Cool Gifts for Dad on his 50th Birthday and Ideas to Make His Day Special And Unforgettable (2020)

Cool Gifts for Dad on his 50th Birthday and Ideas to Make His Day Special And Unforgettable (2020)

Dad is a cool half century old! Such a landmark birthday deserves something extra special, doesn't it? Give him a funny 50th birthday gift, something unique, or an extraordinary gift. Click and scroll for loads of ideas for 50th birthday gift for dad from daughter or son, and even gifts you can pool in for and give him as a family. Your old man will be very pleased.

The 50th Birthday Milestone, Half a Century of Awesomeness!

Dad - a daughter’s first love and a son’s all-time superhero - is the most special person in our lives. He may have been the backbone or strongest pillar in your lives, someone you look up to, or perhaps your dear friend! Whatever your equation may be with daddy dearest, you just can't let his birthday go by without planning something special for him. Is your old man turning the big 50 this year? If yes, you must help him celebrate his milestone birthday by gifting him an amazing present, something that he will love and treasure for his next innings!

Tips to Make this a Memorable Golden Jubilee Birthday Celebration for Dad

A 50th birthday definitely calls for a grand celebration. Whether you are planning a big party or having a simple, casual affair, remember to make it worth for your father. It’s entirely HIS day, so plan around his likes and preferences. You can just let him relax, enjoy his day and do everything that he wants. Here are some ideas to make his golden jubilee birthday celebration a cherishable and memorable one:

  • Plan a Fun Family-Date Together
    Fathers love it the most to see their family get together and spend some quality time. Grab the chance to make this one of this ultra special days for him--go for brunch, have a staycation in a hotel, or escape to a nearby hill station. The time you spend together will be worthier than any expensive gift you buy for him.

  • Take Him Down Memory Lane
    When you were a child, did daddy take you to the beach or a specific park early in the mornings? How about repaying him for all the efforts he made to fulfill your whims and fancies on his special day? Take charge of the steering wheel and take him for a relaxing drive through quiet roads, and perhaps hit the beach early in the morning! But, this is best avoided if you stay in a busy city, where you are sure to be stuck in the traffic. Perhaps then, you can go for a walk together and have a heart-to-heart chat with your big man!

  • Spoil Him Silly with a Little Pampering
    Book an appointment at his favorite salon for an indulging head and back massage to kickstart the day on an energizing note. Make his favorite breakfast or lunch and glam it up with some food styling (hello, Instagram!). Or, to keep it cute and simple, write a personalised note and slip it under his plate.

Top 10 Gifts for Dad on His 50th Birthday

Here are the best super-cool gifts for father on 50th birthday that are sure to make his day a great one.

Best Dad Personalised Hip Flask

This one’s a pretty cool gift for father on his 50th birthday. This flask is a perfect pal for his leisure times. Along with keeping the drinks cold, you can also give it a personal touch by customising it with his name on it or a sweet message that he'll love reading while he enjoys his drink. This hip flask measures 12 x 9.5 x 2.25 cm, weighs 7 oz., and is made up of stainless steel. The actual color may vary slightly with each product, but rest assured that is a value-for-money product. You can get this from for Rs.399.

An innovative birthday gift idea, the high-quality materials used make the hip flask look and feel elegant and luxurious. When filled with a fantastic tipple, this flask becomes even more of a treasure. This product comes with a handy pouring funnel in a stylish box. It really is a commemorative gift that your dad is sure to treasure forever!

Antique Pocket Watch With Box

If your dad loves vintage items, then this is something you must gift him on his 50th birthday. The royal vintage pocket watch is a classic and unique gift, smartly hand-crafted with an antique finish. Available with an old ship print at the back, this unique 50th birthday gift has its own wooden storage box that comes along with it. It is made up of brass metal and the watch has a diameter of 5.5 cm. You can buy this from for Rs.590. There is another high-quality variant offered by PepperFry on their online store - Brass Pocket Watch Vintage Decor by Anantaran is available for Rs 590.

Prefer something with more utility? Then consider gifting a gadget that he may enjoy using, such as a regular watch or even better a smartwatch. Not only useful for health tracking, smartwatches are also great to keep him connected to his phone and help him manage his life better. The Mi Band 4 is one of the best options available at an affordable price of Rs. 2999 on Amazon


Wooden Spectacles Holder with Mug & Coaster


If you are thinking of something that he needs and will use very frequently, then this is the right combination. This spectacle box is a beautiful way to express how much you care for your dad. Dads often forget their spectacle here and there, but this case will help him spot his glasses easily. Moreover, with this product, you will also get a ceramic mug and a wooden coaster. This desk organizer combo is a resourceful and thoughtful gift for your father. Buy this from for Rs.684.

Salsa Champagne Flutes Duo (Set of 2)

This one is a couple gift idea for both your dad and mom. A set of two engraved salsa champagne flutes are designed to stand out and speak for one's elegant and glamorous taste. These Thai-made masterpieces beautifully lift up the mood in the room thanks to the sleek engraving on the glasses. These flutes hold 165 ml of your favorite champagne and can also be used in a dishwasher, isn't that cool? Even if your father is a non-drinker, this creative and stylish present will add a charming touch to your living room display, and delight him on many upcoming occasions! Buy these from for Rs.1,999.

Alternatively, you can gift him personalised whiskey glasses like this one on Amazon for Rs. 999.

Funny Messages Coffee Mugs


If your dad enjoys healthy jokes about aging and is young at heart, you may consider gifting him a funny 50th birthday gift. We have compiled a list of coffee mugs with cool messages that will add a spark to his morning cuppa routine. While these are pre-printed humorous messages, many web stores also allow you to print your own messages or funny quotes/phrases. Here is our top picks from Amazon (available for a super affordable price of RS.301): I M Not 50 Printed Ceramic Coffee Mug with Coasters. And maybe there are some more you can find on marketplace.

Golden Playing Cards

Parents are often possessive of their stash of playing cards and reserve the best for their card parties with friends or at the club. If you can relate with this, then you must buy your dad a special deck of playing cards for his 50th birthday. It is unique because it is gold-plated and comes in an elegant wooden case. Now, isn't that something he would like to show off at every future card game! Buy this pack of gold foiled cards from for Rs.599

Classy Nehru Jacket

Jackets are ever useful addition to wardrobes and buy your father something that will be of use for him in daily life. Depending on the city he lives in you can get him either a cotton jacket or a woolen one. We have here a beautifully styled Nehru jacket in wool from Fab India. The sober colour and classic design makes it suitable for wearing casually and also formal events. Buy it on the site for Rs. 3,290.

Kindle E-Reader


For all avid readers, the Kindle is a super-hit gift idea. With growing age, people find it difficult to read. With the Kindle, one can easily adjust the brightness levels and read any book easily without straining the eyes. Also, the hassle to maintain a bookshelf is now history, as you can download hundreds and thousands of books of your choice on your Kindle device. You can connect to the WiFi and browse the Kindle store to check out the latest titles and purchase them any time, on the go!

The Kindle is a particularly thoughtful gift for your parent because the device allows you to adjust the font size. If you want the words to look bigger and bolder, you can do that in a jiffy without worrying about finding your reading glasses! The Kindle is known for it's high-resolution display (300 ppi), natural, real-paper like feel with no screen glare, even in bright sunlight, adjustable light that is a built-in feature, long-lasting battery life, capacity to hold thousands of books. Availability of new releases and bestsellers, including the most extensive digital selection of books in local languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam. This version is available for Rs.10,999 on Amazon.

A Complete Shaving Regime

All men will love this! For a delightful one-stroke shave and complete satisfaction, gift this shaving kit with scrub, razor, cream, brush, blades and a post-shave balm to your father. This product is suitable for all types of faces, especially the ones with sensitive skin. This product can surely make a perfect gift for dad on his 50th birthday. You can purchase this kit for Rs.2,995 from the Bombay Shaving Company website.

What is inside the box? A razor (with mild and aggressive clamps), blades, scrub, cream, brush, balm, razor sheath, and a towel. Why this product? Shaving being a chore for all men make this product a perfect all-time gift. Most commonly used razors don't usually help achieve a clean shave. Instead, they tend to leave back cuts and burns on the skin. Hence this product is the right solution for all your dad’s shaving problems. This carefully designed 4-step process takes care of the most important, yet overlooked, aspect of shaving: prepping the whiskers before picking up the razor. This enables healing the skin to the fullest after every shave.

Make His 50th Birthday a News Headline

Picture this: Your dad wakes up, picks up the newspaper with his morning chai, and finds his name on the headline! Sounds fun right? You can make this happen and see the awe on his face with this simple idea. Gift a fantastic personalized newspaper front-page print. The quality is sure to be good. You can either fold the print over a real newspaper to surprise someone or frame it as a permanent memento.

What’s in the package?

Pages: front newspaper page (1 sheet with front and back page), size: 14 x 22 inches (exact newspaper size), paper: high-quality white permanent glossy sheets, not newsprint, personalised with newspaper name, date, headline, picture and some text below picture, other stories on the page are randomly taken from real newspapers and cannot be personalised. It is delivered by courier between 10 am to 6 pm; they don't deliver early in the morning so we suggest have it delivered earlier and place it outside your doorstep the previous night. Get this for Rs.449 from

Make Wishful Videos as a Surprise for Your Dad on His 50th Birthday

This one is our personal favorite, and we have tested it with some difficult-to-please family members! This is your chance to go wholly off-board and surprise your dad with short video messages from his near and dear ones. All you need to do is, ask your family and friends to shoot short videos on their phones with a birthday wish for your dad. The message can be anything! Fun, emotions, laughter and happiness is the just the right recipe we're looking for. Then, use a free video editing app and compile all of them into a single video that you can even circulate among your extended family.

Make it An Affair to be Remembered!

When it comes to birthdays, celebrations for adults are a matter of not just fun but jubilation. Upon being grown up, no one really expects grand parties but somewhere inside crave to feel special on their special day. So, if your loved ones are going to celebrate their milestone birthdays very soon, make sure you compliment them for all that they've done for you. Nothing feels warmer and more special than just a few words of appreciation and gratitude.

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Keep the festivities light and fun

Most people do not like to be reminded about getting old and your dad may be feelings slightly low thinking about the passage of time. While it's alright to tease him a little about being an 'old man' and turning half a century, have fun activities planned for the day; show him how much he is loved and appreciated and all the things he has accomplished in this time - it will make him feel good about his birthday.