Tired of the Age-Old Gifting Options Seen Everywhere? Give These 10 Unique Food Experience Gifts to Create an Unforgettable Memory (2019)

Tired of the Age-Old Gifting Options Seen Everywhere? Give These 10 Unique Food Experience Gifts to Create an Unforgettable Memory (2019)

Are you looking for ways to surprise the love of your life? We've got just the right thing for you! If you were thinking about getting them their favourite stuff, then hold on and read on to know how you can surprise them even better with experience gifts! Your partner is sure to fall in love with you even more after these. Here are our top 10 picks for experience gifts.

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Gifting Experiences is the New Trend in Gift Giving

What Does it Mean to Gift an Experience?

Material gifts have been the norm for ages. Gifting showpieces, clothing items, luxury box sets, and even money in envelopes; we’ve seen it all. But, when it comes to putting in thought or evoking emotional connect with such gifts, it becomes an uphill battle. Gifting an experience is the new age idea with the help of which one can not only send blessings and good wishes but also help the recipient enjoy or try something they haven't done before!

Gifting experience stands for buying a service like touring a vineyard, or skydiving or any such experience that your beloved wishes to add in his/ her life. The trend started in the United Kingdom in the mid-1990s when people decided to gift something more than just random objects and showpieces. When you gift experience, you gift a new challenge, a new route to growth! Isn’t it better than the everyday gifts that get accumulated in our homes?

What Can You Gift as Experience to Your Other Half?

Now, when you’ve decided to take the path of gifting your partner an exciting experience gift, you must be aware of what all can be your options! The first thing that you should analyse is your partner’s interests. If your bae is an adventure fanatic then, taking him or her to a hiking tour or a rafting class will do wonders.

  • If your significant other has a very hectic day to day schedule and rarely gets any time to relax; present them with a rejuvenating spa daytogether or a trip on the yacht surrounded by a cool oceanic breeze.

  • If your partner is into learning about cultures and history, take him to a retro musical show or buy him a membership to the museumsor take him for an in-depth historical tour of the city.

  • For the loved one who loves to add new lessons to his knowledge, buy a wine tasting tour or a brewery tour, and for one who loves taking care of animals and likes to be in their company, buy a pass to a nearby zoo or take him to safari.

There are endless options with endless fun only if you walk past the whole material gifting ideas and plans.

How is an Experience a Better Option than the Old Classics

When you gift someone an experience, you change one or the other aspect of their life completely. Maybe he would have never thought that going on a safari can be so much fun or perhaps he always wanted to try a select type of cuisine but never got the chance to actually do it. May be your relationship needed a short getaway or a deep conversation that you can have while relaxing on a yacht with the winds blowing across the board!

Gifting experience not only sounds exciting but also helps you strengthen your relationship with your partner. They are much more powerful than material gifts and has the power to build lifetime memories for both of you.

Thoughtful Food Experience Gifts for a Loved One

Take Your Partner to a Wine Tasting Tour

Source giveter.com

We all have our preferences in the kind of alcohol we take. Some of us love the hard-hitting whiskeys while some admire the freshness of champagne. One such all-time favourite beverage is wine. There is an art associated with how we should smell, feel, and drink great wine, making it more than just some random drink intake. If your partner feels the same about wine and loves to learn about its antiques, then book a wine tasting tour together right away. In a wine tasting tour, the instructors teach you about the details and dos and don’ts revolving around wine etiquettes and mannerisms.

On giveter.com you can easily book a wine tasting experience for just Rs. 2000 which leads you to the famous Grover vineyards located in the outskirts of Bangalore. The tour includes tasting of 5 different varieties of wine along with a delicious buffet and some more wine at the end of the tour.

Live in another city? Find the nearest wine making city to you and make it a weekend holiday!

A Cooking Class! Learn to Make Authentic Rajasthani Food from a Royal Household

At some in life, we’ve all wanted to walk down the corridors of royal palaces and forts understanding details about their culture and lifestyle. If the love of your life has had such dreams, then you can consider gifting him a specialised royal kitchen cooking tour from the royalties of the Bhainsorgarh Fort.

Vrinda and Hemendra who belong to the royal lineage of Rajasthan, have their ancestral home which is known as the Bhainsorgarh Fort. Hemendra’s dedication and passion revolving around the food and the authentic family recipes of the royal house led them to start an open tour to the same. On this trip, Vrinda takes you to the most raved about food markets in Delhi where you get to pick vegetables, spices, meat, and fruits for your cooking experience. When done, you’ll be reaching their apartment and start your cooking demonstration with Vrinda and Hemendra, who will make sure you learn three traditional Rajasthani dishes including a starter, a main course, and a dessert.

That means you’ll be learning the authentic recipes from the from the Royal House Of Bhainsrorgarh! This experience gift can be bought from the website of giftingowl.com and has a validity of 3 years. The best part is that it can be purchased in an open-dated format, which allows the recipient to decide the final date and time for the experience.

A Romantic Date on a X-S63 Yacht

For the couple who loves to be surrounded by the mesmerising blue waters of the ocean, the breezy winds, and serenity, a quick date on the yacht will be the best experience gift ever! Yacht tours had taken over the internet ever since many film stars and even movies filmed epic romantic songs and videos touring the lengths of the waters.

Tajonline.com offers various packages to suit everyone’s budget for a fantastic yacht experience, starting from a reasonable price of Rs.5,000. The experience includes a quick evening ride for the couple on a yacht, watching the sunset, enjoying the open skies. Sail to a nearby island and end the day with a romantic dinner. Isn’t it the perfect romantic date to have with your significant other?

A Getaway Tour with Fabulous Food

Source pixabay.com

They say you’ve never really understood a person entirely if you’ve never travelled with them to places. Going to a beautiful destination together with your significant other can be one of the best experiences for both of you and your relationship. You’ll not only be getting a lot of quality time to spend together but also understand the little knick-knacks about one another.

Small details concerning one’s personality are not what you can exchange on a phone call, facetime, or even 3-4 hour long dates. Thrillophilia offers excellent getaway packages revolving around three important cities, namely, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. They provide great insights into all the popular visiting places near these cities, what all activities to do there and what dishes you must have when you reach the destination.

5 Other Unique and Thrilling Experiences You Can Gift

Tickle Your Adventure Bone with Rafting & Camping or Trekking Together

The new age young adult movies are full of stories narrating the adventure and fun experienced by travellers and risk-takers across the world. They have impacted many of us and planted a seed of exploration in us. If the adventure bug also bit your partner and he or she yearns to be a part of activities like rafting, camping or trekking; gifting them an exciting adventure activity plan will probably be the most memorable gift that they may have ever received! There are a variety of packages available on Thrillophilia starting from Rs. 699 for 2 days, 1-night adventure camp at the beautiful location of Kasol. You can opt for activities like jungle or beach camping, trekking, rafting, and even cliff jumping!

Relax with Your Bae with a Spa at Home

With increasing workload and hectic schedules, it has become an arduous task to take time out and relax for a while. Following the same routine every day, and doing the same chores; we never realize how easily we are giving up on both the natural excitement in life and our relationships. If you feel that the above perfectly describes your equation with your bae, it’s the right time for you to book a couple-friendly spa or massage session. Thefourfountainsspa.in offers great deals and packages offering couples’ rejuvenation therapies including Aromatherapy Massage, Coffee & Cane Sugar Body Polish, Vinotherapy Massage, etc. They have massage sessions ranging from time duration of 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours 30 minutes. They provide their spa and wellness services in many centres across Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Cockpit Flying Experience

The adventure never ceases to amaze, especially if it includes talking with the winds. Flying has ever since been curiosity inducing activity for many of us. The thrill in soaring high in the sky, the exhilarating feeling one gets when winds gush around you with speed, and the unmatchable view of the ground; it spells awesome! Gift your significant other this exciting experience of flying in the cockpit for half an hour straight.

Excitinglives.com offers ‘Cockpit Flying Experience’ for Rs 5850 which includes the once in a lifetime moment of sitting in the cockpit and interacting with the pilot and gathering some knowledge about the aviation trade and industry. All the aircrafts employed to take you to the skies are approved diligently from the DGCA, and the pilot has the ratings of instructors. They offer you complete transparency in terms of choosing the date according to your convenience. Further directions and instructions are provided on booking.

A Private Salsa Lesson

Source oyehappy.com

If you and your partner always dreamed of shaking a leg together but could never actually do it - private salsa classes as an experience gift comes to make your wish come true! The dance lessons are not only provided privately, which ensures that no one gets shaky or embarrassed, but also it has instructors who are well versed with teaching dances for special events and functions. This means that when you’re done practicing the moves and the grooves, you’ll actually end up having a great dance routine to show off in the next event that you two attend together! This experience can be booked on any given day or date and costs Rs. 3,999 on oyehappy.com.

Arrange a Fun Flash Mob

Flash mob is a trend that will never get out of fashion. The rush that you feel once the music starts blaring in a crowded place along with the joy that perfectly synchronised dancers spread with their fantastic dancing numbers; the feeling is irreplaceable. Imagine having a flash mob, as a surprise, dedicated and executed only for you! Yes! How special will it feel?

You can arrange such an exciting surprise for your loved one. All you need to do is to book the experience along with your personal choices of balloons, cake, or any other add-ons. Memoriesunlimited.co.in offers a memorable flash mob event, spanning up to 2 hours for Rs. 49000. You need to place an order 7 days in advance if you want the event to happen on the right date. Though a bit on the pricier side, it can be the best gift your partner has ever received!

Pro Tip: Check all the Details of Your Experience Gift Beforehand!

Source maxpixel.net

Gifting experience might be one of the best presents that your loved ones receive, but a lot of the times our excitement camouflages things that are visibly wrong or just not suitable for us, with a particular service. You should be careful and take note of a few crucial details before placing an order.

The first things that you should check are the price and validity of the experience. Be careful about choosing the date of the surprise and also about their policy of transfer of services. Do not avoid any little detail because small negligence might cause a big issue later, and no one wants that.

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Drop Small Hints and Come Up with the Big Surprise Gradually!

There's even a better way you can make your experience gift more exciting. Drop some small hints while talking to him or her and try to make these hints as distant yet relevant to the surprise. And finally, when the day arises, tell them all about it how you have been dropping hints as well, and we assure you it's all going to be worthwhile!