Looking for a Holiday Gift Idea for Someone on the Paleo Diet? Treat Your Health Conscious Friends to These 10 Paleo Gift Baskets in 2019

Looking for a Holiday Gift Idea for Someone on the Paleo Diet? Treat Your Health Conscious Friends to These 10 Paleo Gift Baskets in 2019

Can't help but notice how extremely choosy your best friend is when it comes to food because they are on a Paleo Diet? It is their birthday and doesn't know what to gift them? Don't worry, we have got you covered with these amazing Food gift options for our loved ones on a Paleo diet. Take a look.

Everything You Want to Know about Paleo Diet

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When it comes to the Paleo diet, most users are often hopelessly confused as to what it means and what sort of food one eats when on such a diet. Well, it is all in the name, which is self-explanatory – paleo diet refers to the diet of our ancestors, mainly prehistoric humans and that the menu in question primarily consists of whole food items. Mostly, the diet is supposed to resemble what the ancient hunter-gatherer may have eaten regularly, and it lays more emphasis on organic as opposed to processed food products, which is why it is generally considered to be healthy.

Recent scientific surveys indicate that a paleo diet can significantly lowers chances of getting diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure as well as becoming obese. In fact, with a paleo diet, it is easier to get rid of all the excess calories, and as a result, slim down. The main focus of the diet happens to be whole foods that the hunter-gatherers may have consumed around 10000 BC, during the Paleolithic era. It still consists mainly of natural, complete food items that have minimum artificial ingredients. Its success in curbing weight has led to a large following across the world for this form of the diet, and if you are looking to find some great gift options for someone in your life on a paleo diet, then read on!

Top Paleo Food Gift Baskets Ideal for Every Occasion

Nutri Snack Mix

Looking for a high protein snack for gifting purposes? We have an amazing option which fits your paleo criteria too. This nutrisnack mix is a great combination of high energetic super-foods together. It consists of nuts like almonds, pistachios with berries and seeds like sunflower and hemp seeds. Additionally, there are other special ingredients like Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon powder, Cayenne Pepper, Himalayan Rock Salt to make it even peppier.

The pack of Nutri mix is quite budgeted and can be availed at a price of Rs. 400. To make this basket even more exciting and power-packed, add a protein power meal which is available at a price of Rs. 160. The power meal is packed with above 20 gram of protein. This basket is a pure mix of vital nutrients such as calcium, fibre, omega-3, magnesium and Vitamin E . It is an ideal gift for people who are health freaks. Buy it now on www.caloriecare.com

Paleo Protein Bar Gift Basket

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Do you have friends who would love to be high on protein? If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who happens to follow a paleo diet, then you would want to check out this gift. This protein bar gift box consists of protein bars which are made from organic and whole food items and comes with a price tag of Rs. 2,182.91 only. This is the ideal gift as a birthday surprise or a family event.

You can buy it on in.iherb.com.

Paleo Roasted Pumpkin Seeds + Certified Organic Almonds

If you think your friends or family are very much health conscious and are on a healthy diet, then you must add this wonderful gift in their diet chart. The overall package of nutrition comes full of nutritional powers at a very affordable price. Now forget about all expensive dry fruits that may break your bank at one go and add this must-have consumable Paleo Roasted Pumpkin seeds to your daily snacks, sauteed vegetables or sprinkle them on a tasty fruits or vegetable salads to yum them at only Rs. 350. You can buy the Pumpkin Seeds from www.naturesbasket.co.in.

If you want to make this gift of yours more special, add this pack of certified organic almonds to it. You will get a pack of 500 g at Rs. 549. This all in one power-pack consists of the power of all the nutrition like manganese, magnesium, protein, zinc and copper to provide you with steady growth internally. The pack is easy to carry in a handbag or in a travel pouch, anywhere you just need to simply give it a one-hand space, that's all it needs. Hence, it is a pleasant gift suiting all your occasions. Now bless your buddies with a healthy life. Go organic this season with this super cool organic pack of gifts.

The almonds can be purchased from www.bigbasket.com

Paleo Diet Recipe Book - For the Indian Cook

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Surprise your elders with this Paleo diet recipe book and let them enjoy the type of food they want. The book is full of healthy and tasty recipes that one can enjoy at home by just following this simple guide. Considering all types of tastes, with years of cooking experience, the expert chefs have designed this manual to fulfill all your desires.

Want to have some twisty, and crispy dishes while on a paleo diet? No need to worry, you can prepare your taste in a moment by not compromising with your health anymore. The recipe cookbook is available on www.amazon.in for Rs. 1,200

Organic Ghee + Organic Honey

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A decade ago, the organic ghee was something that was available almost everywhere and was easy to obtain from grass fed cows because in those days, nature was the only thing that everyone was dependent upon. But as the technology is growing, the products are being prepared with synthetic and artificial ingredients that are very dangerous for health and can be the reasons of various diseases that may create problems in the long run.

To not keep your family's health at stake, you must try this Organic Ghee-perfect for those who are on a paleo diet. The wonderful gift contains all the Vitamins A, D, E and F, Omega 3 and 9 in just one jar and is free of all the carbs and added sugars that may cause harm to the diabetic patients. The pleasant part of this product is that it is prepared with the natural process that we all use in our houses and at a very nominal cost of Rs. 505. Hence, you do not have to wait to gather a lot of milk to convert it in to further products that include a high cost.

The organic ghee is available on www.amazon.in.

To make this gift even more special, try adding some Organic Honey by Tattva to your gift box. The organic honey is tasty and yum. It is also available at Rs. 452 per kg. Let your family and friends live in the organic world with healthy lifestyle options. Simply own this perfect paleo gift for your dear ones to show your exceptional love and care for them. Organic honey can be purchased from www.flipkart.com.

Nuts Hamper Box

Gifting something is part and parcel of any occasion or festival, or just for expressing your gratitude to someone. If your loved ones are health conscious, a nuts hamper box should be the first choice for gifting. Nuts are composite of seed and dry fruit found inside of a hard outer shell. Most nuts are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and provide other cardio-protective properties.

Nuts also contain high amounts of fibre, protein, Vitamin E, and a variety of essential minerals. Many online companies are offering the best quality of nuts hamper box, along with combo offer at a very good rate of around Rs. 300 to 600. We have picked this nuts hamper box from www.qtrove.com. It is available for Rs. 599

Dried Mixed Berry

One of the best superfruits in the world is Berry. Berries have been valuable as a food source for humans since before the start of agriculture, and remain among the primary food sources of other primates. Berries have a ton of nutrients and fibres, that make them a healthy addition to a balanced diet. It is good to have dried mix berries products in your basket to give a healthy life to your loved one.

So this should be definitely on your paleo gifts list. So to get all the Vitamin C, Manganese and Iron you should surely try mixed berries. We suggest this pack of mixed berries from www.tredyfoods.com at Rs. 400.

Gourmet Box

Gourmet Box is also known as Happiness box. If you are gifting someone from work, a Gourmet box is a right choice for you and it is exotic too.

It's all in one product, where you can customize the gift and mix and match things of your choice. It can be combined with tasty cookies. Gourmet food tends to be served in smaller portions. It contains high-quality foodie prints. That's why they are a little expensive compared to others. The gourmet box is a great choice when it comes to this choice of foods.

The products in the box include Flavored Green Tea Tin (loose-leaf), Flavored Quinoa Pops snack pack, Tricolor Quinoa, Flavored Nut Butter, Avocado Oil, 2 flavoured Health Bars and Flavored Jaggery Millet Cookies. The box is beautifully packet in a box with a ribbon on the top. This classy and elegant gourmet box is available at Rs. 2,710 on www.thegourmetbox.in.

The Snacky Vegan Box

The Snacky Vegan box is the new generation revolution idea, an innovative idea of gifting someone. If you want to attract children or someone who is always hungry for snacks, The Snacky Vegan box is a good option for you. The yummy, crispy, crunchy and tasty snacks will be at your door within one click. It is the newest way of giving the biggest smile on your kid's face and make your lover closer to you.

Many online networks sell snacky vegan box at a competitive price level. www.snackible.com provides a healthy vegan box at Rs. 600. You should share this paleo gift with your friends and family on special occasions.

Manna Mixed Millets Combo Pack of 3 + Millet Smoothie Almond Protein Mix

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Today people believe in opting for healthy lifestyle. To pursue this, they prefer food which is full of protein with lesser carb intake. Millet is a whole grain with bundles of protein in the form of calcium, iron and zinc. They are a great alternative to wheat. manna foods bring this power combo of nutrition in three different flavours of grain i.e. Foxtail Millet, Kodo Millet & Barnyand Millet. They are better in terms of healthiness when compared to rice or polished rice.

This packs of grain are 500 grams each. With some great reviews and a heavy discount offer, you should order this protein-filled grain today for your gifting purposes. You can buy this Manna mixed millets combo pack of 3 at a price of Rs. 216 from www.amazon.in.

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To make this a complete gift basket, you can add a soulful millet smoothie almond protein mix which is a great fit for your breakfast meals. Add this millet smoothie at a price of Rs. 320 available at www.amazon.in.

Modern Day Diet vs the Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is an eating plan that mimics how prehistoric humans may have eaten whereas, the Modern-day diet plan having full of processed food.

  • The focus of the paleo diet is on eating foods that might have been available in the Paleolithic era. The development of modern farming changed how people ate. Dairy products, legumes, and grains became part of people's diets.
  • If you follow the paleo diet, it can decrease or eliminate the risk of certain health conditions, such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes whereas if you follow modern-day diet there are chances of increasing the risk of certain health conditions, such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.
  • The Paleo diet food includes unprocessed food like fruits, salad, nuts, seeds, egg, fish, olive oil and coconut oil.etc.

The modern-day diet food includes mostly processed food like dairy products, grains, peanuts, artificial sweeteners, etc.

  • Recent studies show that the Paleo diet is more effective and health-conscious than a modern-day diet but at the same time, not everyone can follow a paleo diet plan.
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Gift Your Loved Ones a Healthy Snacking Option in 2019

With people shifting towards healthier eating habits, the paleo diet plan becomes all the more important. Gift your loved ones these paleo gifts and help them maintain a healthy body and mind.