Make You Wedding Even More Memorable with Special Gift for Husband on Wedding Night

Make You Wedding Even More Memorable with Special Gift for Husband on Wedding Night

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life and there are ways to make it even more special by exchanging gifts. The groom usually gives a gift to his bride on the wedding day but ladies, you too can woo your man with sweet, saucy or memorable first night gifts for your husband. Find here everything you need to know.

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4 Ways to Select Gifts for Husband for the First Night

Select Gifts that Match His Tastes

While thinking of a gift for your significant other, you really need to keep their preferences and choices in mind. You can take a hint from things that they might have mentioned or something they have wanted for a while. The gift must be in accordance with their interests and liking, only then can one ensure that such a present will bring them joy and hence be ideal.

Remember this is the beginning of your journey as a married couple and a gift can help you set the tone for it. Think of the message that you want to convey through the gift; giving him things based on his interests will show him you pay attention to his needs.

Give Him Gifts That are Timeless

A present for a special occasion like a wedding night should be timeless. This is something that could be extremely memorable for your spouse. Traditionally men give gifts of jewellery to their new bride for precisely this reason, that it stays with her forever, as a reminder of the day they got married. Look for gifts that will last him a lifetime - jewellery, watches, accessories like cufflinks, even a handwritten journal are good ideas you can use.

Opt for Personalised First Night Presents

A personalised present always conveys the extra effort that you are willing to make for your partner. A special romantic gift can be a perfect way to bond with your husband. You can arrange for a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner along with some old-fashioned music. This is the classic way to woo your partner and swipe them off their feet. A heartfelt letter or note can also go a long way to convey these feelings. The ultimate purpose of the gift is to convey the thought that you've invested in it and so it should be a reflection the connection you share.

Give Him Something You Both can Use


It can be a great idea to gift something that both of you can use. This can not only be interesting and new but can also be a great way for the two of you to spend some quality time together. You can sign up for a cooking class, or decide to go bowling together; concert tickets to your favourite band or a thoughtful present that both can use. The key here is to keep the interests of both in mind so that you can end up having a great time together. Another option is to buy things for the home, such as customised couples' mugs, cushion, bathrobes and so on.

10 Wedding Night Gift Ideas to Make Your New Husband Fall Head Over Heels for You

Amazon Echo

An interesting gift option can be Echo Plus which has a built in smart home hub. It is a smart artificial intelligence system which has the ability to react to speech commands, enabling you to play music, make voice calls, run online searches, control a smart home and so much more. You can play music and discover new things just by asking for it. It is a smart system which keeps learning and building on itself; hence it is always getting smarter and new features and skills are acquired. This virtual assistant can be a great item for your new home that both of you can use, and your husband will be thrilled with such a useful gift. It is available on for Rs.14,999.

A Nice Wrist Watch

A classy wrist watch is something you can never go wrong with. It is a timeless present that your husband can cherish for years to come. He may have gotten a watch already as part of the wedding gifts that are customarily exchanged between families, but a watch given to him by his bride on their wedding night will hold a special place for him. The Xerxes Desai Special Edition Watch by Titan is one good option. It is a smart watch which is water resistant and can be worn for daily wear as well as special occasions. It can be bought from for Rs.8,290.

iPhone X

Do you want to wow your husband on the first night? Then give him one of the most coveted smartphones around, that is if he doesn't have it already. If you have a large budget then you could go for something which can be more of an investment. The Apple iPhone X in silver with a memory of 64 GB is the best choice here. It has a wonderfully responsive touchscreen with 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution. With a 3 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory, it can use a single sim under an iOS v11.1.1 operating system. This is a good option if your hubby has been thinking of getting a new smartphone; if he already has a new one you may be better off getting him something else. Be prepared to save up for this one as it retails at Rs.85,809 on

Pampering Personal Kit

To show your man some extra TLC you can gift him a pampering kit. This will not only be a useful gift for him but he can take care of his skin and hygiene which is extremely important. You can buy the Bvlgari Man Extreme Set available at where it retails at Rs.6,400. It includes Bvlgari Man Extreme eau de toilette 100 ml, after shave balm 75 ml, and shampoo and shower gel 75ml. These are premium quality products, and the eau de toilette has notes of calabrian bergamot, pink grapefruit and cactus juice. The convenient travel sized packs can be very handy when you go on your honeymoon.

Dice & Spice

Nervous about your first night with your husband? Give him gifts that will help lighten the mood and, break the ice and help you get more comfortable with each other. Quirky and kinky games are just the thing to do that. You can opt for a quirky gift that is sure to spice things up. The Dice & Spice board game available on is a perfect choice. It is a board game which has 4 sets of cards including truths, dares, 7-second challenges and redeemable coupons. Your partner may at first be surprised to be given a board game but when he realises it is an erotic game that prompts you to do all sorts of naughty things he will be more than up for it. Buy it for Rs.1,990 get ready for a fun and thrilling first night.

Cuddly Voice Message

Everyone enjoys soft toys, and a cute and cuddly voice message can go a long way to convey your message to your partner. The Cuddly Voice Message available at can be used for this purpose. It is a smiley shaped soft toy with a recording device inside that retails at Rs.1,950. It is battery operated and can be used to record audio messages of up to 20 seconds, each time the plushie is pressed the message will be played. This can be a cute little gift for your husband.

Platinum Love Band

You must have exchanged rings as part of the wedding ceremony but you can give your man a ring personalised with a message engraved on it on your wedding night. Although a lot of jewellery is involved in any Indian wedding, it is often selected with the family according to different criteria. A band selected by you with a little message is so much more intimate.

If the wedding band you gave him during the formal ceremony is a big, flashy piece that he may not always want to wear, a simple, personal band becomes a great gift idea. A classy ring can be a very elegant wedding present for your spouse. Such as Harrison Platinum Ring for Men available at which retails for Rs.29,100. The platinum band is studded with three diamonds and can be engraved with a personal message. This is a quality product and can be a gift for keeps.

Davidoff Cool Water Man Gift Set

A nice self-care kit is something men always appreciate. Give your man the classic refreshing fragrance of Davidoff Cool Water Man Gift Set which is an ocean-themed set ideal for a refreshing experience. It is available at where it retails at Rs.3,775. It includes a Cool Water after shave splash, shower gel, and after shave balm. It is enriched with intense freshness with peppermint and lavender.

Fila Alex Canvas Messenger Bag


A trendy bag can be stylish as well as useful. When buying gifts for your husband for the wedding day you can keep the upcoming honeymoon in mind. Women often prepare for every eventuality and a full set of luggage would be part of her trousseau, but men can often be less prepared.

If your spouse is a frequent traveller then he might be in need of a bag to carry his essentials. You can buy the Fila Alex Canvas Messenger Bag from Priced at Rs.1,080, it is a duffle bag crafted from canvas with enough storage room. It has one interior zip pocket and comes with a three-month warranty. It is a quality product with multipurpose uses that he can use for short travel or take to the gym.

Louis Philippe Olive Jacket

If your spouse likes to be well dressed you can add to his collection for his wardrobe. A casual jacket can add a lot of style to a simple look. The Louis Philippe Olive Jacket is available at where it retails at Rs.3,150. It is an exquisite design with full sleeves and is made entirely from polyester but sports the look of a leather jacket. It is a casual patterned jacket which includes a front zip. It can be worn in different styles and can be a perfect present for your husband.

Spend Time Together Before the Wedding

Even though people are increasingly choosing their own partners, a large proportion of Indian marriages are still arranged in the traditional way. In an arranged marriage situation both partners usually don't know each other well and can often go from being strangers to a married couple in the space of a few months. It is, therefore, very important for you to get to know each other before the wedding. Trying to be friends first can be a good idea.

As overwhelming and exciting as the wedding preparations are, a marriage actually has little to do with the wedding. After all the hullabaloo has died down, the sweets eaten and the guests departed, what's left behind is the two of you and the journey you must begin together. Even within the arranged marriage setup there is scope for courtship and you can exchange small presents like flowers or chocolates. But it's also important to get to your your future spouse better and discuss things like your goals in life, where you see yourself heading and try to understand each other's approach to life. It is also vital to discuss with your partner his preferences and likings when it comes to various things. Spending some quality time with him can help you achieve this and develop a deeper understanding.

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A Marriage is Much More That the Wedding

A marriage is so much more than gifts, the wedding, romance and the honeymoon. Be well prepared for all that it entails so you go in with your eyes open. Even if you have been dating for a while, a marriage changes the dynamics of the relationship and if you expect an unbroken continuation of the circumstances of your dating days, you are bound to face disappointment. There are a lot of new responsibilities and you must be prepared to begin a new life and a new family.