Is It Your First Time Camping(2020)? Learn How to Choose the Best Quality Camping Beds So You Don't Have to Go Through Terrible Back Pain.

Is It Your First Time Camping(2020)? Learn How to Choose the Best Quality Camping Beds So You Don't Have to Go Through Terrible Back Pain.

Friends, Families anyone can have one camping trip together. Camping has a great number of benefits for everyone old and young that you and your family can enjoy while spending time in the great outdoors. But camping requires something which people generally underestimate, Camping Beds. Here BP-Guide will tell you about camping beds as well as some safety guide also to make your journey happier than ever.

How to Choose Good Camping Bed?


Selecting anything good is really not an easy task and when one doesn't have proper knowledge about then it may really get tough and you may end up by selecting which is not perfect for you. So, here BP-G guide will tell what to see and what not to before selecting a proper Camping Bed so that whatever you choose, will be perfect for you.

Firstly, Know the Types of Bed


Before you decide to buy camping beds, you should get to know about their types first. There are different types of camping beds available in the market which differs on the basis of material, use, durability, comfort etc. Some of the prime varieties that you will find are, sleeping mats, inflatable beds, fold-out beds, hammocks etc. You can choose the one that you find most comfortable and suitable for you.

Size of the Bed

The next thing that you should keep in mind while buying a camping bed is its size. We will not recommend you to buy double or queen size beds as they add unnecessary weight to carry for you. You should go for a single bed but it should be long enough to sleep comfortably on it. It must not add a lot of weight to your luggage else you won’t be able to carry it around.

Easy Set Up

The simplicity of setting up the bed is a matter of prime concern especially when you are camping solo. If you want to keep things simple and quick then you should go for roll out mats or inflatable beds. If you have a built-in pump in beds then it would be the best thing. Camping beds should not only be easy to set up but easy to pack too for a smooth camping experience.

Material Used in the Bed

Some of the best camping beds are those which are waterproof as well as long-lasting. A thicker bed has great durability as well as water resistance too. However, if you want such beds which are light and easy to pack then you can go for nylon fabric for it. You must opt for RipStop feature in camping beds as it prevents rips from getting big and make the bed durable enough.

Affordable Camping Beds for Your Adventures

Coleman Atlantic Lite 10 Sleeping/Camping Bed


The very first kind of camping beds we found for this list is a type of sleeping bag. We found this Coleman Atlantic Lite 10 sleeping bag for you which is very much suitable for camping and other fun exploration.

The sleeping bags come with an inner and outer shell and both are made up of polyester. They have even used polyester insulation in this bag. This is a truly comfortable sleeping bag that is easy to pack and unpack too and so lightweight that you can carry it easily in your backpack.

This sleeping bag is ideal for low-temperature areas however it is not well suited for long heighted people. The sleeping bag has interesting features like thermos channel, comfort collar and curling aid. It is available in blue colour and weighs only 1.2kg. You can buy this sleeping bag style camping bed on for Rs.1,749.

Intex Inflatable Camping Mattress

The next one here isn’t a sleeping bag but a much comfortable option. This one is an inflatable camping mattress specially designed for outdoor camping activities.

This one here is available in grey colour and made out of two extra-durable layers. The velvet corrugated surface of this mattress is quite durable and impressive. Moreover, it has 5 vertical panels and round edges to make sure it doesn’t get penetrated accidentally.

When you will inflate it then you will get to know that it has built-in pillow-like shape too. This provides great comfort to your posture while sleeping. The airlock technology of this camping bed ensures that it remains inflated throughout. This lightweight camping bed is easy to carry around which is perfect for long journeys. You can buy it now on for Rs. 837.

Wildcraft Unisex Sleeping Bag

We found this unisex Wildcraft sleeping bag which is apparently perfect for camping in all sorts of conditions. This blue lite 2015 sleeping bag comes in one size and made out of brushed polyester. Apparently, this provides added comfort to the user while sleeping in it.

It is designed ergonomically and hence it provides special comfort to heat loss areas like knees, shoulders and feet. This sleeping bag is just perfect for camping in low-temperature areas.

Other features of this sleeping bag include cushioned hood area to support your neck and heat-retaining system to provide extra comfort. They also provide a stuff sack with a compression strap to pack this bag nicely and for easy portability. You just need to wipe it with a dry cloth to clean it well. Grab it now on for Rs. 1,971.

Individual double thickening hammock

There is some fun type of camping beds for adults available out there and you would be glad to find them. Take a look at this hammock, you just can’t find a better bed for your camping experience and all you need is to two trees for it.

This one here is an individual double thickening canvas hammock. It doubles as outdoor camping bed and indoor leisure swing. It comes in 280X80 size and multicolour pattern.

The hammock gets packed into a bag which is quite lightweight and very easy to carry too. This hammock is quite durable and can withstand the weight of one person on it. You can easily tie it with the help of a rope.** We just can’t find a more fun camping bed than this. You can buy this hammock on for Rs. 1,309.

Cushion Car Camping Bed

The next one in this list of camping beds is car bed cushion camping bed. Such kind of beds are ideal for the rear seat of a car and can be used for outdoor purposes too.

If you are planning to stick to your car for sleeping then you can use this inflatable bed to create a nice space on the backseat of your car.

This is a self-adjusting air mattress which is super comfortable and can be used for kids to lay in the car too. This air mattress comes with two air pillows too for the comfortable sleeping experience.

This camping bed is lightweight, easy to carry and durable too. This air mattress is made out of PVC and the package also includes an inflator pump too along with storage bag and repair pads in case of rips. You can buy this on for Rs. 1,690.

Portable Folding Camping Bed


One of the most common designs of camping beds used widely is folding beds. We found this portable outdoor folding camping bed for you. It has an ergonomic design and this cot bed is perfect for your garden area too.

This multipurpose camping bed is quite good enough and strong to use it at home too. The top angled area of this bed removes the requirement of a separate pillow too. Interestingly, the bed is lightweight and folds completely to provide easy portability.

The camping bed is even provided along with a carry case too and as the bench folds easily, it doesn’t need much of an assembling too. You can always expect good sleep when you are carrying this camping bed with you. So, buy it now on for Rs. 2,999.

Telebrands 5 in 1 Air Bed

You must have seen several advertisements for this Telebrands 5 in 1 lounger air sofa on your television. Apparently, this one is one of the most unique and stylish camping beds to choose. It is made out of PVC and available in black colour.

It is designed on contemporary and modern style and as this one is an inflatable bed, you can easily carry it around.

This inflatable sofa can accommodate 3 people on it. Interestingly, it can be turned into a lounger, a recliner, queen-sized bed and kid’s high rise sleeper too. This means you get to enjoy 5 features in this 1 single piece. Unfortunately, the pump is not included in this package but it takes only 5 minutes to inflate it fully. You can buy this 5 in 1 camping bed cum sofa on for Rs. 2,690.

Extra Long Folding Metal Camping Bed


Metal cots are the most common types of camping beds and they used to be so popular because of their durability and multipurpose use. So, we decided to mention more of such options for you in case you are a traditional camper.

This one here is an extra-long folding portable metal cot. This camping bed is ideal for people with long height and it comes in green colour.

This camping bed is provided with a pillow too as it doesn’t have an angled top. However, although it folds but it still acquires quite some space and hence it won’t be great for portability. As the frames are made out of metal, you can expect it to be heavy. If you are still looking for such options then you can buy this on for Rs. 2,350.

Deluxe Inflatable Mattress

We decided to bring one of the most comfortable camping beds for you to make sure that your camping experience is worth remembering. This one is Intex Dura-Beam Standard Deluxe Inflatable Mattress. This one is a single camping bed which is truly super comfortable and works on all sorts of surfaces and terrains.
It is available in grey and white colour options and comes with fibre-tech technology. The high resistance polyester fibres used in this camping bed makes sure that it doesn’t stretch over time.

This quality mattress is definitely long-lasting and quite thick too which also supports the water-resistant feature too. Unfortunately, the pump isn’t included in this package here. But you can definitely buy this deluxe mattress camping bed on for Rs. 1,392.

Foldable Toddler Camping Bed


If you are camping out with all your family then you need camping beds for your kids too. Keeping this in mind, we decided to mention this portable foldable toddler camping cot bed. It comes with a fitted sheet and it is just perfect for kids.

The camping cot bed is 135 x 70 cm in size and available in adult size too. This super lightweight and easy to carry camping bed is completely foldable too.

You just need to expand it and it is ready to use. This camping bed is ideal for kids of age 8 years and it can hold up to 50kgs. Made out of PU oxford cloth, this bed has steel pipes which maintain the weight on it and protects it from collapsing. You can buy this bed on for Rs. 1,699.

Safety Guidelines for Your Camping Adventure

We tried our best to find some of the best camping beds India market has to offer you. Apparently, beds aren’t the only concern when going out camping as it can be quite a complex and difficult experience sometimes. This is why we are mentioning a few safety guidelines points to keep you in check with all the possible issues you might have on your camping experience.

Check the Weather Info Beforehand

This is really important to keep in check with the weather information before arriving on the campsite. You would not want to come across sudden rains or storms or even windy nights. Checking the weather in advance also allows you to prepare for it and you can carry essential items for it too. You can rely on various apps for the weather forecasts in advance and then plan your camping program accordingly.

Get complete information about the site

Choosing the right kind of shelter and site should be your prime concern, no matter how long or short your camping time is. You should know about your physical limitations and choose the site accordingly. Picking tent over cabin then you need to carry some extra gears with you so make sure that you plan in details about it. If you travelling with people of all ages then choosing a cabin would be a better option.

Insect Protection is Important

You may not know what kind of insects you may encounter during your camping experience. So, apart from focusing on choosing the right kind of camping beds, you should also carry such protectants with you too. Mosquitoes, leech, ticks can be commonly found in jungles and other such camping areas. So, make sure that you timely spray insect repellent on yourself.

Pack Enough Food for Your Adventure

We always recommend to pack lightly for your camping adventure but the food is something you cannot compromise with. You should pack your food in air tight containers to make sure they last longer and do not attract any wildlife with their smell. Also, prepare food in hygienic conditions and do not forget to wash your hands properly to avoid any chances of infections and other diseases.

From our editorial team

Always Keep Medical Kit Ready with You

Going to camp is very nice but make sure you carry a good medical kit. It's always best that you don't have to use it during your camping but still keeping it with you will always be advisable by everyone. No one knows how's the situation is going to be, so why to take the risk. Maybe someone suites the climate but for someone is not good. Bad things can happen anytime so we have to be always prepared for it. So it's best to keep a medical kit with all the general medicins, bandage ointments.