Make a Profound Style Statement with Immaculately Styled Hair: Your Guide to the 10 Best Hair Gels for Men in 2020

Make a Profound Style Statement with Immaculately Styled Hair: Your Guide to the 10 Best Hair Gels for Men in 2020

Men's hair styling has rapidly evolved over the years. From simple hair care using shampoo and conditioner, men have increasingly moved to using hair styling products like hair gels, creams, waxes, sprays, etc. Of all the hair styling products available for men, hair gel is the most popular and commonly used as it quickly provides high shine and high hold strength to your hair. If you are looking for the best hair gel products for men then this guide will take you through the entire range of hair gels currently available in the market so that you can decide which product will suit your hair styling needs, the best.

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Choosing the Right Gel

Hair is almost always the first reflection of your personality and your style. That’s why people are so obsessed about their hair. However, if you don’t use the right hair product, then the styles that you have thought of cannot be reflected in your hair.

The looks that you want to give to your hair depends completely on the type of hair gel that you choose to use. Different hair gels have different holds and there are different products for short or long, curly or straight hair.

The light, foamy gel works best when you want your hair to look soft and have a messy look. This type of gel allows some bounce in your hair. This type of gel can also be used to add extra body to long hair. The medium-hold gel works best for short hairstyles to provide a shiny spiky look. Stronghold gel provides firmness to your hair and holds it all day long, and you won’t even be able to run your fingers through your hair.

You can try out the different gels and find out for yourself which type of gel works best with your hair type for an optimum effect.

Best Hair Gel for Men

Set Wet Cool Hold


The Set Wet Cool Hold is ideal for all hair types of men. It comes with added pro-vitamin B5, which makes the hair stronger. It also provides the necessary moisture to your hair and makes it soft. B5 is water-soluble, which means it is very easy to clean the gel with water. The gel provides you with a medium-to-strong hold to give you the style that you want to have. Furthermore, the gel allows you to restyle your hair at any time of the day. The gel can work to smooth out any frizz and flyaways. The reason that Set Wet has so much fan-base in the market is that it delivers its products as described by the company. You can buy a 250 ml jar of Set Wet Cool Hold for Rs.102.00 at Amazon.

Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling Gel


While Dove is a brand very famous for high quality soaps and shampoos, Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling Gel is an equally wonderful product introduced by the company. The product contains caffeine which provides the hair with very good smoothness. It works without having any side effects on your hair and gives your hair a very smooth finish and a strong hold to style your hair the way you want it. Furthermore, the gel also makes your hair more resilient. Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling Gel can be bought for Rs.1,369.00 at Amazon.

Set Wet Hair Gel Ultimate Hold


As the name suggests, Set Wet Hair Gel Ultimate Hold assures to give your hair the strong and lasting hold to keep your style intact when you use the product. The product also comes with pro-vitamin B5 to make your hair stronger. Also, the fact that the gel is 100% alcohol-free makes it a good choice, which removes the trouble of excessive drying up of the scalp. This hair gel also provides a very good shine to your hair. You can buy a 250 ml jar for Rs. 96.00 at Amazon.

Gatsby Styling Wax Loose and Flow


Gatsby Styling Wax Loose and Flow gel is a good product to control frizz and smoothen flyaways. The gel is suitable for all hair lengths and the silicon in the gel, which is used as a lubricating ingredient, provides excellent texture to the hair. It also allows you to make a detailed hairstyle and you can restyle your hair. For a long-lasting style and a shiny look without letting your hair becoming stiff and sticky, you should go with Gatsby Styling Wax Loose and Flow. You can buy it for Rs. 161.00 at Amazon.

Jolen Firm Hold Hair Gel


Jolen Firm Hold Hair Gel not only provides a firm hold to your hair but the fact that it is dandruff resistant makes it a gel to be seriously considered for everyday use. It can hold your hairstyle for several hours so that you won’t have to worry about your style being affected by the air. The inclusion of aloe vera in the gel makes it a very good product to use for the hair. Jolen Firm Hold Hair Gel is currently unavailable on Amazon.

Brylcreem Dri-Damage Protect Hair Styling Gel

Brylcreem Dri-Damage Protect Hair Styling Gel has glycerol which provides your hair with a wet shine throughout the day and reduces the damage that your hair can have due to dryness. Also, this alcohol-free gel protects your hair from moisture loss. The medium hold that the gel provides is flexible, so that you can change your style any time of the day. It is available for Rs. 80.00 for a 75 gm jar at Big Basket. Even at such a cheap price, Brylcreem Dri-Damage Protect Hair Styling Gel provides you with the quality unmatched by many of its other expensive competitors.

Enliven Hair Gel Wet


Enliven Hair Gel Wet is suitable for any kind of hair, be it straight, curly or wavy. Another benefit of using this hair product is that it has no side effects on your hair. Enliven is a reputed brand in the hair-care industry and their gel, too, matches with their overall quality. Their gel provides a wet look to your hair while giving a medium hold and volume. You can buy Enliven Hair Gel Wet for Rs. 199.00 at Amazon.

Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Gel With Flax Seed Extract


As the name explains, Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Gel With Flax Seed Extract is a gel with no chemicals and made from natural ingredients such as organic flax seed extracts, Japanese flower extracts and Italian honeysuckle extracts. You can be assured that the gel won’t have any side effects on your hair. It provides your hair with medium-to-strong hold. If you are someone who wants to go for chemical-free products, then you should definitely check Arata Zero Chemicals Hair Gel. You can buy the product for Rs. 410.00 at Amazon.

TIGI Bed Head For Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel


The TIGI Bed Head For Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel contains Vitamin-E which protects the hair from damage. Also, the gel protects your hair from UV damage and provides the necessary nourishment that your hair needs. In terms of the hold, it provides your hair with a strong hold and gives a natural non-greasy shine to your hairstyle. Whether you want your style to be spiky or slicked back, this gel is up for any style you demand. The good aromatic smell of the gel is a bonus to the already good hair gel product. You can buy the gel for Rs. 826.50 at Amazon.

Himalaya Men Daily Nourish Styling Gel, Strong Hold


Himalaya Men Daily Nourish Styling Gel, Strong Hold comes with two ingredients - almond and bamboo, both of which are really beneficial for your hair. The rich nutrients in almond promote hair growth and the silica in the bamboo roots provides moisture to fight-off dryness in your hair. A very nourishing hair gel to have, Himalaya Men Daily Nourish Styling Gel provides a strong hold to your style. You can buy the product for Rs. 89.00 at Amazon.

Mistakes Men Can Make while Using Hair Gel

Opting for Low-Quality Products

One of the foremost mistakes that men should avoid is that they should always use a good quality product for their hair. Opting for low-quality products can have negative effects on the health of your hair. You might save a few bucks on the hair gel, but this will come at the risk of a permanent hair loss. Using low-quality products means that you are exposing your hair to harmful chemicals. A high-quality product doesn’t necessarily mean that they are expensive. But the important factor to be considered is the ingredients that are used in the gel. If you are a frequent gel user, choose the product wisely.

Using the Product in Excessive Quantity

While you might want to make your hair look unique and sexy, but the result doesn’t come with excessive use of hair gel. Everything has its right proportion to use and gel, too, has to be used in the right quantity. Excessive use of the gel can make your hair look oily and stiff. The trick is to put gel in such a way that it will look natural and people don't notice the gel that you have put in your hair. Don’t overdo your mistakes by using more hair gel to fix them.

Combing the Hair after Applying the Product

Combing your hair after applying the product is one of the most common mistakes that people make while using hair gels. One of the best tricks to use hair gel is to use it after combing your hair. Comb your hair first in the desired style and apply the gel in the hair with your fingers. Most of the hair gels are meant to be used this way and not the other way round.

Not Letting the Hair to Dry before Putting the Gel

People generally do not allow sufficient time to dry their hair before applying the hair gel. We usually apply it immediately after a shower. But this method is a mistake that you should always avoid. Wet hair dilute the product and make it less effective. Apply the gel only in dry hair if you want more control of the style that you want to make.

Applying Gel Only at the Tips

People generally make the mistake of applying gel only at the tips of their hair. This method makes your hair look rather odd and stiff from the edges. Instead, you should apply the gel so that it reaches the roots and massage it so that the gel is evenly distributed in the hair.

Other Hair Styling Products


Wax works best with shorter hair. You need to apply it to the roots of your hair rather than only on the shaft. While a great way to provide medium to a high shine to your hair, wax can also be used to manage thick hair. It is more suitable for straight or slightly wavy hair than the curly ones, as it tends to create lumps in such kind of hair. Wax products are similar to pomade but don’t provide a very strong hold.


Pomade provides your hair with a very shiny look and medium hold. The advantage pomade has over gel is that it doesn’t make your hair dry, crunchy or hard. So, you can restyle your hair at any time of the day. Pomades are more suited for thick and curly hair than waxes as they are creamier.

There are two types of pomades - oiled-based pomades and water-based pomades. Oil-based pomades are comparatively cheaper but it can remove the natural oils in your hair. Water-based pomades do not provide the same level of firmness as oil-based ones but these products can be easily washed with water and also re-styled at any time.


Clay is similar to pomade but provides a firmer hold and lesser shine. This product is easily absorbed by the hair. Clay also provides more thickness to the hair. The advantages of using clay are that it doesn’t dry out the natural oils protecting the hair and also helps in removing the dirt in the hair. The high mineral and nutrient content in the clay provides nourishment to the hair, too.


Styling creams contain moisturising agents such as natural oils or silk amino acids, which are good for the hair’s health. It provides natural medium shine to your hair and a low hold. The ingredients in the cream make it ideal to de-frizz and de-fluff thick and coarse hair. These creams are a better option for people who don’t want the thickness of pomade or wax.


Pastes are water-based products that can be used for any hairstyle. They provide medium hold and medium shine. Pastes are usually thicker in composition and when rubbed in the palms, they soften. Once you put the paste in your hair and style it, they retain their firmness and give you a medium hold.

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Choosing the Right Hair Gel Product is Important

Choosing the correct hair gel product is important, keeping in mind the nature of your hair and the styling desired. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you in understanding the best hair gels for men available in the market and their salient features. Keep following us for more such engaging content.