If You Want to Give a Gift That Makes a Lasting Impression, Gift an Experience: 10 Best Experience Gifts for Couples in 2020

If You Want to Give a Gift That Makes a Lasting Impression, Gift an Experience: 10 Best Experience Gifts for Couples in 2020

The best part about any gift is the waiting period. The longer you wait, the more excited you are. And it is doubly so when it comes to experiences. The anticipation is a part of the entire experience, just like when you go on holiday. So you could say that the excitement of an experience gift definitely trumps a material gift. The excitement and the anticipation work magic when it comes to their happiness. And spilling onto beautiful memories. What more can you expect from a gift? If you're tired of gifting the customary gifts every time, try something that would allow your loved one to have fun, adventure, and make memories all the while? We bring you the best experience gifts for couples.

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Why Experience Gifts are Much Better than Material Gifts!

A study conducted by experts at San Francisco State University, says “people enjoy greater well-being from life experiences and consider them to be a better use of money”.

It turns out that experience might be the best possible gift you could give someone. It’s not every day you get a gift of a kayaking experience or tickets to a wine tasting tour. While the happiness you get from a material gift is fleeting, an experience stays with you for a long time creating memories and strengthening bonds. The satisfaction you receive from a material gift is high at the point of receiving, but it goes down and becomes just another possession. But when it comes to experiences, satisfaction is long-lasting and can lead to a different path in life.

We are groomed to equate happiness to material belongings. And choosing an experience gift over a traditional gift might not go well with everyone. But we at BP Guide love experiences as gifts, here’s why.

Experiences Strengthen Relationships

Do you think about the memorable experiences in your life? Holidays or special occasions spent with your loved ones; A good meal, exchanging gifts, and unlimited fun; It is as though the world is at bay. But, as the days go by, it’s the memories that bring you a smile; Not the gift themselves. It’s the memories that keep the relationship alive and thriving.

Now, imagine whisking away your loved one on an experience they had not even considered. Or an experience they lusted over, but couldn’t take the step. How about being with them every step of the way, holding their hands? The bond that brings you together only strengthens as you experience it together. Material gifts are enjoyed only by the person receiving the gift. But experiences don't work that way; you get to share it with someone. And that adds to the satisfaction.

Experiences Make Memories

The main reason we go for a material gift is that we think that the gift would bring them happiness. And there is something else that brings you joy beyond what you own. It’s the memories. A material gift stays and brings happiness as long as it works or brings you value. But an experience, however small, remains with you forever. And the memories associated with it, are icing on top.

Every experience brings in something new, even if you get to do the same thing again. Our memory of the experience, though, keeps building. It brings upon a smile on your face every time you think about it.

Experiences are Special

When you are shopping for someone you care about, you tend to buy something that caters to their interests. A gift that would add value and create memories. Something that would bring happiness and euphoria. In this case, you could blindly go for experiences. Experiences bring everything that you desire and more. You cannot go wrong with an experience gift, even if the person is hard to please. It is always sure to please people. So, next time you want to charm someone, give them an experience of a lifetime.

Best Experience Gifts for Couples

For the Young at Heart

Perfume Making Art

Source oyehappy.com

Know anyone who loves everything about perfumes and is passionate about it? Here’s your chance to impress them. Help learn the art of perfume making with a hands-on training perfumer. With a session on the science of perfume making, you get to study the art of mixing fragrances with their identifying notes.

Also, craft your perfume at the end of the session. Both of you get 100 ml of the product each. Offered by OyeHappy, this session also includes a meal; Choose from 2 starters, mains, and mocktails from the menu. Handcrafted perfume bottle, a delicious meal and, most importantly, time well spent, could you ask for anything better? Book your friend from Bengaluru this experience of a lifetime for Rs. 14,490.

Fly Fishing

Know someone who is stressed out of his mind all the time? Why don't you gift them the Fly Fishing experience offered by Thrillophilia? Fishing calls for focus and alertness; This reduces the stress and gives a sensation akin to meditation. The only difference is that this experience happens in the middle of the ocean with a beer or two in hand.

The vast expanse of the ocean teaches your humility and patience. It brings a wave of peace to your soul. You would be provided with awesome modern fishing equipment. Hook your bait, sip your beer and wait for the fish to bite. Available for Rs. 1,320, per adult, this experience is available in Goa.

Messengers on a Boat

Source oyehappy.com

Know a couple who would love some quality alone time? Maybe your parents! Next time they celebrate their anniversary, book them the Messengers on Boat by OyeHappy. Lounging on the private yacht without a care in the world; watching the endless seas; holding hands together and travelling back a few decades when they were carefree; Could you possibly match such an experience?

Costing you Rs. 18,200, the experience comes with a delightful twist as well. Midway through the cruise, comes a motorboat carrying a 15 feet long banner with the message of your choice. While the yacht is available for a few hours, the motorboat circles your yacht for a few minutes. For an extra cost of Rs. 2,300, you could also arrange a candlelight dinner.

For the Young and Adventurous

Pub Crawl

Not for the lightweights out there, but are you a history buff and can handle a drink or two? Genuinely interested in Goa beyond the beach and the alcohol; If so, the Pub Crawl by Thrillophilia is the one for you. Explore the local pubs in town with the help of an experienced guide well versed in Goa’s history. Relish, not just the local beverages but also interesting historical facts and stories about the pubs you visit.

Taking you on a journey on Goa’s nightlife, the pub crawl costs you Rs. 1,150 and lasts about 2 hours. It includes one drink at each pub, followed by dinner at one of the taverns. Meet like-minded people, have some fun, dance a little, and reach home with tons of memories.

In Pursuit of Ruling the Waves

Source giveter.com

Ever watched a kayak battling the waves and racing along? How much fun is it to manoeuvre a path through the water, having the sheer fun? You know someone who loves being one with the water and enthralled by adventure; Gift them the kayaking experience by Kayak Clinic. For a price of Rs. 31,000, the Aquaterra Adventures Kayak School teaches you how to kayak on the River Ganga. Available on giveter.com.

Camping by the river and learning kayaking by day; enjoying the solitude by night; Makes you want to book one for yourselves. You are not learning just to glide on the water; You would be taking on class three rapids if you are ready. Adventurers, roll up your sleeves and jump in!

For the Sober Fledgling

Riverside Camping

Know someone who would love a break from the stress of everyday life and soak in nature? Maybe indulge in a few activities? If so, the Riverside Camping is the one for them. Also, best for someone who is just getting their feet wet in the whole experience concept. Camping by the banks of the Hemavathi river in Chikmagalur with an uninterrupted view of the Baba Budangiri Hills, you get to enjoy peace and solace that you lack in your busy life.

Do you like your weekend to be filled with activities? The experience includes a complimentary sightseeing tour along with tons of activities at the campsite, including swimming in the river. Or maybe you’d like to laze around do nothing but gaze at the lush nature. Amateur photographers could bring their camera for a photography session. Trust us! You cannot get a better location for photography. Available to book at Thrillophilia, the experience is priced at Rs. 1,620 per adult.

Up in the Air

Source oyehappy.com

In this chaotic world, when was the last time you spent quality time with your loved one. Just you and your beloved; Away from all that tags you; Away from all the worries; And just soaring above the clouds. Now that the dream is set, check out the Up in the Air, a balloon ride from OyeHappy.

The uplifting sensation is only matched by the bird’s eye view of Mumbai. It’d be perfect for an anniversary or birthday since the organisers also provide flowers and cake if you request. One word of caution, the success of the ride depends on the weather conditions, so better check your weather app before you book a trip. The ride costs Rs. 82,050, and lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The Antarctica Adventure

Antarctica, the untouched continent; The white beauty; Yet the coldest and the driest of all continents. It has become something akin to passion to conquer this beauty. And if you know someone who has an itch for adventure and nature at its extremes, The Antarctica Adventure by Exciting Lives is curated for them.

Costing you Rs. 1,75,000, the cruise starts from the port of Ushuaia, Argentina, during November to March. The cruise is designed to let you enjoy the marvels of nature, as much as possible. Not including the colonies of penguins and seals in Antarctica, you also get to see whales along the way. In Antarctica, enjoy visits to scientific bases, not to mention the glaciers, waterways, icebergs, and mountains. The adventure starts from Argentina; travel to and from the country is not included in the package. You can book it on excitinglives.com.

For the Travel Bugs

Rajasthan Revealed

For the travel bug out there; The ultimate travel experience to the land of maharajas and palaces. Experience the Rajput culture and the magic that is Rajasthan by being a guest at some of their ornate palaces. From the legendary cities of Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Agra, to Karauli, Bundi, Bijaipur, and Dera Khairwa steeped in culture and traditions, you get to experience Rajasthan uniquely. Rajasthan is not all about culture and royalty; it is also known for its wildlife. And as such you get to enjoy the famous “Bengal Tigers” at Ranthambore National Park.

You would be starting your trip from Delhi, and the ensuing 17 days are one of the most memorable days in your life. Starting at Rs. 1,13,833 per adult, you get to appreciate Rajasthan from palaces like the kings, tents like nomads, and at the lap of luxury at heritage hotels. The “Rajasthan Revealed Tour” is offered by Peregrine Adventures via GiftingOwl.

Explore Ladakh

You should have noticed the same line of thought in all the experiences we have for you. Peace, serenity, and spending time with your beloved; And the last one we have for you just surpasses everything. The place is peace itself with stunning vistas as far as the eyes can see. High passes, sheer cliffs, shimmering lakes, and secluded roads; The very air you breathe is purity in itself.

Being close to Tibet, you can see the influences in the monasteries and the architecture. Costing you about Rs. 33,000 per person, the trip is filled with tranquil rides as well as adventures like white water rafting and dip in the icy waters of Pangong. Let the surreal beauty of Ladakh hypnotise yourself in the Explore Ladakh experience by India Santa.

For the Special Couple

Gift a Tinggly

Source tinggly.com

Looking to buy a gift for that special someone but not sure what to gift them. We suggest you get them the Tinggly experience. Not only is your gifting process made easy, but they also get to choose the experience they prefer and when they want to. Tinggly has more experiences than you could count in 100+ destinations around the world.

Tinggly also has gift boxes curated around specific themes like couples, birthdays, anniversaries, adventures, and more. The recipient also has 5 years to redeem the experience. Our favourites are the Premium Collection gift box and Fun Together gift box, both of which cost $129 or Rs. 9,273. You might also want to check out their Time Together gift box that costs $299 or Rs. 21,492.

Make For a Couple Spa Day

Everybody knows someone who looks after and cares for others; And doesn't really spend time on themselves. Does a name pop in your mind? Gift her/him, a spa day gift voucher from a luxury spa. A day of self-care is just the thing they need to get out of the rut and pamper themselves.

Gift a Night Out

Sometimes, the best possible gift to someone might just be “Time”. Especially a mother with a baby or a newborn; Imagine how much they would love some free time; Gift your favourite couple, a night out in town. Grab a gift voucher from the most elegant restaurant and offer to babysit the kids so that they are free to pursue the night at leisure.

Everyone Loves a Couple Photoshoot

Couple photoshoot is on the rise and is loved by people of all ages. Gift your friend a paid-for-appointment with a photographer. Let them capture the romantic moments when their love spills out, unable to be contained. The age doesn’t matter; everyone loves an album capturing the best of times and memories.

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An Experience Gift is Definitely Worth it Today!

Amid our ongoing hectic lives, we often find ourselves caught up into our work, commitments, so long and so forth. We seldom give time to ourselves to make some amazing memories. An experience gift will only help you get over the regular material gifts but also can be a way to rejuvenate yourself and cherish the memories you make forever!