Like the Sleek, Straight Hair Look but Don't Want to Spend a Bucket on Treatments? These 10 Hair Straighteners at Low Price Can Get the Job Done (2020)!

Like the Sleek, Straight Hair Look but Don't Want to Spend a Bucket on Treatments? These 10 Hair Straighteners at Low Price Can Get the Job Done (2020)!

This article recommends 10 hair straighteners which are budget friendly and can be purchased online. We have also provided you with tips on choosing the right hair straightener based on your hair type. So go ahead and pick your hair straightener right away!

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How to Choose a Hair Straightener?

Hair straighteners are a versatile tool for straightening your hair and a multi-purpose tool for your hair. Straighteners are available across various sizes, made of different materials and shapes. However, keep in mind these points when you start looking for the perfect gadget. In this article, we will provide you an overview of how to choose the best hair straightener.

Based on Hair Type


Before choosing a hair straightener, you have to take into consideration your hair type. There are specialized straightening tools that cater to the need of your hair. 

Fine hair - Thin and fine hair is extremely prone to damages and can be easily damaged if caution is not exercised. The best straightener for this type of hair is ceramic plated ones. They are perfect for heat distribution and also for controlling the heat. Moreover, one can also choose tourmaline plated ones that are gentle on the hair.

Thick hair - Women with thick hair need to choose heavy-duty straighteners for their hair. For this hair type, it is best to choose one with a higher heat setting that provides a professional finish. The best hair straightener for this type of hair is titanium plated ones. They are perfect for maintaining a high temperature by providing the best stylish and also being gentle on the hair.

Curly hair - The main issue with curly hair is to maintain frizz and flyaways that make it difficult to style. For this hair type, it is best to choose styling tools that eliminate negative ions that are notorious for causing frizzy hair. It is best to choose ones in-built with ionic technology that straightens hair but also retain hair moisture.

Chemically treated and damaged hair - This type of hair is easily prone to damages and it is extremely important to prevent further damage to it. Instead of using professional hair straighteners, you can choose electric hair brushes for styling. They are very easy on the hair and prevent tugging of hair. Moreover, the brush is gentle on the hair and prevents further damage to your hair.

Based on Plate Material

Now, after assessing your hair type is best to know more about the plates that your straightener is made of. 

Ceramic plated - Ceramic or porcelain plated stylers provide a smooth and shiny finish. They are also perfect for taming frizzy and thin hair. The plates are perfect for heating up soon and to provide uniform heat distribution.

Titanium plated - These plates are more durable, unlike the porous ceramic plates. Moreover, they are also perfect for longer heat dissipation and very easy to use. Moreover, they are lightweight, easy to use and more durable when compared to others. Thus, it makes them perfect for usage for women with thick and coarse hair.

Tourmaline plated - This material has gained prominence in recent times. Tourmaline belongs to the family of gemstones and minerals which makes it expensive. The stone is finely ground and infused into ceramic plates. In addition to providing and being safe for your hair, It incorporates ionic technology that eliminates negative ions to tame frizz.

Tips for Straightening Your Hair - Do's and Don'ts

Irrespective of your hair type and the plate material, certain tips are necessary for styling your hair.

  • Always use a heat protecting spray before using any styling tools on your hair.
  • Never straighten your hair when it is wet because your hair is weak when wet and using heating tools in wet hair can damage your hair beyond repair.
  • Always use a low setting when styling your hair and don’t hold in one place for a long time.
  • Before straightening, always untangle your hair and remove the knots to minimize pulling of hair.
  • For effective straightening, it is always advisable to section your hair into smaller sections before styling.
  • Use appropriate products before and after styling your hair by finishing it off with a setting spray.
  • Finally, do not compromise the quality of the product for a lesser cost. Always check the certification on your product to prevent mishaps.

10 Best Low Priced Hair Straighteners Available Online (2020)

1. Asperia Hair Electric Comb Brush 3 in 1


Every woman is on the lookout for the best hair straightener that is easy to use and can be used for styling every day. However, we have the best product for you. The electric hair comb is in the form of a brush that is perfect for straightening. The straightening brush comes complete with an LCD screen, temperature control, and display. The brush provides effective straightening in low temperature that reduces hair damage due to heat.

Additionally, its anti-static technology neutralizes negative ions by taming frizz and flyaways. The multi-functional product works in two ways, firstly as a ceramic hair straightener and secondly as a untangling brush that gently removes the knots from your hair. Finally, the brush also doubles up as a massager that improves blood flow to your scalp thereby reducing stress and increases hair growth. Moreover, you can monitor the temperature of the setting by the use of a display brush. It has a thermostatic temperature of 185-degree celsius.

To prevent accidental use, the brush is equipped with a power switch and a safety lock. Also, it has silicone keys that are study and prevent accidental touches. The perfect straightener cum brush can be purchased for Rs.499/- from Amazon.

2. Babyliss Compact Hair Straightener

For women who are looking for a compact and smart hairstyling tool, the Babyliss Compact Straightener is the best tool. The multi-styler tool is comprises various assortment of styling tools. The versatile tool can be used for trimming your hair, straightening your hair, and perming your hair. Moreover, the tool has two curling tools - one for creating soft waves and closed waves.

The spiral tools come with a brush and spiral sleeve that is used for creating tight spiral curls. The crimping plates are used for crimping your hair and set of hairpins that are used for holding the hair in place while styling. The tool has an ultra-soft satin touch coating and a swivel cord that enables free movement.

The plates have a variable setting with the following dimensions such as 32 mm and 19 mm and storage made of resin. Also, the plates are safely secured with locks. It has a smart thermostatic temperature setting with ceramic technology that provides the best heating at low temperatures and prevents the formation of free radicals. The compact straightener comes with a two-year warranty and can be purchased for Rs.2,699/- from Tata Cliq.

3. Panasonic Eh Ka31 W Hair Styler

Create stylish hairstyles with ease in the comfort of your home with the help of this hair styler. The Panasonic styler comprises of three attachments to create a variety of styles. It consists of a blow brush, roller brush with a slim roller, and finally air iron that is used for creating versatile tools. The blow brush is used for straightening your hair, it consists of a rubber brush that prevents hair from getting tangled and provides uniform straightening for your hair.

The roller brush is used for creating soft curls for your hair ends. Finally, the air iron is used for styling stylish waves on your hair. The hair straightener uses a silent 59dB operation that provides dual airflow to regulate the heat for effective styling thereby reducing the noise that is being produced. The versatile hair styler consists of a swivel cord and can be purchased for Rs.2,999/- from Flipkart.

4. Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener

Get shiny smooth hair with the help of a straightener that is infused with keratin ceramic coating and ionic care. This Kerashine Straightener is healthy for your hair that provides silky smooth plates with less heat exposure. The tool consists of a SilkPro technology that imparts superior heating with optimized temperature, minimizes friction with less heat exposure. Also, the tool is equipped with ceramic plates that provide smooth and shiny hair.

Moreover, the ionic conditioning eliminates negative ions that reduce static to impart high shine with a smooth glossy finish. It has a temperature setting of 210-degree celsius that provides professional finish like a saloon. Moreover, it provides extra control with two variable temperature settings - 190°C or 210°C selected based on your hair texture.

The plates heat very quickly within a mere 60 seconds and have a plate dimension of 90 mm that provides an easy and smooth finish. Finally, the 1.6-meter swivel cord that provides maximum flexibility and prevents wires from getting tangled. The Kerashine Straightener can be purchased for Rs.2,099/- from Flipkart.

5. Havells Hair Straightener

Are you looking for a hair straightener that can be used every day? Then, the tool from Havells is suitable for everyday use that provides consistent temperature that uniforms heat distribution. The instant hair styling tool heats the plate within a mere 45 seconds. It provides root to tip straightening that provides professionally straightened hair and also perfect flowing curls.

The tool also helps in achieving voluminous hair for imparting bounce and root lift. The dimensions of the plate are 25 mm x 120 mm that provides greater surface area and glides smoothly on your hair. It has a convenient plate locking system that protects the tool from accidental use. Just with the touch of a button, the plates can be locked in place.

The instant technology and optimal styling temperature provide perfect styling. The basic features of the tool include LED indicator, swivel cord, hanging loop, and heat resistant safety gloves. It can be purchased for Rs.1,295/- from Havells.

6. Roots Hydra Silk Hair Straightener


As a woman, you can get silky straight hair with the latest ceramic and tourmaline plating. The combination plating is raved for providing instant heating coupled with high shine. It has an in-built temperature indicator that helps to straighten and curl your hair within less time. Moreover, the tool is ultra lightweight and easy to use.

The device boasts of an ultra micro-mist that adds moisture to your hair with the help of an in-built water dropper. It is used for refilling the water tank with its special design without increasing the weight. The most innovative feature of the styler is that it shuts off automatically after 60 minutes of non-usage. It comes with five temperature settings and controls temperature with the help of an internal thermostat technology.

The plate measures 2.5 mm in dimension and comes with a one-year extended warranty. The hydra silk straightener can be purchased for Rs.1,980/- from Nykaa.

7. Kemei Professional Hair Straightener


Get salon ready hair at home without a blow dryer. The Kemei Professional Range Hair Styler is sleek and stylish that provides protection for your hair with ceramic plating and retains the moisture in your hair by maintaining the moisture in your hair. The tool has four-level temperature control to style your hair without frizz and imparts a very high shine. It provides exceptional flexibility and ease with its long swivel cord and provides the utmost comfort.

The devices heat up within 30 seconds to provide quick and easy styling. It is heavy duty and has multi-purpose technology to provide exceptional stylish at a price of Rs.298/- and can be purchased from Amazon.

8. Jm Temperature Control Hair Straightener

The ceramic coated hair straightener comes with temperature control for your hair. The hair straightener is easy to use and provides an exceptional quality finish. The plate is made from good quality materials that prevent pulling hair and keeps your hair moisturized and shiny. The hair is perfectly smoothened with low settings with the help of a Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) technology that provides quick heating with a plate dimension of 40 mm. It prevents the device from hair damage and is also resistant against scratches and provides a longer lifetime.

The PTC heater is in-built in the device that provides safety to the plug and protects it from power surges. It can be purchased for Rs.1,760/- from Snapdeal.

9. Vega Adore Flat Hair Straightener


Get beautiful sleek hair by using the Vega Adore Hair Straightener to get beautiful sleek hair. The straightener provides a glossy and high sheen finish within a few minutes and takes lesser than 60 seconds to heat up. The straightener comes complete with ceramic coated plates that provide even heat distribution and protects the hair from heat damage. Moreover, it has an easy lock system that allows the device to cool down and prevents it from firing up. The tool comes with a two-year warranty. The affordable device is travel-friendly and can be purchased for Rs.999/- from Nykaa.

10. Corioliss Travel Hot Brush


If you are looking for a travel-friendly brush that is easy to carry and use, then you can opt for the Corioliss level hot brush. The hot brush is perfect for transforming frizzy and tangled hair into sleek and smooth hair. The brush effortlessly glides through your hair and provides a gentle massage with its heat protective bristles.

Its anti-static technology provides frizz-free hair, thereby providing smoother and silkier hair while traveling. The mini brush is a savior when it comes to styling your hair while traveling. It is ideal for global use and comes in a travel-friendly pouch with a warranty of one year. The mini wonder can be purchased for Rs.899/- from Nykaa.

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Choosing the right hair straightener for your hair is extremely important. Else, you might end up damaging your hair permanently. Your hair is one of the best assets you have and it adds to your beauty and so, you must take good care of it and use the appropriate hair products and appliances. Take extra care when using heat treatments like straightening or curling. After all, a good hair day is even better if it is a good hair year.