10 Exciting, Tasty and Fun Food Gifts for the Holidays That Will Score You Loads of Brownie Points in 2019!

10 Exciting, Tasty and Fun Food Gifts for the Holidays That Will Score You Loads of Brownie Points in 2019!

Holidays are synonymous with yummy food but unlike the good old days, not many people have the time to painstakingly prepare the holiday goodies. That's why gifts of food are so great at this time of the year. But not the same old boring stuff that no one really wants to eat. We've picked pit a whole bunch of lip smacking treats that will keep you in everyone's good books for days to come!

Break the Monotony of Holiday Gifting Through Great Food

There are no limits to gifting, say for your friends, family, colleagues, and of course a lover? If you think about it, gifting in a sense what we have been giving each other is not surprising and fun anymore. Every time the holidays come up we buy clothes, perfumes and of course chocolates for our loved ones. These are common and are too expected. When we go to the gift shop, we see nothing new to buy so we often buy the same old gifts which we buy every other year. Or in other instances, we buy something we like, but the receiver may not like it. If they do not like it, then it is often the giver’s fault for not being careful with choosing gifts. We may never know what the receiver will like since we cannot read minds and most often than not, we want to surprise the receiver.

Holidays are meant to be fun and exciting, which are full of surprises and memorable events; you can make it memorable much more comfortable with a great choice of gifts. One such particular kind which is becoming popular and loved is food gifts. Food gifts are great because they are so flexible and easy to get. Rather than the boring every year gift item, food gifts are a great substitute. Also, since it is not that much practised yet, you could be the first to hand over these exciting gifts which the receiver is sure to love depending on the item.

Food gifts are a great deal and are affordable, comparing it with the usual gift items. When giving gifts to others we often want them to be happy and surprised for the gift. If they are close acquaintances, we are clear of what we want to gift because we are close and know each other well. But what if the receiver is to be someone not close then the problem of choice arises. A great thing about food gifts is that if the receiver does not like it, he can just give it to his family or friends and enjoy the gift together. So it is good to say that food gifts can never go wrong.

Tips to Find the Right Food Gifts Online

Gifting general things and gifts is common. If you are looking to do something outside the box, think of food gifts. These gifts are in vogue now and people are loving them. The best thing is that you can look for these gifts online and also place online orders. Mentioned below are some tips for finding the right food gifts online:

  • Know the items you want in the food gifts
    Food gifts can be made with different items. Choose the items which you want to include in the gifts. You can add fresh foods, confectioneries, sweets, candies, etc. in the gifts.

  • Look for gifts as per age of people
    When you are looking for food gifts online, select as per age of the person. The items in the gift will vary as per the age of the person. Along with the age, the sex of the person also matters in this regard.

  • Price of the gifts
    Food gifts online come in varying prices. The prices also depend on the volume of the items in the gifts. Higher the volume of the items, higher is the price of the gift hamper.

While selecting the food items online, make sure that they are genuine. Most importantly, see that the gifts can be ordered online so that they can be delivered to the place you want.

10 Great Food Gifts to Give for the Holidays in 2019

Heatonist Hot Sauce Delivery

Source heatonist.com

Heatonist Hot Sauce is number one on this list because it is loved by many and people that have bought are truly satisfied leaving positive reviews everywhere on the internet. Delicious and insanely addictive, nothing can go wrong with this. There is plenty of choices one can select, and all of them are worthy of being gifts. This hot sauce is inevitably hot because high demand causes a delay in shipping. So if you are willing to try it out, you should order in advance. It will be delivered in 5 business days says their website.

We recommend: the Hot Ones Season 9 Warmup Pack with three super hot sauces.
Skinny Habanero Hot Sauce by Sauce Bae with turmeric, a touch of sweet pineapple, white vinegar, jalapenos, garlic and pepper. If the taste isn't addictive enough, it's also low on sodium, is vegan and gluten free!

Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce which is a hot blend of scotch bonnet and habanero peppers. Ginger, turmeric, onion, tomato, mustard, and lemon round up the flavour profile.

The third sauce in this pack, Year of the Dog by Lucky Dog is a Thai chillie pineapple sauce, enhanced with toasted onion and sesame. Mustard, lime, honey and ginger add to create a savory-sweet flavor explosion of flavours.

Order the pack for US$ 30 from heatonist.com

Wine Gummies

Wine gummies, a creative way of tasting your favourite wine flavours in bite-sized chewy gummies. The flavours available are chardonnay, merlot, and rose wine. These wine gummies are perfect gifts which can be placed in the gift basket. They can be eaten anywhere and is a great treat where glass wines are a terrible choice. There is no alcohol content in the gummies so you can enjoy them anywhere without the risk of getting fuzzy at work, home, or shopping. Perfect for women who like the taste of wine and knows the importance of relaxation. Made in the Netherlands it is also super fresh.

Available for US$ 24 on uncommongoods.com. This will also ship to many countries.

Non-Alcoholic Spirits for Cocktails

Source food52.com

The holiday season often means everyone is eating and drinking way more than they usually do, and for teetotalers, well, there are just way fewer options. But it doesn't have to be this way. These Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits made by Mikuni Wild Harvest offer an exciting option to make non-alcoholic cocktails for those who do not drink alcohol, and those who want to cut down without sacrificing the taste.

Available in three flavour profiles - Spice 94, spicy, earthy and aromatic, Garden 108 with a more herbal taste from peas, spearmint and hay, and Grove 42 that packs in the citrus with three types of oranges and a little peppercorn and lemongrass.

Use them as any spirit in a cocktail, add fruit and juice, peels and garnishes, maybe even a splash of tonic or something stronger if you're missing the spirits, but even on it's own the flavours are all there. Which makes it a great holiday gift for anyone.

Each 25 ounce bottle costs US$ 45 on food52.com.

Truffles Pasta Night Box

When one thinks of pasta, they think of one place, and that is Italy. And that is exactly where this Sabatino Truffles Pasta Night box is made. Local pasta makers make the gluten-free pasta in the heart of Italy. With the pasta comes an all-natural white truffle-infused the oil which has a robust and earthy aroma which when added to the pasta gives a finishing touch to the masterpiece. Added to this is the truffle zest, which is a seasoning meant especially for the pasta. This truffles pasta night box will make a great food gift for pasta and Italian food lovers.

Order this for US$ 50 on Amazon.

Acme Nova-Lox Sliced Salmon

Acme Nova-Lox Sliced Salmon boasts the taste of salmon, the healthiest and also one of the tastiest fish you can get from the water bodies. Salmon provides the consumer with several health benefits and adds aroma to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These smoked salmon packs are all you need for a perfect picnic food you can use it for sandwiches, dips, and numerous ways of eating snacks. Caught traditionally from the waters of Nova Scotia this pack offers exquisite taste which makes it a perfect food gift.

Buy a 1 pound pack of this sliced salmon for US$ 32 from wholey.com.

Blackberry Farm Nut & Grain Mix

Packed in a fancy bottle, these Blackberry Farm Grain and Nut gluten free mix is a guest’s favorite no doubt. A rich mixture of nature most beloved gifts the nut and the grain. Mixed they are a powerful duo the nuts used are benne seeds, cashews, pecans, pine nuts, and almonds. When whipped with cream and sauce, the taste of this mixture is simply powerful. Blackberry Farm is one of the greatest producers of natures gifts, and they have outdone themselves once again. A perfect food gift blended with nature’s gift.

Order the 2 pound jar for US$ 28 from blackberryfarmshop.com.

Russ & Daughters Chocolate Babka

The legendary chocolate babka which is popular among bakers and customers alike. The popular Russ & Daughters takes tremendous care in their baking capabilities that they have perfected the chocolate babka recipe. Chocolate which is not too sweet mixed with a hint of coffee which mixes well with the taste of the chocolate. The babka is a great food gift to have on birthdays, on special occasions and also to have as a birthday cake. The babka can be used as a snack as well, and the rich filled rolling is sure to do its trick.

Buy these for US$ 11 from their website Russ & Daughter here.

Birch Coffee Subscription

Coffee is the new black, and many people will agree to this. Nowadays, coffee is really popular, and it has beaten its substitute tea in terms of competition. The number of coffee drinkers has risen a lot in recent years, and there are no signs of decline. So what is a better gift to someone than a coffee subscription to Birch Coffee a coffee maker company which serves the best coffee in the world? There are five types you can subscribe, and the subscription is one coffee bag every week: a great deal and a great gift for all coffee lovers.

Available on birchcoffee.com starting at US$ 17.

Russ and Daughters Brunch Kit

The New York Brunch from the city's most popular bakers includes smoked salmon, natural cream cheese, six bagels, the legendary chocolate babka, custom roast coffee, a ceramic coffee cup, and an insulated tote bag to carry it all in. Also dubbed Oprah’s favorite things of 2018 and Oprah is almost always right. This Russ and Daughters Brunch Kit will always be the best in the business. It is a bit pricey but seeing the contents of the brunch you will not be surprised. A perfect gift for lovers of cocoa and chocolate. This food gift can be shared by a total of 6 people and is one of the most popular food gifts to date.

Get this on Amazon for US$ 140.

Monthly Cheese Subscription from Murray’s

With Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club, you can get three premium cheeses each month. There is also month to month plans such as 4 or 6 months and a year. Gifting this to cheese lovers will be the best thing ever. You may already be able to picture the happy faces you will see when you use this as a food gift with a detailed description of each cheese from the makers and experts of the cheese business. The quality of Murray’s Cheese stands out from all other competitors due to the experts, domestic producers, and traditional handpicked system. A food gift can’t get any better than this for a cheese lover for sure.

A month to month subscription starts at US$ 75. Order it on Murray's Cheese.

Food Gifts Seldom Go to Waste

The ten items listed above all come with highly researched data and information. Gifting to someone which be chosen carefully as we are responsible for the gifts that we give. That is why these gifts are given in details so that you can choose which food gift will be the best for the person you had in mind.

Gifts are reminders to others that we care about them, and we value them. We care about them, so we want them to have the best of things. In this case, the best gift they have ever received. There are a lot of cases where gifts are thrown away or forgotten about because they are not useful or have no value to the receiver; it is not that they are a bad person or anything. It just means that the gift was not right for them.

Not everyone is going to appreciate your gifts, and they don’t have to. You just have to gift it to the right person. Food gifts are highly appreciated, and they might work just for you. This is the reason why food gifts are so great for gifting they are consumables and therefore can be easily disposed of. Food gifts can also be in the form of subscriptions; in fact, the receivers highly appreciate these gifts. No matter what the gift is making sure that in a holiday everyone is happy with what they got and what they have and make the most of every gift received.

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Buy These Gifts for Your Loved Ones and Surprise Them...

Giving food to someone as a gift will not only make the recipient happy but would also make the giver stand out from all the cliched gifts that others will give. These food items mentioned above are affordable and easily available online. You can get them delivered at your doorstep. Some online portals even allow the gifts to be sent directly at a particular address along with a gift card, make the most of these features and surprise your loved ones with FOOD!