Top 10 Anti-Pollution Skincare Essentials for 2019: Win the Battle Against Free Radicals and Repair Your Natural Skin Barrier for Glowing Skin

Top 10 Anti-Pollution Skincare Essentials for 2019: Win the Battle Against Free Radicals and Repair Your Natural Skin Barrier for Glowing Skin

For protecting the body from the harmful effects of the air pollutants, many brands have launched ant-pollution skincare products. Instead of spending a pretty packet on the slew of ‘anti-pollution products flooding the market, it’s time you invested in a good quality cleanser, an antioxidant serum and light but effective SPF cream packed with essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Below is the list of anti-pollution products.

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The Anti-Pollution Skin Care Essentials

Pollution has rendered our skin and its health, to all-time lows. The more you are exposed to it, the more affected your skin gets. Air pollution, along with sun damage is more than enough to give you damages from tired looking skin to hyper-pigmentation and ageing. So, it is imperative that your skin is given utmost care against these atrocities. The facial skin is very permeable and damage-prone as compared to the entire body, and hence, they need special care. A majority of the people tend to ignore their body and only focus on their face, we would like to correct you from this and stress on how important it is to take care of your body as well. Nobody looks attractive with a bright face and tanned hands, or a wrinkly neck and dry hands or unkempt hair. Aim at total care and nurture against the growing effects of pollution.

Effect of Increasing Pollution on Skin

The photochemical smog tends to speed up skin ageing, by depleting Vitamin E levels. It also interferes with the natural healing process by giving oxidation stress on the skin. In order to lessen the pollution damage, skin as a defence system has a higher sebum secretion rate in highly polluted areas. Now we know all that acne pop up from.

Excess pollution reduces cutaneous pH and also increase the amount of lactic acid. There is also a reduction in squalene and vitamin E, the antioxidants of the skin surface. This leads to skin damage, breakouts, pigmentation, blemishes and what not. Pollution even affects cholesterol in the skin. These damages shouldn’t be taken lightly and must be treated with care for an everlasting healthy and useful skin.

How to Tackle Skin Damage Due to Pollution

Two simple solutions. Reduce the exposure to pollution, and use skin care products that tackle the effects of pollution. We cannot hide in the comfort of our homes 24*7, and so the key is in finding the right products.

Anti-pollution skin care would mostly consist of Oil-based cleansing products, balancing toners or tonics to mitigate skin pH, mild cleansing products that can be applied frequently and used as per need, along with that deep cleansing products that do not strip the skin of its necessary vitamins, anti-oxidants and moisture, cleansing masques that absorb the dirt from deep within and products that are handy and effective. Once you start using the right products, you will know what kind of damage has been done to your skin, and how a healed skin would feel and look.

Role of Anti-Pollution Skin Care Products

Antioxidants in the anti-pollution skin care products, fend off free radicals and stop premature ageing in its tracks. These antioxidants are not just meant for food but these compounds are often included in skincare products. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging the normal functioning of your cells. Also, vitamin C helps reduce inflammation, while vitamins A and E repair collagen, a very important substance needed for youthful and healthy-looking skin. Soothing elements such as zinc oxide, vitamin B3 in skin care products, help reduce redness and inflammation to present you a perfectly clear complexion.

Using anti-pollution products that include moisturizing and revitalizing elements ensures all of your bases are covered. As a proper moisturizing product is essential to keep the health of your skin. None of us want cracked and damaged skin. Anti-pollution products are cleverly designed to not just provide with nourishment, but also to take out the unwanted impurities. It removes the bad first, giving more space and reach for nutrients from these products to reach our skin. Simply lathering on products might never give desired results, as they might not even reach the skin due to excessive damage and impurities. The right way is to use products that grand you both protection and nourishment for getting a smooth healthy baby like skin.

Top Ten Anti-Pollution Skincare Essentials to Protect You Day and Night.


Here we have given you our top ten anti-pollution skin care products. Instead of focusing on just one kind of products, or random best-selling ones, we have chosen an entire skin care regime for you. It shall cover you from head to toe, and address every damage caused by the increasing pollution.

We have a face wash, shampoo and body cleanser for the lover of a clean detoxed body. The perfect anti-pollution masque for the quick fix lover. A hydrating jelly that one and all must try. CC cream for the makeup lover, a facial mist for the constant freshness and an elixir hydrating jelly for those who believe in making most of their sleep. Finally, the best aloe vera gel for the one who is all natural. Choose your favourite product, and you will for sure, remember us in your prayers.

Anti- Pollution Face Wash

The very first step of any skin care routine is to cleanse. Pollution tends to make your skin dull, and also clog pores with dirt and dust. The skin tends to get dirty, whether or not you are wearing makeup, covering up with a scarf or not. Hence it is mandatory to strip off this dirt, unclog pores and rid your skin of residual makeup.

The Kaya Clinic Active Charcoal Anti-Pollution Face Wash from is one of the best anti-pollution face washes available in the market. The facewash is enriched with activated bamboo charcoal which has exceptional absorption properties. Charcoal, as we all know, is the state-of-the-art cleansing agent, winning down the beauty industry for its excellent cleansing properties. This facewash from Kaya is extremely gentle on your face wash and is tremendously effective in drawing out pollutants and dirt from your skin. It helps in clean your pores off bacteria, toxins and microparticles that has settled due to constant exposure to pollutants, sweat, oil and products. It leaves the skin feeling fresh, detoxed and supple. The product has excellent reviews and is available at just Rs. 250.

Anti-Pollution Detox Shampoo


Our precious mane goes through a lot. Humidity, pollution, frizz, dandruff, oil, heat, chemicals and what not. The atrocities done to your hair will be a huge list on its own. Hence, it is very important to take care of them before things go south. Hair fall and dandruff are better prevented than treated. Soft, shiny, clean and healthy hair is each girl’s dream and to achieve that healthy mane, you need to choose the right product.

The Yves Rocher Anti-pollution Detox Micellar Shampoo from is a magnificent product. This shampoo helps detoxify and treat your hair to reveal its true beauty. It is the perfect solution to treat hair, that has been asphyxiated by pollution. It has selected ingredients specially chosen by the beauty experts of Yves Rocher Botanical. The key ingredient would be moringa seed extract, that is traditionally used to purify water. The proteins contained in the moringa seed will help detoxify and remove impurities from your hair as well. The hair will be freed of substances that make it seem dull and the lightness and shine is immediately recovered.

The added plus is the micellar formula that gently cleanses the hair affected by the pollution. This product is not only a pollution warding product for your mane but is also ethically environment-friendly. The Moringa seed extract is made from a 100% natural extraction procedure and the shampoo comes in a recyclable bottle. Also, as a highlight, we must say, this shampoo is silicone free, colourant free and paraben free. Get your hands on this product for just Rs. 550.

Anti- Pollution Body Cleanser

It always about the face; how it looks? how is it getting affected by pollution? are the right products being used? What should you do more? But, in all this, we tend to forget the skin on our body. It is equally affected by pollution but does not get equal attention and care. It is imperative to take care of your body, just as your face. You take care of your body now, and you will be thankful for it later on in life. Trust us! Just as a young pretty face, you need a young healthy and pretty body too.

The Ahe Naturals, Noni & Neem Sulfate-Free-Anti-Pollution Body Cleanser is a great anti-pollution body wash. It is a gentle body cleanser that contains antioxidant-rich Noni, Neem, Aloe Vera and cucumber. They are extremely helpful in limiting the production of free-radicals that damage the skin. It is also extremely beneficial to improve the look of your skin, by fighting ageing and wrinkles. The cleanser also contains cucumber and nutrient-rich almond oil for a revitalizing cleanse.

Noni, which is an active ingredient, has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for its medicinal remedies. Noni is known to boost skin cell health and has anti-inflammatory properties. The ingredients also are high in Vitamin A, C, E, Potassium, Folic Acid and Magnesium. The Ahe Naturals body wash thoroughly cleans skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. It is easy to wash off and has no greasy residue. Aromatherapy citrus oils are sure to energize your senses. It is a true anti-pollution product as it helps protect against all the negative effects of being exposed to pollution. This product is free from sulphates, paraben and mineral oil. Grab this at just Rs. 917 from

Anti- Pollution Charcoal Mask

Masks are true heroes. In a short while, they strip off the skin, from all kinds of dirt and residue. At the same time, masks are extremely nourishing on the skin. Masks are truly a great way to infuse good things into your skin and removing the unwanted. The added bonus is that it works in a short amount of time, and you are free to move around. A true self-care regime. For the skin, that is heavily damaged with pollution, you must use the right mask to cleanse.

This Anti-Pollution Unisex Oil Balancing Facial Mask by Sukin, contains Bamboo Charcoal as the key ingredient and is infused with Moringa Extract. As we all know, charcoal assists in the absorption of toxins and impurities, in turn revealing revitalized and deeply cleansed skin. This mask is suitable for all skin types and is extremely beneficial for oily skin. The Rooibos Tea, Willow herb and Aloe Vera extracts revitalize and help clear acne and blemish prone skin. It also contains other natural ingredients like quine, bilberry and pomegranate extracts along with avocado, coconut and rosehip oils.

This mask leaves the skin moisturized and nourished. It also helps in tightening pores, leaving a healthy and balanced complexion. This is a highly sought-after masque with excellent reviews. Grab this at just Rs. 595 from

Anti- Pollution Hydrating Jelly


Hydration is the key to healthy skin. The more water you drink, the clearer and healthier your skin look. You must drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Hydration leads to soft, supple and young skin. In the simplest words, water gives you baby skin. Hydrating your facial skin is very important, as the facial skin is comparatively more sensitive, and goes through every torture from pollution and heat to products. Hence hydrating your facial skin is as important as watering a plant. Water prevents skin from drying and dying.

Clinique has always been a leading brand of cosmetics and skin care. Their Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is one product that you would want to use religiously. It is an unbelievably lightweight, water-jelly that naturally delivers 24-hour hydration to your skin. Clean shield technology is formulated by Clinique with a moisture barrier. It comes with a blend of sunflower seed cake, barley extract and cucumber fruit as key ingredients. The extract helps strengthen skin’s barrier, improves its resiliency, and balances the skin’s moisture levels. The hyaluronic acid acts as a natural moisture magnet and is an ingredient that you must look for in all your skin products.

The hydrating jelly not only provides 24-hour hydration but is also proven to make the skin 87% less vulnerable to pollution. It locks in the good and keeps the bad at bay. The unique water-jelly texture feels fresh and penetrates quickly. It is an oil-free formula and leaves no residue. The skin is left smooth, stout and healthy with an untainted, clean glow. It is suitable for all skin types, is developed by learned dermatologists and also allergy tested. Clinique also stays true to its motto; No parabens. No phthalates. No fragrance. Just happy skin. Grab this product from at Rs.800

Anti- Pollution Sunscreen


Do not! we repeat, do not skip sunscreen! It’s a common mistake that everyone does, and it might seem unimportant. But we couldn’t stress how important a sunscreen is in your beauty regime. Apply sunscreen on your face arms and feet before you step out, and even when you are sitting at home. The pesky UV rays can affect you even at home. A good sunscreen is mandatory to prevent unwanted hyperpigmentation, blemishes and skin darkening. Always carry it with you, and repeat as needed.

WOW Anti-pollution sunscreen is the best selling anti-pollution sunscreen in the market. It ensures all-in-one protection against pollution, smog and damage. It comes with SPF 40. This sunscreen from WOW is a water-resistant lotion and offers ultimate protection against fuel exhausts. It protects against both UVA & UVB radiations from the sun. It even stops PM 2.5-sized pollution particles from seeping into your skin. The sunscreen is activated by alteromonas ferment extract, liquorice extract & Vitamin B3. It also helps minimize irritations, prevents ageing, pigmentation and tanning. It comes in a 100 ml container. Get your hands on this advanced anti-pollution sunscreen at Rs. 499 from [

Anti- Pollution CC Cream

Makeup has become an integral part of our lives. Some like it heavy, and some light. For the daily use, instead of slapping on layers of foundation, it is better to put on a layer of cc cream. It helps your skin breathe and the more natural and breezier the look the better. The no makeup look is what is trending. Now, how about, the option of getting your hands on a CC cream that is not only a corrector but also has anti-pollution properties.

The Spawake CC complete complexion cream from is made with rich sea minerals; kelp and sea salt. These extracts along with beauty actives instantly correct and cover the blemishes, dullness, and redness while giving a natural finish like bare, healthy-looking skin. The CC Cream is lightweight, with a silky texture that glides over skin to deliver a seamless coverage. The application is smooth like a second skin and as a result, your own complexion will look natural and flawless with a glowing radiance.

It is a natural all-day usage cream for radiance and glows. It promotes skin brightening, skin lightening and fairness. The cream also has UV protection. Grab this unique product at just Rs. 499.

Anti- Pollution Face Mist


Facial Mist is probably the most underrated product in skincare. It not just luxurious scented water, but much more. It is a versatile beauty essential that fights dryness and brightens a dull complexion and rejuvenates tired skin. Face mists are suitable for all skin types and can be refreshing and hydrating to the skin. A face mist is a great product to help keep freshness. But when it comes with anti-pollution properties, it could be no less than a magic mist.

The Pollution Safe Anti-Pollution Face Mist with Herbashield - 50 ml by PEE SAFE from is the best anti-pollution facial mist in the market. The mist is enriched with herbashield, an anti-pollution active which strengthens the skin barrier. It helps to limit pollution penetration and enhances detoxification of skin that is damaged by air pollution. It has hundred percent pure kiwi, that helps, lighten skin tone, provide radiance, nourishment and hydration to your facial skin. Aloe vera extract rebuilds and soothes damaged skin and green tea extract provides anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits. It can be sprayed on face and neck as often as needed, but especially before stepping out. It is priced at just Rs.299.

Anti- Pollution Sleep Repair Elixir


Elixir, as its name suggests, is a magical, medicinal potion. It helps repair skin, in a short period of time. Mainly used at night, this magical potion helps rebuild skin, into its youthful self. And if this potion comes within built anti-pollution properties, it ends up being double effective. One such product is the sleep repair elixir.

Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse Sleeping Care Repair + Anti-Pollution from repairs skin and reduces signs of tiredness. The beauty experts of Yves Rocher Botanical have deciphered the genius of aphloia. The plant, obtained from the high plains of Madagascar, has exceptional abilities to repair and protect. It is capable of completely renewing its bark and amassing a natural molecule at the heart of its leaves, that efficiently guards it against outward hostilities.

After each night, the skin is visibly rested and naturally radiant after applying the elixir. It helps smooth wrinkles and repairs the skin from within. This formula tested under dermatological supervision and more than 91% of ingredients are from natural origin. The most heart-warming part is, the elixir comes in a recyclable glass jar and cardboard made from sustainably managed forests. It is mineral oil free, silicone free, colourant free and paraben free. Grab this at Rs.2,600.

Anti- Pollution Aloe-Vera Glow Gel


Aloe Vera is known for its skin healing properties. From removing blemishes and fighting pigmentation, this antioxidant-rich plant is filled with useful properties that help improve skin health. Having an aloe vera plant by your side, to use every day, may not seem like a feasible option, but at the same time, it is hard to ignore the goodness of this green plant, and the natural and organic properties. Hence, instead of simply buying an aloe vera get, invest in an anti-pollution gel, that is infused with other natural extracts, that help fight pollution and rebuild and rejuvenate the skin.

The Matra Naturals Aloe Vera Glow Gel - Anti-Sun & Anti-Pollution - with Green Tea and Peppermint Extracts - for acne, scars, a skin treatment from is the greatest one in the market. It is an effective sun and pollution relief agent. The Aloe – gel nourishes, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. The gel is infused with antioxidant-rich green tea extract that helps improve complexion and also acts as a natural skin toner. Peppermint Oil soothes the skin and helps control acne. The aloe gel helps reduce tan and also imparts a healthy glow. It is suitable for all skin types and is priced at Rs.385.

Must- Follow Skincare Routine

Even if you are not a skincare fanatic, you must follow these simple routines. They will help you chuck all the makeup and all the fancy products if needed go bare. These three tiny steps will give you the best skin, that can be flaunted and revelled in. It is a basic three-step routine and to that, we added one more; a sunscreen.


Every night, remove all makeup and use a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type. Be sure the cleanser you choose can remove residual make-up while at the same time being gentle on your skin. Opt for cleansing lotion made of pure, natural botanical ingredients that are kinder to the skin.

Lather up the cleanser using lukewarm water. It helps break down the remaining make-up on your face. Do not scrub hard and spend at least 60 seconds going over your face. Also clean your neck to gently remove any makeup, perfume or dirt that has settled there.


Rinse your face several times with lukewarm water remove the cleanser and make-up residues. If you prefer splash cold water on your face when to tighten your pores. Now gently pat your face dry with a towel.

Next use a skin toner that suits your skin type, with a cotton pad and gently wipe your face and neck. Choose a gentle toner containing mild ingredients. This will help remove the final specks of dirt that the cleanser missed. Toner lowers the skin pH level, calms and help prepare it for moisturizing. Hydrosols of rose, orange blossom, geranium or lavender make excellent toners because of their skin-conditioning benefits.


Your skin needs to be replenished each night after a day of exposure to pollution. Choose moisturizers that include natural ingredients with great benefits like shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera and pure essential oils. Do not forget your lips and under the eye. They are extremely vulnerable.

And Never Step out without Sun-Block

Sunscreen helps to keep your complexion even by protecting it against the sun’s broad spectrum of harmful UV rays. It prevents the visible signs of premature aging and gives youthful, radiant, and healthy-looking skin. Overexposure to sunlight increases the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin aging, and the regular use of sunscreen helps prevent that to a great extent.

Essential proteins like keratin in the skin are protected when sunscreen is applied. It is primarily accountable for keeping the skin smooth and healthy. Using sunscreen also prevents skin damages and even cancer to an extent.

As a final word, never skip your sunscreen. Always apply a sunblock before stepping out and repeat as needed. And for the cleansing, toning and moisturizing; it is the holy grail of skin care. Making this your night routine is going to be one of the best decisions in terms of skin care.

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Fighting Pollution

Anti-pollution skincare products are the latest trend in the skincare industry. As people battle an increasingly toxic atmosphere, these products promise to combat harmful particles associated with pollution in major cities. These products work by cleansing the skin from nanoparticles that are absorbed from the air or by creating a protective barrier that acts as a shield against pollutants.

While products that protect the skin are great, the bigger issue is fighting pollution at its source. Many cities are initiating eco-friendly policies to help curb emissions, but more work needs to be done if we are serious about combating the effects pollution has on our health. Unfortunately, companies that manufacture anti-pollution skincare products have little motivation to fight pollution at a large scale, as doing so would ultimately hurt their bottom line.