Gift a Long-Lasting Memory Instead of the Usual Stuff, Pick from One of These Experience Gifts for Men for Someone Special (2020)

Gift a Long-Lasting Memory Instead of the Usual Stuff, Pick from One of These Experience Gifts for Men for Someone Special (2020)

Do you remember which was your first gift? You must have got many gifts since childhood but how many do you still have? how many do you still remember? Now lets again play the game. Try to remember the best moments of your life. It can be with anyone you love. See, in the materialistic world, people only remember memories. Memories are something which makes life beautiful. So while thinking about gifts, why not to gift something which creates memories. Memories can be the best gift to your loved ones.

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Why Experience Gifts are So Special?

For this topic, science is on my side. It is scientifically proven that experience last longer than any materialistic gift. The human mind is designed in a way that it feels much more happiness when gets a new joyful experience rather than some other material gift. So why to waste money on some material gift when you can give a lifetime experience and pleasant memories. There is no comparison between a physical gift and experience gift.

They Help in Making Memories

To be true, experience gifts for men are entirely different from other materialistic gifts you can buy for them. Of course, you can afford the biggest things and great luxuries but none of them contribute towards making memories with your partner or the special someone in your life.

When you are giving him an experience gift, you are giving him an excuse in life to celebrate unique things. So, every time you two will look down the memory lane, you will have amazing memories to cherish because of gifts like these.


There is no doubt in the fact that experience gifts are unconventional. You just can’t compare them to anything else and in fact, you can’t even compare two experience gifts with one another too. Each gift is unique and gives you memories which are irreplaceable.

You can buy flowers and purchase that expensive watch for your man but gifts like these will always be there in his mind. This is definitely a thing which can’t be touched or felt but stays with you for the longest time.

Way Different than Materialistic Gifts

If you are planning some unusual gifts for him then experience gifts are the perfect choice to make. Let’s say you buy a shirt for him or anything else materialistic. These gifts always have an expiry date but experience gifts are entirely different.

To bring a change in your life or to mend things with your partner, you should totally opt for such gifts rather than opting for other options.

Experience Gifts for Men

Men will be men. They can get many materialistic gifts from many people but the feel they get with you, should be special and an experience gift can do your work. We know that you will be thinking about what to do and what to gift, here BP-Guide will make your work easier. Here we are showing some of the best options you can gift to your loved ones.

Cockpit Flying Experience

If the man for whom you are planning gifts like these is quite an adventurous one then he would surely love to try out cockpit flying experience. Well, this is the thing about experience gifts that you can literally gift someone the best memories of their lifetime.

To try your hands at cockpit flying, you need to reach Aligarh Airfield which is located 3 hours from Delhi NCR. You can sit in the cockpit and interact with the pilot as he takes you to new heights and thrill in your life.

They use Cessna 172R for this experience and only experienced pilots are there to join you in this adventure. Also, you should know that Cessna is one of the safest aircraft in the world. The flight lasts for half an hour and you can mention some special instructions too. You can book this experience gift on for Rs. 5,850 per person.

Wine Tasting Tour

The next idea for planning experience gifts for boyfriend is wine tasting tour with him. If you want to plan an exciting but relaxed weekend for your guy for his birthday then this wine tasting tour is just what you need.

Now you can enjoy a full day of exploring vineyards of Nashik which is located 185km from Mumbai. Here you can get to witness the complete experience of wine making from collecting grapes to bottling up the wine.

Other things included in this package are sightseeing and excursions, wine tasting, AC vehicle transport, local English speaking tour guide etc. This cost also covers your journey from Mumbai to Nashik too and you will spend your day at Sula Wine Yard. This is so much fun that you would not want to miss especially with your guy. So, book this now on for Rs.16,386.

Horse Riding

If you live around Bangalore then you can plan this super adventurous gift for the man in your life. A horse riding experience is truly out of the box and spending your entire day doing so can be exceptionally amazing and something to remember.

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried it before because they help you with every little details and basics. You will be provided with a professional equestrian instructor to guide you throughout the process.

You will also receive a complimentary gift with this package. Isn’t it just great? This experience gift here covers package for 2 people and the riding experience is going to last for 30 minutes. You can book your ride from provided slot timings as per your desire. So, book this experience gift now on for Rs. 1,790.

Vinotherapy Massage

If this whole time has been quite hectic and stressful for your man then you can pick such kind of experience gifts for men which are relaxing and calm. For example, you can book this Vinotherapy Massage for your guy which will help him to unwind and chill.

They use aromatherapy techniques in this massage along with grapeseed oil and rose wine extracts. You can decide the massage duration as per your desire along with location and respective centre too.

You are also provided with a De-Stress Gel after your massage to take home. This therapy massage not only aims towards your relaxation but also focus on turning your skin glowing. Once you have bought this voucher, you can use it anytime within 6 months as per your convenience. So, don’t wait anymore and book this massage session now for your guy on for Rs. 3068.

Yacht Experience

It is the time that you pick something completely unexpected and out of the box for your man for the special day in his life. This time we picked this Yacht experience for him. Here, you get the chance to book X-S63 Yacht which is a sunset cruise that leaves from Mumbai.

It is as per your desire that you want it just for one evening or for an overnight getaway. The cruise ride is then followed by dinner on the yacht and this is going to be a hell of a romantic gesture from your side.

The yacht isn’t that big but it is good enough for two people to enjoy some alone time just with each other. The yacht sails to a nearby beach or island and you can also book it for an overnight stay too. This amazing experience can be booked on for Rs. 5546.

Viva La Salsa

The next experience gift is perfect for your man to gift when you want to spend some intimate alone time with him. This would come as a great surprise when both of you are running busy from quite some time. This is Viva La Salsa where you can spend an evening with your man on a Salsa date.

You get to visit Salsa classes with your man and this service is available in Hyderabad only. This is definitely one completely different date night idea but totally worth trying too.

You get to learn from professional Salsa dancers in Dance Studio and this will surely be a night to remember for both of you. You will get 2 hours slot and you can even opt to learn it at your home too. So, book this Salsa Dance Date at for Rs. 11500.

Musical Delivery

Planning experience gifts for husband? Well, you can consider this musical delivery gift for the man of your life. This musical delivery includes hiring a private guitarist at home. However, this service is only available in Pune.

This is so rare that you can get to enjoy something so special at the comfort of your home and music is truly something which can cheer all hearts. If it is the birthday of your husband then you should totally go for this experience gift and the same applies to anniversaries too.

You can also choose a different venue too and you can send them a list of your husband’s favourite songs too. You get 20 minutes of live performance from them which is going to be one blissful experience. Book this experience gift now on for Rs. 3300.

Imagica Gift Card

If you are in no mood to plan your experience gift for a certain date then we have just the perfect option for you. You can rather buy this Adlabs Imagica gift card for your man. You can decide the gift card amount on your own which varies from 500Rs. to 10,000Rs.

This card covers all the Imagica experiences like a Theme park, Water park and Snow park. You can not only buy tickets but can also purchase merchandise and food too.

One can even use this gift card online on the official Imagica site too. This is one hassle-free experience gift that you would not want to miss out on. You can book this gift card on for desired price.

Flyboy Paramotoring

The next kind of experience gift to be included in this section is Flyboy Paramotoring which is definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you are up for some adventure and for the incredible aerial view then you should totally go for this one.

And before you book this experience gift for your man, you should know about his choices clearly. This is quite like growing your own wings but it is quite safe too at the same time.

You will be strapped to your seat and you will be accompanied by experienced pilots too. The flights are set up in Gurgaon so you would have to reach there for this adventure. The experiences last for only 6 minutes but it is surely worth doing. You can book this one on for Rs.3600.

Limousine Ride

If you want to book some extravagant experience gifts for men then you would not want to miss Limousine Ride for the world. To be true, this is as classy as people brag about it and you should totally book it for your man.

This lavish surprise is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and it is available in New Delhi. The duration of this ride lasts for 2 hours which will cover 20kms of distance.

You get to enjoy all the perks and features of Chrysler Limo in this gift which are truly iconic and out of this world. You can further make additions to this ride like cake, bouquet etc. which are available with extra charges. You shouldn’t wait any longer and book this gift now on for Rs. 18999.

How to Pick Experience Gifts for Men?

Now that you know about all sorts of experience gift ideas for him, you should know that how you are going to choose the right one for the right person. The man in your life can be anyone, your boyfriend, husband, brother, father or anyone else. You need to put all your thoughts together to choose the right experience gift for right man. And these tips down below are going to be super helpful for you.

Remember the Choices

If you are picking this gift for the man in your life then it is obvious that you have spent a significant amount of time with him. So, make sure that you know about his choices that whether he like things adventurous or something simpler, indoor or outdoor and so on. This way you can pick something which he can truly enjoy and cherish forever.

Age Matters

Age of the person you are picking this experience gift for matters a lot. For example, if you are picking this one for your father then you shouldn’t go for something adventurous or too much exciting. You can rather keep it simpler and a lot more poised. Whereas, someone who is of the same age as you can try out his hand in something new and totally offbeat.

Locality and Budget

The place where you live plays an important role in planning the experience gifts for men. Apparently, in India, you cannot plan these experience gifts wherever you want as they are limited to several cities only. So, try to find something which can be done in nearby places. Also, the charges should fit in your budget as sometimes these experience gifts can be quite expensive.

Pick Something They Have Never Done Before

If you are planning on to giving an experience as a gift then you should try to pick something they have never done before. This way you cannot only gift something unique but can also fulfil their wishes too. This is the best gift you can imagine for the man in your life no matter who he is. You can definitely find a lot of choices and options online for the same.

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