10 Worthy Gifts for Your Boyfriend on Anniversary to Bedazzle him and Make it a Timeless Experience

10 Worthy Gifts for Your Boyfriend on Anniversary to Bedazzle him and Make it a Timeless Experience

Remember where you had your first date? Finesse on your anniversary with gifts to and plans for your boyfriend that will make him go gaga! You have spent quite a while with him, and during the anniversary you are bound to show him how much it has all been worth and what he means to you. BP-Guide has detailed some worthy gifts to get your boyfriend on the anniversary and make it a delight.

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What is a Worthy Gift?

As we all know actions speak louder than words so this anniversary do something special for him or even better with him. Even if you are not beside him he will feel your presence in the gift you give him. Giving a gift on this milestone will make him remember this day in his life forever and might be a competition for your next anniversary, but don't worry there are more articles on our site BP-Guide, we got you covered

How to Choose the Perfect Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend?

A gift is chosen with reference to the likes of a person. If we want to gift someone something we make sure its according to what they would prefer. To choose the perfect gift for someone we need to keep in mind their age, profession, hobbies and also our budget. Because a gift is a personalized item which someone will remember you by, so its better to stick to the list.

Age is a Factor to Consider

Gifting him something would also be affected by how old he is because at times people tend to growout of stuff so we would give them something more than a gift something like an experience something they can treasure forever. Also age is a very sensitive topic and should not be reminded to the other person often about it. So its safe if you get them a gift they can use always without hurting their sentiments.

How Long have you Known Him?

How long has your relationship been? You wouldn't want to creep him out with some extra clingy gifts if it's just been a month some people just take it slow and take baby steps so lets not scare them with commitment issues because who knows who there ex was maybe she too wrote a song about him (Hopefully not blank space).

Look at His Hobbies for Gift Ideas

Is he the type who sits home on a day off and netflix and chill with you? (The haunting of hill house is amazing btw). Or would he rather go out trekking with you? Would he prefer a date night or spa session? What's his free time pass around? Because the safest side to play on is to gift him something about his hobby because that he could use whenever he is free or whenever he is bored and you aren't around. It could also be something you both met about, it's even better if your hobbies match .

How Much Should You Spend?

The budget of the gift too will depend on how long you have known him. You wouldn't prefer adjusting big on a relationship you don't expect to go to long, check for the signs to be on safer side. A usual budget would be around Rs.500 to Rs.4,000. You could fetch some real nice deals online with shopping season going on there are various sales on websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

10 Ideas for Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend

After considering the various aspects used to choose a gift we can then go on to finalize choosing a gift that we could gift to someone. Here are a few of the best gifts for your boyfriend; we chose them especially for you within the recommended budget and keeping some of the popular male hobbies in mind.

A Watch

Source www.amazon.in

At INR 3996 you can buy this very classy and yet elegant Titan Watch with a black dial and a leather strap, now available on Amazon.com. With this gift you will give him the gift of time. With this easy to handle watch he will never have an excuse to be late to your date (LOL) and also his meetings. This is suitable enough to match not only his suits collection but also casual wear. The Second option present is the Fastrack combo which is a more efficient and budget friendly way through which you can provide him not only a watch but also sunglasses at ₹525 also available on Amazon.com


Source www.nnnow.com

Gift him a fragrance worth remembering forever and oh a life hack-(Spray some on your jackets since its unisex). This elite Calvin Klein Gift set might soothe him with a fragrance of bergamot oil that also ensures the life of the spray will last for hours even in the Indian Summers. Its priced at ₹3,075 and available on nnnow.com.

Source www.nykaa.com

Another option in the market is the One Million by Paco Rabanne priced at ₹4,100 and is available on Nykaa.com. It is a mixture of classy yet a bit seductive smell. Elegant and impertinent in equal measure, an intoxicating, powerful blend that starts out fresh and moves onto a spicy leather accord, this fragrance with juicy citrus and vibrant woods notes comes in luxurious gold body.

A Wallet

With an offer on Allen Solly Mens wallet, now on sale at just ₹1499 at shoppersstop.com, get this wallet with a special compartment for keeping cards safe and also 2 compartments for cash. And ofcourse the famous photo keeping compartment in which you could print and put a photo of you and him. Stylish and utilitarian, this wallet from Allen Solly will be a fine addition to his accessory collection. It comes in a single fold design, which makes it convenient to carry. It also has a slip pocket, multiple slots and an Photo window that will provide him with enough space to keep his monetary essentials organised.

Grooming Set

Source www.beardo.in

Does he have a nice thick beard that he loves and takes care of everyday? This Beardo combo is a great way to make him take care of himself and at a good price too. At just INR 999 you could gift him a combo inclusive of Beard Oil, Beard Wash, Mustache and Beard Wax Stick. The Beard oil is enriched by natural oils that helps in growth and strengthening of the beard and the beard wash gives a fresh feeling and soothing feel and thoroughly cleans and dusts of dirt on the beard. There are a range of products at beardo.in to choose from especially with respect to his skin type.


Source www.ajio.com

Could you uncreepingly find out his shoe size and if he is into shoes then this is just the gift to get him on this anniversary. At ₹1878 you can buy branded Redtape shoes at ajio.com and it also has a coupon called RUSH whith Flash Sale Limited Period Only Min 50% Off + 20% Off On 2490/= & Above.

Source www.nike.com

If he is not into such a look then you can go ahead for a classy but a costlier option that is of Nike's Jordan These shoes will rock his cool look and also available in sky blue colour and red Colour .The Air Jordan Legacy 312 Men's Shoe celebrates Michael Jordan's legacy with this shout-out to Chicago's 312 area code. The speciality of this certain product is that it is actually a mashup of iconic jordan elements , Priced high at ₹12995 now available at nike.com

A Date to the Restaurant you First Ate in

How about going down the memory lane and going back to the restaurant where you both had your first date at rekindle the romance and remind him how every day you have spent with him has been a miracle and how he is a blessing to you . On trip advisor you can choose from a variety of restaurants and also according to the cuisine he prefers.

An Engraved Pen

Is he the bookish type of person? Or does he go to meetings very often? If yes then maybe you should gift him his very own engraved pen. Starting at INR 849 you can engrave your loved ones name onto a parker pen, at Printvenue which looks professional and also will be of great help to him in the near future.


Is he into music and if he is then this might just be a deal for you. With diwali just around the corner there are various gifts to choose from with discount. Available in 3 colours Blue, Black and White you can choose just the one that would look good on him. With an in-built microphone and upto 10 hours battery life he can talk and listen to songs for a long time. If you think this is the perfect gift for him, well you are on luck, Skullcandy Bluetooth headphones are now available at flipkart.com for INR 2999

Bucket List

Make a bucket list of all the tasks you would want to do with him, this might seem like a diary to write tasks to do in but when you see it is more like a lifetime of tasks which you chose to do with just him alone. Get yours at bigsmall.in at INR 1,099. This gift will bring you both even more closer as you both can make future plans together, enlist more milestones and more first times that you would want to spend and make with each other. This package includes a notebook, a bookmark, a multi coloured pen, a ruler and two tapes.

A Trip to a Hill Station

Take him out to venture into the wild, just you and him and the surroundings will do the wonders. Himachal is one of the most beautiful destinations to go to especially Shimla how beautiful it looks at night only you can witness with your own eyes and while staying there, a highly suggested hotel for staying in is the Meena Bagh based in Sanjauli. It has cute and beautiful wooden crafted room set of bedrooms and if you are in luck and it snows the view from there is amazing

A Few Ideas to Make Your Anniversary Awesome

Ofcourse you are going to handle it amazingly, but here are some more ways of making this evening with him even better.

Introduce him to your Parents

The best thing you could gift him is the gift of surety, If you and him are surely on the same page and it has been long enough to take the next step, take him to meet your parents he might get jittery and you might be nervous as well about meeting his parents we got you covered on that as well. Visit Best Present Guide to get insight on that matter.

Adopt a Pet Together

If he is into pets and animals you could go to animal shelter and adopt your own pet not only will you be helping him but also the world by taking care of those who have no one else to take care of them. Find out whether he is a dog person or is into cats. And Maybe the next gift you give him could be his very own pet. But go in for a pet you could adopt from a shelter. Help those who are in need rather than going in for farms that breed animals.

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Badazzling Your Man on Your Anniversary.

After making all considerations, it will be time to present your man with the gift. When doing so, remember to make it captivating inasmuch as it will be surprising. You can also twist the game and change the flow by making plans such as a cool dinner date or something more wild, in place of gifts. While it might be a time to spend together and share each others company, remember other crucial factors such as budget, not to go overboard whilst having or making the nature of the gift even more worthwhile.