8 Hair Straightener Oils and Serums to Tame the Frizziest of Hair! Plus the Best Hair Straighteners for Home Use in India (2020)

8 Hair Straightener Oils and Serums to Tame the Frizziest of Hair! Plus the Best Hair Straighteners for Home Use in India (2020)

Tame those unruly locks, banish frizz and get sleek shiny hair without having to visit the salon! These hair products are perfect for straightening at home so your glossy mane keeps its shape. Combine them with the hair straighteners and hair irons we have recommended to get the poker straight look right at home.

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Different Types of Hair Straightening

Bothered by your permanently frizzy hair and the inability to tame your wavy, somewhat curly locks and considering going for a hair straightening procedure? But if you are not sure if it is safe, will it damage your hair, what precautions to take before and after hair straightening procedure and what are the various types of procedures available to get silky, smooth and straight hair.

Hair straightening is basically of two types – temporary and permanent. The former is done with application of heat, either with the help of a hot iron or a hair drier, whereas permanent straightening involves usage of chemical procedures. If this is the first time you are going for hair straightening, then better to opt for the temporary procedure first.

Temporary Hair Straightening

One of the easiest ways to get temporary straightening is by using a hot iron straightener, but do ensure that you shampoo your hair properly and use a good conditioner to moisture your hair to minimize any damage by the heat to your hair. Move the iron slowly from root to the tips to have the entire hair strand straightened. You may have to repeat the movement on a particular section of hair, but never do it more than twice else too much of heat can damage your hair.

Another way of temporary straightening is by using the blow drier along with a roller brush or paddle brush. You need to move the brush and drier simultaneously a few times across the hair to get the perfect straight look you desire.

Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent hair treatment methods last for about 6 to 8 months depending upon the treatment chosen.

Hair re-bonding is considered as one of the best alternatives of hair straightening which is a kind of chemical treatment and makes the hair shiny, sleek and straight. In this method, natural hair structure is broken using a cream and then the structure is re-bond again using a neutralizer. But, re-bonding can’t be done often and the post treatment also requires a lot of care and precautions.

Similarly, hair relaxing is another method in which protein bonds in the hair are broken to give them a straight appeal. However, it’s a complex process and should be done only by a professional at a good hair salon.

The third type of permanent hair straightening is called Japanese or thermal reconditioning. In this process, both chemicals and temperature is used to permanently change the structure of hair by smoothing and conditioning treatment. It’s a lengthy process and takes around six to eight hours to be completed, followed by an hour long visit to the salon again after few days.

But Keratin Hair Treatment is the safest of them all, as Keratin is a natural protein already present in the hair and in this treatment a layer of Keratin is added onto the hairs which leave them silky, smooth and straight. After the coating is done, a special flat iron is used to seal the solution in the hair strands which makes a moisture barrier on the hair thus providing a shiny finish to the hair strands minus the frizzes. This treatment is costly and would last around six months if you rightly follow the procedure with the special shampoos and conditioners post the Keratin treatment, as advised by your hair expert.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Straightening

There are certain pros and cons of hair straightening and it’s better to know about them before you decide for one; at home or an advance treatment at a salon. Starting with permanent hair straightening, few advantages include bringing shine on your hair and making them look straight and great after 6 months.

But, it comes with its own share of disadvantages as well. Less volume and hair thinning being the first signs and also for the first two months, your hair wouldn’t look natural. The permanent hair straightening needs ample amount of care along with regular usage of special shampoos and conditioners. Also, after a year your hair may show signs of damage and split ends because of the use of a lot of chemicals which alter your natural hair structure and form new ones.

However, if you opt for temporary straightening then you get the advantage of getting fuller and natural looking hair. Also, you can easily get your normal hair back with just one wash. But, you have to do it every single day if you want to get a straight hair look on a regular basis. Also, you can’t do this procedure in a humid weather and must use heat protection oils or serums to minimize the damage to your locks.

Though straightened hair definitely looks good, shiny and frizz free, it comes with a set of warnings and side effects. The use of hair straighter can take out the natural moisture of your hair and make them dry. Also, if can take out frizz for some time but the dry hair will ultimately lead to adding more frizz to your locks. Hair straightening also causes breakage, split ends and dullness due to reduction in moisture from your hair and natural oils from your scalp.

Best Hair Straightener Oils and Products

Pre and post hair straightening requires certain precautions and care, and if you are trying to do it at home then choosing the right oil and products is quite essential. Products which are too harsh on the hair or containing strong chemicals should be avoided as they can damage the hair structure and shine in the long run. The following oils and products are few of the best available in market, but make sure to choose the one which suits your hair and do consult your hair stylist before using any hair straightening product.

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Split-End Bandage Leave-in Treatment for Distressed, Damaged hair

Source www.amazon.in

This is a slightly expensive but effective product when it comes to reconstructing your hair from root to tip. This product by Garnier comes with a 3 times damage resistance formula and helps to prevent split ends for strong and rejuvenated hair. This is an imported product shipped from USA and contains ingredients like phyto-keratin complex, containing plant-based proteins and active fruit concentrate, and cupuacu butter, with natural lipids. Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser is available on amazon.in for Rs.2,108.

Streax Hair Serum With Walnut Oil

Source www.nykaa.com

This Streax Hair Serum is packed with nutrients of walnut oil and vitamin E which add shine to your hair and provide frizz free hair anytime, anywhere. It smoothes the dry, tangled and frizzy hair and keep your hair shiny, moisturized and manageable all day long. The Streax Hair Serum with Walnut Oil is available for Rs.189 on nykaa.com.

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment

The non-greasy formula of L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil, enriched with lotus flower extract covers the hair with a thin coat which makes the hair look shiny bright and you feel them soft and silky. This product is specially developed for thin hair and it not only nourishes them, but also absorbs quickly without giving a sticky experience. This light textured oil by L'Oreal can be purchased from in.carethy.net for Rs.720 (100 ml).

WOW 10 in 1 Miracle No Parabens & Mineral Oil Hair Revitalizer Mist Spray

Source www.amazon.in

The natural ingredients provide nourishment to revitalize dull and lifeless hair, thus giving shine to the hair. The no parabens, no mineral oils and no synthetic fragrance formula enriched with botanical extracts and vitamins ecocert certified bioactive hair care gives benefits like root-to-tip frizz taming, stronger roots, improved lipid barrier, less split ends, dandruff elimination, visibly improved texture, hair breakage protection, hair fall control, higher luster and intense hydration.

The mist spray provides non sticky care to your hair. This Mineral Oil Hair Revitalizer Mist Spray by WOW can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs.418.

Moroccan Oil Treatment Oil for (All Hair Types)

The nourishing and residue free formula of this oil is suitable for conditioning, styling and giving a shiny finish to your mane. The solution contains antioxidants for protection, fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine and the oil repairs dull and damaged hair. The special formula of the oil protects your hair from heat, environmental damage and harmful effects of hair straightening. The Moroccan Oil Treatment Oil can be purchased from nykaa.com for Rs.3,150.

The Body Shop Grapeseed Hair Serum

Source www.amazon.in

The grapeseed hair serum by The Body Shop contains grape seed extract and sesame seed oil which provide natural nutrition to dull and frizz prone hair. Just apply a small amount of the hair serum and see how it smoothens and adds gloss to the hair. The Body Shop Grapeseed Hair Serum, 75ml bottle can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs.970.

Hair Straightening Oils and Serums for Men

Set Wet 2-In-1 Serum, Shine & Set (Hair Serum For Men)

Source www.amazon.in

Though hair straightening is considered mostly a women’s procedure, but few men also opt for it or some other kind of hair styling. Hence, we have chosen the last two hair care products especially for men.

The Set Wet 2-In-1 Serum has a unique combination of setting solution and conditioning serum along with almond oil which gives a shiny look to your hair. The conditioning serum makes your hair soft and let you set them as per your convenience. The Set Wet 2-In-1 Serum, Shine & Set (Hair Serum for Men), 100 ml pack is available for Rs.179 on amazon.in.

Hair Oil with Argan & Almond (For Men)

This hair oil is made up of 100 per cent natural ingredients and contains Omega 3 and 6, minerals like magnesium and Vitamin E which promote hair growth and increases the blood circulation to the hair follicles. Regular use of this oil reduces dandruff as Vitamin A, D, part of Vitamin B complex, etc. increases nutrition in the hair and makes them soft, shiny, silky and healthy. Also, the split ends and frizz in the hair is taken care of by this oil. The Argan and Almond hair oil by themancompany.com can be purchased from their site for Rs.699.

Bonus: Best Hair Straighteners to Get Sleek, Shiny Hair

For temporary hair straightening, choosing a good straightener is crucial as you are exposing your hair strands to direct heat. Thus, a quality product which can provide the required amount of temperature and distribute evenly to the hair should be picked carefully. Let’s check few of the most popular products from this category.

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener With Keratin Ceramic Coating

Source www.amazon.in

The Kerashine hair straightener by Philips comes with SlikPro Care for less heat exposure to your traces. Justifying its name, it has Keratin infused ceramic plates for ultrasmooth gliding and has extra wide plates for thick and long hair. The device comes with a 1.8 meter safety cord and has fast heating feature which helps the plates to get heated in just 60 seconds. The Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener weighs just 599 gms and is available on amazon.in for Rs.2,450.

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener with Titanium Coated Plates (Golden)

Source www.amazon.in

The Titanium coated plates ensure frizzes free hair and the movable plates adjust to the thickness of the hair and glides smoothly over your hair. The Havells Hair straightener comes with six adjustable temperature settings to suit different hair types. The floating plates prevent hair breakage and thin plates are useful to make bouncy curls. The Havells Hair Straightener with Titanium Coated Plates can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs.1,599.

Remington S9600 Silk Straightener (Red)

Source www.amazon.in

The Silk Straightener by Remington is a notch above its contemporaries with features like Digital Variable High Heat Control (LCD), temperature key lock, auto shut off after 60 seconds and memory function. The ceramic coated Remington Silk Straightener is available on amazon.in for Rs.7,904.

TORLEN Professional TOR 040 Adjustable Temperature Hair Straightener Flat Ceramic Iron Pink

Source www.amazon.in

This straightener comes in girlish, pink color and is technically advanced as well. As the Tourmaline ceramic technology with micro porous technology locks the hair’s natural moisture and the ion field technology creates smooth and shiny hair. The fast heating takes place in just 30 seconds and the 9 feet long cord makes it easy to maneuver. The Floating flexible and scratch resistant plates glide through the traces and gives smooth and shiny traces. The Torlen professional hair straightener can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs.2,690.

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Learn to love your natural hair

Taming frizzy hair can be a daily challenge specially in damp weather and sporting straight hair can be a wonderful change from time to time. However, learn to embrace the hair you were born with; with a little love and care it can become smooth and glossy. Hair treatments make your hair look nice for a short while but repeated chemical and heat treatment can damage it in the long run.