10 Best Face Washes in India for Dry Skin for Both Men and Women That Clean Without Stripping Away Moisture + Skincare Tips for Dry Skin (2020)

10 Best Face Washes in India for Dry Skin for Both Men and Women That Clean Without Stripping Away Moisture + Skincare Tips for Dry Skin (2020)

Skincare is something you shouldn't take lightly at all. Your face is the first thing anyone notices when you meet them for the first time, and dry and rough skin could give out a wrong impression. Clean your face with the right products that leave your skin looking soft and dewy instead of drying it further.

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Common Skin Issues People with Dry Skin Suffer From

Itching and Redness

Itching and redness go hand in hand with people who have extremely dry skin. Of course, you have got some of the best face wash in India for dry skin, which can help you in managing the situation somehow, but you might have to itching once in a while.

Dry skin itches a lot, and then redness follows. This looks really bad, especially on the face, and can make your skin look pigmented too.

Flaking and Scaling

Flaking is the situation when the uppermost layer on your skin starts peeling off. It is not painful as this layer is not directly attached to the skin, but if not treated on time, this can lead to some severe issues on your skin.

Flaking and peeling further promote itching on your skin too. Flaking looks terrible especially when you are a person who goes out every single day to meet new people.

Early Fine Lines

Light cracks and fine lines on the skin is another issue caused by dry skin. Dryness causes your skin to irritate and stretch, and continuously touching it promotes fine lines on it. Proper moisturizing is the only way to get rid of dry skin issues, and it might be possible that you have to moisturize at least 2-3 times a day, depending upon your dry skin issues.

Best Face Wash for Dry Skin

Biotique Bio Berberry Hydrating Cleanser

Source purplle.com

All the Biotique products are quite amazing, but we loved this Biotique Bio Berberry Hydrating Cleanser the most. This face wash mostly targets issues like dirt, roughness, skin impurities and dullness on the skin. Not only dry skin, but this face wash is perfect for all skin types too.

It contains active ingredients like sandalwood, almond oil, fenugreek, and Berberry. All these products work together to remove every trace of makeup from the skin and the use of oil leaves skin quite hydrated and moisturized.

You should know that it is a non-foaming lotion formula. This means you are supposed to apply it on the face through cotton pads and wipe over the face and neck to remove all the dirt and makeup from it. This soothing formula ensures that no chemicals and sulfates are used on your face. You can trust this product entirely for your dry skin and can buy it on purplle.com for Rs. 128.

Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash

Source bigbasket.com

People with extremely dry skin tend to have more issues in the winter season. That is why they need some of the best face wash for dry skin in winter to nourish and protect their skin from extreme cold. This Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash seems to be perfect for it.

This face wash includes aloe vera gel and cucumber as the necessary ingredients. As both of them have enriching and nourishing properties, this face wash works miraculously on dry skin.

This face wash has a soap-free formulation that helps in retaining the lost moisture of the skin. While cucumber cools down and soothes the skin, Aloe Vera softens it and provides moisture. The natural ingredients help in keeping the skin glowing and healthy throughout. You are going to love the creamy texture of this face wash too. You can buy it on bigbasket.com for Rs. 114.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Source pinhealth.com

Cetaphil is more like a drugstore product, but you can trust it entirely for your skin. It is one of the most popular and most used cleansers for all skin types. As this one is a not so natural product, it does contain some chemicals which aim at making your skin spot and dirt free.

Cetaphil cleanser has been around for quite some time now, and it is quite effective for soothing dry and sensitive skin from within. We would highly recommend this product for the long run.

Cetaphil cleanser uses a combination of Filaggrin and Ceramide technology to lock moisture in the skin. It uses a gentle hypoallergenic formula to cleanse the face, and it is even safe for babies too. Of course, there are other Cetaphil products also but this one tops the chart. The combination of glycerin and different oils used in this formula makes sure that your skin still has moisture and hydration after every wash. So, buy it now on pinhealth.com for Rs. 181.

Dove Beauty Moisture Conditioning Facial Cleanser

Source amazon.in

Dove has some of the best products to offer for sensitive and dry skin types. This Dove Beauty Moisture Cleanser is one of the best face wash in India for dry skin. It not only cleanses the skin effectively and deeply but also replenishes moisture within the skin to keep it nourished from inside out.

The face wash also promotes soft skin and deep moisturizing without much effort. It is suitable to be used by regular, dry as well as sensitive skin type.

This Dove face wash contains Nutrium moisture, which is a nourishing serum that improves the skin from within and gives it a beautiful bounce. However, the face wash contains white floral fragrance so if you are allergic to it, then you should not use this face wash. Buy this face wash now on amazon.in for Rs. 158.

O3+ Deep Concern Hydrating Moisture Cleanser for Dry Combination Skin

Source nykaa.com

If you know a bit about skincare, then you would know it all about O3 products and how amazing they are for the skin. So, we did some research and found this O3+ deep concern hydrating moisture cleanser for dry combination skin.

This cleanser is said to be so effective that you can see the results almost immediately after its use. It even improves the youthfulness of the skin. This face wash works as both cleanser and exfoliator and hence removes dirt dead skin cells from the face. After regular use, you will find your skin turning softer and smoother, and it even promotes a healthy glow on the skin too. This is a purchase you should totally make. Buy this one now on nykaa.com for Rs. 920.

Ustraa Face Wash for Dry Skin with Mint

Source ustraa.com

Finally, there is a unique product that can be called one of the best face wash for the dry skin men have. There is a huge difference between male and female skin types, and hence men need exclusive products to sort out dry skin issues.

This Ustraa face wash for dry skin has Pine Bark extracts and peppermint which not only cleanses the skin thoroughly but also leaves it feeling fresh and cool all day long. To cop up with the dryness, this fact wash got glycerin and coconut, which leaves the face hydrated and moisturized.

You should also know that Ustraa face wash is entirely free of paraben and sulfates and this is why it doesn’t promote dryness at all. You can totally rely on this product for skin hydration and rejuvenation. Grab it now on ustraa.com for Rs. 199.

Jovees Strawberry Face Wash

Source flipkart.com

Another affordable face wash in this list is this Jovees Strawberry Face Wash. It is recommended for both men and women and also can be used by people having normal to dry skin. Interestingly, the small granules in this face work as exfoliators and remove dead skin cells from the skin.

This is a gel-based cleansing face wash that works wonderfully on your skin to provide nourishment and moisturization. However, the fragrance of strawberry might annoy you a bit especially when you like fragrance free products.

It turns out that strawberries are great to be used for dry skin issues. Furthermore, this face wash also contains olive, jojoba extracts and granules which serves as effect moisturizing agent. You can feel softness and smoothness on your skin throughout the day. So, don’t wait and buy this face wash now from flipkart.com for Rs. 125.

St. Botanica Awaken Hydrating Face Wash

Source bigbasket.com

One of the best face wash in India for dry skin that we came across is this St. Botanica Awaken Hydrating Facial Cleanser. It stands up to its name and leaves the skin fresh and nourished after its use.

This face wash is made out of the extracts of cucumber and green tea, and the best part about it is that both men and women can use it. Apart from deep cleansing, this face wash also performs mild exfoliation, which removes all sorts of dirt and oil from the face.

For the moisturizing effect, this face wash got Shea Butter, and cucumber as both of them have hydrating properties. For maximum results, use it on a daily basis and include it in your skincare regime. St. Botanica face wash is available for purchase on bigbasket.com for Rs. 559.

Oriflame Love Nature Mild and Nourishing Milky Foam Cleanser Oat

Source snapdeal.com

If you like mild cleansers, then you are going to love this Oriflame product here. This is the Oriflame Love Nature Milky Foam Cleanser, which turns out to be quite mild on the skin and suits every skin type too. This cleanser is perfect for a daily skincare routine, and the fact that it doesn’t contain any chemicals is terrific for dry skin type.

This natural cleanser contains milk and oats in it. While oats work towards cleansing the skin and improving its complexion, milk retains the moisture of the skin. This combination is quite miraculous for dry skin. You are not going to feel any inflammation or irritation on the skin after its application, as there are no paraben and sulfates present. You can purchase this Oriflame cleanser on snapdeal.com for Rs. 407.

Avon Nutraeffects Hydration Cleanser

Source shopclues.com

Our final recommendation for this list of the best face wash for dry skin is this Avon Nutra Effects Active Seed Complexion Hydration Cleanser. This face wash has a unique formula of active seeds which works wonderfully for removing all traces of dirt and pollutant from your skin.

Moreover, this is a moisturizing cleanser, which means your skin won’t feel dried out or flaky after its use. Specially designed for females, this formula takes good care of their skin and also makes it soft and smooth.

Avon Nutra Effects face wash replenishes moisture and essential nourishment into the skin, which promotes a healthy blush and glow. Its use for a week will give you visible results, and you will love this product. It is available for purchase on amazon.in for Rs. 240.

Taking Proper Care of Your Skin

We tried our best to recommend some of the best face wash for dry skin for both men and women. However, this is just a skincare routine that will turn your skin dry again once you stop using it. This is why you need something which can naturally work on your dry skin issues. Here are some tips which can help you in taking care of dry skin.

Avoid Long Hot Showers

Firstly, you need to understand the difference between hot showers and warm showers. While warm showers can be quite pleasing, hot showers can strip all the natural oils from your skin. Prolonged hot showers can result in extremely dried-out skin, which causes itching and redness. You should limit your showers to 5-10 minutes to protect your dry skin.

Moisturize Your Skin Timely

Using a gentle cleanser for dry skin is only one part of your skincare routine. You are supposed to opt for timely moisturizing if you want to keep your dry skin healthy and itch-free. Make sure that you go for paraben and sulfate-free soaps and also opt for unscented moisturizing creams. Applying moisturizer 2-3 minutes after a shower will lock moisture better in your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking an adequate amount of water isn’t something you need to do for glowing skin only. Apart from using some of the best face wash in India for dry skin, you are supposed to change your lifestyle habits too. You need to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated from within. This will eliminate the need for applying lotion over and over again.

Prefer Lightweight and Soft Fabrics for Everyday

Fabrics that you wear daily also plays a vital role on your skin. Lighters fabrics like cotton, georgette are quite soft and smooth on the skin. However, heavy fabrics like wool can be quite scratchy and irritating on the skin. In winters too, make sure to wear an inner layer of cotton clothing and then wool layer on it.

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