Wow Your Hipster Boyfriend with Some Cool New Gifts in 2018, Plus a Guide to What Hipsters Find Interesting

Wow Your Hipster Boyfriend with Some Cool New Gifts in 2018, Plus a Guide to What Hipsters Find Interesting

Hipsters are by definition people who like to keep up with the latest trends and fashions while putting their own individual spin on it. Dating a hipster is cool, but buying a gift for them takes a little bit of effort. But don't freak out yet, with our help you can definitely buy the coolest stuff on the market that would impress even your hipster boyfriend.

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Getting a Great Gift for a Hipster Boyfriend is Challenging but Doable: Here's How to Get it Right

Celebrating birthdays and other special occasions with your boyfriend is a special feeling altogether. There is nothing more joyous than being in a relationship with someone who gets you in and out. For that someone special, you have got to go an extra mile and make a soul-crushing effort to buy him a perfect gift. Well, it might not always be as easy as it sounds when you start browsing for that perfect gift you want to give to your hipster boyfriend. Your responsibility is multi-level more when your boyfriend is a hipster which means that most of the common gift ideas for him are not going to work and you end up wondering what could possibly make your boyfriend happy. We understand the issue here and therefore we have come up with few wonderful gift ideas that your boyfriend would absolutely love. Just keep a few important pointers in mind.

Select Something Funky

Selecting the perfect gift for your boyfriend who loves his hipster life and attitude is something that you would need to work on. What might look like a nice thing to gift to you, maybe too mainstream for their taste. Hipsters always prefer things which help them amp up their style quotient. They want everything to resonate with their style and shout out loud about their personality. So, before you go ahead and buy that sweet photo frame or ‘I love you’ pillow for your boyfriend, pay attention to his personal style. It's unlikely that someone as offbeat as him would ever go for such common gifts.

Keep His Image in Mind

Hipsters care a lot about their image. They invest an immense amount of time building their persona and any gift that aids in that is going to be readily welcomed by them. You might have dreamt of organizing those carelessly dumped documents in his desk drawer thinking that a document organizer is what he needs right now. But believe us, when we say that you are making a big mistake. Anything which is bland and boring is going to end up in a back drawer in his house, gathering dust. But what they would really appreciate is maybe a really cool customized, sling bag to put their documents in. Once you start to get that, half your battle is won.

Buy Him Something Portable

You cannot expect hipsters to stay in one place and follow a routine. They have a knack for trying different things, places, foods and so on. If you want them to find a use for your gift then it should be something that they can easily roam around with. We say a gaming console is a good idea but not the bulky ones, rather they would like Nintendo Switch in their backpack for the obvious reasons.

10 Funky Gifts for Hipster Boyfriend that are In line with the Trends

Something out of trend would never work with your hipster boyfriend. If you think that he will arrive at the party in a black suit and tie, you are wrong. They do not like anything which does not add a little glitter and glamour to their whole outlook so expect them to wear that motorcycle or moustache cufflinks on a plain white shirt or the broach which reads some classy quote or symbol and so on. Your hipster boyfriend can be anything but boring which means that you have to keep up with him in all the aspects of life, even when thinking what to buy for him as a gift.

Funky Backpack

You might have noticed that your hipster boyfriend never does anything which falls within the cultural mainstream. Also, wasn’t it one of the qualities you liked about him in the first place? So why not gift him something that goes perfectly with his image. There are so many cool backpacks available out there; you just need to select the one which suits your boyfriend perfectly. RNR BackPack is the one to pick if the travelling spirit resides in the body of your boyfriend. Available for Rs.2,000 the bag is very stylish and yet does not compromise on functionality. Buy it from

Picture Magnets


Something funny or deep, every picture magnet has a story to tell. A picture magnet would make the perfect little gift for your boyfriend especially if he has the habit of clicking photos and putting them up for display on the refrigerator. Simply select some of his best photos including the ones of you together. Go to and order your very own customised photo magnets. Prices will vary according to the size and shape of the magnets.

Fire Escape Shelf

Have you ever seen your boyfriend settling down for anything just too bland for home right from the curtains to the pillows? One inherent quality of the hipsters is that they want to make a statement in everything to influence people around them. It is because of that little rebel sitting inside them hoping that the world would change for good and when it does, they would surely be part of it. Well, buying a bookshelf is a good idea but one without any drama is a big no. The BW Decor Metal Craft Fire Escape Spiral Stairs Wall Art, Wall Shelf, Wall Decor fits the bill perfectly. Buy it for $89 which is around Rs.6,231 from

Passport Cases and Wallets


These gift items, we would call is the safe choice for everyone needs a wallet and sometimes passport cases too. But the only mantra to impress your boyfriend who does not think mainstream when it comes to fashion and style is to select something which is exciting. We liked Hornbull Men's Navy Rigohill Leather Wallet in particular for its very stylish designing and Navy Blue Color. Available at the discount of around 70%, the wallet just takes the style quotient of men to another level. buy it for Rs.499 from

Funky Camera Strap

If you want to spice up his camera a little bit which he is going to love, then buying a chain leather camera strap could be a good idea. There are so many options there from single strap to the double strap and all you have to do is to select the best option according to what your boyfriend would love. Our pick is Power Smart Shoulder/neck Double Strap For DSLR/SLR Cameras – Black available on Snapdeal for approximately Rs.1200 after hefty discount. The light weight strap comes with features such as anti-slip technology which makes it worth buying for the trekkers and people who love adventure.

Polaroid Camera


Of course, Polaroid has something unique about them that it attracts everyone’s attention and has been one of the most sought-after cameras for the go-getters. One sure thing which ups the usefulness of Polaroid is its instant picture taking capacity. Also, it is just so much fun to get your pictures instantly and share a copy with everyone. Polaroid is nothing but the fine blend of the traditional and modern photo taking technologies since you also get the option of a digital copy. We found the genuine Polaroid Snap POLSP01W 10 MP Instant Digital Camera with Zero Ink Printing Technology on available at Rs.12,000 after a massive 42 per cent discount. It is available in different colours and the minimalistic design would make you feel holding the genuine Polaroid.



You can say it is their own fashion statement to have a slouchy beanie on their head all the time. There is no hard and fast reasoning over why are they so much in love with the beanies to wear it everywhere they go. Somethings are loved by a man without any reasoning behind it and beanie on the head is one of them. So, if you are bored of him wearing the same beanie all the time with every tee, then you might want to gift him a couple of cool beanies. Our top pick is Noise Combo of Black Textured and Grey Wrinkled Winter Beanie Cap available on for just Rs.550 after a discount of around 70 per cent.

Moustache Watch or Accessories

Something that has really stood out throughout the last couple of years is the new trend where moustaches are just cool. Not just the moustaches, but also accessories shaped as moustaches have become a rising trend. You must have seen the pendants, cufflinks and even bows in that shape. There are watches with the dials having the picture of moustache which again is worn by boys fondly. Well, You can select from so many accessories out there and get the one which fits with the personality of your boyfriend. We liked the Octus Beard Man Printed Dial Watch available on Flipkart on 60 per cent which would have otherwise cost you around 500/- The blue leather strap watch has an analogue display type and watch movement in Quartz.

Superhero Figurines

Well, a hipster or not, every boy loves to collect the figurines of their favorite super heroes and characters. All you need to do is to take a closer look at his figurine collections and find out which one is missing from the pack of Marvel or the DC universe. There are so many options available out there and you can select one from the many. Our pick is Marvel Studio's The First Ten Years Ronan Figure by Hasbro available for Rs.2,000 on The figurine is surely a special one since it is the first-decade special edition.

Custom Jewellery

Well, nothing works like a custom-made gift because those special efforts put behind the gift to make them in line with the personality of the person, every bit. You already know about his likes and disliked. All you have to do is to make sure that everything that your boyfriend would like in his jewellery reflects in that pendant or the custom jewellery you are buying him. We like the website Velvetcase in particular for adding a little bit of customization to the gifts.

4 Ways to Pique Your Hipster Boyfriend's Interest

Make It Interesting and Cool

While selecting the gift never let go the fact out of your mind for even a second that your boyfriend is a proud hipster and he loves anything that helps him look stylish and stand out from the crowd in a fun and stylish way. Look out for the unique things in every gift that you select and then you always have the option of getting it customised.

Cut Down a Little on Emotional Stuff

So, you might want to gift him something that reminds him of you on your anniversary or on occasions which you both are celebrating. However, if it is his birthday then you might want to select something that makes him happy rather than pressing on finding something that makes him emotional or realize how lucky he is to have you in his life. What we are saying that it is his day and he should enjoy every bit of it in a fun way. For such occasions, you might want to leave out the emotional part out and bring the fun part in.

Chain and Leather Rock!

You must have seen your boyfriend going crazy for leather and chain accessories, simply because it ups the style quotient. So, if you are looking to get a gift customized, then styling it with chain or leather would just be the perfect idea.

Celebrate His Urge to Smash Stereotypes

Last bit not the least, accept the fact that you are madly in love with a weird but insanely wonderful guy who might not like the idea of taking shower everyday but has some serious points when it comes to disapproving of the every stereotypical thing that is happening in the society or country we live in.

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Appreciate your boyfriend's individuality

Your hipster boyfriend may live a lifestyle which is beyond the understanding of many, but he is, in fact, a pretty cool guy. His clothes, his choice in music, food and beverages all portray his creativity and uniqueness. Isn't that what attracted you to him in the first place? Celebrate that individuality and steer clear from any kind of cliche and you are good.