Pair Your Saree with the Most Beautiful and Unique Jackets: 10 Must Have Styles for the Latest in Saree Fashion (2018)

Pair Your Saree with the Most Beautiful and Unique Jackets: 10 Must Have Styles for the Latest in Saree Fashion (2018)

The saree is an undeniable classic but what keeps it from becoming a relic and at the forefrunt of contemporary fashion is the way it is adapted to changing styles. Jackets in various lengths and designs replacing the traditional saree blouse is one of the hottest trends to emerge from 2018, one you absolutely must try. Read on if you don't know the first thing about pairing jackets with sarees, or are simply looking for the best designs out there.

Revamp Your Saree Style with Stylish Jackets: How to Pick the Perfect Jacket

The Occasion

The sari is one versatile piece of clothing. Though categorised under ethnic wear, sarees are actually pretty versatile. Sarees have been around for centuries, but in the recent years they have gone through diverse transformations. Sarees are now not just worn for weddings and religious ceremonies; they have received approval as party wear from fashion designers and experts. A traditional function like a wedding or a puja ceremony calls for traditional sarees which are usually hand woven and have very specific motifs. Sarees with lace, sequin or rhinestone work and bright geometrical patterns are perfect choices for parties.

The sari jacket or blouse is an equally important part of the ensemble and helps in establishing the difference between a party sari and a traditional one. For traditional functions you should stick to traditional sari jackets with sleeves. For parties backless and halter styles are in vogue.

The Season

The choice of sari blouses or jackets can depend on the season as well. In summer you can opt for sleeveless styles and if you are feeling bold then even pick something strappy like a bustier. Youngsters and fashionistas are switching up their sari styles by pairing the versatile garment with everything from crop tops to button down shirts. But if you have decided to don a sari for a winter event then we would suggest that you pick something a bit more covered.

Saris are now being paired with long floor length jackets and even blazers. A number of famous celebrities and style icons have chose to endorse this look and it’s getting pretty popular amongst the fashionable crowd. You just have to remember to be versatile and creative when it comes to saris. Break a few fashion rules, mix in some traditional and modern elements and the sari can become one of your go to fashion pieces throughout the year.

Body Type


The main reason behind the popularity of the sari is that it works for all people. Whether you are thin or chubby, tall or short, you can rely on a sari to make you look beautiful and attractive. But picking the blouse requires a bit more attention. The cut and neckline of the blouse can make or break your look. Therefore it’s important that you pick a blouse or a sari jacket that flatters your body type. If you have a big bust then we would suggest that you go for plunge necks. If you are on the skinnier side go for boat or round neck styles. Jackets are good for hiding bulges and love handles

10 of the Most Beautiful and Stylish Saree Jackets


Embellished sari jackets or blouses have gained popularity due to their frequent appearance in Bollywood movies. This in turn started a trend that has managed to survive for decades making it more of a classic wardrobe staple for sari lovers. Our pick is this beautiful black embellished blouse from Salwar Studio. This heavily embellished blouse is made of raw silk and has gold floral embroidery all over it. It has short sleeves and a front button closure. It is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. Refer to the size chart to find your perfect size. Buy it from Jabong for ₹899.

Collar Neck


In India sarees are not just worn on special occasions but are also daily attire for a large group of women. Sarees are now worn by women of all ages. Therefore the kind of blouses available in the market has also undergone a sea change. This Printed Cotton Front Open Sleeveless Blouse from Indie Picks is just perfect for everyday use. It has a quirky pattern of spectacle wearing dogs which makes it perfect for people with individualistic taste. Stitched from 100% cotton this front open blouse with wooden buttons is super comfortable and stylish at the same time. The collars lend this blouse a smart and sophisticated look. This blouse is available in sizes 34, 36, 38 and 40. Buy it for ₹600 from



Embroidered blouses are a subtle way to add a bit if grandeur to one’s ensemble. If your sari is simple, all you need is an embroidered blouse to brighten up your look. The Heritage Kutch Embroidered Backless Blouse from Indie Picks is a vintage tribal Kutch masterpiece. It has dense embroidery in the front, but is completely backless with a thread tie to keep it together.

This beautiful and colourful saree jacket has traditional kathiyawadi embroidery and mirror work on it. This blouse is free size and can be adjusted according to the needs of the wearer. Due to the rich embroidery on this piece it’s recommended that you only use dry clean to laub=clean this garment. Because of the exclusiveness and exquisiteness of this blouse, the price of it is a little bit on the higher side. The blouse is priced at ₹3,999. Buy it from Ajio.

Kalamkari Block Print


Kalamkari is an art form that is indigenous to the state of Andhra Pradesh, specifically the Machhilipatnam cluster. This technique uses wooden blocks to create interesting patterns on fabric. It is used to make sarees, dress material, stoles and dupattas. This beautiful Handblock Print Kalamkari Blouse from Indie Picks is a fine example of the Kalamkari method.

This blouse with a regular Back and a V-shaped neck can also be paired with skirts and pants. It has a 2" border detailing on side seams and is made of pure cambric cotton. It has a double placket with 5 wooden buttons. For cleaning it hand wash separately in cold water. You may find characteristic imperfections associated with hand block printing on the fabric, and colours may fade or bleed due to the traditional dyeing and printing process employed. Buy this simple but exquisite blouse for ₹1,259 from Ajio.



If you are from India then you are surely familiar with the Banarasi saree. This gorgeous style of handloom fabric derives its name from the ancient city of Banaras in the state of Uttar Pradesh. These sarees are mainly worn for weddings and festivities and are pretty expensive to boot.

This beautiful Banarasi Jacquard Blouse from amori will beautifully complement your Banarasi Sari. With three-quarter sleeves, a deep back and a back-tie up, this blouse mixes tradition with modern style. This blouse made of Banarasi jacquard fabric has a princess seam, back darts, sheer sleeves and a paisley print design. This shimmering beige blouse can go with a sari of any colour. Buy this beautiful blouse for ₹719 form Ajio.



Ikat is a dyeing technique used to create patterns in fabrics. Ikat is produced in a lot of textile centers around the world from India to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and Latin America. A lot of Indian states have their own Ikat techniques which produce quite diverse results. The yarn in ikat technique is tied and dyed in calculated proportions before weaving for a series of characteristic patterns. Therefore the next one on our list of sari jackets is this beautiful blue Ikat one with mandarin collar from Sun Kalamkari. This cotton regular back blouse is non padded, has a notched mandarin collar and front wooden button placket. Buy this blouse for ₹899 from Ajio.

Boat Neck


Boat neck blouses are stylish, modern and perfect for people who have a smaller bust. We would suggest this style for people who are svelte and like to emphasize their shoulders. This chic Geometric Print Pure Cotton Blouse from Indie Picks is for people whose personal style is a little edgy. If you like to stand out in a crowd then you should definitely pick this blouse! The USP of this blouse is the ruffled sleeves which take it to another level. This blouse made of 100% cotton has a regular back, pin tucks, piping, inbuilt cups and lining. It has a back button closure and is available in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40. Buy this unique item for ₹1,250 from Ajio.

Open Back


Move over plunge neck dresses and thigh grazing skirts; open back blouses are one of the sexiest items of clothing that one can possess! They let you bring out your feminine side without showing too much skin. This Sleeveless Slub Cotton Blouse with Tie-Up Back from Molcha has a stylised back, a front hook closure and contrast piping along the hems. This black blouse with white piping is made from pure cotton. It’s available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. The design of this blouse is simple which makes it perfect for pairing with a variety of different sarees. It goes with solid colours, prints and weaves. This one is priced at ₹719. Buy it from Ajio.

Floor Length

Sarees have gone through a complete revamp thanks to the creativity of fashion designers, stylists and stylish social media stars. People are now more adventurous about what they pair with their sarees. Long jackets look great when paired with sarees. This can be a great look, especially in winter, when traditional blouses can leave you a little too exposed.

The Black Printed Jacket from Ira Soleil would look great paired with a saree. It’s a black printed longline jacket, has an open front with a short zip closure, stand collar, three-quarter sleeves and flared hem. This jacket is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. This jacket is made of polyester and therefore easy to maintain as well. Wear it to a wedding or to a party. You can purchase it from Jabong for ₹956.

Waist Length


Jackets are soon becoming a popular choice when it comes to pairing them with sarees. But picking out the right jacket to pair with your sari takes a little more time and attention. For people with shorter height we would recommend a waist length jacket. You could keep it unbuttoned and wear it over your regular blouse or button it up all the way. This Embroidered Jacket with Beaded Embellishments from Ajio is the perfect accompaniment to an ethnic ensemble. This jacket is available in two colours, off-white and mint-green. This jacket is made of flex rayon, has front darts, and a button-and-loop closure. It’s available in sizes S, M, L and XL. Buy this beautiful jacket for ₹900 from Ajio.

Tailored Jackets Fit Better

Be Careful While Buying Your Material

Jackets and blouses only look great if they fit like a glove. But unfortunately all of us are built differently and ready-made blouses don’t always have the perfect fit. To ensure that your sari jacket hugs all your curves and crevices, get them stitched by a tailor. But before you do that you need to remember a few important things.

Firstly you need to buy the right material for your blouses. Materials like cotton, raw silk and khadi are thick enough and do not need an inner lining. But if you want to get a lace or georgette blouse stitched, then we would suggest that you line it with a thicker material. Pick the material that will best complement your sari. If the blouse that you are getting stitched is for pairing with something heavy like a Banarasi or Kanjeevaram, then we would suggest silk or jacquard. Lace, georgette and chiffon are great for party wear. For everyday use we would suggest that you go with cotton or linen.

Visit an Experienced Tailor

When you are getting your blouse or jacket stitched another thing that you need to be careful about is your choice of tailor. If you already have a trusted person then we would suggest that you stick to them. If you don’t then you need to look around a bit till you find a good one. The best way to go about it is to ask your friends and family for suggestions.

The internet could also be a great help regarding this. Google reviews are pretty accurate and we would suggest that you check them out before picking a tailoring service. It’s the technical era now so we even have online solutions for all your tailoring needs. Websites like provide tailoring services by sending them right to your doorstep. Therefore you don’t even have to step out to get your blouse or jacket stitched.

From our editorial team

Don't be afraid to experiment

You can't always get it right, but you'll never figure it out if you're unwilling to push the envelope and try something new. The great thing about sarees is you can made even old sarees look spanking new by styling them in a different way, either through use of a different kind of blouse, accessories or even the way you drape it. Try a few different types of jackets to see what suits you, and what you will be confident about wearing with a saree.