10 Best Retirement Gifts for Dad in India: Congratulate Him on This Milestone and Help Him in the Transition to a Retired Life (2020)

10 Best Retirement Gifts for Dad in India: Congratulate Him on This Milestone and Help Him in the Transition to a Retired Life (2020)

Is your dad retiring soon? We have an extensive list of retirement gift ideas for your dad that will certainly help you find the right present for him. Much like a graduation, retirement is an event to be acknowledged, and many choose to do so in the form of a souvenir.

What Does Dad's Retirement Mean?

Retirement is something that brings a plethora of emotions in everybody’s heart. For your dad, it would mean happiness, freedom, nostalgia and even a sense of anticipation. For you, it might mean a new respect for your father and also the sudden realisation that your parents have grown older and you need to now actively be there for them. Slowly everybody comes to terms with it and settle back into life. However, it does take some time and effort on everybody’s part. Whatever it may be, you should give it your all and celebrate this day for your dad.

The 5 Stages of Retirement

Even though there is so much excitement and anticipation as the time to retire comes closer, there are certain stages that your dad is inevitably going to go through. There will be excitement then there will be aloofness and so much more. It is important for you to understand these things beforehand so that you can help him ease into his life post his retirement. It will also help everyone, including him, to adjust to the series of changes that are bound to happen. The following 5 stages of retirement are –

#1 Pre-Retirement Planning

This is the one where you are all going to be excited and full of plans. Your dad would already have a list (an ever growing one) of the things he would do post his retirement. He will be full of a new found energy and would look at everything with a new prospective eye. He might plan to take that long vacation that he has been postponing since years or he might want to go visit his hometown. He would spend the majority of his time planning his post-retirement life.

#2 Retirement (and Farewell Party)

This is the stage where there will be nostalgia, mostly. The series of retirement parties, the work parties and all the people calling in with greetings; all this will make him feel nostalgic yet happy in an odd way. It will make him reflect on all the years he spent at work, the struggles, the achievements and so much more. You might hear stories from him every now and then of some of the other anecdote from his work life.

#3 Newfound Freedom (and Joy)

When he wakes up the next morning and realises that he is not supposed to go to the office today or that he has the whole day (and so much more time) to himself hereon, the first thing he is going to feel is freedom. All these past years he has had to follow a rigorously disciplined lifestyle, adhering to timelines and managing both personal and professional life; however, now he will experience this newfound sense of freedom which will bring him immense joy. He would like to give his time to things that he always wanted to do but probably couldn’t due to his work life.

#4 Disenchantment

Once the excitement on getting a new sense of freedom will settle down he will soon be struck with a deep sense of disenchantment. He will find that he is rendered directionless and without a purpose. It is important to support him in all ways that you can when he is in this stage because many get depressed, sad and even start to isolate themselves. He needs to find a new purpose in his life which could be doing something of his own or just keeping himself engaged.

#5 Finding the New Self

Once he gets out of the disenchantment stage, he will finally feel free. He just needs to find a new purpose in life and make new goals that he can strive towards every day. This will help him find himself again and he will soon be set in his new lifestyle. His earlier self-was defined by his qualifications, his standing at work and all, however, now he will be defined by what he truly is. This is the stage where he will finally connect with his true self.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dad's Retirement

It would be sweet to get your dad a retirement gift, a little something to show your appreciation of him. We have made a list of the top 10 things that would make a wonderful retirement gift for your father; read further to see the gifting ideas!

Home Theatre System + Netflix Subscription

Now that your dad has finally time to rest and enjoy his free time, why not give him the gift of great entertainment. You can revamp the TV system in the home and set up a home theatre which will give him an incredible experience, whether its watching movies or even just regular cable television. One great reasonable option is this Sony DAV-TZ145 Dolby Digital 360 W Home Theatre available on Flipkart for Rs. 11, 999.

A Netflix susbcription is a wonderful way to introduce your father to the joys of online streaming. He will be encouraged to explore the amazing variety that is available on such platforms and find an endless range of high quality programs to watch. Subscriptions to Netflix start at Rs. 499.

Personalised Whisky Glasses Set

Commemorate this milestone in your dad's life with a set of personalised whiskey glasses. You can add a small message showing your appreciation too. He will love to relax in the evenings with a drink for these custom made classy glasses. This set of two ocean design glasses can be ordered on Dezains(https://dezains.com/classic-dad-s-whiskey-glass-set-with-custom-message.html) for Rs. 845.

Dad not a drinker? Then how about a custom made magic coffee mug? This ceramic mug can be customised to add 1-2 photos as well as a message. The text and the photo shows up when any hot beverage is added! What a lovely surprise that would be ! Available for Rs. 599 on prestogifts.com

A Gift Related to his Hobby!

Your father may well love to spend his new found time on his favourite hobbies and activities. Encourage this with a gift related to what ever he loves doing - whether that's painting, golfing or reading. For example, if he loves reading then you could buy him the latest Kindle which will be make his reading habit even more enjoyable. The latest model is thin, lightweight and offers a comfortable reading experience. Available on Amazon India for Rs. 12,999.

Frame a Star

Well, you consider your father to be your star but just imagine how wonderful it would be if you could actually name a star on his name? It is possible to get him this endearingly fun surprise from Oye Happy for just Rs. 2,350 only. You will get a framed certificate with the name of the person and a constellation chart showing the exact location of the star. The frame can be hung up anywhere in the house or can also be placed on a platform. This could be one of the most memorable gifts ever and would be a wonderful thing for this occasion.

The Vintage Effect

If your father loves all things vintage, old and rustic then he would surely adore this beautiful hamper from Oye Happy for just Rs. 1,490 only. It is a handcrafted, personalised wooden box with a vintage looking pocket watch and a golden scroll which will have a custom message for your father. You can also add a beautiful photo (with a rustic, vintage effect) to the box by simply sending it to them after placing the order. This is a beautiful gift that can be a part of your dad’s collections.

Ten Red Roses with Cake

If you and your father don’t really (or haven’t really) indulge in the tradition of exchanging gifts then you might not like to start now. Instead, you can give him something that will easily express your feelings and emotions while not breaking the code. This hamper of 10 fresh, red roses and a cake from Ferns and Petals (at Rs. 1,149) is a great option. It will not be too over the top and will also not make you seem too detached or withdrawn from the celebrations. You can also surprise him by this gift.

Father Theme Cupcakes

If your father has a sweet tooth then why not get him what he craves? For just Rs. 949 you can get this delicious set of 6 cupcakes from Tiny Surprise. They are fruit-based muffins with creamy frosting on top. The best part is that there is a letter (and, a heart) on each cupcake which has been arranged in such a way that it spells ‘I LOVE YOU DAD’. This could be a nice surprise for him and will also not be a too over the top gift. You can get some flowers pre-ordered with this gift.

Black and White Pencil Portrait

Is your dad a fan of art or like hanging photographs across every empty wall in the house? If this sounds even a little like him then, take our word, he would love an artsy black and white pencil sketch of him which he can frame and hang somewhere in the house. For Rs. 1,499 only you can get this done from Tiny Surprise and gift it to him. Keep it packed properly so that you can see the delight on his face when he will unwrap it and find the sketch. For an additional amount, you can also have it framed from the website itself.

Mr. Button Slim Fit Nehru Jacket with Contrast Piping

One of the easiest gifts to get, without much ado, is a piece of clothing. You can make some great additions to your dad’s wardrobe on this occasion. Consider this striking slim fit Nehru jacket from Mr. Buttons. It is available at a discounted price of Rs.1,400 only on AJIO. The navy blue colour of the jacket is beautifully contrasted with white piping. The patch pockets also give it a sophisticated look. He could even wear it to the retirement party or at any of the coming festivals or pooja.

Croma Gift Card

Has your dad been desiring to buy a new smartphone since a long time? Or has he been interested in getting that new version of kindle? Well, this is certainly a good time for him to indulge in a new tech-gadget as it will give him something new to engage with and explore. You can help him (and encourage him) by getting him a Croma gift card from Amazon for just Rs. 5,000 only. The gift card is valid in all stores across India and for a long time too.

3 Ways to Help Your Dad Post Retirement

There are several ways in which you can help ease this transition from working life to retirement life for your dad. It will not only make him happy but will also be an immensely fulfilling experience for you in so many ways. He helped you along in every stage of life, hence, it is certainly your duty to help him now. We have listed below the top 3 ways in which you can help him post retirement –

Spend More Time with Him

Give him more of your time. Proactively take out time from your schedule and sit with him daily. Find some common topics that you can both talk about or maybe something that you both have a profound interest in. Sit down with him daily and talk. Maybe you could also find something that you both would like to engage in daily, together; like, playing chess, watching the news, taking an evening walk or just chatting about the happenings at work.

2 Try to Find Activities for Him

If he is not able to find things to do then try and help him find activities. The simplest of things is to start discussing your work with him daily and take his advice. It will make him feel valued and also get him to be involved in something. It will give him something to think about and work on daily. In time even you will realise that his tremendous insight on so many matters will effectively help you in your dilemmas. You can also help him find activities that he likes to do; like, gardening, joining a group of like-minded people, spiritual activities among others.

3 Encourage His Dreams

If your father is already quite sure about what he wants to do post-retirement, then it is your duty to help him and encourage his dreams in all ways possible. For example, if he is planning to start something of his own then sit with him and discuss. See if you can help him in any way. Try to encourage him to follow his dream, whatever they may be related to. Like if he wants to travel or take up a new hobby, then encourage him to do so.

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Celebrate his long service as well as Show him that his new life could be just as exciting.

Have you ever given any thought as to what would make the best retirement gifts for men? Yes, that may sound like a bit of a loaded question, but it’s also one that is worth asking. The Best retirement gift from you is that you can help to transfer the time he used at work into something useful. He's going to be curious about some topics and spend time on a new hobby. The best gifts can be change agents or catalyse him to learn more about new interests.