Wondering How to Enhance Your Looks with That Receding Hairline(2020)? Fret Not! Here Are Some of the Coolest Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairline .

Wondering How to Enhance Your Looks with That Receding Hairline(2020)? Fret Not! Here Are Some of the Coolest Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairline .

Are you looking for products to nourish your receding hairlines? Fret not. We have the perfect list of products to prevent any further hair loss as well as to recover your damaged hair. Now while you recover your precious hair, below is the list of hairstyles for men with a receding hairline that will help you feel much confident with your hair!

3 Best Products For Receding Hairlines

Argan Hair Mask for Frizz-Free & Stronger Hair, 200ml

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Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask is particularly designed and manufactured for individuals who are facing the problem of hair loss. This extraordinary mask is composed of natural and effective ingredients such as extracts of avocado, argan oil, tea tree oil, cedarwood oil, curd, rosemary oil, and milk. These ingredients don’t only revamp moisture and nourish damaged hair follicles but also stimulate hair growth to provide a healthy texture to your hair.

This superb hair mask guarantees to restore hair tissues at the very molecular level to deliver you thick, strong, and manageable hair! Not only this, but the hair mask provides collagen to dry and washed-out hair to ensure the hair fall off your hairline is reduced to half its original rate. It is all you need for the optimal look! Available on mamaearth.in for Rs. 599.

It tends to make your hair softer and smoother; the shine that supplements the damage repair is splendid. In this way, it controls any frizzes as well. It is free of artificial dyes. This allows the mask to reduce split ends as well as keep your scalp clean and healthy!

It takes time to deliver results.

WOW Skin Science Hair Loss Control Therapy Shampoo

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You must have tried out a plethora of brands to combat the issue of your hair fall. However, you must be finding those efforts in vain due to the ineffectiveness of the brands. If you want to opt for a top-notch brand that guarantees top-notch hair loss control products, go for WOW! It will simply leave you amazed. The shampoo provides a perfect combination of ayurvedic and western herbal extracts that not only help you to reduce the current hair fall issues you’re facing but also stimulate the growth of your hair. WOW anti-hair fall shampoo should definitely be in the bucket of all those who are facing the issue of a receding hairline! Available on buywow.in for Rs. 449.

The shampoo delivers both a contemporary and traditional hair loss prevention formula; the ayurvedic and modern herbal extracts nourish your hair endlessly. The formula also deals with Dihydrotestosterone hormone blockers. In this way, it provides the perfect solution to increase the growth of hair on your receding hairline. A cheery on the top is that this therapy shampoo is that it delivers an excellent shine on your hair.

It is not the most suitable shampoo for dry hair.

Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Source nykaaman.com

This extraordinary shampoo strengthens hair from inside out. We recommend this shampoo for individuals with a receding hairline because it does stimulate not only the growth of hair but also prevents any build-up of harmful contaminants in the hair’s texture; in this way, the shampoo makes the hair feel smooth, shiny and utterly manageable. The shampoo brings the best in all hair.

By a day to day use, you will observe how the shampoo has strengthened your hair from the very base to the tip. The brand itself promises a hair loss reduced to more than 90 percent. You must be wondering how it delivers such superb results. It’s because of the Keratin Damage Blockers technology that the shampoo has recently inculcated. This advanced technology reduces the accumulation of oxidative damage at the hair’s surface. It also fights any contaminants that build up in the hair very effectively; in this way, it eliminates any chances of the weakening of hair. It is available for purchase on nykaaman.com for Rs. 115 only.

The shampoo fights any dandruff and itchiness issues you’re facing. It also reduces hair breakage and split ends. You’ll be able to gain control of any frizz in your hair. Also, the results are speedy.

It contains chemicals.

Top 10 Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairline

Taper Fade

The taper fade hairstyle is one of the most famous, classiest, and iconic hairstyles ever. It has stayed in trend for as long as we can remember; this is because of the timeless outlook, neat style, and flexible appearance that it delivers! It’s great for both formal and casual events, so whether you want to pull off a classy hairstyle at an office party or just relax at home, this hairstyle is the best you can go for.

With gel, you can style it to achieve a Mohawk style, which is intense. For a light style, you can let it be the way it is. It’s the best choice for your receding hairline because taper fade is utterly low maintenance; it does not require hours of styling or upkeep. You can easily experiment with it to accomplish the look that you want!

Wet Slick-Back

A slicked-back hairstyle, if done in the right way, can promptly change your look into something exceedingly cool, fresh, and modern. It’s not just what we think - celebrities like George Clooney and Brad Pitt have all dabbled with a classy slicked back look. A cherry on the top with this hairstyle is that you can make it utterly simple with a wet look end or go for a little loose and casual look, which is even more attractive.

The key to pulling this hairstyle off is to blow dry your hair with a round brush to achieve those lifts at the roots. You finish this look by applying strong gel onto a brush and smoothing it throughout. Regardless of whether you plan on wearing it up or down, getting slicked back hair is effortless with the right products at hand!

Modern Pompadour

Even though pompadour has proved itself to be a timeless hairstyle, a modern twist can make it even classier than you had imagined. The modern pompadour magnifies every component of the hair cut to develop a look that is both outstanding and striking. If you’re worried about your receding hairline, fret not; you can completely pull off this hairstyle as long as you’re confident about it. The angles of the modern pompadour are more well-defined, which makes your face look longer. A tip to bear in mind is that this hairstyle suits individuals with round faces the best.

Even though pompadour has been coupled with clean shaves throughout these years; in recent years, beard loyal blokes have proved that it goes just as well with a bearded face as it does with a clean one.

Messy Fringe

Apart from giving an extremely energetic vibe to your hair, hairstyling a fringe is one of the few ways to change the shape of your face radically. It is effective for a variety of reasons; it is the best choice to hide big foreheads and, in this way, hide receding hairlines. It is also excellent for shortening long face shapes. Overall, a carefully selected fringe can deliver a completely new outlook to your hair.

It decides the very course of your hair growth! For the reasons mentioned above, fringe is one of the most popular hairstyles for modern men. Ranging from French crops to long bangs, fringe styles offer numerous choices for each kind of hair texture and length. This hairstyle is here to cater to the needs of all. We recommend you to definitely upgrade your hairstyle with a stylish fringe haircut.

Parted Comb-Over

Despite the common perception, parted comb over is not for older men! To underline the effect of this contemporary hairstyle, we’ll drop in a simple question. What do Brad Pitt, Drake, and Cillian Murphy all have in common, apart from all the money? They’re all popular for pulling off a parted comb over hairstyle that radiated a sharp, handsome and classy look.

If you’re looking for ways to hide your receding hairline, this might just be the right choice for you. The hairstyle itself defines how the hair is combed over a bald spot to hide it. However, one crucial thing to bear in mind is that this hairstyle isn’t for overly thin hair. You’d need thick hair to pull it off in the best way. Also, you can go for a fade along with this combed over hairstyle to fashion a peaky blinder look!


The undercut hairstyle is one of the trendiest haircuts in the market. Why should you opt for it? Its high contrast structure is utterly distinct and maintainable. It delivers the individual with this hairstyle, a classy, neat, and refined outlook. It also goes perfectly with the contemporary men’s fashion, and guys simply love it.

It’s clear why the undercut is so unique and sophisticated. Unlike many other hairstyles that you cannot understand, this hairstyle is recognizable at the very first glance. Furthermore, you can style it in several ways that cover your receding hairline. Each variation is as unique as the hairstyle itself. A tip to bear in mind when it comes to undercut hairstyle is that it suits best the square faces because it makes them look smooth and less boxy. Regardless of what face shape you have, we recommend you to opt for it as soon as possible.

French Crop-Cut

The French crop is the classiest of all hairstyles. This clean, sharp and short haircut is utterly low maintenance; in this way, it is the best choice for anyone who doesn’t like spending hours on maintaining and styling their hair but wants to look elegant. It is a universal hairstyle that defeats all other haircuts in this competition. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is ideal for men with thin hair and receding hairlines. What else would one want?

Ranging from undercuts to curls, French crop haircuts are the best choice for modern men. The hairstyle is quite similar to Caesar Cut; however, the French crop cut includes a long fringe or more length on top of the head. This length can be varied to fit your personal preference. Also, the length delivers more options in terms of parting and forelock styles.

Side-Swept Fringe

Fringes are in stark contrast to numerous popular hairstyles of the contemporary world. Even through hairstyles like pompadour and comb over feature hair styled away from the face, fringes carry the ultimate advantage of working around with straight, wavy, or curly hair. The haircut is for anyone and everyone. For men with receding hairlines, side-swept fringes have worked miracles.

It allows you to cover one side of your face; a cherry on the top is that you can whisk your fringe to a very cool comb-over style. Even though the hairstyle works best with shorter sides, you can also flank your hair a bit longer to a mid-2000s outlook. By using wax or pomade, you can comb your hair forward and keep it textured and glossy for a long time. Make sure that you don’t overdose on the pomade, though; no one wants an oil slick!

The Shaggy Hairstyle

Shaggy hairstyles for men often radiate a guy’s requirement for simplicity; this is because a shag’s hairstyle can be styled for any kind of hair-short, long, medium, thin, thick, curly, straight, and whatnot. Simply put, the Shaggy hairstyle is for anyone and everyone. And this is in drift given the a few fashion industry men taking after this. It provides a fresh, vibrant, and radiating look to the face and is best amid patterns for hairstyle for men in their 20s.

And this hairdo will look great on men with straight hair and looks alluring as the hair falls. It goes well on young boys under 20. However, adults can pull it off with casual attire like T-shirts and pants, whether it is for a road trip or a casual day. An individual with an oval-shaped or diamond-shaped face with straight hair is most likely to pull this one off.

The Buzz Cut

If you’re all set to exchange your long locks with a hairstyle that’s utterly low maintenance, the buzz cut is the perfect choice for you. It’s an elegant hairstyle that goes well with beards. What distinguishes the hairstyle is the short length all over the head. You need to bear in mind that even though the buzz cut does not require regular styling, it does require regular trims. However, it’s worth the struggle.

After all, the buzz cut is one of the best ways to make your hairline less visible. Along with this aspect, it provides you with a very handsome outlook. After all, the actor Jason Statham is an epitome of manly ruggedness, and he pulled it off with the Buzz Cut. Also, the buzz cut and fade make a perfect combination, for they provide numerous styles without much length.

Receding Hairline Tricks to Improve Your Look

Avoid Smoking

If bad breath, bronchitis, and cancer weren’t good enough reasons to tone down this habit of yours, we present you with another reason. A study by National Taiwan University highlighted that smoking also fastens the hair loss in men. It found out that men who smoke more than twenty cigarettes are twice more likely to have medium to severe hair loss issues than men who don’t smoke.

This is because smoking damages the blood vessels at the very foundation of hair follicles. It starves the hair of nutrients. Therefore, we’d suggest you tone it down before you have to pull up a wig.

Work On Your Hair Hygiene

We’d recommend you to avoid the unnecessary strains on your thinning locks. For this, you can carry out many practical measures. To begin with, use a plastic comb. Hair gets easily entangled and pulled off while using hard combs. Therefore, switch to soft combs. Then, don’t wash your hair a lot. Washing your hair once a day is enough. Over scrubbing the hair with shampoo breaks down the hair’s natural struck and makes it more likely to breakage issues. Lastly, do not vigorously towel dry your hair. This leads to more hair fall; instead, try to pat your hair dry lightly.

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Go Natural & Slay with the Bald Look!

Accept your receding hairline and walk around with confidence. If you’re going quite prominently bald, the first step is to shave your head by hair clippers, guard, or simply a wet razor. This new look may be a bit arduous to accept at first. However, once you discover that, you’ll get to lie in every morning and won’t have to run around for regular trips to the barber, you may start to find you quite like it after all.