Get That Gorgeous, Healthy, and Lustrous Hair of Your Dreams. 10 Natural Hair Products to Give You Stunningly Beautiful Hair with No Side-Effects (2020)

Get That Gorgeous, Healthy, and Lustrous Hair of Your Dreams. 10 Natural Hair Products to Give You Stunningly Beautiful Hair with No Side-Effects (2020)

Hair is the crowning glory of a person's personality and everyone aspires to have beautiful and shiny hair. It is, therefore, no surprise that most people are very concerned about the health and appearance of their hair. This BP Guide will take you through the best natural hair-care products which are currently available in the market.

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Opt for Natural Hair Products

Be it your life or your hair, there is no one better than Nature to take care of it. If you are thinking of shifting your focus from chemical-based beauty products to more natural substances, then you are on the right path. As the society is exploring better ways to support both themselves and the environment, organic items are gaining control over the market, particularly in the beauty segment. Consumers are now spending on eco-friendly and natural beauty products which don’t hamper the balance of nature and successfully create a positive effect on our beauty and our body.

3 Benefits of Using Natural Hair Products

If you are still a little hesitant, then discover the benefits of treating your hair with all-natural products.

#1: Gentle on the Skin

The shampoos, hair oils, conditioners and masks that women mostly use are made of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Such products are actually not meant for the skin or hair, but rather they are manipulated artificially to do so. No wonder, such chemicals often irritate your scalp and skin. On the contrary, natural hair-care products are loaded with natural ingredients containing plenty of vitamins, proteins, essential oils and fruit extracts to nourish your hair and to soothe your scalp. If you have any type of skin allergy or your scalp is prone to irritation, then it is best to go for organic hair products and to protect yourself from such problems.

#2: Promotes Overall Hair Health

Chemical hair products not just irritate the scalp but also damage the texture of your hair over time. One of the disastrous effects of chemical products is stealing the natural shine of your hair by stripping the natural oils. This inevitably causes more hair fall and unmanageable hair. When you take good care of your scalp and hair by using organic products, you can seriously see the difference in just a couple of months. Natural ingredients help your hair to grow longer and stronger backed by a healthy shine. Organic hair products lock the natural moisture of your hair and make it more defined.

#3: No Harmful Substances, Side-Effect Free

In order to make your hair look beautiful for a while, chemical-based hair products are heavily loaded with harsh ingredients like silicones, parabens and sulphates. These ingredients do more harm than doing well to your scalp and hair. If you replace them with natural ingredients, it benefits your hair in the long run. No harmful chemicals means no side-effects.

Top 10 Natural Hair Products You Must Buy!

If you are not a pro about finding great natural hair products, then just go through the following list that we have curated with the top 10 amazing natural hair products to give your beauty a little push.

#1: Cureveda Grow – Plant Biotin Advanced Hair Nutrition

If you are looking for remedies for your excessive hair-fall and poorly nourished hair, then Cureveda Grow – Plant Biotin Advanced Hair Nutrition is the right product for you. This wonderful hair nutrition has been crafted carefully with 10 mg biotin, 10 mg lycopene and 280 mg silica from natural sources. It keeps your scalp healthy and safeguards your hair from premature greying. As it controls your hair-fall and hair thinning measurably, you can expect a healthy shine and volume in your locks within a month. This 150 gm plant-based hair nutrition is sufficient for a period of 30 days. This vegetarian product is devoid of added sugar or any artificial colour or flavour. Order it from Cureveda at a price of ₹ 995.00.

#2: Natural Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo is an essential ingredient for a hair-care routine. The Natural Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner from The Moms Co. is a wisely formulated set of products to give your damaged hair a healthy boost. This shampoo is loaded with the goodness of keratin and Moroccan argan oil to strengthen your hair from the roots. This natural ingredient-based shampoo doesn’t contain any trace of SLS and paraben to keep your scalp safe from itching and irritation. Regular use of this hair shampoo and conditioner makes your hair soft and adds a healthy shine. You can buy this shampoo and conditioner set from The Moms Co. with a spend of just ₹ 976.00.

#3: Hair Serum Anti-Frizz Jojoba, Argan & Chamomile

Women often complain about frizzy hair and one of the common reasons for this problem is undernourishment. To own soft and manageable locks, it is important to treat your scalp and hair with the right kind of grooming products. Say bye-bye to frizzy hair with The Earth Collective Anti-Frizz Hair Serum. This non-sticky, ultra-light serum is known for keeping the frizz in check so that you don’t have to waste time on those tangles and knots. Rich in argan oil, jojoba and chamomile – this magic potion treats your hair and scalp with loads of vitamins and good minerals to ensure health and shine. You can bag this product by paying just ₹ 850.00 at The Earth Collective.

#4: Reetha, Amla, Shikakai Combo Pack for Hair-Care

The best combo to treat your hair with nature’s blessings is reetha, amla and shikakai. If you want these three ingredients to take care of your scalp and hair problems, then bring home the Attar Ayurveda’s Reetha Amla Shikakai Natural Shampoo Combo. Free from harmful chemicals or any sort of artificial ingredients, this combo does wonders when it comes to strengthening your hair from the roots and removing dandruff. This combo pack is made of 100 gm of reetha, 100 gm of amla and 100 gm of shikakai. This combo pack not just cleans your hair but gives your hair a natural shine so that you don’t feel the need of a chemical-based conditioner after a hair-wash. This combo comes at a price of ₹ 289.00 and you can place an order for the same at Attar Ayurveda.

#5: Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Beauty and health-conscious ladies don’t need an introduction to Moroccan argan oil. You can swear on this nature’s potion when it comes to treating problems related to your hair, scalp and skin. The Moroccan Argan Oil from Anveya is a miraculous product for hair and skin. This vitamin-E enriched oil comes with exceptional anti-ageing properties that help your hair to fight damage, split-ends and premature greying. You will get back that bounce, shine and volume in your hair soon, as this oil also reduces hair-fall significantly. Apart from hair, you can use this oil to treat your acne breakouts and also hydrate your lips and nails. You can buy this natural product for ₹ 1,295.00 by ordering it online from Anveya.

#6: Herbal Hair Mask (100% Natural)

If you are looking for something natural for your hair without it being exorbitant, then grab the Madilu Herbal Hair Mask. This 100% natural hair mask can be used more as a hair-wash powder that nourishes your hair as well as keep it hydrated. Regular use of this hair wash powder benefits you with lustrous hair and reduced hair-fall. You can also get rid of other hair problems like malnourished roots, dandruff and dullness with this one product. The Madilu Herbal Hair Mask is suitable for all hair types. This hair product comes with a shelf life of 24 months from the date of packing. This wonder product proves that owning beautiful and strong hair is possible even within your budget. You can order this all-natural hair wash powder for just ₹ 200.00 from Qtrove.

#7: Soulflower Reetha Coconut Milk Hair Cleansing Bar

Soulflower Reetha Coconut Milk Hair Cleansing Bar is a handcrafted soap which can be a good alternative to your chemical-based hair-wash products. This 100% natural and vegan soap bar is made with cold-pressed technology to lock the goodness of its natural ingredients so that you can give your hair and scalp a natural treat without a hint of harmful chemicals. This bar is formulated from ginger juice, lemon essential oil, reetha powder, coconut milk, castor, palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Thanks to so many types of natural oils, this Soulflower hair cleansing bar is a good source of vitamin-E which prevents premature greying and dehydration. You can have a healthy scalp and lustrous hair as the bar is rich in vitamin-A, E and C. The unique formulation of this soap bar leaves a sweet aroma on your hair which smells so refreshing and mild. Order this bar from Soulflower by paying just ₹ 339.00.

#8: Kerala Naturals Herbal Hair Oil Mix

Kerala is the land of ayurvedic medicinal plants which are known to the world for their unmatched healing power. The Kerala Naturals Herbal Hair Oil Mix is one such amazing hair-care product with countless benefits. This oil mix is made of two primary ingredients – the devdaru plant extracts and the khas herbs. Both these natural ingredients are used widely across the globe for their medicinal properties. Use of this herbal oil mix ensures that you get a healthy scalp without any problems of itching or dandruff, while making your hair stronger and shinier. The 50 gm bottle of this oil mix is available at a price of only ₹ 190.00 and you can order it directly from 1MG. Give your hair and scalp medicinal care with Kerala Naturals Herbal Hair Oil Mix.

#9: All Natural Hair Growth Herbs

There is hardly any better alternative to grandma’s remedies for skin, hair and health. Areev – Ally Matthan Creations Pvt. Ltd. believes this strongly and they have formulated something effective to reduce hair-fall and promote hair growth without taking the help of any type of synthetic or harmful chemical. In this bottle, they have stored dried and crushed homegrown herbs. You just need to heat the oil and pour it into the bottle so that nutrients from these herbs are absorbed into the oil. This oil is now all set to treat your hair with the goodness of all those natural herbs. This herb-packed oil mix bottle can be found on Q Trove and it costs only ₹ 750.00.

#10: Indus Valley Organically Natural Hair Colour – Black

If you are having grey hair, then the best way to camouflage them is with natural hair dyes. The Indus Valley Organically Natural Hair Colour is a great formula that includes only natural and herbal ingredients. This hair colour is formulated with nine natural certified organic herbs which aim not just to hide those grey strands but also to promote hair growth and prevent hair problems like premature ageing, split-ends and dandruff. Infused with plant extracts of jojoba oil, henna and sunflower – this gel formula nourishes your hair from the roots and protects the colour from UV rays. You can order this gel colour to your doorstep from Nykaa against a payment of ₹ 575.00.

3 Ways to Take Care of Hair Daily

Just the way it is important for you to choose the right hair product, it is equally vital to develop some good habits in order to pamper your hair and scalp. Here are three easy habits that can benefit you in the long run:

#1: Wash Regularly with a Mild Cleanser

Regularly wash your hair with a mild cleanser to keep it free from dust and other suspended particles. Don’t let dust to accumulate on your scalp as this can cause itching and fungal infection. Wash your hair with the right cleanser at least 2–3 times a week.

#2: Oil Hair at least Twice a Week

Oiling your hair the night before shampooing is the best way to lock the natural moisture of the hair. Choose a herbal oil depending on your scalp type so that you get a healthy scalp along with shiny hair. Regular oiling also helps hair roots to get their nourishment without much effort.

#3: Brush Hair at least Once a Day

Never neglect brushing your hair. Brushing not just detangles your hair locks but also enhances blood circulation to the scalp. Better blood circulation means better hair growth and lesser hair problems.

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Switch to Natural Hair Products

It is important that you switch to natural hair-care products immediately to protect your hair from long-term damage and to retain their strength and lustre. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you in finalising which natural hair-care products would be the best for you. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.