Layer Up with a Jacket to Beat the Cold and to Add an Element of Style: 10 Best Jackets for Men in 2020 and Styles Every Man Must Own

Layer Up with a Jacket to Beat the Cold and to Add an Element of Style: 10 Best Jackets for Men in 2020 and Styles Every Man Must Own

Planning for winter or going for an icy trip? Well, doing all these things without having a perfect cover would not be suggested to anyone. So if you have no idea on how to cover yourself as well as look trendiest, Jackets are one of the options you can always trust. It can save you from immense winter as well it will not make you look boring. After all many people prefer jackets not because of winter but for their fashion. So why to wait, get one for yourself. But before going out there in a very large market, we suggest you to have some small knowledge about what's available out there in the market.

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Before You Buy: 5 Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Jacket

Jackets are something which is having a different segment in the market. There are many peoples who love to wear jackets during functions and mainly during winter. But do you ever realize or consider any criteria before buying a jacket? Here BP-Guide will help you in selecting this. For purchasing a perfect jacket for you, you must consider things in mind. Let's see them.

Quality, Quality and Quality!

Would you rather invest in a jacket that lasts for years to come or on one that’s weary within a few weeks? This is where quality comes in handy. Weigh out the pros and cons of each jacket before you buy it for it is an investment for your future.

Even though some jackets may consist of an exotic exterior, they may not offer the protection that you need from the cold. Furthermore, many advertisements misdirect the users in ways one won’t decipher, a brand may boost about its woollen jackets yet only deliver a small proportion of the wool in its product. To add more to it, you might want to opt for polyester due to its shield against the cold but instead, it’ll leave you sweaty to a point of no return.

Therefore, place quality above all. Be patient until you find the correct jack that suits all your needs. This article will make it much easier for you to do so.

The More Comfortable The Better

Of course, an attractive jacket catches the attention of all the people around you, however, put your comfort above all. Comfort rules all. This is even truer for when it comes to jackets. While opting for a jacket, you’re probably planning on wearing it often on top of the shirts. For instance, an overcoat can be worn on top of anything and everything. The shirts may change but the jacket remains constant. If that holds true for your case, try to opt for a jacket that’s as comfortable as it gets.

A high-quality jacket is frequently a comfortable one, it’ll let you sit right and enjoy while you’re in it. That said, there’s nothing worse than spending a long day in uncomfortable attire.

Get Your Own Trend Going

If you’re already keeping track of the comfort level, quality and practicality of your jacket, it is definitely worth keeping a trendy style in mind while shopping for it. There are a plethora of styles that you can opt from that are discussed in this article latter.

For example, if you are looking for a long jacket, you can either opt for a trench coat or an overcoat. Both of these can be worn in light weather such as spring and fall, but also provide you with an exquisite look. On the other side, if you’re looking for a light jacket for severe weathers, bomber jackets should be your go-to choice. All of these jackets will help you pull off a smart look as well as keep you warm in times of need.

Every individual’s style is different, after all, we’re all innately different. Therefore, the jacket that goes well on your friend might not look so appealing on you. Factors such as height, weight, skin tone, and hairstyle all weigh-in to make the perfect jacket for you. Therefore, we suggest you get your own trend going instead of looking up to others for ideas.


Typically, more expensive jackets mean that the jackets were manufactured with enhanced quality, engineering, and durability. You’ve probably met people with jackets lasting for more than 8 years, this is because of their wise investment in the well-made jackets. On the other hand, the inexpensive jackets in the latest trend may suffice for a year or two but will leave you disappointed as it will start wearing out and looking scrappy along the seams and folds within a short time span.

As mentioned below, you will have a wide array of brands with varying price ranges, you should ensure that you invest wisely because when you opt for a brand name, you’re not only paying for the name but also for the trusted quality that the brand entails.

How Well Does It Fit You

There are a couple of things that you need to bear in mind while selecting the perfect jacket. First, does it fit you well? Just as you’d prefer any piece of clothing to fall well on your shoulders to your arms, watch out for whether the jacket fits you perfectly or not. Second, is the lining of the jacket comfortable or not? This means that the interior of a jacket might be different than its exterior. For it to keep you warm, the jacket should be made of a warm inner lining. Some examples of a comfortable lining are wool, feather and fleece.

Even though your mission might be to look exotic, you might as well ensure that you’re enjoying while you’re at it.

10 Best Jackets For Men

Nothing can feel better than a fit jacket on men's body. After seeing the considerable factors about buying a jacket, now it's time to select some of the jackets for you. For this, you don't even need to look for somewhere else, because BP-Guide already chooses best jackets for men. Just have a look and get them home delivered.

Pique Bomber Jacket

Along with varsities, bomber jackets have been one of the trendiest and most-bought jackets in the past couple of years, this may be due to the increasing demand for laid back designs. In this way, the bomber complements the relaxed, smooth attire of men.

Whether you want to pull off a street look or a highly sophisticated office look, bomber jackets can go on top of various attires ranging from casual t-shirts to tailored Oxford shirts with loafers. Its flexibility is what brings it on top of all outlooks.

Because bomber jacket has topped the menswear design section, you’d find it hard to stand out in the crowd. To make this easy, a bomber jacket in black or blue will serve its purpose. To maintain a classic yet modern outlook, try to opt for a technical fabric or soft suede. The obvious way to go about bomber jackets is leather and nylon, with which you can freshen up your look while keeping the changeability of the jacket well within safe colours. You’ll also be able to wear the jacket all around the year. We recommend this bomber jacket from Zara, it costs ₹2,790.

Textured Biker Jacket

The biker jacket has proved to be the most exotic pieces of menswear over the last few decades, this is especially true in the case of an asymmetric, close fit, and cut short leather jacket. It is one of that menswear that can be worn on top of anything and everything while still giving the badass look infinite times. It is a four-season jacket so there’s no bad time to treat you with a biker jacket.

Although a biker jacket is a perpetually cool choice, cut details and design patterns are crucial in separating the classic jackets from the casual ones. For an updated look, search out for cuts that broaden your shoulders and select designs that entail contrasting zips and a matte end to make it endlessly modern, classic yet comfortable. Like this one also from Zara Man, priced at ₹4,990.

Trucker Jacket

The trucker jacket has been all-time casual wear for more decades than one can count because its handiness leaves everyone awestruck. It delivers you a multitude of layers on a severely cold day yet shows its price-efficacy on days when you’re not sure if it’s jacket weather or not. The optimal look that you can pull off is wearing a trucker jacket with a casual pair of jeans and hiking boots. However, do not pair this outlook with a trucker cap. This particular Iconix Trucker jacket from Levis caught our eye and will set you back by ₹4,999.

The trucker jacket is always a safe option for you don’t have to worry about its design diverging from one style to another from one season to another. Nevertheless, if you still want to be abreast of the modern trends, pay heed to the fabric of the jacket and the finishing. The materials that are almost always in trend include suede, wool, and twill, however, denim will also never leave the trend. Another tip to bear in mind is to not fall for light colours when it comes to trucker jackets for the dodgy cheap colours easily wash off. Opt for dark colours whenever possible.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have been in trend since the beginning of time, this means that they can fit well on all kinds of people, whether hunks or college students. Everyone loves to flaunt these jackets regardless of the season. That said, it isn’t possible you’ve not seen this jacket if you’ve gone out in this century. You can wear these in a plethora of occasions, ranging from the evening parties to casual trips.

However, one tip to bear in mind while going for denim jackets is that they don’t protect you against severe weathers, so, wear these jackets in slightly chill weathers instead of flaunting them in severe winters. Another tip is to match this jacket with denim jeans or khakis. We suggest you go for something like this full-sleeved denim jacket in a solid blue. It also costs as little as Rs.1,299 and available at Flipkart.

Track Jacket

If you are a sports fanatic and don’t own a pair or two of track jackets, hurry up! Athletic trends have been at a peak for a long period now. Even though they were initially designed for sports, but there’s no denying that they can come in handy on a multitude of events. These jackets are lightweight coupled with zip-front finishing making these ones of the most comfortable jackets in this list. The trendiest of these jackets consist of ridged cuffs and waistbands along with matching track pants. However, if you do not prefer this combination you can always match your track jacket with a pair of casual jeans. Pick up this Black Sporty Jacket for ₹1,359 from Myntra.


An overcoat is crafted for many uses, you can wear this on top of any indoor clothing while buttoning up the front as well as on top of exotic attire while leaving the overcoat open from the front. The overcoat is the warmest of all jackets mentioned in this list. A tip to remember while opting for the perfect overcoat is to stick to trendy shapes and colours while keeping warm materials such as wool in mind. This will ensure that your outlook is exquisite as well the interior comfortable. This self-design men's coat by Anthra is a classic design and will serve you well for years. Buy it for ₹5,345 at

Faux Fur Jacket

If you’re a fan of cool outlooks, faux fur jacket is definitely made for you. These warm, cosy yet trendy jackets feature faux fur that makes them the perfect choice for all. If you want to opt for a timeless look so as to not worry about swerving fashions, go for brown suede.

But all that class comes at a price as these jackets seldom go cheap. We spotted this Men's Fur Like Fox Coat on Club Factory which will not only keep you snug in cold weather, it will look fantastic, even as it ages. If this one catches your fancy, be prepared to shell out ₹3109 for it.

Faux Suede Jacket

Given that Suede Jacket has stayed in trend for many decades now, it is hard to reiterate a time when they were a bad choice. The suede jackets can be found in amalgamation with many others such as bomber, blouson, collared or even biker. Therefore, we recommend that you have at least one suede jacket at your disposal at all times. This jacket adds exquisiteness to all casual dressings as well as keeps you cosy.

If you want a timeless look, go for black or navy blue like this water repellent faux suede jacket by Zara that comes with a price tag of ₹4,990. Furthermore, orange, rust, or burgundy colours will help you pull off that seventies look with no effort. These will also freshen up your wardrobe in no time.

Harrington Jacket

Harrington jacket is a unique jacket which means it’ll make you stand out in a crowd very easily. An especially unique aspect of this jacket is the slanted flap pockets and check lining it entails. Two exquisite colours that’ll pop up your outlook for this jacket are navy and olive. And the best part is you can often find a good Harrington at an affordable price, like this one by Rigo at only ₹629 on Amazon.

This jacket is casual, lightweight and super stylish. Once you get this jacket, you’ll be relieved for a long time for you can wear it with everything from casual sneakers to boots. In terms of tops, you can layer it on a polo or casual t-shirt. It’ll still look appropriate on a tie. You can’t simply go wrong with the Harrington jacket.

Down Gilet

The beauty of down gilet jackets is the lightweight feature and ease of wear, for these reasons, it is almost always available in luxury brands. The down gilet jacket will bring a load of sportiness and function back into your wardrobe. To pull off this jacket, go for polyester but not anything shiny or loud. A great buy is this Joules Halesworth Fleece Lined Quilted Gilet that has all the warm, cosy comfort of fleece, but is made of polyester means it will be easy to maintain and clean. This one too comes at a steep of ₹2.480 on but if you're in need of a warm jacket that will last and look stylish, it is a worthy buy.

Concluding Note: How To Pull Off That Jacket

A jacket is a long term investment. When confused between a local store and a brand, always opt for the brand for brands do not only sell their names but also their trusted quality. That said, a high quality jacket is frequently a comfortable one, it’ll let you sit right and enjoy while you’re in it. Furthermore, there’s nothing worse than spending a long day in uncomfortable attire. So, whether it is a classic bomber jacket or traditional denim, choose wisely!

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Keep the Jacket Maintained and Clean

It's true that the jacket can be worn for years but you have to give special care to them. They are not that easy to clean so it's always better to be careful. Try not to spill anything on them.
Always go for right fit. A small or big jacket will not suit your body. So it's always advisable to go for the right fit.
After all, no one wants to spend so much amount of money every year from his pocket.