Love the Sleek, Not-a-Hair-out-of-Place Look(2021)? Read on to Find out Which Hair Straightening Brushes Made the cut.

Love the Sleek, Not-a-Hair-out-of-Place Look(2021)? Read on to Find out Which Hair Straightening Brushes Made the cut.


A straightening hairbrush is one of those beauty tools that make us raise one perfectly arched brow in suspicion. Can a hair brush really give us the at-home blowout or sleek hair of our dreams? The answer: absolutely; you just need to find the right one. We did the hard work for you and rounded up hair straightening brushes that truly do the job right, regardless of your starting texture. Scroll through to find the right one for you.

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All About Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners are an essential styling tool in one’s wardrobe. Every woman has used them at some point in their lives while many use them daily to style their hair. While choosing a straightener it is essential to choose the one that suits your hair texture. In this article, we will guide you with the best ways to choose a perfect tool for your hair.

There are two types of hair straighteners - Flat brush and Barrel Shaped.

  • The flat-shaped one represents a paddle brush and it imparts heat while combing through one's hair. The bristles untangle your hair while the ceramic plates straighten and impart shine to your hair.
  • Barrel-shaped - These are rotating brushes that straighten your hair by diffusing hot air. The hot air straightens your hair while the ceramic plates infuse ions to impart shine to your hair.

Every hair is unique and requires a specific set of tools and styling techniques. Read on more to find the important one should keep in mind while selecting a styling tool.

Heat Levels

Exposing hair to excessive heat levels can damage the hair beyond repair. Choose a brush that comes with multiple heat settings so you can choose an optimal heat setting. Numerous brushes straighten your hair using cold settings without frying your hair. As mentioned earlier, every girl is blessed with a unique hair type and the temperature has to be chosen accordingly.

  • Fine hair - Thin and fine hair is extremely prone to damages and can be easily damaged if caution is not exercised. Women with this hair type must choose a heat setting with a temperature range within 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Thick hair - Women with thick hair need to choose heavy-duty straighteners for their hair. For this hair type, it is best to choose one with a higher heat setting that provides a professional finish. It is optimal to choose a heating setting temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit for styling the hair.
  • Curly hair - The main issue with curly hair is to maintain frizz and flyaways that make it difficult to style. For this hair type, it is best to choose styling tools to impart high heat and tame frizz. One can choose a heat setting up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit on this type of hair for a perfect finish.
  • Chemically treated and damaged hair - This type of hair is easily prone to damages and it is extremely important to further cause damage to it. To protect your hair from further damage you can choose a lower heat setting or tools that offer straightening at lower temperatures.

Types of Plates

Now, after assessing your hair type is best to know more about the plates that your straightener is made of.

  • Ceramic plated - Ceramic or porcelain plated styles provide a smooth and shiny finish. They are also perfect for taming frizzy and thin hair. The plates are perfect for heating up soon and to provide uniform heat distribution.
  • Titanium plated - These plates are more durable, unlike the porous ceramic plates. Moreover, they are also perfect for longer heat dissipation and very easy to use. Moreover, they are lightweight, easy to use and more durable when compared to others. Thus, it makes them perfect for usage for women with thick and coarse hair.
  • Tourmaline plated - This material has gained prominence in recent times. Tourmaline belongs to the family of gemstones and minerals which makes them expensive. The stone is finely ground and infused into ceramic plates. In addition to providing and being safe for your hair. It incorporates ionic technology that eliminates negative ions to tame frizz.

Types of Bristles

The fashion market is flooded with numerous bristles catering to the needs of each hair type. Here is a list of bristles that can be suitable for your hair.

  • Cushioned brush - This type of brush is perfect for women who suffer from frizzy hair. The brush has a cushion near the root of the bristles so it has to avoid static and tame the nasty flyaways.
  • Thermal brush - A rotating barrel type brush that detangles your hair will provide a natural blowout finish.
  • Nylon brush - The bristles are made from nylon and are perfect for curly and thick-haired girls. These bristles minimize the tugging of hair and are gentle on the hair. The bristles are sturdier and minimize frizz.
  • Natural brush - The bristles are made from boar and are perfect for fine and thin-haired women. They are perfect for distributing the hair's natural oils and adds shine.
  • Paddle brush - A basic brush that has a larger volume and helps to tame frizz and distributes heat uniformly.
  • Vented brush - A brush that is suitable for fine-haired girls and distributes heat uniformly without imparting excessive heat.
  • Round brush - A perfect brush for providing a natural saloon finish without tugging the hair. This brush might not be suitable for curly-haired and thick-haired girls.

10 Top Hair Straightening Brushes

Remington Pro 2 in 1 Heated Straightening Brush

A versatile brush that enables the ego to straighten and brush their hair at the same time. The 2 in 1 heated brush comes with Thermaluxe™ Advanced Thermal Technology that allows the brush to smoothly glide on to one's hair. The heating technology is perfect for imparting a saloon-style finish each day with less time and saves your money. Moreover, the brush comes with three types of heat setting ranging from 300, 375 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit making it suitable for fine to coarse hair.

Additionally, the brush is ceramic coated with an ion generator technology that minimizes tugging while eliminating the negative ions that cause frizz. After use, the brush can be placed and safely secured using a heat-protective pouch that prevents the bristles from breaking. The compact brush is perfect for everyday use and can be purchased for Rs.7,770 from Amazon.

Anjou Hair Straightener Brush

A hair straightening brush that uses anion technology for eliminating frizz from your hair. The brush is perfect for neutralizing the positive ions from your hair and imparts a healthy shine to your hair sans frizz. Moreover, the plates heat without absorbing moisture from your hair thus imparting a lustrous shine on the hair. The brush has three types of hair set that is suitable for all types of hair. The temperature of the hairbrush ranges from 122℉ – 450℉ making it suitable for fine, thick and coarse hair.

Additionally, the brush is ceramic coated that is suitable for distributing heat uniformly over your hair. The device has a safety technology with an auto-lock if the device is not used for more than 30 minutes. Also, one can be safe from burns and scalding using its 360 dire safety chord. Finally, the tools come in a stylish travelling pouch. Gloves and clips for easy use. The brush can be purchased for Rs.6,688 from Amazon.

Philips Heated Straightening Brush

The makers of the straightening brush boast that you can get naturally straight hair in just 5 minutes. The brush has an extra-large area that can take up a large volume of hair. The bristles are infused with keratin coating that glides smoothly and provides a shining finish. Moreover, it has a patented SilkPro technology where the temperature is evenly distributed to all bristles to minimize heat damage in a single area.

It has two types of heating settings ranging from 170 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius with a triple bristle design. This design gently detangles your hair and straightens the hair without damaging the scalp. The brush heats up in just 50 seconds that is displayed by an LED indicator. The paddle brush is easy to carry and perfect for everyday use, it can be purchased for Rs.2,699 from Amazon.

Miropure 2 in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

The versatile brush boasts of 16 set setting that ranges from 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It comprises a double ionic generator that provides silky tresses without damaging your hair. It also boasts of a nano brush that is densely located and is suitable for all hair types. The lowest heat setting can be used for fine hair while the highest setting is perfect for thick locks. It has an MCH heating technology for uniform heat distribution sans scalding.

You can have peace of mind as this tool comes with an auto cutoff technology that renders it off if not used for more than 60 minutes. Moreover, it has an extended warranty for a year with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it. This versatile tool can be purchased for Rs.8,484 from Amazon.

Conair Infiniti Pro Straightening Brush

Conair’s Infiniti Pro brush has a patented Diamond Brilliance™ Shine System. The ceramic plates are infused with ion technology that imparts brilliant shine to the hair. Moreover, the brush boasts off an instant heat technique that reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit in an instant. The brush has three types of heat setting making it suitable for all types of hair. The ions reduce frizz and protect protection against heat damage. The bristles of the brush are made of nylon and silicone to provide uniform heat distribution sans hair breakage. The straightening brush can be purchased for Rs.9,015 from Amazon and comes with a 4-year limited warranty.

Glamfields Straightening Brush

A fuss-free brush that locks in the hair moisture without damaging the hair cuticles. It comprises of advanced MCH heating technology that provides instant heating within 30 seconds. The ceramic comb comprises of dense bristles that finely sieves through the hair to provide uniform heat distribution. Moreover, it consists of four types of heat setting ranging from 330 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit making it versatile for everyone’s styling needs.

The brush comes with a travel adapter making it suitable for travel and it shuts-off when not in use for more than 30 minutes. Additionally, the company provides a three months replacement warranty. Get lustrous and smooth hair with anion technology that takes care of all your hair needs at just Rs.8,111 from Amazon.

Agaro HSB 4001 Hair Straightener Brush

The hair straightener from Agaro is a straightener that is perfect for new generation women that takes 10 seconds to heat. The compact brush is perfect for travel and everyday use and the temperature can be controlled with the touch of a single button.

Dafni Hair Straightening Brush

A revolutionary brush that was discovered by a father-daughter duo after they were fed up with unflattering haircuts. The patented brush is one of a kind and the original one available in the market. The 3D revolution technology is suitable for all hair types and straightens your hair ten times faster than normal ones. It has intelligent heating technology that straightens the hair in minimal heat and ten times faster than normal ones.

The brush surface is made of ceramic that provides uniform heating and cooling with anti-static technology. The bristles are designed for providing comfort to all types of hair. The brush is made of premium quality material that is usually used by the US Army and NASA. Moreover, it is easy to use, saves time and is proven safe for your hair. It can be purchased for Rs.15,999 from Amazon.

BaByliss HSB100E Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

The 3D brush from Babyliss comprises of a rectangle design to provide quick and efficient heating. It also consists of 34 rigid bristles that gently comb your hair. These bristles are further enhanced by 50 silicone bristles that position the hair perfectly within the combs. Furthermore, it also consists of an additional 42 ceramic bristles for flawless straightening and a smooth finish with quick turnaround time. The brush comes in three heat settings ranging from 160 to 200 degrees Celsius. Lastly, it has ion generators that control static electricity and eliminates frizzy hair. Get ready to be blessed with luxurious hair in a single stroke for Rs.4,299 from Amazon.

Instyler Titanium Rotating Iron

A hybrid straightener that has a rotating barrel on one side and a brush on the other side. The rotation one-way rotation for smoothening while the bristles straighten and de-frizz the hair simultaneously. It consists of titanium ceramic heated plates with two types of heat settings ranging up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The tool is perfect for medium to long hair and suits all hair textures. The most innovative technology is the usage of Kinetics energy to add volume to your hair. The rotating brush can be purchased for Rs.5,999 from Amazon.

Few Tips to Getting the Best out of Your Hair Straightener Brush

Irrespective of which hair straightener you use, there are certain points that you should keep in mind.

  • 1. Dry your hair completely before exposing it to heat.
  • 2. Detangle your hair to remove knots to prevent hair breakage.
  • 3. Never skip heat protection spray.
  • 4. Section the hair into smaller sections and start running the brush through the hair.
  • 5. Run the brush gently multiple hairs to obtain the desired finish.
  • 6. Do not pull or tug your hair.
  • 7. Once complete, apply a serum to finish your look.
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Know the Difference Between Price and Value

It's easy to dash out to the store and buy the first cheap straightener you see. If you do, you'll probably find yourself doing the same thing again a few months later. But your hair might look worse than it did with the last purchase.

The problem with cheap straighteners is that they tend to break more quickly. They may also damage your hair, since cheap straighteners may unevenly apply heat, snag your hair, and even overheat.

Pricier irons offer greater value. Your straightener will last for years, and you won't have to shell out cash on expensive hair treatments to remedy the damage caused by a cheap straightener. Over time, you may even save money, since you won't have to constantly replace broken irons.