Add New and Trendy Heavy Work Blouses to Revamp Your Wardrobe! Also Get a Complete Guide to Choosing and Styling Heavy Work Blouses Properly!

Add New and Trendy Heavy Work Blouses to Revamp Your Wardrobe! Also Get a Complete Guide to Choosing and Styling Heavy Work Blouses Properly!

You do not need to buy new heavy dresses for every occasion, when you can just buy a few stylish heavily embroidered blouses and pair them with plain sarees and lehengas of your choice, to give an entirely new look! You can wear them with already existing old lehengas and sarees for further savings. Here are fresh ideas to buy and style heavy work blouses, so you can achieve a flawless look without burning a hole in your pocket!

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Heavy Work Blouses that Will Turn Heads!

When you are hunting for the work blouses, you might be taken aback by the numerous choices you have. You will be, in fact, in the dilemma of choosing the one that best fits you. When wearing work blouses you should feel comfortable. So, it is not only the beauty aspect you should be looking for. Also, not every woman is the same and you cannot choose one just because it suits everyone else. To make the task of choosing the perfect work blouses easy and to find the best in the market, here are a few details for you to consider.

How to Choose the Perfect Heavy Work Blouse for You

Heavy work blouses are of numerous types; zardosi, stone, aari, kundan and thread embroidery are a few popular work types. Apart from this; chikankari, meenakari, and kutch work blouses, too, are good options. You can choose the type of embroidery or embellishments, depending upon your style preference or the type of sari you are wearing. If you want to showcase your style statement with the right work blouse, here are a few tips to choose them:

What Fits Your Body Type

Analyze your body type and choose the blouse according to it. Round and square-necked blouses are good choices for all women. Petite women have short necks, so they need to choose rectangular or oval neck designs to add to their grace. For women with long necks, the Chinese collar neck blouse is a perfect choice. For women who have long necks and a slim structure, the high neck blouses are best fits. Women with broad shoulders can try sleeveless blouses to take the focus off the shoulder. Women who have a voluptuous upper body should not try the short sleeves at all.

What Is the Occasion

The occasion decides the work blouse you need to choose. A heavy work blouse may not be apt for the small festive function being held at home. For a wedding, you can choose any work blouse, especially the work blouses that have heavy designs on them. In fact, there are work blouses to suit official parties and travel, as well. There are endless choices, you only need to find something that would fit the occasion.

Go with Easy and Comfortable Blouses

When you expect any work blouse to suit you and flaunt your grace, then you need to choose the one that is easy and comfortable for you. For instance, if you are choosing a heavily embroidered blouse for a wedding during summer in a city where the temperature soars, the blouse would not compliment you. You would be in fact waiting to take it off. A comfortable blouse is an ideal choice compared with the one that has heavy and elegant embroidery.

Top 10 Heavy Work Blouses for You

Hunting for flattering work blouses is a real challenge. Many women love to add to their collections various types of new and stylish work blouses. If you are one of them and want to get the best ones in the market without having to spend a lot on them, here is the list of top 10 work blouses available online. The list includes different styles and colours.

Pujia Mills Women's Colour Flower Heavy Embroidery Sleeves Readymade Blouse


A ravishing malabari work blouse in royal blue colour is a superior match for your beautiful sarees. The blouse has thread and zari work, with heavy stones all over the neckline in the front and the back. The work is rich on the sleeves. The criss-cross pattern zari work with the flower-shaped work with stones at the centre of the pattern makes it look attractive.

This gorgeous blouse goes well with lehengas too and fits women of sizes between 32 and 42. This means it can be altered to be worn by women with even bust size 42. With the hook and dori closure type blouse, it is perfect for weddings and parties. Buy this blouse for Rs. 699 from Amazon.

Gold Embroidered Blouse

This is a festive wear blouse, which you can wear during parties and weddings. This is a semi-stitched blouse that can be altered according to your measurements. This silk fabric blouse embroidered blouse looks gorgeous with its work on the neckline, back and on sleeves.

The sleeves have checked patterns where the checks are filled with the work and the gaps fit perfectly against the skin. This beautiful blouse can be worn with lehengas as well as sarees. You need to dry clean it only to ensure the embellishments stay intact for long. The yellow colour blouse is a perfect choice if you want to match it with a range of colours. Get it from for 1,367 INR.

Golden Heavy Malbari Silk with Zari Work Ready Made Blouse for Wedding Wear


If you are looking for a blouse that is a perfect choice for bridal wear or for a range of wedding rituals, then this golden coloured heavy malabari silk is a good option. The blouse is full of zari design, that is sure to grab attention. It has a contrast green colour zari work at a few places for highlighting the design. The back has patches of flowers and elephants motifs and embroidered designs.

The embroidery work is also present on the sleeves. The heavy handwork with stones makes the blouse look really stunning. This is a comfy ethnic wear with front open option. It is designed keeping in mind the current trends and can be matched with sarees of multiple colours. Order the fabulous blouse for Rs. 999 from Rj Fashion.

Striking Maroon Silk with Zari Thread Work Readymade Fancy Blouse

This is a gorgeous ethnic wear from Ville Fashion, a maroon coloured silk blouse. It has zari thread work on it. The fabric is mango silk and can be worn by women with bust size of 38. You can also alter it to the size of 42. The zari thread work blouse lets you open with the hook. A fine and elegant blouse with work around the front and back neckline, it also has the beautiful zari work on the sleeves. This comes at a price of 799 INR.

Gorgeous Purple Silk with Thread Work Ready Made Blouse for Women

A striking blouse in purple colour to flaunt your style in an elegant manner, here we present an amazing piece from This mango silk blouse fits from the size of 38 to bust size 42. This ready to wear blouse comes with the front hook design and has zari thread design at the front neckline along with the neck at the back. The floral zari work is present all over the blouse, which adds to its splendour. This padded blouse is designed to be fit for ethnic wear, with the fusion of style and comfort. Grab this blouse for Rs. 799.

Pink Coloured Fentam Silk Thread Sequencer Ready Made Blouse


This elegant pink coloured blouse is made of Fentam silk fabric and has rich coding work. The ready to wear blouse fits bust size of 38 to 42. The elegant coding design has the innovative leaf and checks pattern combo on the sleeves. The mini floral work is all over the body of the blouse, while the flower design is woven onto the neckline and at the back. This is definitely a great choice if you want everyone to appreciate your style and taste. The blouse comes with the price tag of Rs. 999 at

Golden Handwork Blouse

If you want a unique blouse with excellent work, then you need to buy this superb handwork blouse from Mirraw. It comes at Rs. 1,625. This is a gold coloured ready to wear blouse, which has elegant bead work and stones to highlight the fabric. The blouse has sophisticated work done on the back side completely. If you wish to gain attention in a graceful manner, then this is the blouse you should opt for. The knot at the back with pink tassels add to its grace. You can wear this blouse with sarees of many colours like green, red, pink, or black.

Bangalore Silk Blouse in Blue with Thread work:

This blouse with heavy thread work is a real stunning ethnic wear. If you are a bride and want excellent blouses for various rituals during the wedding, or are looking for a blouse to attend a wedding or festive occasion, then you must try this. This 3/4th sleeve blouse has gota patti, embroidery and thread work all over the sleeves and the body. The neckline and the bottom line have a thick layer of work, that adds to the gorgeous looks of the blouse. Place an order for one now at indianwedding for Rs. 1,228.50.

Fabviva Round Neck Women Blouse

A design that looks simple yet elegant is the Fabviva round neck blouse. The blouse looks cool with the subtle red colour and has thread work around the neckline and the bottom. The unique feature about this ready to wear blouse is the multi-coloured peacock thread work on the sleeves. The striking blue and purple coloured peacock draws attention. Also at the end of the sleeves, the big flower thread work makes the blouse a superb choice for weddings and other occasions. offers this blouse for Rs. 1,199.

Pink Embroidered Silk Blouse


The embroidered sequence work blouse is an excellent choice for wearing during wedding and other festive occasions. The round neck blouse, with its hook open and closure at the back, forms a shape at the back with the knot at the top. This padded blouse comes with no sleeves and is a perfect choice for women who want to look stylish in ethnic wear. Yoyo fashion offers this blouse for Rs. 699.

Mistakes to Avoid When Stitching Your Work Blouse


While the works on the blouse will add to your beauty and elegance, do you know that certain mistakes can be the recipe for disaster? Here are things you should never forget while stitching your work blouse, or buying a ready to wear work blouse.

Avoid High Neck Blouses If You Need Accessories


If you are choosing work blouses for your wedding or for any occasion, where you plan to deck yourself with jewels, then high neck blouses are a big no. You cannot get the desired effect, as the blouse takes all the space around the neck. You cannot try huge jhumkas or hoops when you choose the high neck work blouses. If you have chosen them for other occasions where you need not accessorize, then high neck work blouses give you a very sophisticated look.

Say No to Full Front Open Buttons


When you pair the front open buttons with sarees and lehengas, you make a big mistake. The buttons of the full front open blouses tend to show and snatch the elegance away. If you want to carry yourself gracefully, then your work blouse should have hooks at the back, or a few hooks at the front. A full front open blouse with buttons actually removes all your efforts to look beautiful. You can choose such blouses, if you are planning to put on a blazer or jacket styled top. But never with a lehenga or a saree. In fact, you need not stick to the buttons on the blouse. A zipper does the job beautifully. Also, it does not tuck up when you have eaten a bit more.

No Embroidery Under Arms


When stitching a blouse or altering a ready to wear blouse, inform your tailor that there is no need for any work in the underarms area. When there is an embroidery or stone or when it sweats, it is going to bother you much. It can be messy, and you would definitely feel uncomfortable.

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Do Not Buy a Blouse with Too Many Tassels!

Having a single latkan at the back of the blouse is acceptable, even sexy. But a blouse with too many tassels and ribbons is a recipe for disaster. It is sure to cause you trouble while tying it properly. It is better to choose a blouse with a few hooks or a side zip closure, but depending upon tassels to hold your blouse is a bit too much to expect. It also will not give a neat look. Plus, it is a good idea to add a few stitches to any hook or button that looks unreliable, to avoid embarrassment later.