Retirement is a Milestone in One’s life(2020). Best Retirement Party Favors to Represent the Spirit of the Celebration

Retirement is a Milestone in One’s life(2020). Best Retirement Party Favors to Represent the Spirit of the Celebration

Not many people like getting old, but a retirement party is a great way to celebrate the retiree’s accomplishments and to mark their transition into a more relaxing lifestyle. To make this Party more memorable, the ending should be with a nice retirement party favour. If you don't have an idea about what type of favours to give, we have already done your work and selected some of the best favours available in the market.

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Why Do You Need to Send Out Retirement Party Favours?

If you’re throwing a retirement party for your colleagues, friends, and family, party favours deserve a special place on your agenda. What are party favours exactly? These are simply the giveaways. These giveaways serve a special thank you to your guests for attending your retirement party. They’ll also serve the purpose of increasing the fun and anticipation.

When can you send these party favours? You can either allot time in the party where you give away the gifts or before the departure of guests when you’re bidding them farewell individually. If you’re going for the option of chocolates that we’re selected in the list below, you can opt for giving away the party favour after dinner as the perfect dessert.

Choosing the Best Party Favours for Your Celebration

Some party favours are not meant to be merely eaten or exhausted at the party, these party favours can be kept and cherished by the guest till the end of time. Coffee mugs for each day’s fresh beginning, bookmarks to assist in reading books, and photo frames to cherish the memories of your loved ones are some of the examples of the party favours that are long-lived. You can also give away these gifts during the retirement party to simulate interaction with the guests.

Whatever the way and reason, we’d suggest you wade through this list of party favours that we have enumerated to give your guests the best experience that you possibly can.

10 Best Retirement Party Favours

Although there are plenty of items available in the market to buy but if you are not sure about any then we suggest you to have a look at what we have selected. It will definitely save your time from getting confused between many items and it will save your market shopping time too because here everything is available at one single click and the item will get delivered at your step. So, without wasting the time let's select a party favour.

Panda Coffee Mugs!

If you are a coffee mug hoarder, don’t be ashamed. Most of us are. Most of us have a weak spot for coffee mugs for they represent either great times in our life or memories with our loved ones. This is also the reason why you should give away coffee mugs as your retirement party favours. After all, there’s no one way to utilize these coffee mugs. The ways in which you can use this cute panda coffee mug are as vast as your imagination.

To begin with, you can transform them into exquisite candle holders. Another way to look at the same task would be to use them as candy holders to entertain kids. You can use these cups to make mug cakes or merely one cup of cookies. You can also use them as makeup holders to classify your eyeliners and lipsticks or place your stationery in them for your book spot. If you’ve broken your panda coffee mug, fret not. You can always use it as a mosaic for an artwork. As previously stated, the possibilities are endless.

You can buy this cute panda coffee mug from Flipkart just Rs. 449 per piece.

Artistic Bookmarks to Share Wisdom

It not only disturbs but nearly kills the nerds if you don’t take good care of your books. After all, reading a book is the only way to travel back and forth in time. Therefore, they suggest that you never ever dog-ear pages. This is because you’re eliminating the sleek outlook of a book by dog-eating it, this is what bookmarks are for.

Not only can this but the bookmarks be used for a plethora of other purposes. You can even use bookmarks as souvenirs where you customize the bookmarks so as to represent aesthetic pictures of popular landmarks, exotic natural views, and local attractions. These are the perfect pocket-size gifts. Another reason why you should opt for an artistic bookmark is that this inexpensive gift can deliver expensive thoughts. You can always customize these bookmarks to read out your signature line for your colleagues to remember you even when you’re not there.

Also, why should you not adorn your favourite readings with a twirl of eccentric art in the form of bookmarks to augment a little wittiness and insight along with your readings? The motto of the very brand is to extend stimulation through creative products by changing ideas into art. So, inspire your guests with this range of trendy bookmarks.

You can buy these bookmarks from Flipkart at just Rs 11 per piece.

Light Up Your Guests' Moods with These Sky Lanterns!

Tukkal- Indian sky Lantern is one of the best gifts that you can give out as your retirement party favour. You’ll get three exotic lanterns in this pack. If you’re an advocate of recycled products, this should definitely be on your list. These exquisite lanterns are made up of recycled paper with the perfect amalgamation of colours or beautiful straight lines in white background.

How to bring this lantern into its perfect form? To begin with, you need a well-balanced kite to ensure that the line is steady. You also need to ensure that your kite is robust enough to carry the weight of this lantern. Tying multiple lanterns with a single kite will create an exotic, colourful and distinctive combination of lanterns. However, only with trial and error can you fly these lanterns with the kite.

On the other hand, you can also use these lanterns to decorate your surroundings in an impeccable way. Placing a bulb or candle inside the lantern will radiate colours throughout your residential setting and provide you with a soothing colour combination. So whether you want your guests to enjoy these lanterns with kites or decorate their surroundings with it, these sky lanterns will be the perfect choice from a perfect host.

You can buy these exotic sky lanterns from at just Rs 50 per piece.

Coloured Spice Containers to Spice Up Your Guests' Lives


Each of these beautiful, clear glasses is made up of crystal clear glass to ensure that it delivers the highest level of clarity enabling you to see through the contents of the containers. You can identify if the spices are spoilt or not within a moment. The blemish-free glass also radiates colours as flawlessly as possible. You can see the amalgamation of colours straight through these spice containers. Furthermore, these jars can be used as the perfect canvas for adornment with decorative materials for art projects.

These spice containers are sized for canning a plethora of items ranging from peppers, jams, jellies, sauces, and so much more. The size does not take up a lot of space and also allows the user to carry these easily from one spot to another without making a mess. Furthermore, the wide opening of the container allows access to the very bottom which means the cleanliness and maintenance of the containers won’t be an issue. The high-quality engineering that goes into making these coloured spice containers includes soda-lime glass that resists any sort of cracks or defects. The glass is more than safe for storing food and lead-free for enhancing good quality.

You can get these vibrant spice containers from PayTM at just Rs. 600 per piece.

Bath Bombs

Who does not long for a clean, soothing and comforting bubble bath? Whether you’re merely looking for some alone time or cleaning yourself up for the date night, a bath can refresh you within moments. These bath bombs are for every mood and emotion. A bath bomb can simply be used to supplement your experience by providing you with essential oils, fragrance and colours. By adding the right bath essentials to your routine, you can not only feel amazing but smell amazing as well. The refreshing colours, the exquisite fragrance they release and the effervescence they create as they melt in your tubs are very reasons why bath bombs are a must.

Whether you want to experience endless bubbles or moisturize yourself, there’s a bath bomb for every occasion. By gifting these bath bombs to your loved ones, you’re literally gifting them relaxation and warmth. These bath bombs come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and scents to nourish your demands. They make the bath time worth your while. These bathtubs have been in trend for a very long time now, this is because these colourful splashes of colourful balls literally colour your days. Therefore, sending these bath bombs as party favours is a must.

You can get these magnificent bath bombs from Flipkart at just Rs 548 per 4 pieces.

Handy Makeup Pouch

Gone are the days when you had to fret about carrying your essential makeup. This handy makeup pouch from Strokes of India allows you to feasibly carry your makeup anywhere and everywhere. This optimal makeup pouch is the optimal carry on for your dinner night. Not only is the pouch extremely handy but also it provides an extremely vibrant outlook. The design on this makeup pouch entails an angled shot of Taj Mahal and adjacent river streams with flocking birds. This makeup pouch is the ultimate package for all your female guests.

A cherry on the top is that the pouch is constructed from a reliable, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant substance that is manufactured to last. Besides the sufficient space it offers, the pouch boosts high quality. It will last for years to come. The lightweight pouch is highly optimal for day to day use. The reviews of people who’ve used this handy makeup pouch are utterly positive; they’re in love with the beautiful exterior that radiates the traditional look of India along with the modern interior that facilitates high use. This pouch is the perfect amalgamation of both! Your guests will love it.
You can buy this product from India Circus at just Rs 479.

Explosion of Chocolate!


Why should you gift your guests’ chocolates? It’s simple. Everyone loves chocolate. The blast of chocolate that will flow through their mouths with just the crispy nuts will not only fill your guests’ tummy but also their hearts. They’ll love you till the end of time.

This product is designed out of a 1 mm board, the splendid design alone will help you win hearts all around. It is filled with 20 Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolates, as you open each lid, you’ll find yourself surprised with the choices it entails. Also, the colours of the packing are smartly in contrast with the colours of the chocolates inside. The size of the packing box, on the other hand, measures 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches when closed. It feels quite substantial while gifting it in your retirement party since the packing alone is quite wholesome.

Furthermore, it includes 12 chocolates of about 13 grams and 8 chocolates of 23 grams. The miniature chocolates will burst open in your mouth, you’ll be relishing the chocolate meltdown even before you know it. You’ll be tasting and sharing magic by allotting and sharing this celebration chocolate pack!
Therefore, we highly recommend you give away these chocolate packs as party favours on your retirement party.

You can get this product from Amazon at just Rs 1,500 per 3 pieces.

Photo Album for Them to Store Their Memories with You!


From their first bite to their first plane trip, you can store each and every memory of your kid in a photo album. If you’re a parent, photo albums probably make you swim through a sea of nostalgia. You can also relate to how the photos on your photo albums are much more meaningful than those on your hard drive. That said, photo albums can never be out of date. If you’re just retiring, reiterating all of these photographs through your photo albums might bring about an ocean of emotions. Therefore, photo albums are the perfect party favours for your retirement party.

Just like a magazine crafted just for you, these photo albums come in a wide range of wooden materials, and the layouts options are wide as your imagination. These albums radiate a feeling similar to that of a book, you can even have pages with your photos printed on them and then attach these in your exotic wooden album. One idea to make this party favour more interesting would be to add a photo of you with the guest on the album and leave the rest for them to fill. This will enable them to store you in a special part of not only their albums but also their hearts.

You can buy this product from PayTm at just Rs. 699 per piece.

Shades? Yes, Please


Why do you need shades exactly? Shades protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays that could otherwise lead to cataracts. Secondly, they shield you against the blue rays from the solar spectrum that could otherwise enhance the risk of macular degeneration. Furthermore, shades lead to a more comfortable and improved vision. They allow you to see through a bright setting without having to squint repeatedly. The reason why these round shades in the list are so useful is that they don’t only protect your eyes but also keep you ahead of the trend. They’re extremely fashionable yet so inexpensive.

The prestigious brand David Martin speaks for itself. The highly engineered shades will provide you with nothing but a comfortable and soothing experience. The frames of these shades come in many colours and are constructed from metal so you won’t have to fret about them bending. The lens material is Polycarbonate so forget about the scratches on their surface. They’ll make you look like a rock star in the price range of a layman. Therefore, get these shades for your guests as soon as possible. There’s no way they won’t cherish these.

You can get these shades from PayTm at just Rs 249 per 5 pieces.

Wine Glasses, Cheers!


If you think shot glasses don’t matter, you should definitely try out a wine tasting. If you serve yourself with wine in a water glass and another in a shot glass, you’ll see the difference. It’ll be a disparate experience altogether. If you’re trying to impress your classy colleagues, this is definitely the way to go. These shot glasses will change the scent of wine radically and allow them to cherish every sip of that premium wine.

There are a plethora of other uses of shot glasses. Your guests can use these as little vases. Looking for an adorable way to adorn your tables on special occasions? Displaying stem flowers on a shot glass will radiate a creative yet classy look. These shot glasses can also be used to make candles. Get creative and design your own vibrant shot-sized candles to brighten your house. Lastly, the shot glasses can be used to deliver desserts in a cute and creative way. Instead of bringing about a huge main course, deliver your desserts in a shot glass.

You can buy these shot glasses at Amazon at just Rs 329 per 6 pieces

Tips for These Retirement Party Favours

Bear in mind that whenever you’re going for a party favour, the packing is as crucial as the gift itself. You can choose from a distinctive array of favour bags, boxes, containers, envelops and bottles. The party favours that are packed in exotic packing add not only beauty but utter elegance to the gift. You can always work around fun and exciting glass favour bottles and add a customized ribbon or tag to provide a beautiful finish to party favour. Premium engraved wooden bookmarks can also serve the purpose of the impeccable finish to your party favour.

Some of the essentials that you should bear in mind while decorating the party favors mentioned above are: • Vibrant ribbons

  • Vibrant ribbons
  • Stickers and bookmarks
  • Favor bottles
  • Favor tins
  • Favor bags
  • Favor boxes
  • Tokens and charms
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