10 Diwali Gifts for the Brother You Love and Hate by Turns but Cannot Do Without

10 Diwali Gifts for the Brother You Love and Hate by Turns but Cannot Do Without

Brothers and sisters have such a love-hate relationship. They can be the best of friends, playing together and sharing their toys, or be yelling and tearing each other's hair out and driving their parents up the wall. Very little changes as they grow into adults. But we know you love your brother and want to spoil him with the best possible gifts on Diwali. Find here everything you need, from customised Diwali gifts, Diwali gift hampers and cool gifts for him.

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Importance of Dilwali

In the whole of India, Diwali holds the most significance among all the other festivals. All of the Indians come together in harmony to celebrate the greater events that once took place. Diwali is celebrated to honor Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Lakhsmi, Ganesh, Saraswati and Kubera. This sacredness is carried to the international level with astounding zeal and zest. People from all around the world admire the rituals of the Indian community and dignify the greatness that the Diwali holds by celebrating with their friends and families.

Diwali is a celebration that embodies the triumph of goodness over evil and light over darkness. Everyone celebrates Diwali with their family and friends signifying their importance in one’s life and the affection that they are bound to share on this day of new beginnings. Meet and greets between families and friends take place, special sales on shopping are provided, tremendous functions and celebrations take place all around the globe; all in all Diwali is a full-fledged festival that encompasses all spreading love, joy and harmony everywhere.

The Sibling Bond

The bond that is shared between a brother and a sister or among them is nature’s one of the most precious and affectionate family bonds. Siblings are the people in front of whom we start as a kid and grow up to be mature, and siblings are the people who know us more than anyone else. We share so much together, whether it’s the food on the dining table or the clothes from the wardrobe, ideas on politics or favorite TV show; siblings are bound to stay close to each other through each and every instant of their lives. Everybody holds their siblings dearest. After parents, the most trustworthy and closest human beings that one can have are one’s siblings.

Brothers know what their sisters’ preferences are and sisters know what their brothers are up to. Undoubtedly brothers and sisters together make up the strongest team which when together can cope up with a lot of challenges of life easily. A bond between siblings is a bond of honour, love and care. To keep that beautiful bond alive, one is obliged to bring gifts in consideration especially on occasions like Diwali!

Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting Diwali Gift for Brother

A certain set of things are to be kept in mind while choosing a gift for your brother on Diwali. You might think that you are giving him something quite valuable on the chart, but it’s not always the case. As special as your dearest sibling is, on this Diwali, gift him something that will make his day, month or even an year; something that he will remember for decades.

Budget for the Gift

The spirit of Diwali is of sharing of love and care among the family. Between brothers and sisters, it’s nevertheless a very good opportunity to depict the regard and affection that they hold for each other. Gifts are definitely a great way to share love. But first things first! The budget is important. Whenever a person is going to choose a gift for their beloved, they ought to check their wallets first! A huge variety of gifts are available for brothers and sisters but to pick one that satisfies your budget is the real deal.

Focus on Strengthening the Bond

Many times in our busy lives, the closing walls and ticking clocks, we end up forgetting that we have a family to look after too. Your bond with your brother ought to be one of a kind. If you’re not being closer to him this Diwali, sadly you’re not doing your life right. Well worry no more! With the right gift chosen at this Diwali for your brother, you can surely make up for all that’s been buried deep in the past. Furthermore, there are times when one gets into a fight with their brother and then have no idea what to do to make things right. Let me acknowledge you! Deciding to give a present to your brother in the festive days of Diwali is one of the best things to do.

Remember His Likes and Dislikes

Personalisation means everything. Giving the right gift on Diwali means that you buy it with the purest of intentions, of making him feel special. Choose a gift that satisfies his ‘appetite’ i.e. a gift that he must be looking forward to, not necessarily the most expensive one. Receiving gifts that click with one’s taste prove a lot. It shows that the giver of the gift actually cared about the likes and dislikes of the receiver and they actually spent time knowing more about the receiver. Gifts with a personal touch add value several times over to the gift.

10 Suggestions for Diwali Gifts for Brother

Silver 3 in 1 Gift Set for Men

Source www.igp.com

If one cannot come up with a single perfect gift for their brother, they can always think of combinations available in the market. A pen with a book, or an aftershave with a perfume, a hamper of gifts is guaranteed to make your brother feel better this Diwali. At igp.com, they have wide variety of modern style personalised pens, diaries and even showpieces and desk accessories, priced at Rs.850 and above, that are perfect Diwali gifts for your brother.

Brother You Rock Photo Frame

A photo frame with a brotherly quote is a very fine way to make your brother feel special this Diwali because it’s personalised, cute and a brilliant way to remind someone of their significance. Archiesonline.com provides you an opportunity to show love for your brother in a unique way as you gift him this trendy photo frame on any special occasion. Beautified with a lovely quote, this frame, which is priced at Rs.559, is sure to be a treasured keepsake for him.

Giftsmate Gifts for Brother Combo

Source www.amazon.in

Another possible combination that you can gift your brother can include a set of items with cute quotes on them that remind your brother of your care and affection for them in their daily life. The Giftsmate Birthday Gifts for Brother Combo is a set of three items all bearing a funny line. You will get a cushion cover, a coaster and a magic mug that changes colour to reveal the message when hot liquid is poured into it. This set is available at a reasonable price of Rs.599 on Amazon.

Batman Brother Tee

Source www.amazon.in

A little brother is truly a blessing no matter how annoying he can get at times. Show your love to your brother by gifting an adorable t-shirt to him. This Diwali, a kids’ favorite t-shirt can make his day. Have a little cute brother? Go for a Giftsmate Printed Kids Cotton Brother t-shirt which spells the word 'brother' against a Batman theme. The shirt costs only Rs.499 on Amazon.

Wildcraft Gangotri Rucksack

So you have a brother who likes to travel a lot? If he’s moving places, he surely is in need of a newer cooler backpack for himself. Go to Flipkart and look for the Wildcraft Gangotri Rucksack, which costs Rs.6,495 and is a high-quality, good looking bag that can surely prove to be a long lasting and reliable companion on his journeys. This Diwali, gift this rucksack to prove how strong your love for your brother is. Wildcraft Gangotri Rucksack has a capacity of 65 L and key features include adjustable pockets, shoulder strap zipper and buckle closure along with 210 D nylon double ripstop and 420 D nylon dobby.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

An electronic gadget, especially the latest technology out in the market is what almost every brother is craving for on Diwali. Smartphones top the list and no other gift can beat the excitement that a shiny new smartphone brings. Starting from Rs.10,999, flipkart.com is offering metal-body Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 with 5000 mAh battery power, 5.9 inches of screen, Octa Core Snapdragon 636 processor, 13 MP dual back + 8 MP front cameras and Android Oreo 8.1. This gift will send him over the moon.

Trendy Watch

Time is money! Gifting your brother a cool watch doesn’t just add an an element of oomph to his outfits, but it also guarantees that you know how much importance time has in your brother’s life. At flipkart.com, Fossil CH2601 Watch for men is priced at Rs.5,499. With excellent design, analog display and a black strap; this watch will be a great gift this Diwali for your brother and at that price it is a steal.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

Yes it is the era of the luxurious and indulgent cologne. Why not gift your brother a fine scent that will make him feel more confident and attractive. The perfect cologne is a sure way of making way to someone’s heart through their sense of smell. Does your brother have a specific taste in perfume? Then give him the signature scents that he usually wears. Or you can give him Gucci Guilty Pour Homme eau de toilette which costs Rs.4,590 on . Giveter. It has lemon and lavender at it's heart, while orange flower forms the base note and are rounded off with hints of cedar wood and patchouli fragrance.

Fastrack Square Men's Sunglasses

Source www.amazon.in

Help your brother fight the sun rays and protect his eyes in the most fashionable manner ever. Give him the right accessory this Diwali and see how amazing he feels. Fastrack’s grey and black sunglasses offered at Amazon with price tag of Rs.459 ought to be your choice. It has a plastic frame, is light and comfortable yet dashing and offers full UV protection. It also comes with a year long warranty against manufacturing defects.

Red Tape Men's Boots

Source www.amazon.in

Men love boots. The right shoes are an absolute necessity of any good outfit. Gift your brother something that he can wear when he wants to dress up as these are definitely flaunt-worthy. And each time he does they will remind him of your love and care every time he subconsciously looks at his feet. This Diwali gift your brother Red Tape Men’s Boots from amazon.in whose price starts from Rs.1,838. It’s made of leather, has a casual design, and has a lace-up closure.

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Take the Time to Reconnect With Family

Siblings are awfully close when growing up and though they may fight often, they can be inseparable when they grow older and get past their differences. No matter what kind of relationship you have with your brother, whether you see him often or just during the festivals, Diwali is a time for family so make effort to spend time with him, catch up on each other's lives, reminisce about your childhood, and reconnect.