No More Boring Gifts: Amazing Experience Gifts That will Make Your Loved One's Day Truly Memorable (2020)

No More Boring Gifts: Amazing Experience Gifts That will Make Your Loved One's Day Truly Memorable (2020)

If you are confused about what to gift your husband, or your wife, or your parents for the upcoming special occasion, worry not. We have it sorted out for you. We have listed down some of the best experience gifts that you can give to them and make it a memorable day for everyone. Go ahead!

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How an Experience Helps

Builds a Deeper Connection

Gifting an experience also involves you as part of the entire activity. It is a lot different from the material gifts that you might have given until now. It helps you to build memories for the person to whom it is gifted, and they will be thankful to you through the memories that linger long after the activity is over. Moreover, the remembrance of the experience is shared among friends, which will also give you satisfaction.

People Value the Memories

Very often, we hear our loved ones telling us that they have had enough of gifts. But experiences are loved, and people value memories more than material gifts. We get used to the pleasures around us that makes us disenchanted with the materials around us. However, we always cherish the moments we spend with our loved ones. It is the same reason we are so rejuvenated after a long tour.

These Gifts are Transferable

These gifts are transferable too. In case the original receivers are unable to find some time out, it can be utilised by someone else. In this way, the experience can be shared with other people too. The person who can go for the activity is also happy and remembers the experience for a long time after it has happened.

Unique and Memories Last Longer

Material gifts are often kept aside after a long time due to the normal wear and tear it undergoes. Experiences, on the other hand, stay with us for long through our remembrance and various videos or snaps taken in the course of the activity. Moreover, experiences are unique and add more value to our lives.

Experience Gift for Your Husband

Couple on a Cessna

Ever wondered if flying in an airplane could be romantic! Are you limiting yourself to thinking about air travel you usually do? How about a joyride on a Cessna 172 high up in the skies? With only the two of you to have a bird’s eye view of the countryside down below. You and your husband can have the thrill of a lifetime by being in the cockpit and interacting directly with the pilot. Your husband can talk to the pilot and learn the finer nuances of being a pilot and will be an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

You can board the flight at Aligarh, which is three hours from Delhi NCR. The duration is for half an hour, and the pilots and the aircraft are affiliated with the DGCA. The price of the experience starts from Rs. 5,850 per person. If you are from down south, you have an option at Bangalore. The duration is for fifteen minutes, and the price is Rs.5,000 per adult.

Bollywood Tour

Is your husband a film freak? If yes, then you can send him on a tour of Bollywood. You can take a trip through one of the studios in the film city. It is available in Mumbai and can have a studio tour and experience a live shooting going on. There is also an opportunity to experience Bollywood VFX special effects.

There is a professional guide to accompany you with some titbits about the film industry. You can also view the Bollywood gallery and a café to spice up the day. Some of the tours also provide direct access to some of the shooting of television serials. The tours are generally for two to three hours. The trip costs Rs.6,500 for a couple. It comes with a gift pack containing details about the trip, some interesting trivia and the booking information.

White Water Rafting

If you visit the hills of the North some time, you can add this exhilarating experience in the itinerary. And your husband will be in awe. The surrounding mountainside and the fast waters will provide the exact background that you would expect. The rapids near Rishikesh are an ideal location for rafting.

The organisers take extreme precaution during the activity. They initiate the activity by a safety briefing and inflating the rafts. There are hydraulics and moderate waves on the entire stretch. As a safety feature, the organisers provide wetsuits, paddles and life jackets. The price is Rs.1,000 per person. This particular adventure trip takes around two hours across a distance of sixteen kms.

Luxury Dining Experience

A candlelight dinner is an ideal gift for your anniversary. It will be a welcome change from the gifts of earlier years. An experience of dining at one of the restaurants at the Taj Hotels will be one to cherish for a long time. It will also be a welcome change from your life and dining at home. The ambience is ideal for rekindling your love on your great day. You can also have your children for company.

The gift Voucher is available in cities where the Taj Hotels have a presence. The gift voucher comes in packs of Rs.2,000 and you can take additional ones if you like. It is valid across all Taj Hotels in the country and is valid for one year.

Sailing the High Seas

If you are thinking of making it a special day, what about setting out on a cosy day out on the high seas. It will be a day of sailing with lots of fun with lifelong memories. You can even enjoy the experience like the drawing room of your home with large sofas and a dinner table. There is an overhead deck too. You can also order for a sumptuous dinner along with flowers and a cake or some wine and champagne.

The yacht has room enough for even four to five people and is ideal for a day out for the two of you and will be etched in your memories for a long time. It will cost you Rs.9,440 and can be booked at

Experiences for Your Wife

Record Your Favourite Song

You need some change from the materialistic gifts you have presented your wife for so long. Have you always wished to capture her melodious voice to be heard over the years? Why not have her voice recorded at a professional studio? She will be overwhelmed by the entire experience, and you will also have a song recorded in her voice.

There is an option with Memories Unlimited to record her voice professionally for a well-known song. You can also add-on a luxury car ride to the studio or a personalised wall poster of her at the studio. The experience will cost you Rs.9,250 for a two-hour time slot. Booking needs to be done three days in advance. Currently, it is available in Hyderabad only.

Personalised Wine Bottle

All of us like the choicest wine and are a favourite among women too. And what better gift than having a personalised wine bottle. It is an excellent add-on for a dinner date at home. Light up some candles and turn on some soft music for an added twist to the environment. It will be an evening to remember!

Apart from presenting wine from the vineyards of Sula – renowned for the choicest Indian wine, you can also have a personalised message for your beloved. You have a choice of red or white wine. The bottle comes for Rs.1,750 and is available at

Aromatic Body Massage

Studies suggest that aromatherapy helps in reducing stress and anxiety apart from increasing calmness and relaxation. Why not gift one for your wife on her birthday! It will rejuvenate her and have her relaxed for the entire evening. It will be an experience of bliss, that is a guarantee.

The authentic Thai spa services from Aroma Thai Spa is available at six cities, Mumbai, Delhi – NCR, Kolkata, Kochi, Pune and Ludhiana. You have an assortment of services you can choose from at their website. A deep tissue body massage for an hour will cost Rs.3,310 at their website.

Lifestyle Shopping Pack

We have heard the adage that women love to shop. So, why not indulge your love into something that she would love for quite some time. On one side, you can save some amount on your debit card that usually does not have any upper limit. On the other hand, your wife will also be happy with the gift.

A shopping pack will also provide the freedom to buy anything of your choice. It is also convenient, and there is no risk of having to swipe your card and give out any details. The shopping pack could be of any denomination, but it is best to choose one from a renowned retail chain with outlets in multiple cities. One option could be the Life Style shopping pack of Rs.3,000 that is valid across major cities across the country.

Wine Tasting Tour

Tasting the most exquisite wine is akin to walking in the clouds for some. Sula happens to be one of the most renowned producers of wine in the country. And tasting wine directly from their vineyards is a dream come true for many experts of wine. You can also indulge your spouse with some of the finest brands of wine in the country.

It will also allow both of you to move away from the hectic city life and bask in the countryside. You can visit their vineyards in Pune or Nashik to talk to the experts and gather knowledge about how wine is processed. Also, both of you can taste some of the best wines in the country. A guided tour from Mumbai to their vineyards costs Rs.3,600. There are guided tours also at Chateau d’Ori, Fratelli Wines and the Grover Vineyards.

Experience for Your Parents

A Movie Together


Were you thinking about a gift for your parents? How about organising a movie for your parents – a classic that they both liked from their younger days? It would be an excellent evening for them and enjoying their favourite movie together. The experience of seeing a movie just like the cinema hall with the exception that it would be at home.

The movie can be screened using a projection on a large screen that can be put up anywhere. You may also have a private chef who can offer a four-course meal as an add-on. This experience is currently available in Delhi-NCR at Rs.3,400 through Cherish-X.

A Limo Ride

If you are looking for a valuable experience for your parents, then you may look for a limousine ride. It could be a lavish experience for your parents. Probably it was a dream of your dad to ride in the limo some time. It would be a dream come true! It can also be wrapped in a special gift experience packet.

The vehicle is ideal for even five passengers and includes special lighting for the occasion, DVD screens, along with the arrangements for some champagne. The champagne can be arranged as an add-on. The car will be driven around by a professional, officially dressed chauffeur for four hours. The experience comes for Rs.15,500 and is available in Delhi – NCR.

Private Guitarist


Willing to make your parents dumbstruck on their birthday or their anniversary? Why not arrange for a private guitarist performing in your home. It can also be at any other outdoor venue. It is a rare experience to have in the comfort of your home. The guitarist will render some of your favourite numbers for twenty minutes.

You can enhance the experience through various add-ons, like a half kilo cake or a bouquet of roses. There is an option at Delhi-NC and Jaipur through CherishX for Rs.3,300. For those of you in Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune or Mumbai, you can opt for Oye Happy for Rs.3,590.

Heritage Holiday

City life is all about the same daily chores and monotony. We find it difficult to adjust to such a routine. The predicament of your parents is even worse. So, why not plan a great outing for them. A heritage holiday with all the benefits of being cosy at a stunning location. A flexible gift for a luxurious stay at a resort is a great option. The trip will be etched in the hearts of your parents for a long time.

The gift voucher allows you to choose from an assortment of resorts across the country, viz. Neemrana, Kesroli, Pondicherry, Matheran, Rishikesh, Gwalior, Goa, Coorg, Patiala, Cochin, etc. The booking can be made online at Exciting Lives for Rs.8,450 for a one night stay for a couple. You may increase the number of days of stay as you like.

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