Is Your Bathroom a Black Hole of Pastes, Pomades, and Shine Sprays(2020)? 10 Best Hair Products for Women That are Guaranteed to Give You Plenty of Style Options while Maintaining Hair Health.

Is Your Bathroom a Black Hole of Pastes, Pomades, and Shine Sprays(2020)? 10 Best Hair Products for Women That are Guaranteed to Give You Plenty of Style Options while Maintaining Hair Health.

Your hair products are the first and most important step to achieving a desired look or hairstyle. Without the correct hair care products, you can kiss that beachy boho look or sleek chignon goodbye! In this blog post, we're going back to basics to give you the rundown on 10 everyday hair products every girl should have and know how they are useful, to ensure lovely locks and healthy hair.

Importance of Using Hair Care Products

Our hair plays an important role in how we look, which makes people obsessed making it look good. Their hair is probably the first thing you notice when you meet someone, especially for women. Beautiful hair makes you look pretty and enhances your confidence. It is important to take proper care of your hair for it to be healthy and shiny. You will find people hunting for hair products advertised by celebrities but that is not all that is needed when it comes to taking proper care of your hair.

Although it is not too hard to take care of your hair there are many different factors that can be damaging to your hair that we need to keep in mind. Things like environmental factors, lack of vitamins and minerals, proper diet, over-styling can damage your hair. Earlier women usually stayed at home and didn't have to worry too much about exposing their hair to the environmental factors but now since a lot of women are working, it is important for them to understand that taking care of your hair through special products is necessary.

Hair needs certain proteins to stay strong and healthy to fight the things that may damage it. The question arises as to why is it so important to take care of your hair? Well, bad hair is directly connected to your confidence. If you feel your hair doesn't look good then you will feel nervous, will lack self-confidence, you might even cancel your outings as well.

  • Small things like trimming your hair regularly can help it stay healthy. It is a myth that trimming promotes hair growth because hair grows half an inch each month but trimming is necessary to avoid split ends.
  • Using appropriate shampoo is also very important when it comes to hair care. Each one of us different properties when it comes to hair therefore we all can't use the same shampoo. It is important to find the one designed for your hair. One should look for mild shampoos to avoid damage.
  • It is important to be gentle with your hair. Brushing your hair every day is important but if you are not using gentle strokes to do that you are directly damaging the roots of your hair. Use a good hairbrush and avoid brushing wet hair as they break easily when wet.
  • Eating the right food is also very critical. A healthy diet will help your hair get stronger. You should eat eggs, milk, fish, nuts, vegetables and lots of grains to stay healthy and to keep your hair glowing. You can also take vitamin and mineral supplements for better hair growth.
  • Try to use natural products for hair and avoid using a hair drier, curling or flat irons as heat damages hair. If you are colouring your hair then try to use natural henna as the chemicals in hair dye and harmful for your hair.
  • If you are stressed it will show directly on your face and affect your hair as well. So be happy, sleep well and drink lots of water.
  • Try to use hair treatment at least once a week. You don't need to go to a salon to use it, there are tons of home remedies that can help you treat your hair and keep them shining. Don't forget to use good hair oil once a week for better growth and nourishment to your scalp.

Best Hair Products for Women

Deep Conditioner


Conditioners are life savers when it comes to caring for hair. We end up using millions of styling products and harass our hair through heat treatments which leaves hair coarse, dry and with split ends. The use of colours and perming chemicals is the worse therefore it is necessary to use a good conditioner after each wash. A conditioner boosts hair’s health and moisturizes it. It is advisable to use a good deep conditioner at least twice a week for healthy and glowing hair. You need to wash your hair with shampoo and apply the conditioner, cover with a shower cap for a good 15 to 20 minutes. Wash hair with cold or running water. You will be happy with the results.

You can buy the Dove Regenerative Repair Conditioner for Rs. 195 from Nykaa. This conditioner is great for damaged hair and gives instant nourishment to dry hair. It is loaded with Red Algae Complex which resorts its look and feels. It is also good for coloured or straightened hair. You will love the touch of your hair right after the first wash.

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth Therapeutic Oil for Falling Hair


Hair fall is one of the most prominent issues with women. Seeing a bald man is ok but a bald woman or woman with less hair is not a good sight. Hair falls brings sleepless nights and nightmares. It is common to lose hair while you brush but if you are having serious hair fall if you are collecting hair from your pillow in the mornings than you have a problem at hand. Hair fall could be because of many reasons and not eating a nourishing diet is one of them. Try to eat food with high proteins to avoid hair fall. Oiling your hair regularly is also very important and a dry scalp could also be a reason for hair fall.

You can buy this Biotique Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil specially designed for hair fall. The oil increases hair growth and fights hair fall. It is good for all hair types and has no Sulphate in it. Massage the oil gently on to the scalp in circular motions once a week. Leave it on for half an hour and rinse with tap waters. You will notice hair growth in two weeks if used regularly.

The oil is available for Rs. 111 for 120 ml on

Streax Perfect Shine Hair Serum

Another must-have hair care product for women is the hair serum. It protects the hair from damage done due to pollution, dust, humidity and styling instruments. A good serum acts as a shield and saves your hair from excessive dryness and conditions your hair as well. Some people use oil in place of a serum but it leaves your hair looking sticky and greasy therefore the better choice is to use a hair serum. It also helps in detangling hair without having to pull on them. You can use a hair serum either on towel-dried hair or on dry hair if you are using it for styling.

If you are looking for a hair serum for frizzy hair than buying Streax Perfect Shine Hair Serum is a good choice. It makes your hair smooth and manageable. This serum has walnut oil which provides that extra shine you want before you head out to a party. It seals the smoothness into your hair cuticles. It is also loaded with Vitamin E which nourishes your hair and helps it stay stronger. You can buy a pack of 2 bottles of 100 ml for Rs. 348 from

Habibs Henna


Hair colouring products are in demand by a woman. Women like to experiment with their hair and end up using a lot of different colouring agents which leaves their hair dry and brittle. Most of the hair colors guarantee no ammonia but it’s not always the case. You will find many women complaining about their hair turning completely grey after using hair colour on it.

If you want to colour your hair you should use Habibs Henna. It is one of the best products for grey hair. It is an all-natural product with no ammonia. It contains Bhringraj and Amla which not only gives a good colour to your hair but provided great conditioning to it as well. Use it according to the instructions given on the bottle. You can also use the oil after washing henna overnight and shampoo it the next day for better results.

Go ahead and buy the Habibs Henna for Rs. 253 for 200 g from

Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil


Using hair oil is a must because they provide nourishment to the lifeless scalp and hair. Remember in olden days it was a ritual to put hair oil once a week. Today most women are busy and forget to do so. You can find all sorts of hair oil in the market from the age-old coconut oil to the new Argan oil; you will also find oils with non-greasy formulas these days. It is important to buy good hair oil without minerals or paraffin because they leave your hair over greasy and make them dry in the long run.

You can buy this Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for Rs. 725 from Nykaa. This is a great oil which conditions the scalp and hair and leaves it well moisturized. It makes your hair shine and gives it a great texture. It is 100% organic, pure and cold-pressed which enables it to balance its nutrients and give the best effect. You can massage it onto your hair before shampooing and feel it work right after the wash.

Loreal Paris Professionnel Expert Serie – Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo

We all need to shampoo our hair regularly to keep it clean and healthy. Sun exposure, pollution, chemical treatments etc leave our hair damaged beyond repairs but now you can find great shampoos that can heal your hair and restore its health. You can buy this wonderful L'oreal Paris Professional repair cellular shampoo for Rs. 696 for 300ml bottle from

This shampoo has lactic acid which helps strengthen and protect your hair. It is a gold quinoa + protein shampoo for dry and damaged hair.

White Rain Extra Hold Hairspray

Hair sprays are getting popular day by day. They help your style and hair and hold it for a long time. They are high in demand; a hair spray is a fine mist of chemical compounds that are sprayed onto the hair. You can apply them on wet hair as well as to dry styled hair to hold the style in place. People usually avoid using hair sprays because it is taken as something which might damage your hair but if it is used in moderation it won't harm your hair at all. It is important to wash your hair after you use hairspray on it.

This White Rain Extra Hold Hairspray is a good buy for people who like to try new looks. It has natural ingredients like the white lily extracts, green tea extracts and hydrolyzed wheat protein which helps in improving the quality and texture of your hair not to mention eradication of frizz from your hair. You can buy it for Rs. 2,981 from and use it regularly on dry hair. It will help you manage your hair and the best thing about using it is that it does not weigh down your hair and make it look volume less

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Color Save Shampoo

Colouring hair is in fashion these days and women use all kinds of hair colour which leaves their hair dry and damaged. It is important to use special shampoos for coloured hair. Using normal shampoos will not be able to fight the damage caused by the chemicals in hair colour. You can buy Schwarzkopf Professional BC Color Save Shampoo which works great on coloured hair. It is sulphate free and provided protection to your hair. It also helps the colour to stay longer. It provides extra polishing to the hair which leaves it glossy and shining.

You can buy this shampoo for Rs. 925 for 250 ml from It is a gentle shampoo which removes excess dirt and oil build-up from your hair. It also strengthens your hair and increases its vitality. You won't regret colouring your hair if you use this colour to save shampoo on a regular basis.

Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel

If you like to experiment with different hairstyles you should buy a styling gel for yourself. It is a product which is made to hold your hairstyle in place. If you like that bold look of slick hair tied back in a bun you can use a styling gel to achieve it. Earlier styling gels were used by men but women are using it often now to look bolder. A styling gel not only holds your hairstyle but also adds extra texture to it. It also gives a glossy shine to it and makes you look chic.

There are different kinds of styling gels available in the market but one of the best on is the Garnier Fructis Style’s Pure Clean Styling Gel. It is made of 98% of natural ingredients, it contains no colouring agents, silicones or parabens which makes it one of the healthiest styling gels in the market. It also controls unwanted frizz. It is easy to use this gel and is even easier to wash it off after using it.

You can buy this Garnier styling gel for Rs. 507 from It will give you that wet and slick look you always desired.

Things to Consider while Buying Hair Care Products

It is important to find the right hair care product for your hair to keep it healthy and shining. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while shopping for a hair product for yourself.

  • We all have different types of hair therefore not all products work on everyone. You need to find the one which provides the best care for your hair. It is advisable to buy products with natural ingredients for the best results.
  • You should also buy products which are useful for you. If you are not suffering from dandruff then you don't need to buy a dandruff fighting shampoo. Buy products designed to help you work in the area you want to improve.
  • Check the labels before you buy a product. You should know what your product contains and avoid buying products with alcohol in it as it will have negative effects on your hair in the long run. It causes excessive dryness. You should also avoid buying hair products with Sulfur as it is harmful to your scalp.
  • When it comes to buying hair products try not to buy cheap stuff. A low costing product might be an indication of low quality or unsafe products.
  • You will not always find the best hair products in one go. You need to experiment until you find the best one for your hair type.
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Keep Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful.

Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons are great and help you create beautiful hairstyles but, they can be damaging to the hair because of the heat. Because of this, we always suggest using a heat protectant product, before using a blow dryer or iron.

Every hair service has a "best before" date attached to it. For hair colour that date is four to five weeks out from the date of service. This will keep your colour vibrant and avoid the appearance of roots.