, it has also stepped into the casual range through its exquisite range of designs. You can be assured of having a great experience with John Players because of the quality fabric and their ability to fit into everyone's taste. Since it arrived in 2002, the brand has received several awards and is known to enjoy considerable brand equity in the market. The brand is known for its assortment of unique designs and has apparels for every occasion. This slim fit, blue-coloured shirt has a list price of ₹ 1,799.00 on Amazon.

Park Avenue

Source www.amazon.in

Park Avenue is a renowned brand from the Raymond stable. Raymond has a heritage of producing the best quality menswear over the years. Patrons can have a wide range of designs and styles that can suit any occasion. Its range is a unique blend of comfort and style that makes it have its own set of repeat customers. The brand brings in modern fabrics and trends from across the globe and utilises the latest fabrics technology and has come up with anti-UV and non-iron range of shirts. This check slim fit formal shirt costs ₹ 599.00 on Amazon.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most renowned lifestyle brands globally. The brand has been present in India since 2004 and has rapidly been able to create its own set of connoisseurs. It provides premium quality and value to its customers. In India, the brand is being marketed by Arvind Fashions – a renowned name in the apparel industry. The brand uses premium quality fabrics for its shirts and has several elegant global styles to woo you. This navy blue and white slim fit shirt is available at ₹ 4,749.00 on Myntra.

Allen Solly

Allen Solly is one of the oldest menswear brands and has, of late, become part of Madura Fashion that is owned by the Aditya Birla Group. The brand has a rich collection of designs and sizes for men of all ages, making it a favourite brand among many people. It is popular among men who wish to dress up in premium designs. The brand has several types of shirts viz. casual, formal, etc. and has a wide range of slim, trim and regular fit formal shirts. This textured, regular fit, blue shirt from Allen Solly is priced at a heavily discounted price of ₹ 1,357.00.


Blackberrys started its journey in 1991 and has become a brand of choice over the years. The brand has its showrooms across multiple cities and is a one-stop-shop for all men's apparel needs. Their patrons boast about the quality of the fabric, and its fit is also among the best. The unique design of Blackberrys shirts allows you to wear them to the office as well as the after-office parties. This aqua-coloured shirt is made using cotton and is ideal for summer. It is priced at ₹ 1,995.00 and is available on Blackberrys.

Van Heusen

The house of Van Heusen brings with it exquisitely designed shirts for the metro-sexual man. The Aditya Birla Group owns this brand. You will fall in love with its range of shades, designs and styles. The brand has a wide range of shirts for every occasion and all ages. The elegant shirts are available in a variety of designs, including printed, solid, striped, checked, etc. The brand has product lines covering all budgets, ranging from affordable ones and cutting through the mid-market segment and moving on to the premium category. This checked slim fit formal shirt has full sleeves. It is priced at ₹ 1,725.00 on Van Heusen.

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Taking Care of Your Dress Shirt

Once you have purchased a dress shirt which suits your requirements you need to give proper care to your shirt so that you can wear it proudly for many years. For proper upkeep of your shirts, you should read the fabric composition and the wash instructions carefully and strictly adhere to them. This will ensure that your shirt always maintains its sheen and looks sharp when you put it on. We hope you would have loved this BP Guide. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.