Enjoy a Magical and Mesmerising Hairstyle at Your Wedding: 10 Bridal Hair Accessories with Flowers and 3 Tips to Help You Choose the Apt One!

Enjoy a Magical and Mesmerising Hairstyle at Your Wedding: 10 Bridal Hair Accessories with Flowers and 3 Tips to Help You Choose the Apt One!

Your bridal hairstyle is not complete without a suitable accessory. Why not go back old-school and try floral hair accessories. While real flowers are a big deal, fake flowers are quite realistic and are quite fashionable too. We bring to you, 10 stunning bridal accessories with flowers ranging from hairclips with flowers to juda and even a tiara. Choose one to your liking and adorn with style.

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Floral Bridal Hair Accessories

Any bridal look is incomplete without floral accessories. It keeps the look together and ties the hair in the proper way. In Indian weddings, the brides are decked up from head to toe and she cannot miss out on the hair accessory. Though the bridal attire is different from one culture to another, the hair accessories are a part of every apparel without exception. The flowers and the design may change but the bride whether she is a Tamilian, Punjabi, Bengali, Maharashtrian or Assamese, always sport a beautiful looking flower hair accessory to complement her look.

Not only the bride, women of every age group in India like to wear hair accessories as per the occasion. While some prefer to wear fresh flowers, for some it may not be convenient. It is also quite convenient to use synthetic hair accessories that look like flowers as the design options are wide. In some cases, you will not even be able to tell the difference between a real one and a synthetic one. Check out the major flowers used in Indian bridal hair accessories.

Top 3 Flowers Used in Bridal Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can be in the form of tiara, clips, comb or wreath, but no matter what it looks like, it is a combination of several flowers and designs and is meant to enhance the look. In some cases, this becomes the identification of culture and religion. There are several flowers used for freshness and colour, but these are the top three flowers majorly used in the accessories.

Mogra or Jasmine

Jasmine is popularly used in hair accessories. The beautiful white flower does not only look good but it also has a beautiful fragrance. The small flowers are good to form a cluster that looks absolutely amazing when used in a wreath. The flowers stay fresh for a long time as well and suit all dressing styles. Mogra is mandatory in some regions of India for weddings and not only the bride but others also wear it on their hair. False mogra clips are also available in the market and can be just attached to the hair instead of using the real flower.


Rose has always been the most loved and is the most beautiful flower of all. It embodies feminism and beauty in the purest form and it looks absolutely great when worn with red, white or any other attire. The softness and freshness of rose make the bride look glamorous and enigmatic. She certainly becomes the centre of attraction for the ceremony. The wedding day is a special occasion for every girl, and it is incomplete without the presence of a rose. There are some beautiful hair accessories with rose and other flowers. If you are buying a hair accessory online, in most cases, you will find the rose motif present. You can also purchase different colours of single piece rose clips and mix and match to wear with different dresses.


Rajnigandha is also known as Mexican Tuberose, and it is a beautiful fragment flower that essentially increases the appeal of the bridal attire. Rajnigandha is used in the garland as well as in the hair accessory for the bride. There are some beautiful designs created with rajanigandha, rose and other flowers. In some regions, this flower is a must addition in the bridal attire. The use of rajanigandha is quite a lot in south Indian tradition and India being a country of cultural variance and acceptance, the flower has found its place in other regions of India as well.

10 Beautiful Floral Hair Accessories to Buy Online

Flower accessories cannot only be purchased from a flower market but it can also be ordered online. These beautiful accessories made with fake flowers look real and can be worn in a wedding. They are available in different designs and they combine the flowers and other jewels and pearls to complete the look. Here are the top 10 floral accessories that you can buy online.

Bridal White Mogra and Red Rose Gajra

The beautiful hair accessory with Bridal White Mogra and Red Rose Garja is a must-have in the kitty and you can wear them together or separately as per the occasion and the colour of your costume. This combination gajra is inspired by south Indian brides and it can be worn for a long time as fake flowers don’t get ruined. This gajra is perfect for festivals like Navratri, Karva Chauth, Durga Puja, and many such festivals. Own this gajra at a price of Rs. 290 by ordering from Flipkart.

Multicolor Flower Hair Juda with Pearls

This beautiful piece of hair juda is a masterpiece, crafted with flowers and pearls. The gold-plated hair accessory has a lustrous design and there are dangling pearl chains in the end to complete the royal ethnic look. The great looking piece looks almost real as far as the flowers are concerned and the gold-work just improves its appeal to several folds. You just have to fit it to your juda and you are ready to rock any occasion. This beautiful piece is available at Mirraw with a price tag of Rs.599.

Artificial Flowers Hair Clips

The artificial flowers hair clips look so real that nobody will be able to guess that you are wearing a hair clip, instead of real flowers. This pack includes two clips with real looking artificial roses. The velvety texture of the flower gives it a real appeal. You can couple it up with Indian as well as western outfits and you will surely be the centre of attraction for every party. Grab this hair clip at just Rs.224 from Amazon.

Meidi Fashion Flower Vine Tiara

This charming option is a beautiful flower vine tiara made of crystal. The tiara can be customized according to the hair flow and your hairstyle. It’s available in different lengths, for example, 50 cm, 100 cm and 150 cm and there are two variants, gold and silver. Both colours look stunning and can suit any of your attire. This one is specifically a modern flower accessory and can be worn in reception and parties. This elegant tiara can be ordered from On Shop Deal by paying just Rs.562.

Flower Forehead Garland Bracelet Bridal

Flower forehead garland bracelet is ideal for photo shoots, weddings, festivals and more. This beautiful bracelet accessory is made of terylene, and cloth and is yellow. The pack comes with one garland and one bracelet and you can choose to wear any of them in any style. The look gets complete with the bracelet and the forehead garland and a bride can want nothing more than that. It is one of the more expensive bridal accessories for your hair. If your dress is yellow and you want a rich look, you can always spend this much on a hair accessory. Order this gorgeous bracelet from Eassy Mall at a price of Rs.1,354

Pink & White Fabric Floral Hair Accessories Headband

This is a very modern hair accessory that is perfect for your hen party. You can wear it if you are having a beach wedding or at a festival where you are about to wear a gown. This hair accessory is made of fabric and brash and it sports two colours, namely pink and gold. It creates a statement in the party and can be a showstopper in a photoshoot. If you are planning a pre-wedding shoot, you can easily carry it with a modern dress or a long gown. It looks absolutely coordinated with a pink, white and gold dress. Bring this headband home by placing an online order at Nykaa against payment of Rs.376.

Mustard Yellow Flower Hair Bun Cover

This is a traditional bun cover hair accessory with a twist of glamour. The use of yellow and white flowers makes it look exceptionally glamorous, and you can look stunning and stylish even when you are wearing an Indian outfit. This accessory is specially made for those who wear saree. The sheen of golden fabric among the yellow flowers looks stunning. It is very easy to clean the accessory as well because of the material used. This bun cover costs only Rs.796 at Myntra.

Golden Tiara

This metallic hair accessory is just the perfect addition to your entire attire if you want to look elegant and keep the decoration to the minimum level. It can be fixed easily to your hair and as the colour is golden, it goes perfectly well with all sorts of clothes. You can wear any colour of saree or dress with this special tiara and give yourself a chance to look more amazing than what you already are. This subtle accessory is a must-have because not only you can wear it for the wedding, but also parties and other festivals. You may need to take care of the colour though and make sure you don’t let it get in contact with any chemical. Own this tiara at Rs.799 from Lime Road.

Floral White Hair Comb

The beautiful white hair comb has to be part of your collection if you wear gowns in the party. It is a beautiful bridal wear as well and would look amazing with your white wedding gown. You can see the use of pearls and flowers arranged in an extraordinary manner to create a spectacular look. All you need to do is to place it properly on your head and put the comb into the thick part of the hair design. Some of the beautiful brides have worn it and you will look beautiful too in this. This Eassy Cart product costs just Rs.643.

Wedding Flower Wreath

Wearing wedding flower wreath is ideal as a thick hair accessory along with a cluster of flowers that will make you look elegant. If you have kept your makeup to minimal, this accessory will make you look bright. This one is available in four different colours. You can choose one and order online. The summer beach flowers make the perfect wedding floral crown and the bride is going to adore it for long. It is also quite easy to wear as all you need to do is to use it as a headband. This product can be ordered at Rs.303 from On Shop Deals.

Top 3 Tips on Buying Floral Hair Accessories

If you are about to purchase a floral hair accessory, you may be giving a lot of thought into it and it is quite normal too. There are several things to be taken into consideration in regards to this. You can purchase more than one and use them according to occasion. While some accessories are only suitable for traditional purposes, some are made for modern outfits. There are certain others which can be worn with both. Here are certain points to keep in mind while you are purchasing one.

Focus on the Colour

There are several colours of hair accessories available online but all may not suit your requirement. It is good to stay as close to the authentic colour of the flower originally. There are certain colours that do not belong to the flower family. Take care to avoid those. This will ensure that people seeing you in a party will never doubt that you are wearing a fake flower.

Match with Your Entire Look

It is very important to match the bridal hair accessory with your whole look. If you are wearing a modern outfit, you cannot go for a juda that looks out and out Indian. Similarly, if you are wearing a heavy saree like a Banarasi or a Kanjeevaram, your hair accessory should be suitable for that. In most cases, the single rose flower clip looks good with all major outfit and you can style it with any hair design.

Try to Buy Versatile Hair Accessories

While some of the accessories may be perfect for a certain type of attire, some will have a versatile appeal. This is true for the dual hair accessories which have two parts that can be worn together and separately. Some of the accessories can be worn with any kind of dress or saree and in any event. Even if you have some that match certain attires, you shall always have some versatile options so that you are never out of the right choice.

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Bonus Tip: Choose According to the Occasion!

Though floral accessories seem like a recent trend, it has been the bridal hair accessory of choice for our moms and grandmothers. Each culture and region have their own flower of choice for weddings. Flowers are also considered auspicious and occupy an important place in all occasions. Not all flowers are used at weddings. So, before choosing a floral accessory, real or fake, take care to choose one depending on the event. If you are going for fake flowers, choose one in a realistic colour so that it looks almost real.