Are You Losing Your Will to Go Out Coz of Falling Hair? Not Anymore! Regain Shine & Confidence with these Healthy Hair Growth Products for Both Men & Women (2020)

Are You Losing Your Will to Go Out Coz of Falling Hair? Not Anymore! Regain Shine & Confidence with these Healthy Hair Growth Products for Both Men & Women (2020)

When hair becomes flat, thin, or fine, the first thing most people start looking out for is hair products for growth. But there's no magic potion that will provide the natural revitalization, growth, and strength to your hair overnight. However, in today's times, the beauty market has numerous unbelievable hair products for the person who is patient and willing to put in some work for his/her hair care. In this post, we bring you the best hair growth products for both men and women.

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3 Point Guide to Choosing the Best Hair Growth Product

  • Hair Type: Not all have the same hair length, thickness, and quality. That’s why there are various types of shampoos available to meet those varied requirements. And, experts believe that knowing about your hair type before buying a shampoo helps produce better results. On a general note, the hair types are two, oily and dry. You need to buy a clarifier shampoo if you have dry hair that adds oil and moisture to your hair. On the other hand, for oily hair, you need a washing shampoo that helps remove extra oil from the strands as well as deters dandruff.

  • Damage Level: Hair products are not just there to upscale your beauty, they can also be used to cure certain damages if there is any. Thus, if you are facing the problem of hair loss, a hair remedy is probably available for this. However, you need to purchase a product that contains the right elements for energizing the hair follicles and also strengthen the skull. But before making a choice, you need to know what precisely the problem with your hair is and the level of damage that has already been done.

  • Hair Quality: Similar to type, the texture and quality of hair also change from person to person. Due to this, various kinds of shampoos are available for nourishment and treatment of different hair textures. For example, a person with curly hair requires a different shampoo than the one with straight hair. So, it is essential to know about the texture of your hair before deciding on buying a shampoo.

Top 10 Hair Growth Products

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Hair Oil


Biotique BioBhringraj hair oil works great on your scalp and also strengthens your hair. Being one of the best multivitamins, it suits almost every type of hair, preventing them from greying while stimulating growth. Besides promoting growth, it also softens the hair and makes them shinier and healthier. The Bhringraj present in the oil is known to strengthen the strands that, in turn, encourages growth.

The oil is sulfate-free and helps treat hair loss as well as alopecia. For the best results, apply this oil on your hair and scalp and then massage gently in a circular motion. Leave it for at least half an hour before washing your hair. You can buy Biotique Bio Bhringraj Hair Oil from Amazon at the price of Rs. 159.

Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil


Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil is one of the best products for prevention from hair fall. It makes hair stronger, prevents split ends from coming, and also stops premature hair loss. Stimulating the growth of your hair, it makes them shiny, bouncy, and soft by conditioning the scalp as well as strands. Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a light and non-greasy formula for your hair.

Further, the oil ensures better health of the scalp while reducing inflammation and restoring natural colour due to the presence of anti-oxidants as well as anti-bacterial properties. The rosemary and henna present in this oil work for making your hair manageable, lustrous, and soft. Apply this oil directly on your hair and scalp, followed by a gentle massage in a circular motion and then leaving it intact before washing for an hour. Get this Ayurvedic tonic for your hair from Amazon by paying Rs. 344.

Sports Research Biotin 10,000 Mcg (120 Softgels)


Sports Research Biotin is a solution for the improvement of cell growth and metabolism that, in turn, support hair growth. Vitamin B and coconut oil are included in this supplement for deep nourishment and strengthening of hair strands. While working efficiently on the tips and roots, it gives all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to your hair. This product is gluten-free, and you can add it to your daily diet as guided by a healthcare professional.

With this product, you can expect your hair to look healthier and fuller. The cold-pressed organic coconut oil is GMO-free and increases the hair follicle size. The healthy oil from Sports Research Biotin is available on Amazon for Rs. 3,699.

Healthvit Biotin 5,000 mcg – 60 Capsules


Vitamin B plays an essential role in the maintenance and growth of hair. Since thick and long hair is a dream of every man and woman, Healthvit Biotin helps achieve that. It prevents hair loss, promotes growth, and makes strands longer. The product is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients for your hair. And, if you are facing hair loss or skin rashing problems, Biotin is the perfect solution for you. It gives energy metabolism and is effective for fast-growing and healthy hair.

It works by increasing the biotin level of your body and imparts positive effects to your hair while reducing hair fall. Non-GMO and gluten-free products boost metabolism and energy rates. No preservatives, sugar, and artificial colour are used in this product. Besides, the pure vegetarian supplement includes vitamin B as well. Other constituents like protein, fat metabolism, and carbohydrates further help hair growth. Get the Healthvit Biotin 5000 mcg oil from Amazon for Rs. 1,197.

Power Gummies Hair Vitamin with Biotin


These power gummies are loaded with essential nutrients that are required to keep your hair healthy. One can swallow and chew these gummies easily. Key ingredients are zinc, folic acid, Biotin, and Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E. It is an effective product for your hair growth that helps maintain your hair for a long time. This product is specially designed to minimize stress and is suitable for men as well as women with no side effects.

Power Gummies support the metabolism system in your body, reducing hair fall issues and making strands proliferate. The pure vegetarian product is gelatin and gluten-free and comes up with a container of plastic containing 60 gummies. To avoid any kind of damage, use this supplement within eighteen months from the manufacturing date. Purchase the Power Gummies Hair Vitamin with Biotin from Nykaa for Rs. 1,080.

MuscleXP Hair, Skin & Nails Multivitamin Tablet


The MuscleXP multivitamin tablet is considered helpful for lustrous hair though it also leads to stronger nails. It contains extract of strong grape seed combined with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other essential nutrients. All these things group together to ensure proper maintenance and growth of hair. The product also includes RDA Beta carotene known as Vitamin A and Biotin. The complete and comprehensive formula provides essential nutrients comprising health blends as well as anti-oxidants.

By imparting a maximum amount of minerals and vitamins, the product ensures regular nourishment of the hair. The product is pure vegetarian, with no synthetic coating and colours used or added. Further, Vitamin B present in the product also helps improve energy metabolism while the Biotin supports lustrous hair. However, it is advised to take advice from your physician and health professional before taking this supplement. You can buy MuscleXP Hair, Skin & Nails Multivitamin Tablets from Amazon for Rs. 999. Here, you will get a bottle of 60 tablets.

Viviscal Advanced Hair Health Tablet


Viviscal Advanced Hair Health tablet promotes your hair growth while nourishing thin hair. The supplement is rich in anti-oxidants and completes the deficiency of proteins. It maintains the health of your hair while preventing dandruff due to its main ingredients, Vitamin C, Biotin, amino bar, and iron. This supplement, made of natural origin ingredients and drug-free constituency, helps nourish hair from both outsides as well as inside. It also provides nutrients to the follicle of hair to prolong the hair growth cycle.

Viviscal advanced hair health tablets are an easy and simple solution to try boosting your hair growth. These health tablets reduce shedding and improve the thickness of the hair. One of the main benefits of using this product is that it’s suitable for almost all types of hair. It efficiently works within your hair scalp. This product is easily available on Amazon for Rs. 3,999 for a pack of 60 tablets.

Toppik Hair Building Fibres


Toppik Hair Building Fibers include keratin protein and get mixed up with the strands to immediately make an appearance of full and thick hair. The product works instantly by filling the thin areas to reduce the hair loss impact. Thus, it turns even your fine hair appearance into a completely thick one. Available in ten shades, the solution can be mixed with any type of hair colour and works efficiently for all hair textures and types.

Besides, Toppik Hair Building Fibres help cover the grey roots and root of colour-treated re-growth hair as well. Even washing the solution out isn’t that difficult and can be done by using hair shampoo. Though the process of growing healthier, thicker hair takes time, if you want a quick fix, this product is perfect for you. Get Toppik Hair Building Fibres from Shopclues for Rs. 399.

Volume Boosting Shampoo


Most hair loss problems can be cured easily with the use of shampoo correctly. For best results, you should apply the shampoo onto your scalp and ensure that it clears your hair pores. However, it is recommended to use a certain shampoo for hair growth specially designed to treat hair follicles or any specific case. The problem of hair refusing to grow is quite common among people, and you need to find the right solution. A natural and powerful hair shampoo, when applied to your hair, can produce much better results because of natural ingredients present that help revitalizes the hair.

The volume-boosting shampoo also provides many advantages and fulfills the desires of those wanting gorgeous hair. Besides, this shampoo is light and works great in removing residue from your hair. Alongside boosting hair health and scalp, it immediately washes off the hair while adding shine. Volume-boosting shampoo is available on Nykaa for Rs. 620.

Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush


Scalp Massage is the best thing that can be used to stimulate your hair follicles to enhance growth. A brush created explicitly for massaging and shampooing needs to be ultra-soft and adorable. This is essential to consider if you are dreaming of healthy hair, and it also helps treat itchiness, heal flakes, stress, and tangles.

The Hair Scalp Massager Brush from Maxsoft comes with a handle that fits comfortably into your hands. Its soft thick silicone bristles can stimulate blood flow to your oil glands and hair scalp. The brush is suitable for all types of hair. It is an excellent solution for strengthening the roots and moisturizing the hair. You can get the Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush from Amazon for Rs. 2,306.

Bonus Tip: Drink more water and eat healthy for hair health


External hydration is essential for healthy and well-balanced hair. For this, you can use hydrating hair care oils and products. But do you know that drinking a minimum of three liters of water daily also makes sure that your hair grows better in terms of health?

While the strands are made up of amino acids and proteins, intake of the right nutrition in the required amounts helps in growth as well as maintenance of hair. Green vegetables, berries, sweet potatoes, eggs, nuts, and fish are some of the excellent food choices that you should consider if you wish to have healthy and long hair.

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