Don't Just Throw on the First Kurta You See, Make an Elegant Style Statement: The Most Elegant Formal Kurtas for Office Wear (2020)

Don't Just Throw on the First Kurta You See, Make an Elegant Style Statement: The Most Elegant Formal Kurtas for Office Wear (2020)

If you thought an elegant kurta garment is only meant to be worn on special occasions, you couldn't have been more wrong! Kurte, perhaps, have become the ideal choice for men throughout the country for the versatility they provide; they can be worn with anything and on any occasion! And if you've decided to get yourself a kurta for your next office meet; you've come to the right place! Find below the best formal kurtas for office wear.

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How to Wear Kurta the Right Way: Tips to Pull off a Kurta

  • Kurta as per your physique: Choose a kurta that shows off your physique. If you are a skinny guy or you have a fit body, then your kurtas should be a little tight where your shoulder and chest show properly, including your back. But if you are overweight, then you can wear loose kurtas. Ideally, always choose a kurta that enhances your physique, a slightly tighter kurta. For you, we’ve enumerated both loose kurtas as well as the tighter ones below.

  • Use accessories: If you thought accessories are a women’s domain, then you are entirely wrong. Today, men have a multitude of accessories to choose from, which has spoilt them for easy choices. Accessories are a game-changer. They can create a significant impact on a man’s outfit and his style sense. If you think that an accessory cannot be worn with Kurta to an office, you’re mistaken. Watches enhance your appearance by radiating a sophisticated and classy outlook.

  • Try a jacket: Men can even style the kurta pajama with a Nehru Jacket as it would instantly spruce up the look. Choose a printed vest or one that is more subtle or one in a single colour for your office wear. If you want to try something trendy, opt for the best jacket, i.e., Grey Woven Kurta Jacket that we have highlighted below. This exotic, grey jacket goes not only on top of traditional kurtas but also on western wear. This versatile application of these jackets makes them distinct from many other clothing items.

10 Best Formal Kurtas for Office Wear in 2020

Black Kurta with White Pajama (Black and White Attire)


As we all know, black and white is the ultimate combination. This is not only true to kurtas and pajamas. All outfits look elegant in the contrast of black and white. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your height or complexion when it comes to these kurtas. Everyone can pull off this combination! This is the very reason why it is the first attire on our list.

The Kurta selected is a straight one with the ultimate churidar pattern. It has a fitted collar, long sleeves, and a straight hem. For the neck, it inculcates a band gala collar. The shoulder tabs make it incredibly classy. Also, button closure ensures optimal fitting. It’s made from cotton to ensure the utmost comfort. Cotton is not only easily washable but can also be worn in summers.

Hence, if you are in a hurry and conflicted at the same time, just pull out this attire from your wardrobe and slip into it without giving it a second thought. It can be bought for Rs 2,636 from

Red Coloured Long Kurta


Even though it has been a traditional outfit for a long time, trends are changing. A red-coloured Kurta can look classier than you can imagine. There are a few modifications that you can make to make it look not only official but also elegant. Style the kurta with a watch and shawl to radiate a decent look. However, instead of going for a reshma shawl, go for a decent cotton one. Also, match your attire with a sandal instead of the traditional khussa.

The fabric that this Kurta is made from is linen-cotton. It’s a slim fit kurta with full sleeves and a linen-cotton collar. The pattern of the kurta is exotic solid. For the neck, it inculcates a Chinese collar. Dry clean is recommended for this delicate kurta. Also, ensure that you do not bleach it or expose it to excessive heat or sunlight for long.

Here’s another tip. These fitted kurtas always look elegant when matched with a waistcoat.
It can be bought for Rs. 2,490 from

Maroon Pathani Kurta


These Pathani Kurtas are among the most stylish and trendiest men attires worn by individuals all across the continent. These traditional and classy outfits radiate sophistication, which is well beyond any comparison. These Kurtas are also known as the Khan suits and believed to have originated from Pakistan. However, many also believed that they originated in Afghanistan. Regardless of the origin, these kurtas are highly fashionable in the modern era.

The Pathani Kurta selected is maroon with a classy salwar pattern. It has shoulder tabs, long sleeves, and a straight hem. For the neck, it inculcates a cutaway collar. The wine maroon colour makes it stand out. Also, the two front pockets make it highly functional. It’s made from pure cotton to ensure the utmost comfort. The material makes the kurta comfortable and easily washable. Its length is up to the knees.

They are known to be the ideal summer wear, for they deliver high comfort levels. For this very reason, we believe you should have a comfortable Pathani kurta in your wardrobe to slip into for tough office days. It can be bought for Rs. 2,560 from .

Plain Cotton Short Kurta in Light Grey

Wearing a shorter kurta is an excellent choice. Short Kurtas can be pulled off at both festive and official occasions. This makes these kurtas highly versatile. For instance, you can pair this short kurta with a plain white pajama for formal occasions. On the other hand, adding a sleek shawl, turban and khussas can make this ideal for weddings! A cherry on the top with short kurtas is that they look amazing on all heights.

The Kurta selected is a short kurta with a comfortable fit. It has an elegant solid pattern with full sleeve attire. This attire is enhanced with buttons. For the neck, it inculcates a fitted collar. However, you will have to wash it separately in cold water. The manufacturer recommends using mild detergents. It’s made from cotton to make it even more practical for office use. Cotton will allow you to work comfortably in your workplace setting for hours.

Here’s one tip for you. If you are a tall individual, kurtas of all lengths are good choices. On the other hand, if you have a short height, go for short to medium-sized kurtas. It can be bought for Rs. 3,717 from

Classic White Kurta (All White Attire)


From Akshay Kumar to Amir Khan, we have seen so many celebrities pull off a white kurta. Their all-white attires radiated charisma leaves the entire audience awestruck; this is not just because of the stars themselves, of course, these celebrities have an unparalleled appeal, but you need to factor in the colour combination as well! An all-white is another combination that never ceases to go out of fashion. It’s because white represents grace. For this very reason, get this white Kurta for a graceful day at the office as well.

The Kurta selected is from a top-notch brand, Vastramay famous for their high-quality otton lining. It comes with a White Pajama that is just the optimal combination. It has a stylized buttoned-up neck, long sleeves, and a straight hem. The below the knee length makes it versatile for day to day use for individuals with a tall height. It’s made from cotton to ensure the utmost comfort. You can utilize this kurta for your office daily.

A bonus point with a white kurta is that they are ideal for overweight individuals as well because the colour itself makes people look slimmer. The elegant piece of clothing can be bought for Rs 2,113 from

Elegant Black Kurta (All Black Attire)


Regardless of what era it is, black has always remained in fashion. From Hrithik Roshan to Ranbir Kapoor, we’ve seen celebrities walk around in all-black combination, leaving us all enchanted. Black Kurtas will always be in trend for the dominant appearance that accompanies these kurtas. The mere colour makes anyone and everyone look central. This is why you need this Kurta to be taken seriously by everyone in the office!

The exotic Kurta selected is from the Brand Hangup with a dominating solid pattern. It has a band collar neck kameez, full sleeves, and a churidar bottom. Both the top and the bottoms are in colour black; this will radiate just the kind of dominating look that we’ve described above. Also, the length can be categorised as knee length. Both the top and the bottoms are made from cotton.

A plus point with these kurtas is that it is for individuals with all kinds of complexions. You can pair these kurtas with straight pants, trousers or pajamas. It can be purchased from for Rs. 2,893.

Shaftesbury London Grey Jute Nehru Jacket


This kind of Kurta item gives an extravagant as well as a sophisticated look, which will make you the center of attraction wherever you wear them. Even though fancy Kurta Jackets such as those made from velvet are ideal for festive events, you can always go for a Jute Kurta Jacket for a classy look at your office. We assure you that you will look exotic in these Kurta Jackets; they simply radiate a sleek yet chic outlook.

The Kurta item selected is an exotic Grey Woven Kurta Jacket. It comes with a stand collar, a full button placket, and three welt pockets. The hem is vented. The material with which this classic Kurta is woven is Jute. The pattern of the Kurta Jacket is solid. This cotton blend Kurta Jacket makes for the ideal office wear. It is highly recommended that you only dry clean this delicate item.

This exotic, grey, slim fit jacket goes not only on top of traditional kurtas but also on western wear. This versatile application of these jackets makes them distinct from many other clothing items. It can be bought for Rs. 3,999 from Myntra.

Simple Striped Kurta


Why not go for a striped kurta? Whenever you wear a vertically striped kurta, it makes the area look more elongated and narrow. You can always wear these Kurtas for your benefit if your goal is to look taller or slimmer. Furthermore, these striped kurtas look elegant, sharp, and sophisticated. Now more than ever, these splendid clothing items are striving for a space in your wardrobe.

The Kurta selected is an exotic navy blue and white kurta that appeals to anyone and everyone. It is a straight kurta with a chest pocket that radiates simplicity. For the neck, it inculcates a Mandarin collar with a short button placket. It has a straight woven design with a classic striped pattern, curved hemline, and empire designing. The pure cotton that it is made up of equates to comfort in both washing and wearing it. It’s classic summer wear for your office and all the formal meetings. As far as the length is concerned, it is above knee length. It’s available at Rs. 1,399 on Myntra.

Solid Color Cotton Kurta Set in Dark Olive Green

You can always wear a loose woven design kurta to achieve a sophisticated yet exciting outlook. This kurta is the very epitome of traditional look; however, it also radiates a classy outlook for all your modern gatherings. In this way, this Kurta is the perfect amalgamation of a traditional and contemporary look. You can pair it up with slim trousers and minimal flair. They also go nicely with jeans, so they’re perfect for your official outlook. Of course, the footwear for this outfit is office boots or sandals.

The Kurta selected is a green woven design kurta. It is a Poly Cotton kurta with a button placket, long sleeves. For the neck, it inculcates a Chinese Collar. The pattern is the exotic woven design that catches your attention in the first look. The styling is regular, which means it can be used on a day to day basis. Brought to you by Utsav Fashion, this kurta will provide you with an opportunity to show off the design. It can be bought for Rs. 2,601 from

Cotton Lucknavi Placket Long Kurta


Who said embroidered Kurtas were for festive events only? An elegantly embroidered straight kurta does not only radiate class and sophistication but also helps you stand out in any formal meeting. You’ll know this is true once the compliments start flooding in. Embroidered Kurtas, for this reason, and many others, have been in trend for a long time now.

If you walk into a room with this Lucknowi Embroidery Placket attire, you’ll find that all eyes are on to you. Give yourself a fresh makeover with this long kurta right now! The kurta selected is made from cotton, which makes this elegantly embroidered kurta even better. For the neck, it has a Chinese collar. This yellow embroidered Kurta comes with long sleeves. It can be classified as a regular fit. The pattern is the classic Lucknowi Embroidery type. This is the simplest yet the classiest embroidered kurta.

An embroidered kurta with straight white pajama gives a classy outlook; therefore, these kurtas are ideal for your office wear. Available on for Rs. 1,990.

Classic Watches to Pair with Your Kurta on Ethnic Day at the Office

Fossil Chronograph FS4545


If you’re looking for a stylish and high-quality men’s watch, then this is a good option. It has a chronograph display, which is one of the most popular types of watch displays. The material is made from stainless steel, so it’s durable and shiny. The only downside is that it makes the watch a little heavy. Many watches with this quality come at much higher prices. This one is a great option if your budget is under Rs. 10k. You can buy this watch for Rs. 8,495 from Myntra.

Fastrack 3120SL01


Fastrack 3120SL01 is the best-selling model that features everlasting built quality. The dial is simple, with black hands and stick markers. The case comes in round shape made of brass with a time adjusting crown designed at the right side. Made up of the leather strap that is secured by a buckle clasp locking system and water resistance depth of 50 m, this watch is worth recommending for your casual attire.

You can purchase this watch for just Rs. 1,595 from Flipkart.

Timex TI000U90100


If you’re a fan of Timex watches, then this analog watch can be the most worthy addition to your Timex collection. This model features a beautifully designed dial with black & white hands targeting Arabic numerals that gives no hassle in time reading. There’s a date display inset at 3 o'clock and weekly calendar day display at 6th interval. The strap is made up of premium leather with superb quality and is secured by a buckle clasp. The case has numerals equipped at four intervals and a time adjusting crown at the right side. This model has a water resistance depth of 30 m with a warranty of 2 years. You can buy this watch for Rs. 1,795 from Flipkart.

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You can Even Get a Matching Pair of Shoes!

For whichever you piece you finally decide to get, you can even choose a matching pair of shoes with it. You'll be able to find a number of formal options with one simple search. Do try to contrast the colour of the shoes with that of the kurta; however, remember not to go too bland such as getting green-coloured loafers with the green colour kurta, as it would definitely look awkward for a formal meet.