Hate Frazzled Hair(2020)? No More from Now, Try These 8 Trendy Hair Straightener Style to Look Beautiful on Any Event or Occasion (2020)

Hate Frazzled Hair(2020)? No More from Now, Try These 8 Trendy Hair Straightener Style to Look Beautiful on Any Event or Occasion (2020)

You must have used a straightener to get your hairs looks straight and sleek, right? But did you know that you can use the same straightener to style your hair in different ways? Hair straighteners have usually been used to straighten out disobedient curls. But few people know that straightener can even be used to shape your hair into beautiful curls. If you want to try this hottest and trendiest hairstyle for yourself, take a look here.

Hair Straightener Styles for Different Length of Hair

Welcome to the insanely confusing world of flat irons! It is the year 2020, which means burning your fingers by hair straighteners has become an old tale. The right hair straightener will last for years without damaging your hair. A ceramic straightener is ideal for fine hair, and if your hair is coarse the then titanium straightener will work great. It is key to get glossy and smooth hair by using the right straightener for your hair type, the beauty depends on the length of your hair too.

Straightening Short Hair

Straightening short hair is tough, but with the right hair straightener and styling tools, you can easily get that done. Just follow some basic rules and get the much wanted smart look.

Wash your hair properly with a mild shampoo and use a conditioner depending on our hair type. You can use a volumizing product for flat thin hair and smoother hair products for thicker, frizzier and coarse hair. Rinse out hair properly and wrap with a smooth towel to soak excess water. Use a wide comb to manage tangles if any, and blow-dry properly.

Before you straighten use a good heat protection spray. This will protect your hair from unwanted damage and keep your hair freeze-free to some extent. Make sections and put butterfly clips to keep hair strands separated.

Keep the temperature of your hair straightener to a perfect level depending upon the type of hair. Try to keep the temperature between 300 to 350 degrees F. Follow the correct technique to straighten your short hair. Keep the hair stands not more than two inches each when you clip them. Take some extra time to do one single strand before jumping to another. Check your hair after fully done and style as you like. Finish it by using a serum as a finishing product to make it more voluminous and lustrous.

Straightening Medium Hair

Medium length of hair is much easier to manage while strengthening as it is neither short, which is tough to keep in between fingers or comb, nor long, which can be tiring. You can make it extremely straight or curl it up to make it short. Prepare your hair by cleaning and moisturising and preparing the tools for straightening. Rub some alcohol onto the straightener to make it dust free and use as usual. It takes less time and gives a more perfect style than any other length of hair. You can carry a medium length styled hair with any kind of dress whether western or Indian and carry off a gorgeous look. Whether it's a party or a day tour just keep your hair open and be worry-free.

Straightening Long Hair

Long hair can be tricky to style as it can hard to manage and it a lengthier process. Try to separate the hair strands properly before you even take the gear in your hand. Long hair takes more time, and it is tough to manage the entire length alone. So start with clean and smooth hair without tangling. Keep the temperature as per your hair texture and be patient while you start and finish hair straightening. If your hair length reaches your waist or more, try to divide the hair from the middle and take help while straightening and styling the back of the head. However, it is quite a task to hold onto your long hair from behind and also the straightening iron!

Best Hairstyles with a Hair Straightener

Flat iron straighteners of modern days look trendy, and they are also user-friendly. Flat irons are simple to use but you will need to pay attention to the safety measures. If you are a beginner by ensuring some simple process you can get hairstyles as you want and at our home too.

Layered Curls

For a beautiful layered curly hair with a straightener, you will need to wash your hair nicely and moisturize it by using a conditioning mask to make it frizz-free if you have dry hair. Use a detangling spray if you still find knots or tangles in the hair. You will need a knot and frizz-free hair for easy straightening.you can also use a tangle-teaser so that your hair breaks less.

Use a root booster for hair which is optional of course. The most important product now after that is to use a heat protectant and a style extender if you have one. The tools you need are a blow dryer, a straightener, two clips, a small clip and comb. You can comb your hair for a free texture, and apply a root booster if you need. Spray a good heat protectant and a styler for making the next step easy.

The next step is using a blow dryer from root to tip from a distance, use a concentration nozzle for accurate drying. Once you are done with drying just make two sections of hair, top and bottom. Secure the top section with a clip and divide the bottom section into two halves. Then use a paddle brush to eliminate any knot if you have. Take one inch of the bottom section hair of one of your sides and clip the other one away. Use the straightener away from your face and turn it 360 degrees away and pull through the whole inch of hair. Use the straightener in every section and finish with the forehead part of the hair.

Bouncy Curls

Flat irons are one of the best ways to create curls easily at home or salon. With a hair straightener in no time, you will get those curls that you crave for. Wash and comb thoroughly for no tangled hair. Use a good heat protectant spray before you start the process. Divide into four sections and start with the lower part of one side. From the root fix the straightener firmly and bring it in the outward direction.

First, separate a simple straight hair strip without using the flat iron in any angled way. Then grabbing the root again bring the tool a little down and put the remaining strip of hair over the straightener and pull it likewise. Do not leave the hair strip and roll again back toward the root. Keep it for a few seconds and then leave it will create beautiful bouncy curls. Now take all the remaining hair strips and adjust with the rest of the hair.

Ponytail with a Twist

Ponytails are a great way to give yourself a sleek look that can be carried with any outfit or occasion. Especially if you are heading out for office or having a professional party, a ponytail brings an outstanding chic elegance. It goes with traditional as well as professional outfits. For a perfect ponytail, you will need a hair straightener of course. But if you want to stand out among all, then try a twist with your regular ponytail. If your hair is on the medium-thick side, and it is a little longer then you can hold a lot of fun styles like the ponytail with a twist. After cleaning, moisturizing and doing a sleek straight hair by a straightener, without any knot, start the fun part. Along the side of your head start doing a French Twist and work it to the end of the hair. Pull all the hair including, the twisted section and make a ponytail. Wrap a small section around the elastic to make it look clean and lovely.

Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid is one of the prettiest among all hairstyles and can be a theme hairstyle in the springtime. The hairstyle is not at all complicated, a quick and easy way to look beautiful for a day at the office, night out with friends, a beach party or even on any formal occasion. It is strikingly feminine and a versatile way to accessorize your hairstyle with beads and other ornaments.

It can be incorporated in any hairstyle you like, and it adds a different texture, volume and charming detail to your overall look and dress. You need to use a hot tool to make your hair sleek and straight and of course tangle-free so that you can make the braid easily. Take a portion from the front part of your hair and start making a braid. Leave one piece hanging that is what will make the waterfall look and take another piece of hair from underneath the braid. Go all-around your head keeping the same measurement and end on another side. You can use the hair straightener again if any touch up is needed. Finish the look with a good light oil or serum.

Deep Side Part

When you want to have a different look without sacrificing even an inch of your hair at the salon, simply making a different parting can give that exclusive look. There is a trend that you do not have to look any further than a deep side part hairstyle. A simple relocation of your hair’s parting can have a strong impact on your overall look. It is chic, polished and a very easy go-to look. As for this particular style, all you need is a blow drier, a styler comb, heat protectant spray and a hair straightener. Begin with fresh hair and blow-dry it, and use your styling comb to create a deep side part. Comb your hair until you get a clean part line, liberally apply heat protectant before blow-drying and styling. Simply use the hair straightener to complete the sleek look. Small changes can make a deep impact so just by changing the part of your hair from the middle to side, can add a whole new depth of appearance. Keep the hair extremely straight or make curls with a deep side part for an aesthetically beautiful look.

Barrette Hairstyle

Barrettes are no more the sixth-grade hairstyle but have been much hotter and trendy options now. For using barrettes in different ways you will need to use a hair straightener to make sleek straight hair or ravishing curls. After using the tool for getting the perfect hair you want to use those cute little clips to accessorize. You can use plain black barrette or something more glitz or even patterned. Barrettes make hair to stay at a single place and states your hairstyle.

Crimped Hair

The world’s beauty industry is changing every day, and one of the newest trends of hairstyle is the crimped hair. It is also called crinkled or zigzag hair. To crimp your hair with the straightening or crimping tool, you will need to wash and condition your hair. If your hair is curly then blow-dry and straightens it to make straight and smooth. Take your flat iron and start crimping your hair from root to tip, keeping the tool 3 to 5 seconds in each section. Spray heat protectant and separate 2-3 Inch You can make a bun, braid or ponytail with the beautiful crimped hair.

Twist and Turn

A beachy wave with a straightener is a must-try hairstyle for anyone for having a soft beautiful effect. You can make it even better looking with a simple twist and turn technique. Straighten or curl your hair with the tool and twist and turn 1-2 inch of the hair from both sides of your temple. Take it till the end and put both strips together behind your head and pin it. You are ready for the beautiful princess look that will go perfectly with any dress.

Best Hair Straighteners in the Market to Style

It is a tough call to buy perfect Hair Straightener among all the varieties available in the market. Hence we are helping you to select a few of the best options you will get to ease up the process of straightening.

HSI Professional Hair Straightener

The style of straight and shiny hair will never go out of fashion. The HSI Professional Hair Straightener is an irreplaceable beauty accessory that has true ceramic tourmaline plates and advanced infrared heat technology which guarantees to give frizz-free shiny hair.

Philips Selfie Straightener

Philips Selfie Straightener can turn our bad day into a great one with its look and performance. The black and pink sleek appearance with perfect heat and right temperature in just 60 seconds, helps you to get the salon-like effect at home.

Havells Ceramic Straightener

Havel’s Straightener heats up in a consistent way which results in even heat across the plates in just 45 seconds. It gives root to tip straightening or perfect flowing curls in no time.

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How Often Should You Replace the Hair Straightener?

Once you start using the straightener, you may likely to replace it after two years. Since the heating device or plate will lose the capacity to heat the hair evenly and thereby diminishes the overall performance. If you’re looking for the best quality hair straightener at an affordable price in your local, go to the accessories category and read those articles to find a better one for yourself.