12 Diwali Gifts for Fiancé or Boyfriend to Bring a Sparkle to Your Relationship in 2019

12 Diwali Gifts for Fiancé or Boyfriend to Bring a Sparkle to Your Relationship in 2019

Festivals are a special time for any couple and if you are engaged, you and your fiancé would be looking forward to spending Diwali together. From couple's t-shirts and romantic gift hampers to smartwatches and cool playing card cufflinks, find here all kinds of gifts for boyfriend or fiancé for Diwali to make this festive season a memorable one.

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What to Look for in Diwali Gifts for Your Future Life Partner

A Touch of Romance

Shopping for a man is never easy, and a gift for your fiancé on top of that could never be easy. Whether he's you’re boyfriend and you are moving toward becoming a married couple or it’s an arranged marriage and you want to impress him – you have to get the perfect gift for your fiancé. More or less, your future rides on it, you’re setting the tone for what's to come. You need to remember that it’s your future husband you’re looking for a Diwali gift for, it has to be load with romantic gestures and special touches, because these romantic days will never return.

However, you don’t need to worry about it! If you want to remind your man that he is special to you, we’ve got a list of gift options that will say everything you want to tell him.

Look Towards the Future

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Get a gift for your fiancé that promises a sweet, romantic future with him together. Set the tone for your future with him by getting him something that you can use in the future. Plan a romantic getaway with him for the future, or you could book a couple’s spa day with him six months later, for when you get married. You could also buy house decorations or utilities for his house that you’ll be moving in after you get married. Every girl dreams of a future with her husband, so prepare for it by giving him gifts that indicate a happy future with him.

Loaded with Feelings

Gift giving is a perfect opportunity to show your fiancé how much you love him, and how much you care for him. By giving him the perfect gift you’re showing him that you understand his personality very well, and you know his likes and dislikes. This will please your fiancé; this kind of observation will in fact make anyone happy because it shows the effort you’ve taken to understand them and how much you care for and love that person. This Diwali, even if it means buying him a small gift, but he’s always wanted it, he’ll be more than happy. It reflects your caring and observing nature.

6 Ultra Romantic Diwali Gifts for Your Sweet Fiancé

Personalised T-Shirt

This Diwali shower your love with a cool and comfortable t-shirt that can be completely personalised with a photo. Surprise him with a gift that can be personalised with a photo of you two together or with any photo of his liking, it could be a picture of his favourite Star Wars character or a picture of his favourite superhero. Moreover, this t-shirt is made of dri-fit fabric, a high-performance microfiber, polyester fabric that moves sweat away from the body into the fabric surface, where it eventually evaporates. Get this shirt for Rs.499 from Giftsmate.

Wooden Plaques

Give a personalised wooden plaque with a picture of the both of you to decorate your fiancé’s house. An engraved wooden plaque like this is a gift for life. The wooden plaque can be engraved with your images and a personalised message to let your special man know how much you love him. Once you move in with him you can use it as a beautiful decoration piece to decorate your house. Choose this gift from giftsmate.com and make your husband-to-be happy; it’s priced at Rs.1,199.

Couple's Massage

How does a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating massage sound to you? Amazing right? Get a couple’s massage to rejuvenate the body and soul with the wonders of ancient Ayurvedic oils and massage rituals. Professional masseurs use Abhyangam herbal oils on the head and upper body in an Ayurvedic ritual that is known to help with your eyesight, longevity, rheumatism, vitality and get a glowing skin. Also, it’ll be romantic to get a couple’s massage with your fiancé, so book for one right away on Exciting Lives for Rs.2,550.

My Darling Combo

My Darling Combo comes with a box of artificial roses and one love quotation frame. I know you’re thinking, box of roses, it sounds so corny. But it’s simple, elegant and sweet way to remind your fiancé of the love you feel for him. It’s also got a sweet heartfelt love quotation, and more over the artificial flowers depict the blossoming love that will always be present in your relationship. You can get this on Archies Online for Rs.1,999.

Barware Accessories

Enjoy a lip-smacking gin and tonic or gin cocktails in a modern and beautifully handcrafted gin balloon glasses. These distinctive mouth-blown gin glasses are designed with wide flattened bowls to enhance the aroma of the drink’s delicate botanical elements. It’s got subtly flared stems and weighted feet too which add a beautiful yet practical element to it. Buy the set of 2 Cocktail Balloon Glasses from Modern Quests for Rs.2,375.

Big Bouquet of Chocolate Roses

Celebrate this Diwali by sending your fiancé a Chocolate Bouquet of fifty roses. Make him feel special with a bouquet of roses, except it’s made of chocolates. Diwali is all about celebrating new beginnings with sweets, so there could be nothing better than chocolates for Diwali as a gift, especially if your fiancé has a sweet tooth. It’s beautifully packed to look like a real bouquet and you can write your own message too. You can buy this wonderful and delicious gift from excitinglives.com for Rs.3,999.

Utility Diwali Gifts for Your Dashing Fiancé

Armrest Gadget Organiser

Are the remote controls and laptops haphazardly strewn all over the place? Does your fiancé’s house look like a mess because of all the gadgets? The Armrest Gadget Organiser will make a perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend this Diwali. You can accessorise his favourite seat in his house with the gadget organiser. With 6 built-in compartments, you can store remote controls, eyeglasses and other little things in it, with a space on top for glasses and coffee mugs. What’s more, the armrest grip can adjust to fit any size couch or chair. You can get this useful gift from pepperfry.com for Rs.846.

Fossil Smart Watch

A fancy smart watch to say I’m thinking about you and you mean the world to me is a wonderful gift option to give your fiancé this Diwali. And if he loves collecting watches, then this gift idea takes the cake. The Fossil Wander Rose-Gold Toned Touchscreen Smart Watch comes with a pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, GPS tracking, and activity tracking apart from the usual features a smart watch comes with. Packed with some amazing features, this amazingly affordable smart watch is a perfect Diwali gift option. So, buy it right away from Myntra for Rs.19,995.

Personalised Passport Wallet

Does your fiancé love to travel? Has he got a passport that looks like it’s been through the washing machine a couple of times? If you think it does, then it’s time you got him a leather passport wallet to protect his passport as a gift for this Diwali. This passport cover is handcrafted, and it’s a stylish and practical item that every person should have if they travel often. It has card holders, slots to hold currency, and a slot to hold the boarding pass too. It’s extremely useful and stylish, get yours today from Love This Stuff for Rs.1,599.

Ice Bucket

Your boyfriend has a mini bar at his house, but the only thing missing is an ice bucket? He keeps running back and forth to the kitchen to get ice. Solve his problem by getting a fancy Ice Bucket as a Diwali gift this year. The on-trend Iridescent Ice Pail will keep the party going while lending an instant metallic magic to his bar cart. It’ll be a perfect addition to his bar cart, you’ll make him extremely happy by giving him this beautiful ice bucket. You can purchase this from The Label Life for Rs.2,790.

Silk Paisley Tie

Wearing a tie with any formal outfit will lend a sophisticated and modern look. Make your fiancé look trendy and elegant with an Eton Navy Paisley Print Tie. With a simple a tie, he’ll up his style quotient. Fashioned with silk, the paisley print tie oozes elegance and class. When your fiancé wears this he’ll definitely fetch oodles of compliments from passers-by. You can get this tie from The Collective for Rs.9,000.

Playing Cards Cufflinks

Did you know that Goddess Parvati deemed gambling a sport that everyone should enjoy playing on Diwali and that whoever plays card games on Diwali will mint money that year. Yes, that’s true. The belief is that Lord Shiva and Goddess Pravati were playing cards on Diwali and she won the game, excited and happy about the win she announced that anyone who plays the game will become wealthy. In keeping with the myth, The Tateossian Silver Playing Cards Cufflinks will make a perfect Diwali gift for your fiancé. The cufflinks are beautifully designed and it will suit anyone who wishes to ace through life and win big. You can get these cufflinks on The Collective for Rs.17,850.

Set a Tradition for Couple Activities on Diwali

You’re soon going to get married to your fiancé, this Diwali why don’t you start a tradition of doing a special couple activity together with your fiancé. And this could turn in to a tradition that you will continue to do after you get married and for years after that. It could be anything from creating rangoli the day before Diwali at his house, or hosting a card game in the house, or even playing games on Diwali. What matters is that you celebrate and enjoy Diwali together as a couple and start your own family traditions and fun activities that you can one day pass on to your children.

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Plan for the Future

Whether you're serious about settling down with your boyfriend or are formally engaged, start planning for your life with him. Festivals are a time when the family comes together and this is a great time to bond with his family and get him comfortable with yours. You will find plenty of opportunity to steal quite moments together, but also spend time with each other at home with everyone else; make rangoli together, help set up the lights and diyas, have a card party with family members from both sides. It will also be a wonderful way to spend this festival of joy.