Breathe New Life into Your Kurtis Using Jackets: 10 Statement Kurti Jacket Styles (2020)

Breathe New Life into Your Kurtis Using Jackets: 10 Statement Kurti Jacket Styles (2020)

A jacketed kurti adds an interesting definition to your outfit and amps up your style instantly. It can even pass off as a stylish dress. We have put together exciting options for you to explore this style of adding jackets, and incorporate it into your wardrobe. New to the idea? We have tips to help you rock the trend, so get started right away!

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Why You Should Wear Jacket over Kurti?

Eliminates the Need of Having a Dupatta

The idea behind kurti jacket styles is to bring a huge change into your current dressing sense of traditional styles. Usually, a dupatta is adorned over kurti to make it look complete and proper. But when you wear a jacket over a kurta, there is no point of wearing a dupatta over it. So, basically, you can bid goodbye to the constantly taking care of dupatta and you can look more liberal in a traditional outfit. It is a complete win-win situation in every aspect.

Looks Really Cool And Stylish

You just cannot doubt over this fact that wearing a jacket over a kurta makes you look really stylish. Apart from all, it adds an edgy and carefree touch to your dressing. So, basically, you are bringing a refreshing change into conservative outfits which is really commendable.

All thanks to these jackets, now you can bring a modern approach to kurtis and can rock them at every other occasion.

Adds Versatility in Boring Kurti Designs

You would have to accept the fact that kurtis can become a bit boring at a times. But thanks to this kurti with jacket pattern, now you have the perfect pairing for your boring kurti. Wear your kurtis on distressed jeans and pair it with a jacket. We are pretty sure that you cannot find an outfit which looks cooler than this.

10 Wonderful Kurti Jacket Styles

1. Embroidered Koti Jacket on Cotton Kurti


Going a little mainstream never harms your sense of dressing. And this is why we have picked a typical embroidered koti jacket for your kurtis. This is one of the most loved kurti jacket styles and can be worn on almost all sorts of kurtis, preferably plain solid coloured ones. It has some stunning embroidery done on it with multicoloured threads and it is quite lightweight too. So, you can wear it on a daily basis without any hassle.

The jacket does not close completely on the front and hence tied together. This can also be called a vest or sleeveless shrug which has typical kutch embroidery done on it, entirely handmade. Despite having such a traditional approach, the jacket looks cool as well as trendy. The colours chosen for the embroidery are really striking and very bright. Apart from the kurtis, it can be worn on tops as well. You can buy this beautiful jacket from for Rs. 699

2. Plain Cotton Jacket Style Kurti

If you are interested in simpler designs and casual wear attired only then you are going to love our next pick here. This one is a very plain cotton jacket style kurta which is ideal for daily wear. The kurta has a very casual approach yet maintains a minimalism and grace in it. This one is a plain brown coloured kurti which has a teal blue coloured long jacket on it. However, the jacket does not come separately and only covers the kurti from the front.

You can call it more sort of a pseudo jacket which looks ravishing and it is very lightweight in terms of fabric. The jacket has flowered print on it and the prints in matching colour look no less than a visible delight on the blue fabric of the jacket. You can rock the kurti for a minimal causal look anytime you want. Buy this beautiful jacket style kurti on craftsvilla. for Rs. 1450.

3. Brocade Ethnic Shrug Kurti

Kurti with the long jacket is a really popular design these days and you can find many women rocking this trend like a pro. There are various styles available in this pattern but we decided to go the ethnic way and chose a stunning brocade ethnic shrug style jacket for you. This one comes in black colour with beautiful and classic golden brocade work on it. The golden motifs on black background turn out to be a wonderful combination.

This brocade shrug can be tied on the front side. This one is a sleeveless shrug and has the same print and design on the back as well. In order to keep the look comfortable yet classic, cuts are given from the waistline just like kurtis have. This shrug can be teamed up with boring ethnic kurti and you can discover some really amazing looks with it. This brocade jacket is available to be bought from for Rs. 989.

4. A-line Kurti with Pseudo Jacket

The next one in this list is a chic style A-line kurta which looks as if it has a jacket paired on it but in reality, it is a pseudo jacket. The jacket comes attached with the kurta which looks very ravishing and has calf length. The abstract pattern in blue colour looks great and has a very refreshing approach.

Although ideal for casual wear, you can elaborate the look by pairing it with a trouser or palazzo. What makes it different is this jacket styled kurta is A-line while the other ones here are straight ones. It is made up of cotton fabric so perfect for summers and the blue colour adds another charm for summer-dressing. This kurti is fully stitched and has contrast taping on the sleeves whose pattern is similar to the one at the front of the kurti. This vibrant and quirky kurti is available on for Rs. 881.

5. Floral Print Jacket Kurti

Floral prints are the heart of summer and spring fashion and finding it in kurti jacket styles is a very welcoming change too. Your wardrobe must have some vibrant colours too and this jacket/shrug is going to do the same. This one is a very casual mustard yellow jacket with black kurti inside. It is made up of pure cotton fabric and has small floral prints on it. Instead of the straight kurta, you get an A-line kurta here and the jacket is as long as the kurti which is calf length.

The jacket has sidecuts like straight kurti for the comfortable wearing. You can tie it up from the neck side. It has a white flower print on it and the hemline of the kurti and its sleeves has red taping on it which maintains a nice contrast balance. Buy this floral print jacket from for Rs. 839.

6. Blue Kurti with a Long Jacket

If you are looking for something OTT and a really long jacket then this piece is just ideal for you. We have picked an octane blue kurti for you which comes with a contrasting red jacket of ankle length. Despite being a simple outfit, this kurti has the potential to add a lot of grace and style in your dressing sense.

You can find vertical lines on the blue kurta inside while the jacket has its own ooze. The jacket has 3/4th sleeves and no tie-up option. The chanderi fabric and glass and zari work enhanced the beauty of the jacket to thousands of times. You can also find very detailed and stunning embroidery on the jacket. The overall presentation of the outfit is minimal and the jacket is its USP for sure. The jacket does not cover up the back part completely and has a huge slit in the middle from the back side. You can purchase this kurti with long jacket combination from for Rs. 1,649.

7. Straight Kurta with Ethnic Jacket

Moving on in the category of kurti with jacket designs, the next featured here is a classic piece of navy blue straight kurta with an ethnic jacket. This is probably the only piece in this entire list where both the kurta as well as the jacket plays an important role in making the overall look.

The kurta is sleeveless with pretty golden prints on its hemline. Talking about the jacket then it is an off-white printed ethnic jacket with button and looks closure at the neck. The jacket is made up of viscose rayon fabric which gives it a semi-sheer feel. The jacket compliments the kurti very well because of strikingly contrast features. You can pair this kurti and jacket with a white palazzo and look like a million bucks in no time. This beautiful Moda Rapido jacket and a kurti set are available for purchase on for Rs. 899.

8. Cotton Kurta with Long Printed Jacket

Move over with the boring jackets because we have brought you something different this time. This pick features a yellow A-line kurti along with a printed off-white jacket on it. What makes this jacket different is the minimal ruffles on its hemline which are quite unique and eye-catching.

Both the kurta and the jacket is made up of cotton fabric with 3/4th sleeves and an ankle length. You can tie up the jacket on the front while it has ruffles from calf length to ankle length with a hint of yellow taping on it. The print on the jacket is not over the top and creates a beautiful balance of the colours. This print also saves the attire from looking dull or lifeless. A perfect choice for meetings, get-togethers and small functions, this jacket styled kurti is definitely the highlight of this list. You can buy this kurti and jacket set from for Rs. 899 only.

9. Layered Kurta

Did you even know that you can find multiple jacket styles to team up with a kurti? Well, neither did we but here we have another exclusive piece of creation in form of a one-sided jacket only. So, this one is a layered A-line kurti with a pseudo-one-sided jacket on it covering the only left side of the body. While on the right side you have tied up an option and the overall look of this kurti is very stylish and very fabulous for the words.

The kurta is in green colour while the kurti is in navy blue colour so both the jacket and kurti are not losing their elements at all. This kurti and jacket are available for purchase on for Rs. 760.

10. Stylish Kurti with Jacket

Tired with kurti jacket styles that are covering your entire kurti and making it too OTT for you? Why don’t you take a look at this designer stylish jacket on a very plain kurti which is literally jacket goals for everyone? Here you get a yellow coloured A-line kurti with a red minimal jacket on it with asymmetric hemline barely covering the kurti.

So, basically, the bust area will be covered by the jacket while leaving the lower half of the kurti uncovered. The jacket has triangles print on it and the same print is given on the kurti’s hemline to match it up well. You can find little tassels hanging from the jacket here and there adding a quirkiness in it. The kurta has 3/4th sleeves while the jacket is sleeveless so it is going to create the perfect balance between the kurti and jacket look. You can buy this jacket and kurti combo from for Rs. 999.

Tips And Tricks for Kurti Jacket Styles

As promised, we always try to come up with a few tips and bonus ideas which are easy to carry out and very helpful too. Here are some little hacks related to pulling off the trend of jacks over kurtis, and you will totally love them.

1. Buy Solid Coloured Plain Jackets

You must have seen the guys rocking the Nehru Jacket trend like a pro. Did you ever think that you can do the same as well? The kurti jacket styles give you the perfect opportunity to pair solid colours plain jackets over any kurti you want. You just need to buy the jackets in colours which are trending. A little contrast is not going to hurt your look either.

2. Go for Multipurpose Designs

When you are buying kurtis separately then you must focus on the fact that you are not going to wear kurti all the time. You might want to wear western wear or something casual at times. So, make sure to buy such jackets which can be paired with all sorts of attires and not only the kurtis only.

3. Learn to Design

The jacket style kurti designs have great approach especially for the people who are into designing their own outfits. If you are someone who loves designing their own clothing then you must design a few jackets too. The mesh and fancier jackets in the market are really overpriced. So, why not to make them on your own. It can be a great benefit for your wardrobe as well. There are several online resources including YouTube videos that can help you get started.

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Pair It With The Right Kurti

For a modish and contemporary look, teaming a Indo-Western jacket over a kurti is a fantastic option. However pairing the right jacket with the right kurti set it important to get the look. For instance, with solid colour kurti, heavily embroidered jackets would be awesome, as it will bring out the beauty of both. Similarly, asymmetric hemline, teamed up a bright-hued dhoti pant would be a perfect choice for a casual outing. Add in some classical jewellery like oxidized metal jewellery or jadau earrings to get a elegant style