Romantic And Thoughtful Gifts for Husband on Engagement Anniversary: Take His Breath Away With A Sweet Surprise (Updated 2020)

Romantic And Thoughtful Gifts for Husband on Engagement Anniversary: Take His Breath Away With A Sweet Surprise (Updated 2020)

Wondering just what to gift your husband on engagement anniversary? Surprise your husband by giving him a gift for your engagement anniversary. After all everybody celebrates their wedding anniversary, but what about the time it all began - the engagement? Best Present Guide lists fantastic romantic gifts for not just your engagement anniversary, but also wedding anniversary!

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Ideas for Celebrating the Anniversary of Your Engagement

Remember the time, when your husband went down his knee and proposed you to be his wife. Merely thinking about that moment gives you goosebumps. So, why not celebrate the day of your engagement with a sweet factor of surprise. Well, apart from celebrating your wedding anniversary, let's start a new trend of celebrating the engagement anniversary with your lovely partners. You can adopt numerous methods to create the memorable first engagement anniversary celebration. But, adding the surprise element to your engagement anniversary celebration would be a great idea. However, if you are looking for unique and sweet surprise ideas to celebrate your first engagement anniversary, then you can try the following tricks.

Re-Enact the Proposal

It's always hard to forget the scenario of your engagement. Your husband has done so much hard work before proposing to you. So, now exactly a year later, it's your turn to recreate the engagement night experience. To surprise your husband on your engagement anniversary book the same restaurant or place where he had proposed to you. If possible, book the same table in the restaurant and also replicate your clothes from that night. But, this time instead of your husband, you should go on the one knee and propose to your husband. This surprise gift for husband on engagement anniversary would be nicely regenerate passion in your married life.

Write Poems or Love Letters to Each Other

Well, if you both are not yet married and are still enjoying the long engagement, then writing something to each other would be the best gift for your partner on the first engagement anniversary. This will give you both some time to feel like lovesick teenagers. You can write a beautiful poem, prose or a simple love letter to your soon to be husband. If you are not good at writing, then you can easily quote a line from your favorite romance novel or poetry book. But, whatever you write for your partner make sure to add some personalized words in it.

Give Each Other Sweets and Chocolate

If you are one of those couples who want to keep anniversaries and their birthdays low key. Then, this idea to celebrate first engagement anniversary would be the perfect pick for you. You can order your husband's favorite candies or sweets for the anniversary. If you know cooking, then you can make sweets for your husband at home also. Sweets surprise gift for husband on engagement anniversary is very realistic and affordable gift. To make your husband's favorite sweet you can watch YouTube cooking videos or you can always call your or his mother.

Invite Your Parents to Dinner

We Indian believe that taking the blessings of elders and parents on the important days is very good. That's why to surprise your husband on engagement anniversary invite both of your parents over dinner and thank them both for their support and love throughout the year. And, take blessings of your parents together and pray to god that you and your husband can always have a healthy relationship like your parents. Including elders of your family into your engagement anniversary celebration is a very cute tradition.

Give Back to Society

God has given you so much in life, such as a loving husband, a beautiful home, and good health. So, this year on your engagement anniversary take a vow to pay back to the society. The best gift for husband on first engagement anniversary would be doing social service together. You can visit an orphanage or old age home in your engagement anniversary and share your happiness with those needy people. If you and your husband love animals, then you can volunteer at the animal shelter home in your areas on your engagement anniversary.

Propose to Him

This trick is a bit similar to the one we shared at first, but here you won't have recreate the whole first-time proposal scenario. You can use your own imagination and creativity to design the perfect proposal for your husband on your engagement anniversary. You can surprise your husband in the bathroom with the ring. Yep, instead of doing all boring dinner and proposing, pop the question when your husband is doing something casual and he would never guess your proposal. So, propose your husband on your engagement anniversary, but when he is least expecting it. If you are still engaged and haven't yet fixed the wedding date, this can be a great way to revisit the topic and get started with wedding planning.

Get Yourselves Pampered

You have been super busy the whole year with the marriage preparations. So, on your engagement anniversary take a break from all the stress and go on a relaxing couple's weekend. Book a spa treatment for a couple where you both can relax and enjoy each other's company. Taking a break from the work and hectic life of the home is very important for a new couple. And, doing relaxation couple activities will be one of the most soothing anniversary gifts.

10 Romantic Gifts for Husband on Engagement Anniversary to Wind Up the Celebrations

Well, if you have selected the engagement anniversary surprise plan for your husband. Then, you can make your plan super successful by giving anniversary gifts to your husband at the end of the night. You can surprise your husband with a sweet anniversary gift at the end of the night. You can pick gifts for husband according to his style and taste. But, we have enlisted 10 best gift for husband on first engagement anniversary below. So, you can pick a surprise gift for husband on engagement anniversary from below or you can order anything else. But, don't forget to buy gifts for a husband on your engagement anniversary.

Custom Sound Wave Print with Photo


You love him to the moon and back so why don't you show it to him with a distinctive gifting idea - sound wave art. In this personalised gift, a unique design inspired by the shape of your voice waves, blended with a photo chosen by you is captured on canvas. This is a handmade gift, that will feel personal to your relationship. You provide all essential details while ordering which the artist uses to create the art. This is shipped internationally but fortunately, shipping to India is free currently. Order it on for USD 35 (Rs. 2,500) onwards.

A Box of Artisan Luxury Chocolates

Indulge your husband in the deep velvety texture of the chocolates on your engagement anniversary night. The dark and rich sweetness of the chocolates will bring the sweetness and delightfulness into your year old bond. So, in the middle of the night surprise your husband with a box of handmade chocolate. This beautifully packed box of bonbons is a charming gift idea. Indeed, these delectable chocolates are sure to bring back all the sweet memories of your special day and the year too. This chocolatey box can be ordered from at prices starting at Rs.280 onwards. This site offers you a choice of boxes at various sizes, as well as an option to make your own box. So go ahead and get him the box he will love!

A Classy Perfume

Another nice surprise gift for husband on engagement anniversary would be a bottle of perfume. You can order a masculine perfume for men online for your husband on your engagement anniversary. A perfume can kill two birds with one stone, first gifting perfume to the husband in the middle of the night will set the romantic mood for you. And, secondly perfume is an essential personal utility item, that's why your husband is anyway going to buy it. So, you buy it for him as an anniversary gift. Buy him a luxury perfume brand that he may not buy for himself. For example, this exclusive Ralph Lauren Polo Perfum is an intriguing blend of cardamom, blue ottirs and vetiver notes. Pick it up at Shoppers Stop for Rs. 4,800. There are of course innumerable choices available in the stores, you so can find out the perfect brand and fragrance for him, at whatever price point you wish.

Happy Anniversary Plaque

An ideal way to mark down your first engagement anniversary date would be creating a personalised photo plaque on your engagement anniversary. The best gift husband on first engagement anniversary would be giving him an anniversary plaque. On the plaque, you can have your and your husband's favorite picture engraved on it and can even add a beautiful quote on it. You can even engrave the date of your engagement anniversary on the plaque. Ordering personalised photo plaque gift for a husband is a very easy task. Just upload your photo and quote on for a custom design to be developed and created, all for Rs.2,499.

Personalised Handpainted Leatherette Wallet

A wallet is an essential accessory for men. Why not buy something that would be uniquely his? For your surprise gift for husband on engagement anniversary, you can order a handpainted personalised faux leather wallet for your husband. The leather wallet will make your already gorgeous husband stand out even more! This multi pocket wallet has 4 card slots, change pocket, and everything to sort important items into, to make your handsome husband's life easier, and the size will fit perfectly in his pocket. On the outside you can get it personalised with any motif of your choice from the available options which include this featured fierce leopard, Ironman and even quirky cartoon characters. An entirely original take on personalised wallets, you husband will love this gift. Order it here for Rs. 1,999 (with extra Rs. 99 for additional personlisation).

A little too expensive for your budget? No worries, you can get a simple personalised wallet for Rs. 849 at, or a classy plain black wallet like this 2-fold UCB leather wallet at for Rs. 896.

Classy Men Combo

This is the best gift for husband on first engagement anniversary or we will say on every occasion. A classic gift hamper for a classic man contains all the daily use items for your husband. This is a perfect gift pack for your husband which contains; 1 pair of golden stone studded cufflinks with tie pin, an elegant tie, a trendy belt, a set of 3 handkerchiefs, Park Avenue Men's Deo of 130 ml, all neatly packed in an attractive tray. These classic men hamper can be ordered from for Rs.2,145.

Love Poster for Hubby

Capture your journey as a couple with a gift that brings back cherished memories on your engagement anniversary. This love poster put together 12 images with a personalised message to create the most romantic gift ever. Pick out your most favourite photos of you both and/or artworks or images with special signficance to create this pictoral story of you as a couple. The printed poster is of A4 size (Dimensions: 12.5 x 9.5 Inch) and will come framed. This adorable gift can be ordered on for Rs.699. Be sure to send high-res images as this ensures the qualityof the poster is top notch.

Hangover Kit

If you are looking for the preferred anniversary gifts for men, then you will get nothing better rather than this hangover kit. Yep, if your husband likes to party hard and always complaints about the massive hangover he gets after that, then you can gift him the hangover kit to nurse his hangover. This special hangover kit consists of all the essential things that are required to cure a massive hangover. Like, a sleeping mask that says hungover or dead, a quirky barf bag, 3 mint chocolates, 3 funny badges made of acrylic, chewing gum, mouth spray and a witty booklet of hangover cures. This quirky hangover kit is available on for Rs.1,190. If you have a fun party planned for your engagement anniversary, giving him this as a funny gift at the end to deal with his hangover next day can be a fun gift.

Romantic Vibes

To create a surprise gift for husband on engagement anniversary night under the stars you can order the Romantic Vibes from The romantic vibes consist of two small silver glass and a lovebird showpiece. You can toast your year old relationship with a drink of wine and use love bird showpiece as a decoration piece. The romantic vibes are available online for Rs.790 only.

Commitment Band

Now an engagement anniversary celebration is incomplete without an engagement ring. So, if you are going to propose to your husband on the engagement anniversary, then you have to order a masculine engagement for him also. You can order an engagement ring in precious and semi-precious metal according to your budget. If you have a high budget than platinum and gold engagement rings are going to be the best gift for husband on first engagement anniversary. But, otherwise, you can order gold plated or silver engagement rings as budget always comes first. You can order male engagement rings from, etc.

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch


Smartwatches and fitness trackers are the in-thing in terms of gadgets to flaunt. For your stylish husband, you can order a classic Fitbit smartwatch. Your husband can take the popular and coveted touch technology on his wristwatches to a whole new level in terms of touch and tech, with this awe-inspiring smartwatch from Fitbit. Order the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch for your husband as a surprise gift for engagement anniversary from Amazon for Rs.14,558.The range of smartwatches available today are pretty extensive and start from prices as low as Rs. 1,299, so you are sure to find something to fit your set budget.

Bonus Idea: Go on a Couples Retreat For Some Quality Time

Leave everything behind and go on a couples retreat on your engagement anniversary. Leave all the stress and worries behind this year and just travel with your husband. To surprise your husband on your engagement anniversary, you can pick the following top locations of India: Goa, Havelock in Andaman Islands, Udaipur, Kumarakom in Kerala, or Darjeeling. All these have picturesque settings and depending on whether you like hills, beaches, islands or exotic palaces, there is a location just right for you.

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Turn a surprise into a tradition

It is not very common to celebrate the engagement anniversary so your plans and gift will probably surprise your husband or partner. Once he is in on the idea though, turn it into a tradition and celebrate it every year henceforth. The more often you declare your love for your partner and celebrate your relationship, the stronger it will be, so one more anniversary can be a very good thing for you.