10 Gifting Ideas to Surprise Your Husband on Your Wedding Anniversary & Bonus Tips on Romantic Ideas for a Special Celebration

10 Gifting Ideas to Surprise Your Husband on Your Wedding Anniversary & Bonus Tips on Romantic Ideas for a Special Celebration

Surprise your husband on your wedding anniversary with a thoughtful gift or a romantic gesture! Make your anniversary a memorable one by taking inspiration from the vast list of gifts we at BP-Guide India have gathered. We have top tips to choose surprise gifts for your husband, 10 gifting ideas as well as few suggestions to refresh the love in your relationship on this special day.

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Ideas to Surprise Your Husband on Your Wedding Anniversary

Make the Day Memorable with Romantic Anniversary Gifts

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On the joyous occasion of your wedding anniversary why not bring back the element of fun in your marriage by surprising your dear husband with some cool gifts?

Get the day off to a fabulous start by ordering a bouquet of his favorite flowers to be delivered to him in office along with a box of chocolates and finish the day by gifting him something which he would cherish all his life.

Plan Surprise Outings or a Dinner Night to Add Oomph to Your celebration

Plan a surprise date or outing with your husband by yourself and give him the surprise of his life.

A great way to spend the day would be to do something that likes. Take him for a romantic dinner, or a maybe a boat ride if possible.

You can also try something a little different from the usual for a change. You could recreate your first date, or do an activity that you used to enjoy as young lovers, like going to a nightclub or maybe for a game of bowling. You could have a romantic picnic somewhere or just a cosy dinner at home with romantic music candlelight and wine.

A Surprise Gift Can Bring a Smile to His Face

Too much planning sometimes takes away the fun factor from a relationship, so be spontaneous!

In a relationship, it’s always the men who are expected to woo their better halves. But that doesn’t have to be the case. In the age of feminism and equal rights, take charge and sweep your husband off his feet to make this special day even more special.

A little spontaneity and adventure can put the romance back into your relationship add . Get some beautiful romantic gifts for your darling and give him a sweet surprise on the morning of your special day. It could be as simple as a single red rose.

Top Tips for Buying Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Be Thoughtful of His Preferences

If you are choosing a romantic gift for your husband don’t get carried away by something you like, and get something which he will find no use for.

Always keep your husband’s preferences in mind. Don’t pile on your own preferences on him. You may love the colour red, but your husband may not care for it. In that case we would advise against buying him a red shirt. If he’s a loves books by a certain author, say Jeffery Archer, buy him his latest book. The fact that you care enough to remember little things, will assure him of your love.

But remember, romance can mean different things for different people. So think of your husband and his likes - perhaps more than any jazzy gift, he would prefer an exciting trip or a homemade meal.

Something Unique and Out-of-the-Box Will Surprise Him

After staying together for a long time couples tend to predict each other’s gifts. So if you want to give him a complete surprise then pick a gift which he wouldn’t be expecting. Unique gifts help maintain the excitement in a marriage and helps couples discover new sides to an old relationship. Things like a monogrammed accessory or something like his favorite sports equipment are gifts which say you care.

Get Inspired by Gifting Options on Online Stores

When buying gifts for your husband, visit online stores to check out their vast collection of things suited for every budget.

Online e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart have unlimited gift options for you to peruse. It’s unlikely with a collection this vast, you won’t find the perfect gift for your darling hubby.

While looking for gifts online make sure of a few things...

Firstly, use the correct keywords and look at the right categories. Secondly, read the verified reviews of a particular item before making the purchase. You could read up on expert reviews also, if you want detailed information like pros and cons before making your decision. Do this especially if you are buying electronics. Thirdly, it's important that you buy from a reputed website. You don't want to be cheated of your money by fraudulent websites. If you use online virus protection, they will give a warning when a website is not safe.

10 Gifting Ideas to Surprise Your Husband on Your Wedding Anniversary

The sheer volume of gifts available online may make you a bit confused. To help you out we have curated a list of the 10 best online gifts that you can surprise your hubby with.

Arrange a Personal Couple Photoshoot

Surprise your hubby with an impromptu photo shoot. If you have a friend who’s good with the camera you can ask them to become your photographer for the day or hire a professional photographer. Professionals may charge a bit more, but the results you get will be better.

You can hire photographers through online websites like scoopshoot.com, justdial.com or from your neighbourhood photo studio.

To make the photoshoot interesting, you can pick a theme for the shoot, like a 90s retro or black and white . Get the location, clothes and props ready in advance. The photographer can help you with that. Contact him in advance and let him know exactly what you want.

The cost of such shoots vary according to the experience of the photographer and the time taken for the shoot. Average prices start from Rs.3000 can go up to Rs.50,000.

These photos would serve as a beautiful reminder of the special time that you spend with your husband.

Bluetooth Speaker

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Get your husband a great Bluetooth speaker.The Sony -SRS-XB10-Portable-Splash-Proof-Bluetooth speaker is a gift that any music enthusiast is bound to appreciate. This tiny device packs in much more than it seems. Its splash proof, portable, runs for up to 16 hours on a single charge and has an extra bass feature for a deep punchy sound. It also has a built in mic for hands-free calling. If your husband is a music lover then he is bound to appreciate this gift. Buy it for Rs.3,140 from amazon.in.

Tickets to an Event of His Liking

Enjoying a show together is a great way to spend ones anniversary. Gift your husband a ticket to an event that he would love to attend. If he likes the theatre, take him for a play, if humour is what makes him tick then go for a standup comedy show. You could go for a musical performance featuring the artists he likes or the genre of music he enjoys. You could even go for a music concert or EDM show.

Digital Photo Frame

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In the age of phone cameras and digital photos we have forgotten the simple joys of flipping through an album. With the Epyz HD Ready Digital Photo Frame you can now keep the photos of your loved ones always visible. This device comes with fully functional remote which helps you flips through photos with just the press of a button. It has the best display and supports HD 720P videos. The speaker offers an expandable memory of up to 16GB, with USB and SD Card ports. You can play background music during slideshows. It supports several file formats including jpeg, avi, mp4 and mp3. Buy it for 4,650.00 from amazon.in.

Personalised Stationary

There is nothing better than personalised stationary to make one feel special. Get customised notebooks on Printvenue.com. Here you can choose your own paper, upload your custom design and get exactly what you wanted. Order it for Rs.195. Minimum order quantity is five pieces.

Another option is the hard bound photo notebook also from Printvenue. You can customise this 150 page notebook with a photo of you two. It measures 140 mm x 210 mm and is available in both ruled and unruled versions. Buy it for Rs.299 a piece.

Plan a Romantic Dinner Date

Hectic lives barely leave time for you to spend quality time together as a couple. You are either caught up in work responsibilities or household chores. Wedding anniversaries are the days you should make time for each other and bond as a couple.

Surprise your husband with a romantic dinner date. Don’t let him know where you are going. Drive him yourself or hire a taxi. Pre-book a table at a fancy restaurant and treat him to a three course meal accompanied by his favourite alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage. Share a plate of dessert, talk about yourselves and reconnect with him.

Cook His Favourite Menu and Serve it Like a Pro

You can create a romantic atmosphere right at your home, with some effort!

A great option to make the day special is surprising him with a romantic meal at home. You know what his favorite foods are, so create a menu with all of his favourites, right from starter to dessert. A man always appreciates a good home cooked meal and getting to eat all his favourite items made by you nonetheless, would give him immense happiness.

Throw a Surprise Party for Him

If spending time with his friends and family is what your husband enjoys most then throw him a surprise party. Call everyone who is near to him. Don’t make the guest list too big. Call your intimate circle of friends and family. Get a beautiful cake with a Happy Anniversary greeting, mentioning your years of marriage. Surprise him when he returns home from office. Have everything ready beforehand, don’t let him find out. Send out secret e-vites to everyone and maybe also call them over phone.

Personalised Jewellery

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Even if your man is not too fond of jewellery, we are sure he would love this piece of cool accessory. This leather bracelet from Etsy.com is made with treated hard wearing braided leather and has a magnetic steel clasp which can be monogrammed with the initials of your husband. Buy it for $32.27 which is around Rs.2,211.

A Hand-Crafted Photo Book

Are you ready to do some scrapbooking? If yes then you could create a little scrapbook for your husband by putting together all your precious moments captured in photos. Decorate the scrapbook with paper cut-outs, old memorabilia like concert tickets, movie tickets and restaurant bills from a romantic date. Look online for ideas. You could visit Pinterest, Marthastewart.com, etc, for ideas.

Few Tips to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Choose Something that Brings Back Favourite Memories

While picking gifts for your husband always remember his preferences. Pick gifts which have nostalgic value and are emotional. You want to connect with your husband on this special day, so instead of plain materialistic gifts choose something that you think will connect to his soul. This could be anything ranging from making a scrapbook or making a mix tape of his favourite songs.

Get Advice from His Friends

If you are feeling daunted about picking out a gift for your husband, then no harm in checking with people who are close to him like his friends, preferably the ones who know him since childhood or the ones who went to college with him. They may tell you things which will help you discover a new side to your husband. This information can inspire you to think up of gifts that can surprise him.

Consider an Interesting and Unique Gift

Lastly, try and make the gift interesting and by that we mean something that interests him. He is a grown man so give him something that matches his interests. His tastes have changed over the years, and you have been a witness to that. Do give him a gift that celebrates who he is as a person.

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Wedding Anniversaries Are Milestones. Celebrate Them

It is tempting to not make a big deal of anniversaries, but the day is a lovely opportunity to bring the spotlight back on your relationship. It a day to reaffirm the love you share and remind each other of the importance of the other person in your life. So do something special, just the two of you, even if it is as simple as a dinner date.