Who Says Skin Care is for Women Only? Men Also Need to Control Oil and Fight Acne. 10 Best Face Creams Specially Formulated for Men with Oily Skin (2020)

Who Says Skin Care is for Women Only? Men Also Need to Control Oil and Fight Acne. 10 Best Face Creams Specially Formulated for Men with Oily Skin (2020)

Environmental pollution is at its peak, badly affecting our skin. This is true for both men and women alike, so we can not limit facial care to women only. Men need products specially developed for their skin as it tends to be thicker than women's skin. Here you will find everything you need to know about caring for oily skin and facial creams that have been formulated especially for men, as it is tougher and needs deeper cleansing to fight excess sebum production.

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Getting Under The Skins Of Men

Men in general don’t care about their skin much, as skincare is mostly considered more of a feminine preoccupation in our society. What they tend to ignore is the fact that men’s skin is also prone to pollution and UV rays, more maybe as they do not believe in using any protection for their skin. This might cause tanning and dullness on face. Also, the testosterone level in men is higher as compared to women; which produces more sebum in the oil glands, resulting in clogging of oil in the skin pores, especially during puberty. Hence, men are more prone to acne during their puberty.

Gender Difference And Its Role In Skin Quality

The hormonal difference has a positive side as well. Once men cross the puberty stage, testosterone levels increase to an extent that it provides a pimple free skin during their youth. Also, men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s which only thins with time and ageing. Also men have a higher collagen (a protein found in skin which is responsible for the structural formation of skin base) level found in their skin. The difference in skin thickness can also be the lack of oestrogen hormones. Nature has provided the capability to produce more lactic acid in men’s skin when they sweat. Lactic acid acts as a natural moisture preserver; hence men who are regularly involved in some kind of physical activity have a better and shiny skin.

Various Skin Issues Encountered By Men

Despite being blessed by nature with above mentioned advantages, men have their own share of problems when it comes to skincare. Once they enter their teenage years, few of them start facing acne problems. But, it’s the post teenage years which are the most worrisome for them. This is when this problem becomes chronic because of the excess sebum production from the sebaceous glands. Razor Bumps is another major problem faced by men with oily skin, as they have high chances of beard acne. Hidden under the beard it may or may not show until after shave. But, this acne can make shaving or beard maintenance more complicated as the chances of cut by razor becomes high. Melanoma is another serious problem faced by men. Even though it’s not that common a disease, still men are twice as likely to develop melanoma as compared to women.

Understanding The Difference Of Oily Skin From Normal/Dry Skin

We all know about the basic three skin types – Normal, Dry and Oily. Though, most of the men have combination skin, which is easy to take care of; few have rather oily skin, which hosts more problems than a drier or normal skin. Firstly, we need to understand that there is a major difference between oily skin and glowing skin (well moisturised). Glowing skin gives the feel of a healthy skin and looks even, whereas an oily skin appears greasy, especially on the T zone (forehead, nose and chin combined). Interestingly, it has nothing to do with oily and buttery diet alone, though junk food can be an affecting factor; but the main culprit is the oil gland producing excess sebum.

If timely measures and precautions are not taken, then people with oily skin may face issues like acne, pimples and black/whiteheads. Do not ever try to squeeze the pimples as that may leave permanent scars on your face. Also, keeping the skin clean or washing your face multiple times in a day may also help. After the primary care, next step is to choose a face cream especially designed for men with oily skin.

10 Best Face Cream for Men with Oily Skin

We have researched and picked the best face creams for men with oily skin. Most of them are quite reasonably priced, so they would not burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s check out and decide which one is the best suited for you.

Nivea Creme

Source www.ebay.com

One of the best products for oily to use on a daily basis is this Nivea Creme. It has a non-oily formula which easily absorbs into the skin and acts as a good moisturiser. The Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction product provides 10 times more fairness of skin and makes your skin glow without giving any oily patches. The SPF 30 protects your skin from the harsh rays of sun and the Whitanat Vita Complex Plus works actively in reducing dark spots. You can get it from nykaaman.com for Rs.144 (75 ml).

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Combination Skin

Source www.amazon.in

This product contains clinically proven oil-absorbing micro sponge system to control oil . It is quite beneficial if you have a T Zone oily face problem. This moisturising cream is alcohol free, fragrance free and tested for allergy, hence suitable for sensitive skin as well. This Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 338.

Garnier Men Oil Control Fairness Cream

Source www.amazon.in

Garnier Men Oil Control Fairness Cream is an apt cream for men who face problems of oily and patchy skin. It has lemon extracts, which is easy to absorb and leaves the skin visibly oil-free. It also contains 'perilite' which absorbs skin oil five times better than any ordinary talcum powder and hence lightens the blemishes. Garnier Men Oil Clear Fairness Cream is available on shoponn.in for Rs. 163.

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Whitening Moisturing Fluid

Source www.amazon.in

One of the best products from L’Oreal, this serum based moisturiser has an active whitening formula, which makes the skin look fairer, while providing a soft and smooth skin. This product can be applied at any time of the day and is beneficial for acne prone skin. The L'Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Whitening Moisturising Fluid, 50 ml is available on amazon.in for Rs. 770.

Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening & Brightening Gel Creme

Source www.amazon.in

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this is one of the bestselling products by Lotus. It doesn’t cause any side effects. It acts both as sunscreen and a day cream because it contains SPF 25, which protects you from harmful UV rays. The gel formula based cream instantly gets absorbed in the skin and results in a smooth and shiny skin. The “Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Crème” is available on amazon.in for Rs. 224.

Clearasil Acne Spot Treatment Cream

The Acne Spot Treatment Cream by Clearasil is a bit heavy on pocket, but is totally worth it as it is especially beneficial for men suffering from acne and pimples. The company claims that the results are visible in as less as four hours and the product is clinically tested. The Clearasil Rapid Rescue Acne Spot Treatment Cream can be purchased from ibhejo.com for Rs.1,570.

Kaya Men Energizing Cream SPF 15

As the name suggests, this cream truly brings energy and life to your skin and rejuvenates it. The active ingredients, like zinc and magnesium, cleans dirt and pollutants, providing freshness and removing dullness from the skin. The SPF 15 protects against the UV rays making Kaya Men Energizing Cream SPF 15 an ideal product for sensitive skin. This wonderful product is available on flipkart.com for Rs. 522.

Olay Natural White Light Instant Glowing Fairness Cream

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A fairness cream for men with oily and acne prone skin is a perfect option especially as the cream is very soft and provides a matt finish. The Natural white formula makes your skin looks brighter without giving any oily feel or look on your face. The cream has high concentration of amino-peptide complex infused with intracellular fortifier, added with a touch of precious aqua proteins. It also provides UV protection. Olay Natural White Light Instant Glowing Fairness Cream, 40g pack can be bought from amazon.in for Rs.179.

Emami Fair And Handsome Men’s Fairness Cream

This is quite a popular product among men for the last many years due to its effective results and non-greasy smoothness. This cream works in multiple ways by removing dark spots, controlling oil and providing sun protection to your skin. The cream is specially designed for rough skin of men and it moistens the skin to make it soft and smooth. This can be your daily fairness cream during day, but is not very effective during winters. The “Emami Fair & Handsome No.1 Fairness Cream For Men 30g” pack can be purchased from flipkart.com for Rs.175.

Beardo Ultraglow All In 1 Men's Face Lotion

This face lotion has been formulated specially for men’s skin and it not only hydrates the skin, but also tightens and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays due to the presence of SPF 30. This is an excellent product for facial care and lightens the skin tone on regular usage. The Beardo Ultraglow all in 1 Men's Face Lotion pack of 100 gm. can be owned from beardo.in for Rs.250.

How To Apply Day Cream And Night Cream

It may sound interesting, but there are different creams meant to be used during the daytime and before you go to bed. The simple reason is that skin cells also regenerate and replenish themselves during night and during the daytime; they face environment, pollution and harsh sunlight. The anti-ageing products work best when they are used in the night, as their property weakens during the daytime due to the sunlight.

The best way to start your day is to use a face wash to clean your face right after you leave your bed. Afterwards, you should use the sunscreen lotion before leaving your home. During the afternoon, use a blotting paper to gently dab away any excess oil your skin has produced and around 4-5 p.m., you can use a light, non-oily cream.

Similarly during night time, wash your face with a mild face wash and then apply your night cream. Take out little amount of cream in your palm and dab it onto your entire face. Then gently massage following an upward and circular direction on your face. Ensure using a night cream with natural ingredients, as too much of chemicals can harm the skin when it’s busy replenishing itself.

Other Tips To Maintain Oil Production Of The Skin

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, oily skin needs more care and attention. This includes washing your face with a good face wash a few times in a day. Afterwards, pat your face dry with a soft towel or cloth. Do not try to clean it by pulling rubbing the towel on the skin, else this may stimulate your skin tissues to secrete more sebum. Ensure that the face wash doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals as it may cause allergic reactions on the skin. Keep blotting paper handy, so that whenever you feel like there is excess oil on the skin, use them to dab your face gently and the blotting paper will soak away the extra oil from the skin.

You can use a facial mask made from natural ingredients like clay, honey and oatmeal as they will remove the excess oil from your skin and make it soft and glowing. Don’t forget to apply a light moisturiser afterwards to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. Avoid greasy foods, eat a well rounded meal which should include fruits and drink adequate amount of water. Lastly, if the problem persists then do visit a dermatologist.

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Do not feel awkward about self grooming

Although being well groomed and well dressed has always been encouraged, many men still do not feel comfortable about caring for the skin and face, at least not openly. You may not be open to fully embracing the metrosexual man who gets manicures and facials, not that there is anything wrong with these, but having a skincare regime that includes moisturizing and sunscreen is as important as shaving or having a well groomed beard. Self care shows you value your appearance and it is a good thing. Take time to understand your skin and its needs, find the right products, take help if you need to - there's no need to be shy about it.