First Anniversary Milestone? Make Your First Anniversary Memorable with the Sweetest 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband (2018)

First Anniversary Milestone? Make Your First Anniversary Memorable with the Sweetest 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband (2018)

Find here creative, traditional as well as experiential ideas for your first wedding anniversary gift for husband. We have some fun and unusual anniversary gifts for him as well as lots of ideas on what to do on your anniversary, how to surprise your husband, and make this day truly memorable for both of you.

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How to Make Your 1st Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Indulge in Love and Affection

Completion of a year after marriage marks the first milestone of the couple's life together, giving both a happy, exciting, and never-like before feeling. You should fill the day with love and affection for your husband, spending quality time with him. To give a lovely touch to your day, you can go out on a long drive followed by a night out. You may even plan something different for your better half that allows you two to get closer to each other like a perfect intimate night.

Buy Romantic Gifts for Each Other

Being a modern couple, you might be looking to add some extra sugar-coated love to your already romantic life on this anniversary. No doubt, there are so many options available but it becomes hard to choose the perfect gift for him. However, to make him feel special, a few options of romantic anniversary gifts for him are listed below.

  • Buy a love book containing tips and tricks of loving romantically, in order to spice-up your relationship.
  • Gift him a beautiful enticing fragrance which makes him more attractive.
  • Plan a proper romantic time by getting a bed covered with red roses (or by making the bed yourself).
  • Gift him a 12-photo collage with one of the favourite photos from each month of the year that you have spent together.

Do Something Different

Your 1st marriage anniversary is a perfect opportunity to exhibit your love and commitment towards the special person in your life. You can make the day more beautiful and worth enjoying but it may seem to be a daunting task. You can choose a gift that stays with him for long, which he admires, and never leaves anywhere.

Welcome the first milestone of your marriage with a personalised or customised item or something that lets you recollect memories. You can take him back to the wedding time by recreating a smaller version of your wedding cake, revisit the place that you chose for your honeymoon, throw a party with the same cuisines as were on your wedding day, or anything else. Any other idea of recollecting the first year spent together would make up for a perfect 1st wedding anniversary gift for your husband.

3 Tips to Find the Perfect 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

Select a Thoughtful Gift

On this special occasion, you need to be extra careful while selecting the first wedding anniversary gift for husband. You should start thinking and planning well ahead of time, as any hurry in selecting the right gift at the last minute might make your efforts end in vain. You should focus on finding something that will let you cherish the day.

  • Gift him something that he can keep and adore for long, preferably something which can be engraved such as a pen or a bracelet, or have a t-shirt personalised for him.
  • You can also get a video prepared that walks through the memories of the year spent together.
  • Alternatively, you can craft the gift yourself. Make something that he admires and keeps with himself always as a token of your love.

Show Your Husband How Well You Know Him

In those 365 days or 12 months, you might have learned a lot about your husband. Use all your knowledge to turn the first anniversary into a romantic, loving, cool, and a happening experience. Amaze him with something unique that shows how well you know him, and consider the following options of anniversary gifts for him to add to your to-do list for the day.

  • To start with, order or cook his favourite meal on the special day. He would love to enjoy his beloved dishes along with his darling wife.
  • Make the arrangements for a candlelight dinner at home to surprise him.
  • For the background, play his favourite songs to add more enjoyment to the time, and if you would like, you can also capture the moments with a camera.
  • You can also pen down some beautiful lines for him, giving him a glimpse into what else you know about him.

Opt for Experience Gifts

Turn the milestone into a wonderful memory by presenting him an experience as your first wedding anniversary gift. You can book couple tickets to his favourite concert and enjoy live music together, plan a movie from a genre of his choice to spend time together, or book a spa to enjoy rejuvenating the body and mind together. As time of first anniversary is approaching your door, you should start planning to make arrangements to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Adorable 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband


Paper is generally considered as a traditional theme for the first year marriage anniversary gift, which represents the newness of the relationship. However, in modern times, many more options have been added to the list that go beyond the traditional ideas, adding various creative, innovative options coupled with a fool-proof planning.

  • Add a glitter to his life with a shining, precious bracelet that becomes a part of this life and reminds him of you always.
  • Add fragrance to his day by gifting him a bunch of beautiful roses accompanied with chocolates or cake.
  • Get a personalised mug, book, clock, or anything else that you believe to be a perfect gift for him.

Personalised Framed Wedding Photo Print

There’s a lot of difference between the life before and after marriage. In this first year, many new things have definitely happened making your bond stronger with time. However, this is the time to show how much you love your husband, and for this, you need to add some more efforts. He would love to receive a gift with a personal touch of yours, and there can be nothing more amazing than this.

Beside You Wood Frame is a customisable frame wherein you can get your wedding photo printed along with a set of personal choices. For this 9 inch x 11 inch frame, you need a 4 inch x 6 inch photo along with names of the couple. The frame is made of solid wood with easel back, available in various colours. Order this personalised frame through for Rs.1,300.

Engraved Lighter


A man needs a lighter to light up his perfect cigar. If your man also smokes, you can surprise him with a personalised stainless steel lighter that carries a purposeful message from you. The Classic Brushed Chrome Zippo lighter is a classic item for him to keep in his pocket. You can get it customised with a custom text etched on it for the personal touch. You can get him this lighter for Rs.2,370 from, which can be can be used for lighting candles and many more purposes, if not smoking.

Funky Alarm Clock

Love is an important element of a relationship, especially marriage. In order to make a relationship more special, you have to give time to it and your partner. Considering this vitality of a growing bond, gifting him a timepiece can be quite meaningful as it means you are giving him the most important part of your life, your time. Instead of going for a casual wrist watch, go for something different like a funky clock.

Alarm clock Analog-Digital Plastics Quartz is an amusing and useful clock at bedside for your husband. Available in pink & green colours in a penguin-shape, the clock is available on for Rs.1,156.

A Good Book

A book is always considered to be the best friend of a person. This can make for a wonderful first wedding anniversary gift for your husband that can make him smile with something interesting to read by his side always. There are various categories and genres of books available, but it is advised you pick something that matches your husband’s taste. If you're not sure about what he likes to read, give him a nice love story.

Journey of Two Hearts is a wonderful love story, based on the events portrayed for the internet-age lovers. The autobiographical book contains 53 short and easy chapters and is a nice light read. Buy this book for him from Giveter for Rs.150 and let him explore a different angle of new-age love.

Plush Bath Robe


Among various options available nowadays, a well-customised bath robe can be your not-so-common, go-to gift for your loving partner. Moserian Men's Warm Hooded Robe Plush Shawl Kimono Bathrobe Coat is a perfect gift for your husband. In the cold winter nights, this bathrobe would serve the purpose of keeping him warm, and maybe you can also get some space in this robe within his arms. Also this would make up for a lightweight, relaxing gift with medium to triple extra-large size options available. Get him this warm, cozy token of your love from Amazon for Rs.3,879.

Portable Movie Projector

This day, in comparison to all other days, should be a special and memorable one with him. As you are ready to plan anything and everything for his happiness, the feelings attached to any gift you are going to give him are wordless. Since planning for celebration of love on this day is something unique, you should get something that lets him relive memories of the lovely time spent together.

YG310 LCD Mini Projector LED Projector 500 is a great option for this purpose. It can be used to project media of 1080p quality on a screen size of 28-80 inches and comes with multiple adapter options. Gift him this projector with a surprise by projecting some of your favourite memories when he returns home from work, and he can use the device for screening movies as well. Available on, this gateway to your husband’s happiness is priced at Rs.3,430.

Flowers and a Box of Chocolates


Your starting days of love may have started with the exchange of roses and chocolates with each other. Present him with his favourite box of chocolates and a bouquet made of beautiful, scented flowers that will make his day even more special. It will immensely reflect your love and add more romance to your relationship.

The special Sweet and Beautiful package contains a bouquet of 15 long-stemmed red roses that are tied beautifully in a red-coloured paper packing with a red-coloured ribbon. This comes with a 200 gm box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Get him this bouquet of love from for Rs.2,200 to add a better aroma to your anniversary celebration.

A World of I Love You Map

There are a variety of anniversary gifts for him that can satisfy, please, and gratify him as they all contain a vital element, your love for him. However, there’s another common thing that is found among husbands, which is that they don’t expect a real gift from their beloved wives. Thus, you can take this opportunity to startle him with a lovely gift.

A World of I Love You is an adorable way of expressing your heartfelt emotions for your husband on the first milestone of your marriage. With a total of 50 spots marked on the world map, it comes with the translation of the phrase “I Love You” in 50 different languages spoken in those parts of the world. Show off your love with this 18 x x 24 inch sized map made of archival ink on a 100lb FSC-certified archival paper from for Rs.1,755.

Men's Bracelet


Though jewellery is often considered as something only women are interested in, there are a few accessories that are perfectly suited to men. However, if you are facing difficulties in choosing the right piece of jewellery or accessory for him, you can go for a bracelet. A personalised wearable on his wrist that complements his personality will remain with him for long, making him remember about your love all the time.

A smart and affordable bracelet can work as a supreme thing for your husband, like the Streetsoul Personalised Hand Stamped Custom Message Copper Oval Cuff Bracelet. This 9 mm wide copper cuff bracelet comes with a custom hand-stamped message. Order this personality enhancer for your better half from Amazon for Rs.599 and get it delivered as a surprise for your husband on your anniversary.

Magazine Subscription

If your husband is fond of reading, a magazine as a gift may attract his interest and let him feel your care. Such a practical gift is likely to make him enjoy a part of his life more with some interesting and quality time by your side when you make it a habit of reading his favourite magazines together.

If the option seems enticing, you can book a subscription of his favourite magazine to make him happier always. Book him a subscription from his favourite category of topics, from a wide variety available on IndiaMags starting at Rs.400 for annual subscriptions. Various subscriptions come with a gift hamper as well, which could be a surprise element for your husband.

Amazing Ways to Celebrate Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary marks the first milestone of your married life, a year that you cherished with some of most beautiful and deeper moments with each other. To make the moments more sentimental with intense love and values, worth counting, plan a special celebration for completing the debut year of your marriage.

  • Gather the memories of the first milestone with a special photoshoot done. This could be like the nowadays trending pre-wedding photoshoot, and you can make it a tradition to get one done every year.
  • Wear a special dress from your wardrobe which will stun him, make his eyes glued to you all the time, and compel him to lean towards you.
  • Another way to amaze him is by showing off your creative side with some painting made, a collage created, or a couple of beautiful lines written specially for him.
  • Share your happiness with the planet and go eco-friendly on this anniversary. Mark this day special by planting a seed in a pot at home or a tree if you already own a garden.

Relive the Day by Watching Your Wedding Video

As all the store-bought gifts would involve items like luxury gemstones, personalised materialistic things, or an array of other gift options, you can still make the day go merry by creating a wonderful experience out of it. Give your husband a priceless and a beautiful gesture by allowing him recall all those amazing and breath-taking moments that led to the bond you two have been sharing from the past one year.

A wedding video as a surprising first wedding anniversary gift for husband will let him travel through time and relive those lovely moments once again. You may choose to relish your wedding video together and add a customized video containing all those special shots from before and after marriage.

Short Romantic Hotel Stay

As lovebirds may find comfort on any twig but privacy is something necessary. To infuse surprise and excitement into your relationship this anniversary, combine all the aspects of your romantic bond and book a short stay in some good hotel to share a quality time together.

If you are in New Delhi, On the House is a wonderful destination to share the love moments and make him feel on the top of the world, while being away from the world with you. Impress your spouse with such a lovely 1st wedding anniversary gift by booking a short hotel stay from Trip Advisor.

Spa Day for Couple

Love can be shared in a number of ways with numerous anniversary gifts for him options available, containing both materialistic things and experiences. Sharing quality time together is one of the top choices and a refreshing spa session is something you can enjoy with your husband.

Add some extra flavours of romance by booking a special and luxury spa with your partner. If you are planning an outing to some exotic location, you can visit Manali to enjoy a wonderful massage from available options like the Swedish massage, the potali massage, or the combo massage that will cost up to Rs.2,000 at Apple Country Resort, Manali.

Throw an Eventful Anniversary Party

Last, but not the least, you can turn your anniversary celebration into an enjoyment even if you plan to stay at home for the day due to any reason. Plan an eventful party for the occasion but don’t forget to add the surprise element so as to amaze him with a memorable and an unforgettable experience.

Pretend to have forgotten your anniversary or be casual about it until the party time, then lead him to an unexpected 1st wedding anniversary party and surprise him with a gift. However, for this, you will have to start making arrangements in advance if you wish to amaze him with the feel of a perfect contentment.

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Plan something together

As the years go by couples sometimes forget each other's birthdays, anniversaries and other important days, but the first anniversary is important and no one forgets that! Your husband is bound to be making plans of his own so while you want to surprise him, you don't want to wind up ruining each others plans. Imagine how you'd deal with two fancy dinner reservations on the same day! So keep some things a surprise but also try to fit in some celebrations which you plan together.