Confused about How to Pick the Right Straightener for Your Hair Type? Here are 8 Best Different Hair Straightener Types for Different Hair Texture (2020)

Confused about How to Pick the Right Straightener for Your Hair Type? Here are 8 Best Different Hair Straightener Types for Different Hair Texture (2020)

Having straight hair nowadays is considered as trendy and fashionable. We all try to move with the trend, and that’s the reason for this review of the best hair straightener that will help you achieve that beautiful straight hair. You will need to do the right amount of research to find the best one that is suited for your kind of hair. But don’t worry, we did the job for you. Read on to find the best for yourself.

Why Are Hair Straighteners Beneficial?

These days, people use a lot of tech tools to look great and stylish. Good looking hair is considered to be one of the most important aspects of grooming. Changing fashion trends means, there are several new kinds of hairstyles that one can experiment with. There are different styles for every occasion. A majority of people spend tons of money on hairstyling experts and salons to get the best out of their hair. They love experimenting and playing with different hairstyles.

Given this interest, there are several styling gadgets available today that will help you save time, money, and efforts. They are easily available online and can be purchased at great affordable rates. However, many people do not know the exact use of these gadgets and don't trust them. For a fact, they are one of the most used products in the fashion industry because they save tons of time. You can style your hair right at home and create amazing hairstyles effortlessly.

A Perfect Styling Tool

Your hair is one of the most important elements when it comes to beauty. However, you can style them in different ways to contribute to your looks. For this same reason, you need certain electronic gadgets that will help you get that smooth and silky looking hair. Hair straighteners are a boon. The main function of hair straighteners is to keep your hair straight and fall in the right place. With the right kind of hair straightener, you can achieve the right look each time.

Protects Hair


Contrary to the popular myth that hair straighteners damage your hair, the device is known to protect or prevent your hair from drying. Make sure you get the right kind of straighteners from reputed companies so that you get the right results every time.



Hair straighteners are worth the investment. If you visit a salon to straighten your hair, it is going to be expensive. Besides, if you get it done every week or twice a month too, every trip is going to be costly. Hence, it is better to invest in hair straighteners that will last you for a long period. Make sure you look into all the requirements of your hair and then choose the one that suits you. Don't blindly follow reviews and check your hair type to pick out the right kind of hair straighteners.

Analyse Your Hair Type & Use Right Kind of Straightener

Let's have a look at the different types of hair straighteners that are suitable for varied types of hair. We all know there are specific kinds of hair straighteners that are dedicated to different hair types. Hence, first, analyze your hair type and then head over to select the right kind of straightener.

For Individuals with Fine Hair or Thin Hair Type

Fine or thin hair can be easily damaged due to heat. Hence, if your hair falls in that category, make sure to avoid hair straighteners with just one setting. Go for hair straighteners with multiple heat settings, which means you can alternate between them as per preference. Women with fine hair can opt for ceramic hair straighteners that are great for reducing frizz and smoothing out the hair. These ceramic plates hold heat for long periods, evenly distribute heat, and additionally allow you to control the heat or temperature. The plates can be either ceramic plates, ceramic coated, or tourmaline coated or tourmaline plated. The most preferred plate for thin or fine hair is ceramic.

#1 Mr Barber Ultra Straits Hair Straightener

Do you find it tough to manage your thin hair? Then be ready to invest in the Mr. Barber Ultra Straits Hair Straightener, which will change your life forever. Some hair accessories might give you a scare, but with this device, you can rest assured about that. Just use the hair straightener to fix your hair each day. They are specially designed for women with fine or thin hair. This hair straightener allows you to adjust the temperature. Also, there are separate switch on and switch off buttons. The Ultra Floating Plate has a dimension of 100*25 mm. It comes with a body lock function and a sleek design that makes it comfortable for use. The device also has a 360-degree swivel cord. Get it from Flipkart at only 4,360 INR.

#2 Agaro Instastraight Nano HS-6511 Hair Straightener


The Agaro Instastraight is a device with a compact design. The hair straightener is apt for women with thin hair or fine hair. There are multiple colour options that you can choose from. As women with fine or thin hair are recommended to use ceramic plates, this device is specially designed for the same purpose. This hair straightener has ceramic plates for precision styling and uniform hair straightening. Additionally, it also comes with a 360-degree swivel cord that prevents twisting it tangling. It has a heat-up time of just 30 Sec. If you have been on the lookout for a hair straightener that is perfect for thin hair and within budget, then this one should be your pick. You can buy this from Amazon at only 499 INR.

#3 Babyliss iPro 235 Ceramic Hair Straightener


This one is yet another hair straightener for women with thin or fine hair. It heats up quickly and maintains the heat all along with the session. The device comes with different heat settings which allow you to control the heat. The hair straightener has perfect heat transfer and the perfect glide that gives you soft and shiny hair. To top that, it also protects your hair. The device can be used on wet hair as well as on dry hair. The BaByliss iPro 235 Hair Straightener comes with a LED that indicates the selected heat or temperature. It also has a locking system that keeps the plates closed. The device comes with a guarantee of 3 years at only 729 INR.

For Individuals with Thick Hair

This section will cover the best hair straighteners for women with thick hair. If you fall into this category, then it is best for you to find the straightener that has higher heat settings. This will allow you to straighten your hair in two or three strokes as they are thick enough. However, if you choose straighteners with low heat settings, you will have to repeat every section multiple times, which can damage your hair. If you have thick hair, you can opt for titanium plates as they tend to heat up faster. Because they maintain the temperature, it reduces the styling time and quickly gets your hair ready.

#1 Corioliss IRed Titanium Styling Iron


If you have thick hair, then this hair straightener should be on your list. The Corioliss Styling Iron is perfect for women with dense hair. It comprises a LED light that penetrates your hair from within the core. This is for faster styling with minimum damage to the hair. This method keeps the hair healthy and locks in moisture. The hair straightener has titanium plates that are apt for thick hair. The device has infrared technology with varied temperature control. Grab yours today from Nykaa at only 9,999 INR.

#2 Philips HP8318 Hair Straightener

The Philips HP8318 Hair Straightener is yet another amazing device for thick hair that keeps your hair silky and smooth. It has keratin ceramic plates with temperature control. The straightener has ionic care with extra-wide plates. It effortlessly straightens your hair and makes it extra smooth. The heating time of the hair straightener is simply 60 Sec which is a plus point. Here, you can save tons of time and get your hair done quicker. The extra-wide plates are for women with thick and long hair. Additionally, it has two professional temperature settings. The price of the Philips Hair Straightener is 2,499 INR and can be purchased from Vijay Sales.

#3 Philips BH880/ 10 Heated Straightening Brush with Thermo Protect Technology Black


This hair straightening brush is a great option for thick hair. It catches each strand of hair strongly. This gives your hair a salon styled look. The brush adds polish and shines to your hair, giving it a healthy look. The keratin coated ceramic part helps to give it a natural shine. The silk procare protects your hair from getting damaged and frizzy. Thermo protects technology maintains the temperature across the brush to give an even distribution of heat. This technology prevents the brush from overheating. You can choose to set the temperature according to your preference and hair type. Buy this amazing styler at only 3,200 INR from

For Individuals with Curly Hair


Women with curly hair often find it troublesome to straighten them. Additionally, if you have curly hair, they are more prone to frizz. Also, it can be quite hard to straighten them out. There are dedicated hair straighteners out in the market that will help you give a sleek and stylish hairstyle every time you wish to step out. Get yourself a hair straightener that has flat iron with wider plates. These wider plates allow large sections of hair to be straightened out. This will reduce your time to style your hair. Tourmaline hair straighteners are great for women with frizzy or curly hair. They work great even at lower temperatures.

#1 Braun Satin Hair Straightener


The Braun Hair Straightener comes with extra-wide plates that provide a comfortable straightening experience. The device comes with temperature regulation and provides maximum hair protection. The hair straightener has a ceramic coating plate. The wide plates are specially designed for women with curly or wavy hair so that it reduces their hair styling time. They are super convenient to use and are comfortable in the hands. The compact design is what makes them stand apart from the rest. It has multiple temperature settings. The heat-up time is 60 seconds and the cable length is 2m. You can buy this product from Amazon.

#2 Havells 5-in-1 Multi Styling Kit HC4040 Black


This Havells 5 in 1 hairstyling kit is a dream come true. This great kit comes with 5 hairstyling attachable pieces for the ultimate salon look. The hair straightener adds a glossy look to the hair. This kit takes your hairstyling to the next level. It comes with a straightening attachment for a root to tip a straightened look. It has ceramic heating plates for perfectly styled hair. It has a switch based on and off mechanism. This tool provides precision and style to your hair. It has a black frame for the classic look. It is heavy duty with amazing durability. The straightener adds an effortless touch to your hair. You can buy this one from Croma at 2,699 INR.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Hair Straightener?

The right hair straightener will last you for a very long time and give you results that you are looking for. It is a great investment hence great care should be given before picking out one for yourself. Here are some buying tips for you.

1. Look for the Right Shape

You must be wondering what lies in the shape? However, though all straighteners have flat surfaces, the edges of the device can have a great role in its versatility. If the outer edges or plates have round edges, you can easily use the straightener as a curler as well. A hair straightener with sharp ends may have restricted use.

2. Consider the Plate Width


Another important aspect while choosing hair straighteners are the plate width. The wider the plate widths are, the faster you can straighten your hair. If you plan to travel with one, you can look for smaller ones as well that easily fit into your bags. Make a choice depending on your requirements.

3. Choose the Right Plates

The straightener surfaces are made of different kinds of metal and elements. Hence, there is no right kind of plate. You can pick a choice as per the needs of your hair. Titanium ions are known to heat up quickly. However, they are on the expensive side. You would not require straighteners with titanium ions unless you have very coarse or curly hair. Ceramic ions are one of the most commonly used hair straightener types. Tourmaline plates work great for damaged hair. These plates are known to produce more negative ions than positive ones which reduce frizz.

4. Consider Temperature

In hair straighteners, high heat is known to be the most effective one. However, not all kinds of hair require the same amount of temperature. You can look for hair straighteners wherein you can adjust the temperature. Try setting your hair with the lowest heat possible. This will ensure low damage to your hair. Sometimes low-cost irons are known to heat unevenly, which can result in burning sections of hair or resulting in uneven hair texture. Get hair straighteners that have intelligent sensors that straighten your hair without overheating.

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Want to Make the Best Day for Your Bad Hair?

Add a hair straightener to your dressing table and be self-ready in no time. Not everybody has the perfect hair and not all the people with the perfect hair have amazing style. A manageable mane is the best way to give your face a good personality and look and impart confidence in the way you carry yourself. All this can be done with ease and comfort with a hair straightener, which never fails to give your hair the perfect salon look and style. Those are the 10 best hair straighteners that would glam you up by giving your hair the gorgeous look and styling it truly deserves!