Gift Something Thoughtful in 2019: Go for These Gluten-Free Food Gifts for Your Loved Ones on a Gluten-Free Diet

Gift Something Thoughtful in 2019: Go for These Gluten-Free Food Gifts for Your Loved Ones on a Gluten-Free Diet

Finding good gifts for dear ones who have specific requirements, is definitely a daunting task, for instance, someone with a gluten allergy. If you are one of these loving people and are searching for a great gift idea for someone special who happens to follow a gluten-free diet, we are here to help. In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about the gluten-free diet as well as great gift ideas for anyone on it.

All You Need to Know About Gluten Free Diet

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, rye, and spelt. While the rest aren't very widely consumed in India, wheat is the most commonly used grain. When wheat flour is mixed with water, it's the gluten in the wheat that forms a sticky network having a glue-like consistency. This glue-like consistency gives elasticity to the dough so that rotis, paratha or pieces of bread can be made.

What is Celiac Disease?


Celiac disease is a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, which leads to difficulty in digesting food containing this protein. When a person with celiac disease eats something with gluten, their body reacts to the gluten and damages their villi, found along the wall of the small intestine and responsible for food absorption. Eventually, the small intestine is not able to absorb nutrients from food, leading to malnourishment or can even trigger neurological diseases and certain cancers.

What is Gluten Intolerance?


Gluten intolerance is a wheat-related disorder. The symptoms of gluten intolerance are bloating, belly pain or diarrhea occurs after eating foods that contain gluten (barley, wheat, and rye). The symptoms may not be as chronic as in celiac disease but there is significant discomfort caused.

What is a Gluten Free Diet?

A gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes the protein gluten. This diet is essential for managing signs and symptoms of celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Following a gluten-free diet requires being careful about both the ingredients of foods and their nutritional content.

A gluten-free diet however, has become extremely popular among people without gluten-related medical conditions. The claimed benefits of the diet are improved health, weight loss, and increased energy. Often it is a lack of understanding that makes people gravitate towards gluten free diets, but if you're shopping for someone with an intolerance for gluten, check food labels very carefully.

5 Tips to Select Gifts for Your Loved One on Gluten Free Diet

Buying gifts for someone following a gluten-free diet can be a tedious job. To make it little simpler for you, we have some tips for you that you should keep in mind while you are out looking for a gift for your dear one on the gluten-free diet.

Look for Gluten Free Alternatives

Flour is a common ingredient in many foods, including bread, desserts, and noodles. It’s also often used as a thickener in sauces and soups.

There are a variety of gluten-free flours in the market, each with a different taste, texture and nutrient composition. Almond flour and buckwheat flour Gluten-free alternatives are widely available in supermarkets and health food shops.

Check the Labels of Processed Food

Always check the label of processed food like bread, soup, cereal, cookies, chocolates – which contain gluten in additives, such as malt flavouring and modified food starch. Hence, check the ingredient label for wheat, barley, and rye.

Choose Gluten Free Non Food Products

There are many non-food products that contain ingredients derived from grains that can be problematic with people who suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance. The ingredients that are derived from grains are normally binding agents or filler.

A person having celiac disease or gluten intolerance can have adverse effects of the gluten-containing non-food products if they come in contact with them.

Take Extra Care for Gluten Cross Contamination

Gluten cross-contamination can occur when gluten-free food or non-food product comes into contact with food that does contain gluten. Hence, it is advised to keep these products separate from each other.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Dear One on Gluten Free Diet

So if you want to give your gluten-free friend a fun, exciting and thoughtful gift this holiday season, consider giving him or her a gift related to the gluten-free diet. Trust me, he or she will love the gesture.
We’ve come up with this ultimate gluten-free gift list, that includes a variety of gift ideas perfect for your dear one on a gluten-free diet.

Cook Book


Most gluten-free diets are bland and restrictive, but Indian cuisine is a perfect blend of flavours and nutrition.

There are hundreds of popular gluten-free cookbooks available in a local independent bookstore.
You can also buy this Indian inspired gluten-free a cookbook – “Indian Inspired Gluten-Free Cooking” by Alamelu Vairavan from Amazon for Rs. 4,044.

This book has more than 100 flavorful Indian recipes, that have a beautiful blend of flavours and freshness that makes the gluten-free journey approachable and exciting for everyone.

Portable Juicer and Smoothie Maker


With the help of this Seniority’s portable 2-in-1 smoothie maker and water bottle, one can enjoy fruit juice and smoothie anytime and anywhere!

It just requires filling the jar with fresh ingredients, blend, drink and enjoy! It has secured the fitting lid, 2000mAh battery and 4 sturdy stainless steel blades. You can buy this powerful and hands-free portable juicer and smoothie maker from Seniority for Rs. 999.

Bread Maker

A bread maker can also be a wonderful gift for your dear one. The bread available in the market may contain gluten, and if it is gluten-free there are chances of cross-contamination.

Hence, if the person you are planning to gift is proficient in the art of baking bread, a bread maker can be a perfect gift for them. It has 19 program menus to make the cooking process easy. It has 550W power consumption.

You can consider buying this lightweight and compact Aata and bread maker by Kent from TataCliq for Rs. 7,050.

Personalized T-shirt

If you want to gift a very personal touch to the gift you can go ahead and customize a T-shirt on Vistaprint. Vistaprint will provide you with a top-quality personalized T-shirt at affordable prices.

It has a wide variety of options like 100 percent cotton, polyester, half sleeves, full sleeves T-shirts etc. You can select the pattern from hundreds of patterns given on the website or you can also give your own ideas and get them printed. The price of the personalized T-shirt may vary according to the size, material, and print you opt for.

Personalized Frames

The Other personalized gift option is getting your memories and the artwork framed. With the help of Canvas champ, you can convert any mundane images into a masterpiece.

Canvas Champ provides you with a wide range of customization as a cropping method, size enlargement, and colour correction . It goes a step further and lets you select the background, paper on which you’re your image will be printed, shape size and style of the frame. It further adds sophistication to your gift by using fibreglass.

All you need to do is send your pictures, select a frame, the dimensions of the frame and your customized masterpiece will be hand over to you in the stipulated time-frame.

Gluten Free Popcorn Combo

4700BC Gourmet Popcorn is a premix of popping corn with the scrumptious flavour of Himalayan salt caramel and nutty tuxedo chocolate. It is certified Non-GMO, and gluten-free and thus makes a great snack for the person on a gluten-free diet.

This combo gift pack contains Nutty tuxedo chocolate popcorn in a 125 gm tin and Himalayan salt caramel popcorn in a 110 gm tin. This is available in all the supermarkets and online shopping websites, however, you can buy this from Big Basket for Rs. 414

Gluten Free Chocolate Combo


Everyone from elderly to children loves chocolate. But those suffering from celiac disease and gluten intolerance cannot binge on chocolate to their heart’s content.

You can gift them Ambriona gluten-free chocolate. This way they can satisfy their craving for chocolate, without having to suffer due to the adverse effects of gluten on their health. In addition to that, dark chocolate is considered to be healthier as compared to the normal chocolates available locally.

The Ambriona gluten-free chocolate can be bought from Amazon for Rs. 650.

Gluten Free Jam Combo


La Vieja Fabrica Jams is a series of delicious handmade products. These jams are made in Spain, by using original fruits and handmade process. It has an extraordinarily creamy texture that gives a burst of natural fruit in your mouth. It will definitely make the breakfasts tasteful.

This Vieja Fabrica jam combo can be bought from Amazon for Rs. 530.

Gluten Free Snacking Gift Hamper

Everyone wants to munch on some snacks every now and then. But the snacking options on hand should be healthy or else the health can get affected. In addition to that, a person following a gluten-free diet requires that the snacking items should not contain gluten in it.

This assortment of wholesome makhana pops, teas, super seeds like flaxseed and pumpkin seed, prunes, and gluten-free pasta is the healthy solution for gluten-free snack carvings. You can buy this gluten-free snacking gift hamper from Nature's Basket for Rs. 3,935.

Make Your Own Gourmet Gift Box

Nobody knows the person you are going to gift as good as you. So it is always a good idea to curate your own gift box. The gourmet box provides you with the opportunity to customize your gift box for your dear one.



The person having a gluten intolerance can experience adverse reactions of gluten even if they come in contact with the products containing gluten. Hence it is required that the cosmetics that are used by such people are also Gluten-free. EVXO cosmetics offer cosmetic products that are vegan, cruelty-free, made with organic ingredients and most importantly, gluten-free. EVXO cosmetics can be bought from Amazon. The lipsticks are priced at Rs. 3,738, whereas eye-shadow is priced at Rs. 2,619.

Beautiful Flowers


The flowers have the ability to express your feelings and emotions that even you cannot express. You need something more than ordinary, to express your special feelings for your loved ones. Fern n petals offer exotic flowers like carnations, anthuriums, and Asiatic lilies, etc.

You can buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers of your choice from Fern n Petals that will convey your feelings in the best possible way.

Gift a Plant

Plants are the most beautiful and useful gifts you can give to anyone. Plant not only increases the oxygen level and decreases the pollution level in the space, but also beautifies the space in which they are kept.
There are a variety of plants that can be gifted, medicinal plants, desktop plants, flowering plants, and the good luck plants.

The plants can be bought from the nurseries nearby or can also be ordered from Nurserylive.

Gift a Movie Card

You can also gift the unforgettable and fun experience to your loved ones having gluten intolerance. Give them a gift of fun and entertainment with BookMyShow gift cards. Book My Show has a wide selection of gift cards you can choose from.

Myntra Gift Card


You can buy a personalized gift card from Myntra for you dear one who is on a gluten-free diet. This will bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones. The gift cards can be tailor-made according to your requirements. The gift cards for different occasions can be easily obtained from Myntra.

Bonus Idea: If You are Still Not Sure What to Gift


Sometimes it happens that you have lots of ideas in your mind but you are unable to express them through your actions and words.

There are several options available for you to gift your dear one who is following a gluten-free diet. However, if you are still not sure, what to gift him or her, the best thing to do is go gift shopping.

This way, the dear one whom you want to gift, can select a gift of his or her own choice and you both will get to spend quality time together.

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Buy a Thoughtful Gift for Your Friend Who's on a Gluten-Free Diet

Let the gluten intolerance of your friend not stop you from expressing your love for them. Choose these thoughtful gifts which have been handpicked by BP-Guide, and order them online. If still not sure, put on your shopping shoes and embark on a shopping spree!