Revive the Lost Shine of Your Hair, 10 Hair Products Infused with Keratin to Tame the Frizz and Change Your Hair Game (2020)

Revive the Lost Shine of Your Hair, 10 Hair Products Infused with Keratin to Tame the Frizz and Change Your Hair Game (2020)

Getting a keratin hair treatment in the salon will give you silky straight hair for a while, but you can also use hair products with keratin to add shine, keep fly aways and frizz at bay, and keep the curls you love! While there are plenty of such products lining the shelves, we scoured the internet to find you the best rated products which actually work. So whether you're looking for a shampoo, condition or a leave in, here is what you should spend your money on.

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Benefits of Keratin on Hair

Makes Hair More Manageable and Frizz Free

There are a lot of benefits of using hair product with keratin in them. One of the most popular benefit of using keratin based products is that your hair become more manageable and frizz free. You are going to notice smoother hair with no signs of frizz for at least a couple of months.

This is because keratin nourishes your hair from within and secure them with a protective covering. This is why your hair look shinier and smoother from the outside.

Conditions Hair from Within

As we talked about earlier, keratin is something which works on your hair from within. Unlike other harmful products and chemicals, this one works as a much needed nutrient for the hair. Using keratin based product conditions your hair deeply.

This conditioning not only repair the hair but also protect them from the heat produced by different styling tools. This is quite like forming a protective shield around the hair which protects it from environmental damage too.

Stronger and Smoother Hair

Unlike other hair treatments keratin doesn’t turn your hair stiff or damaged after a time period. In fact, there are so many keratin shampoo benefits that you can totally rely on them for hair care. One of the most prominent benefit of using keratin based products is that it makes hair not only smoother but stronger too. The results are quick and the protein used in this treatment helps in reviving your hair a lot.

Best Hair Products with Keratin in 2020

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

One of the best keratin shampoo brands in India, Tresemme offers you argon oil shampoo which comes with keratin benefits. This shampoo is perfect for both men and women and provide smoothening and straightening results for your hair.

The keratin and Argon oil formula of this shampoo has low sulfate content which provides smoother and shinier hair. For the maximum results we will recommend you to use the Tresemme Keratin conditioner along with this shampoo here.

You can actually see the results from the first use as the shampoo controls your hair frizz and locks the moisture and nourishment in your hair. If you are suffering from hair frizz and dull hair from quite long then this shampoo is a perfect solution for you. In fact, this shampoo even repairs your split ends too. You can buy this shampoo on for Rs.308.

Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner

The next one we have on our list is Maple Holistics Silk18 Natural Conditioner. This conditioner is recommended for dull and damaged hair because of its repairing properties. The main constituents of this conditioner are argan oil and keratin and the amazing combination of these two components makes this formula highly effective in combating frizz.

In fact, this keratin complex and argan oil conditioner provides total frizz control. This product works superbly on curly hair as the jojoba oil in this formula makes your curls look quite soft and smooth. This moisturizing formula is recommended for dry scalp treatment too. The cleansing oil in this formula fights with issues like dryness, itchiness, dandruff, flakes etc. You simply can’t find a better natural keratin based product than this one for your dull and damaged hair. So, buy this conditioner now on for Rs.2,000.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Shampoo

It is so difficult to find effective hair products with keratin that are also affordable. But you will be glad to find this Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin Oil Nutritive Shampoo. The unique formula of this shampoo helps in repairing split ends which results in better hair growth. Also, this shampoo adds a natural shine to your hair which keeps you party ready all the time. This shampoo contains argan oil and shea oil which are quite essential ingredients for repairing hair.

Interestingly, this shampoo has 7 different types of nutritive oils in it along with liquid keratin which makes it so effective for frizzy hair. Much to your disbelief, this shampoo is quite affordable too. You can buy this Schwarzkopf Nutritive Shampoo on for only Rs.399.

It's a 10 Miracle Shampoo with Keratin

If your hair has reached a stage where you have given up on trying to tame it, then you can try this It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo with Keratin formula. This shampoo truly works miraculously on frizzy hair and starts repairing the damage from the very first use. It’s a 10 is actually quite a popular brand for providing different hair care products and this shampoo is one of them.

The shampoo contains no added sulfates in it which indicates that it is a moisturizing formula which works on issues like flakes, dryness, itchiness and dandruff. Also, this shampoo is free of sodium chloride and parabens too. The keratin protein infused in this shampoo makes it truly enriching and nourishing. Even if you have had a recent hair color session, this shampoo will protect your hair color and will add a natural shine to it. Apart from that, this keratin shampoo protects hair from sun damage and hair styling tools with heat. You can grab this shampoo on for Rs.2,779.

OGX Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Conditioner

If you are looking for a keratin based conditioner suitable for both men and women then this Awapuhi Ginger Conditioner is the best solution for you. This one is a repairing conditioner which comes with Hawaiian awapuhi ginger extract in it.

This extract helps in mending and softening dry and coarse hair. Apart from it, the conditioner also contains rich keratin proteins which coats each strand and restore its natural shine and strength. In fact, the fragrance of this conditioner leaves your tresses smelling fresh and amazing. You can totally rely on this product to improve your hair condition from inside out. We will recommend continuous usage of this conditioner for maximum results. You can buy this effective formula on for Rs.999.

Keratin Complex Care Shampoo and Conditioner

In order to get the complete care for your hair, you can’t just stick to only shampoo. So, you should invest in other hair products with keratin too. Take a look at this Keratin Complex Care Shampoo and Conditioner pack here which is apparently perfect to restore the lost smoothness in your hair.

These are basically colour care combo products which works amazingly for coloured hair. Their gentle cleansing and lasting effects provide much needed care to hair which is damaged and dull. Talking about the conditioner then it has this hydrating formula which not only protect color-treated hair but also soften and smoothens it. These products are perfect for all hair types and uses a formula of keratin, wheat and soy proteins which are quite natural. This superb duo pack of shampoo and conditioner is available for purchase on for Rs.4,018.

Kerastase Resistance Mask for Damaged Hair

We have talked about a lot of different types of keratin based shampoos and conditioners but we have something else for you too. This one is Keratase Resistance Force Architect Reconstructing Masque. This one is a conditioning mask for your hair infused with keratin proteins which is highly recommended for brittle, very damaged and split ends hair.

If you have heat damaged hair then you should totally go for this mask as its reconstructive properties will heal your hair from within. This mask can replenish dry hair and bring back their lost moisture and hydration. This unique formula is something your hair desperately needs. It is recommended to use similar shampoo and serum with this product to witness the best results in quick span of time. This Keratase masque is available for purchase on for Rs.3,960.

L'Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Pro-Keratin Shampoo

If you can’t spend too much on your hair care and still want good results then you can try out this L’Oreal Professional X-Tenso Care Pro-Keratin Shampoo. You can’t imagine drugstore products being so reliable and authentic in their quality but this shampoo is truly quite amazing.

This shampoo is especially developed for chemically treated hair and helps in keeping excess oil out of your hair. So, basically your hair is going to look shiny and smooth without being greasy or looking oily. The pro-keratin technology used in this shampoo rebuilds hair fibres with its amino acids and botanical extracts. So, this shampoo not only cleanse your hair thoroughly and gently but also straightens it out without stealing the volume. This is truly one of a kind product with a lot of benefits and super rich formula. Grab this shampoo now on for Rs.530.

Keranique Scalp Stimulating Keratin Shampoo

The next one we have is one of the best keratin shampoos that are also sulfate free - Keranique Scalp Stimulating Keratin Shampoo. This shampoo is great for thinning hair and promotes hair growth too. The shampoo primarily works on strengthening the hair and creating a smooth texture for each strand. This automatically makes your hair look straighter and entirely frizz free. This shampoo also improves elasticity of the hair and forms a protective shield around the strands which saves from environmental damage.

This shampoo is enriched with Hydrolyzed Keratin which helps in preserving the youthful look of the hair. You are definitely going to love the optimal nourishment your hair will receive when you will start using this shampoo. The keratin amino complex works wonder on your hair like never before and unlike any other product. So, grab this shampoo now on for Rs.3,843.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray

Apart from cleansing and conditioning your hair, you truly need something which can protect each of your strands from external heat. We recommend you try Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray which is a product especially made with heat protecting formula. This 1 formula has 5 amazing benefits which work on issues like frizz, detangling, heat, coarseness and ruff hair. The unbelievable formula instantly brings shine to your hair and makes it look silky and smooth.

Even if you are using shampoo and conditioner infused with keratin proteins, you can’t protect your hair entirely from heat of styling tools. This is why you need this keratin spray which can truly protect your mane from getting damaged, especially when you go through everyday styling. The combination of keratin and marula oil gives instant and immediate results which are quite long lasting. So, grab this spray now on for Rs.750.

What to Know Before Going for a Keratin Treatment?

Although there are various benefits of using keratin based products but there is a huge difference in using the products and going through a keratin treatment. So, before you decide to indulge in this treatment, make sure you know everything about it thoroughly. Here are a few things to know before going for this treatment.

  • Keratin Treatment Involves Chemicals too
    Even the best keratin treatment products have chemicals in them. Usually known as formaldehydes, these chemicals can damage your hair to quite some extent. However, there are some alternate products available in the market too. So, consult your salon before going for this treatment that whether or not they are using formaldehydes in your hair.

  • It is a Long Process
    If you think your hair is going to turn smooth and silky straight just after applying the product then you are entirely wrong. Going through a keratin treatment is actually a tiring process. There are various steps involved in this treatment like cleansing of hair, product application, straightening and a lot more. You really need at least 2-4 hours handy for it depending upon the salon staff.
  • The Results are Semi-Permanent
    When you are going for the keratin hair treatment then you should know that the results are quite amazing and quick too. However, these results are semi-permanent only. However, if you have wavy hair then it will turn into silky straight ones but if you have highly curly hair then this treatment will only loose the curls and won’t make them straight. This treatment lasts for 3-4 months only and then starts to fade away.

  • Post-Treatment Care is Tiring
    If you think you are done with everything once you got your treatment then you might not have heard of post treatment care. You need to use hair product with keratin which are sulfate and paraben free to make sure that your results last longer. Also, stay away from products with sodium chloride as it can bring back the frizz in your hair quite fast.
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Know what's going on your hair

Trying different hair products and treatments, either to tame the hair or achieving a new look are all fine, but take some effort to find out what is in those products and what the potential long term damage is. As far as hair products go, it's easy to search for the ingredients one should avoid and check labels before you buy something. Salon treatments, specially like colouring and straightening, will have stronger chemicals that are unavoidable. What you can do to protect your hair is not make a habit of getting these treatments, take breaks in between and find ways to counter the ill effects so your hair stays healthy in the long run.