10 Mesmerizing Vintage Style Wedding Hair Accessories (2020) that Will Sit Like a Crown on Your Head.

10 Mesmerizing Vintage Style Wedding Hair Accessories (2020) that Will Sit Like a Crown on Your Head.

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If you're a bride to be and your wedding is vintage themed, this article will give you some gorgeous vintage hair accessory recommendations that you can pick from. Easy on the pocket, most of these accessories are pretty affordable. We have also added a few helpful tips for your benefit at the end. Go ahead!

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Ready to be Beautiful Bride with Wedding Hair Accessories?

Every woman wishes to dress up drop-dead gorgeous on her special wedding day. Each and every element of the wedding day ensemble needs to be carefully picked to complete that bedazzling bridal avatar. And the right choice of bridal hair accessories can beautifully complement both the wedding hairstyle and the dress. And let us be completely honest with each other, we don't want to compromise or risk an inch on the wedding day, no matter how much extra hard work we have to do beforehand in order to plan it in the best way possible.

However, the task isn’t as simple as one might deem it to be. There is so much to choose from when it comes to selecting wedding day hair accessories. While thinking about how to go about choosing wedding hair accessories, it’s important to have at the back of mind about the relevant wedding hair trends, the style of the wedding dress and what wedding hairstyles one is considering. Will it look good with flower hair clips? What about a hair clip that says 'bride'? Some brides may choose to go with a long veil or a glitzy tiara, while other brides planning a festival-themed wedding may want to rock a flower crown on their big day.

Even if hair is a common feature we all have, there are exceptionally different textures, colours, patterns, cuts, and designs we have. Thus, it is absolutely necessary that we do proper research and study about what suits what, what is good and what is in trend in order to make our ultimate choice. Since we completely rely on the internet for everything in today's time, this too can easily be done online, all you have to do is surf. Not only can finding the perfect bridal hair accessory be exhausting, just figuring out how you will wear your actual hair can be a pain in the neck as well.

Ideally, one might want to choose the wedding hair accessory after having finalised on the bridal hairstyle so one knows which kind to get, or maybe prefer to pick a hairstyle based around the chosen hair accessory. The choice is always up to the bride. Here’s some inspiration of popular wedding hair accessories that can make a bride’s task a little bit easier.

Top Picks of Vintage Wedding Hair Accessories

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1. Hair Vines

A bridal head vine is essentially a delicately twisted length of wire, decorated with crystals, pearls, and other ornate features, which is fixed in place with pins and can be seen adorned by a bride on her wedding day. The head vine can be worn as a stunning standalone bridal headpiece or can be paired with other bridal accessories, like veils, hairpins, or wedding hair combs, to achieve a variety of beautiful looks. A wedding hair vine can be interpreted as an extremely flexible bridal hair accessory. It works with a broad selection of wedding hairstyles and other accessories to create a plethora of looks that will suit the personal style of every bride-to-be.

Worn as a headband, a hair vine gives one the option to wear her hair up or down, combining a little practicality with exquisite detailing. For a look that is a little more subtle but no less elegant, it would be easier to go ahead with a hair vine, which also has the added benefit of being more versatile in how it is worn – across the forehead, like a hair band or across the back, with hair long and loose or finishing off an up-do depending on which of these looks suits the best.

Fashion Flower Bridal Wedding Hair Vine Crystal Headpieces Bridal Headband is an ideal head vine made with flexible wire and finished with small loops, it can be worn anywhere in the hair fixed with bobby pins. It can be as dramatic or as subtle as the look requires. This silver bridal hair vine looks particularly good with leaves and flowers intertwined into braided hair for a romantic touch. You can easily buy this head vine at only Rs.717 from eassymall.com.

2. Bridal Headbands

Wedding headband features an intricate floral pattern accented with jewelled leaves and petals. It is yet another hair accessory which is very versatile and can also be worn as an alternative to a tiara. Headband includes a detachable black stretch elastic band that allows the headpiece to be held securely in place. One of the most simple yet striking wedding hair accessories for hair down styles, they can also work well with up-dos. The bride can ask to have the band wrapped with a ribbon that matches with the hair colour if she wants it to blend in, else decorate it up with pearls and crystals if one wants it to stand out. Side-detailed headbands are particularly on-trend right now.

One such beautiful headband we have featured is from onshopdeal.com at only Rs.399. This mesmerising sterling silver headband is incredibly versatile for it can be worn easily with any hairstyle, long or short. It flatters most bridal styles effortlessly and can be a modern alternative to tiaras. A good rule of thumb is to place the headband on the side of the head opposite any dress detailing, such as one shoulder dresses, to harmonise the look.

3. Bridal Tiara

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The concept of wedding tiaras comes from a very ancient age when brides used to wear a bridal crown on their wedding day, typically made of leaves. This is one of the oldest known forms of head adornment. Over time, tiaras became more elaborate and valuable. They became a status symbol and were worn by ladies of the royal and noble classes. Tiaras as we know them today originated in the 18th century and were made using precious metals and gemstones.

Today, tiaras are commonly worn by brides, as a nod to the tradition of bridal head adornments. Wearing a tiara evokes a sense of prestige as traditionally this form of headdress was only worn by royalty and the upper echelons of society. However, with the dawn of the modern era, tiaras have cycled into fashion as an increasing number of brides opt to go down the royal path.

One such bridal tiara is offered by Amazon at only Rs.448. The adorable tiara is made of high quality alloy metal and shining austria crysta. It is perfect for creating height, can be easily worn with a veil and provides an instant dramatic effect. If you’re planning a traditional wedding day and want to feel like a real-life princess, you can’t go wrong with a tiara. It’s the perfect finishing touch for a princess-style day.

4. Bridal Hair Pins

Wedding hair pins are a flexible headpiece option for brides. Wearing single or multiple hairpins, brides can achieve their desired look from minimalist elegance to ethereal romance by arranging the hairpins into different formations and fixing them into a variety of wedding hairstyles. Bridal hair pins are more understated and can be worn towards the back of the head, especially if you choose prominent jewellery.

If one is aiming for a subtle yet classic look, add a few Rhinestone Hair Clips statement hairpins to the bridal up-do, available at cart2india.com for only Rs.2,200 for a pack of 40. They can be interspersed into a bun, chignon or Grecian-style plait for some subtle sparkle. These bridal hairpins are ideal for an understated look or can be clustered to create something more dramatic. The hairpins look best in hairdos like buns or a chignon at the back of the hair for added detail and subtly complements heavily beaded or detailed dresses.

5. Wedding Veils

Heralded as the most traditional of all the bridal headpieces, the veil remains a mainstay at many wedding ceremonies. Wedding veils are made from a variety of luxurious fabrics that are sure to make you feel beautifully bridal. The most commonly used materials for bridal veils are tulle, organza, lace, and Russian net, each bringing wonderful bridal fabric qualities that add to the feel and appearance of the wedding veil.

Elegant Lace Pearl Rattail Edge Wedding Tulle Veil can be an easy option for you to purchase at eassymall.com at only Rs.1,361. The 1m long veil is carefully crafted with soft tulle and lace fabric for an added comfort.

The best material for a wedding veil however, depends on the type of wedding dress you choose. Modern wedding veils are designed with a variety of lightweight fabrics and finishes in mind, and, with a choice of lengths and options for different positioning, there are limitless combinations and styles to choose from. Veils are also a great option because they can be easily paired with other headpieces such as vines or combs, allowing the bride to remove her veil on her wedding without affecting her overall bridal look.

6. Bridal Hair Combs

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Versatile and ornate, wedding hair combs work well with veils or as an individual headpiece. Hair combs look effective when worn as a side hairpiece or sitting above a bun or chic chignon. Or, combine two looks in one with a bridal hair comb with chains for vintage-inspired boho-luxe beauty. Bridal hair combs vary in size and shape, and are usually better if at least some of the hair is up. If one is wearing a veil, this could be kept on a separate simple comb that can be removed after the ceremony while the decorative comb is left in.

A beautiful side hair comb from eassycart.com can be an ideal one for you at only Rs.643. The elegant bridal comb can slide comfortably into hair with minimal fuss and can be worn at the front, side or back making it a popular choice for modern brides. The material used to craft the comb is metal featured with handcrafted flowers and petals as decoration. Bridal hair combs look best being worn in a partial hairdo, and especially low chignons. Add a birdcage veil to complement a vintage theme.

7. Bridal Hair Clip

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The 3 PCS Wedding Hair Clips Romantic Crystal Pearl Flower in white bridal hair clip is covered in crystals and is placed on the side of the head. If one is planning on wearing the hair down, keep the look simple and sleek. Since this particular wedding day hair accessory is so bold, the bride doesn’t need to compete with an elaborate hairstyle. You can buy this from eassycart.com at only Rs.713.

For a more vintage or even boho bride look, ask the hairstylist to create a relaxed style. These bridal hair clips are woven throughout the hair and are perfect for any bride going without the traditional wedding veil. Vintage wedding hair accessories like this one are delicate but still beautiful. The overall look would just be perfect for any bride working with curtain bangs or just layers. Whether one selects a specific hair accessory or a different one, many can be used to hold back some of those bangs and layers to create a beautiful look.

8. Velvet Rose Flower Brooch

Velvet made flower brooches are another favourable option to consider for a vintage style wedding. Apart with wedding days, these simple, elegant yet beautiful brooches can also be worn on engagements or other occasions to look standout with a classy hair updo. Red Rose flower Velvet Hair Clip is a perfect floral accessory for any hairdo within just Rs.249 at Flipkart, to add colour, love and glam. This floral accessory has a brooch pin too and can be used to stylize your dresses, bags or blazers after your wedding.

Tips Before You Go Shopping

Before one goes shopping for wedding accessories, they should always plan the overall desired look they want to achieve. This will help in deciding the type of accessories that can create it.

  • The right combination of bridal accessories adds to the finishing touches to the overall outfit and enhances the beauty of the wedding dress. There are combs, clips, headbands, headpieces, and maybe a dozen more types of wedding day hair accessories out there. However, it is always recommended to try a few out if possible before making a commitment. Whenever one has a hair trial with a stylist, having these accessories on the roster will be a huge help.

  • Less is more, and make sure to choose only what is comfortable. Keep the sparkles limited to create a classic overall effect, and remember that the accessories are aimed to enhance the wedding dress, not steal focus from it.

  • Choose only what feels comfortable. If a veil feels too difficult to handle, choose one that is sheer and lightweight, and it will be a lot easier to handle.

  • The type of accessories one chooses should depend on the type of wedding dress. If it is a dress rich in details and complete with embellishments such as rhinestones, crystal beading and plenty of metallic embroidery, keep the accessories simple. On the other hand, if the dress is relatively simple, one can dress it up with bold jewellery.

  • Some wedding day hair accessories can be worn with a veil or even underneath one, while others can replace the veil if one ditches it for the wedding reception.
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Hair accessories are a big part of the whole bridal look and getting it right is necessary to complete that look. To get this right, you should take into consideration the hairstyle you're going to go with on your D-day and also take into account the bridal dress. Ensure that you're comfortable with the accessories in place and doesn't make you tug at your hair all the time. After all, it is your special day and you should be relaxed and happy. Have a happy wedding!