Steal Her Heart All Over Again with Romantic and Unique 2nd Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend (2018)

Steal Her Heart All Over Again with Romantic and Unique 2nd Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend (2018)

Much is made about the first anniversary but when you've been dating a girl for two years, you know there is something special there. Don't be one of those couples that get lazy with time and a 2nd anniversary is the perfect time to sweep her off her feet, again. Best Present guide brings you some absolutely fabulous ideas for celebrating the 2nd anniversary with your girlfriend, romantic gifts and much more.

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Tips on Selecting Second Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

If you're stuck thinking about ways to make your girlfriend happy on your second anniversary, look no further! Here are a few pointers on selecting unique, personalised and romantic gifts for the love of your life. From thoughtful keepsakes to one-of-a-kind items, take your pick and make your anniversary a memorable moment for times to come.

Selective Choices Make for a Thoughtful Gift

Choosing an appropriate gift for someone you love can be challenging. There are plenty of options available in the market that would make for an excellent gift, however, it's best to choose one that resonates with your love's personality, likes and or desires. A little thought would go a long way and make the gift truly special for her.

Explore Options Close to Her Heart

When choosing a gift for the love of your life, consider these pointers to impress her:

  • Social media can come in quite handy, with people choosing things they like. If she's active on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, look out for these lil' giveaways on her preferences

  • Your time with her can be quite insightful if you go back and revisit her personal traits or lifestyle. Look for things that would be useful for her in terms of her physical wellness or emotional comforts. If she's someone who's body temperature fluctuates with seasonal changes, a warm but light blanket or shawl would be best, or if she's someone who's always on the move and uses her phone non-stop, a power bank would be an excellent choice

  • Before you go ahead and buy something, it's good to first check out what she has, it'll help with your search criteria. From a cosmetic pouch for her scattered personal effects to a hot n cold travel flask for her caffeine cravings, a trendy laptop sleeve or a cool phone case would come in really handy.

Get Creative!

If your anniversary comes around the dull days of the month when your pocket's tight or the options you are looking for are too expensive, it's best to use your inherent talents, get creative and come up with some thoughtful ways to say you care! From a DIY cake or personal accessories to memories in a jar, there's no dearth of ideas to put your heart and soul into your gifts for her. Make one or put them together as a gift hamper, whatever you go in for, make sure you deliver it with love.

Some good to go and easy items can be:

  • DIY cake: a fun gift filled with layers of delicious candies, chocolates or muffins

  • DIY necklace: make your way into her heart with a breath catching, trendy and everyday necklace, paired perhaps with some cool diy studs or long earrings. The world wide web is your teaching ground

  • Unique gifts in a jar: there are some pretty thoughtful, creative and romantic options you can come up to fill a jar with love. Take your pick from a jar of loving messages, affirmations for the start of a new day everyday, diy scrubs or lotions, beauty hacks, fragrant candles, terrariums and more.

10 Unique 2nd Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend

Personalised Monogrammed Bath Robes

If you want to make your beloved's heart soar, enjoy a set of custom bath robes with delicate embroidered initials,warm, soft and cuddly for both of you. Available at, these personalised monogrammed bath robes are made from the finest cotton, embroidered with your initials in silk threads. The set includes 2 super-soft unisex bath robes; buy them for Rs.4,999.

Another option is Craftsvilla's Ultra-snob Personalized Bath Robe, a premium (free-sized) cotton bath robe in white which comes with the option to choose from different colors to embroider your preferred initials on the robes. You can mention the color preference in the 'special instructions' window during checkout. It is priced at Rs.1,485, inclusive of GST. Available at

A Day of Lovely Surprises


It's always the thought that counts! When it comes to making your girlfriend happy, go an extra mile to show you care. Surprise your girl with a beautiful experience or gifts delivered at her home or a place of your choice by CherishX. You can choose to surprise her with a room decorated with over 200 balloons and ribbons, or paper lanterns and fairy lights or set up a romantic movie date at home with a big screen, balloons and candle-lit decor. You'd go in for a single experience or combine a few. Each experience comes at a different price ranging between Rs.850 to Rs.7,500. Pick your experience at

A Letter of Love or a Poem

A heartfelt message or poem expressing your affection to your girlfriend will not only make her feel loved but will be etched in her memory for long. While we recommend that this wonderful surprise comes straight from your heart, a little help from some established writers could always come in handy. With the internet at your disposal, all you need to do is to start with a verse, an image or a line or two from something you read and practice on your writing skills by fine tuning your thoughts into a poem. Begin with brainstorming and get inspired from your surroundings. Recall each memory, situation or moment you've spent as closely as you can and you'll find yourself weaving it all together! When you find inspiration failing you, turn to websites like and

An Experience or Activity for Both of You


There are some highly curated experiences that you can choose from, for the two of you to mark your day of love. From as assortment of the finest experiences that CherishX has to offer, choose a romantic dinner at a quaint treehouse in the woods with a beautiful lit path that leads you to a mini-hill. This experience comes with a 3 course North Indian cuisine, welcome drink and basic amenities to ensure a comfortable and cozy evening for you and your lady. The package cost is Rs.6,300. You can customise the experience further by adding on other packages as well at

If you and your girlfriend prefer the adventurous side of life, spending an hour at 'Code Break 60’ from Oye Happy will add a zing to your steps! This unique game experience, called Sherlocked in Delhi, will be thematic with relevant props and effects that would entail you looking for clues to solve the mystery to finally get out of a locked room. This experience includes 2 tickets and a handmade gift for your girl, priced at Rs. 2,850 inclusive of taxes. For more information please visit

How about modifying your 'long drive' with an extra zing of comfort from Oye Happy's surprise experience Club on Wheels! Equipped with easy recliners and leg support, state of the art entertainment console, mini-bar with refreshments, charging station for your phones and laptops, folding tables and mood lighting, this wheels' experience includes your chauffeur’s fee, rental for 8 hours or 80 km drive. Any additional expenses incurred can be paid to the chauffeur at the time of closing the trip. This wonderful experience comes at a price point of Rs.7,150, inclusive of all taxes at

Exotic Flowers and Gift Basket

Nothing says love more than the beautiful colors and fragrance of flowers with a basketful of surprises for your lady. With a bunch of 12 orchids (blue and purple) in a glass vase, these flowers from are sight for sore eyes, to be cherished both inside or outside (if you'd like to plant them later). The Smile with Exotic bunch is priced at Rs.1,250.

If you had different flowers in mind, give her this beautiful Luxury Blue and Pink Hydrangea with Cymbidium Orchid Hand-tied, an assortment of 27 stems from Interflora, wrapped with a riboon in a golden cover comes with a pink and blue hydrangea, 2 cymbidium orchid heads and a mix of kaminis, bouvardia and roses in pink making it a fragrant and spectacular gift. It's priced at Rs.3,675.

A thoughtfully put-together gift box of fine skin and body care products by Forest Essentials offered at presents a luxurious display of body mist from the Iced Pomegranate & Kerala Lime range in 100 ml, a 125 gms sugar soap, 100 ml body wash, 100 gms body cream in Velvet Silk and a bath oil in 100 ml. All in all, a refreshing gift for the Indian Summer. Buy it for Rs.4,400.

Or go in for a delectable hamper (Indulgent Celebration) from Nature's Basket which comes with an assortment of savories and snacks, not to forget chocolates! The hamper includes a large golden box with crushed dates, roasted almonds, 250 gms, 400 gms of cashewnuts flavored in chocolate, 90 gms of fruit and nut chocolate, 28 gms fruit crunch pineapple, roasted potato chips in tangy tomato flavor, 80 gms (each) of dark cranberry & orange and 100 gms coated hazelnuts. This hamper is priced at Rs.3,000.

Photo Collage of Your Precious Moments Together

Make a personalised and unique picture collage of your moments together and gift them in your choice of style. Online printing of your collage from helps you form a string of your special moments. You can select a frame of your choice with the prices starting at Rs.449. Your collage would look even better as a decor item or gift products like t-shirts, photo frames, wall hangings, mouse pads, etc. Choose your style at with the starting price of Rs.299.

A Pet

Pets can make a wonderful addition to your loved one's life. However before you go for this option, its best to discuss this with your loved one, as adopting a pet is a long term commitment and requires a lot of love, patience in addition to practical aspects of raising a pet. There are millions of stray and homeless animals in India today. While it is very easy to buy your pet, your consideration towards the forlorn four-legged rescued angels would go a long way for both the animal and you as a couple. You can choose to adopt or even sponsor a pet's upkeep at or

Personalised Jewellery or Fashion Accessories

Create personalised jewellery or fashion accessories for your lady love which she will use, wear and treasure forever. Choose from a wide range of high-end jewelry custom made with your beloved's name, initials, your signature or a message in your own language with a font of your choice crafted from gold, sterling silver, brass and stainless steel. We recommend you design a 'circle of life' personalised bracelet for your girlfriend with a cursive font style in the center in a bangle setting, you can choose your own metal as well at This beautiful bracelet comes at a price of Rs.2,550.

Another option is a unique leather laptop sleeve with a rustic texture customised in a color of your choice from the Bling Store's new range will reflect your girl's personality with an embellished twinkie and her name engraved on the wallet. The sleeve size is 14.5 x 10 inches. Place your order at at a price of Rs.1,499.

Custom Gift on Reasons You Love Her

Create your personalised gift book, bucket or deck of cards that list all the reasons you love her. Make it yourself or gift her a funky tin from with 100 reasons to love your girl and unleash the magic into your lives. This is a personalised bucket with 100 rolled papers, with a height of 6" and 5.8" wide. It comes at Rs.250.

You could also pen down your reasons of love for your beloved or go in for 100 recommended messages and gift her a personalised glass jar and photo chain greeting card from The gift includes colored sheets on a 180 gsm paper with 100 reasons, in addition to tags for each roll, a jar with decorated gadgets and a handmade personalised card with space for you to post 6 pictures. It is priced at Rs.950.

Special Pre-Planned Dates for Each Month

A unique and meaningful gift idea that she'd want year after year! There are different ways you can use this idea for a gift for your anniversary. From choosing to gift your pre-planned date descriptions in a nicely wrapped gift box to be presented at once or a surprise each month, you can innovate the idea to your liking. Gift each of your monthly dates in an envelope tied with ribbon, and include a sweet letter explaining your date idea. You can also create personalised note cards for each month revealing details of your special date! Place your order at Each set comes personalized with 20 notecards at Rs.160.

If you are running short of ideas, here's a free guide at to help you brainstorm and choose from a variety of dates with your girlfriend.

You’ll be making lots of memories on each of your monthly dates, so think ahead and gift a her a memory box in the form of a photo album or scrapbook with the set of pre-planned date ideas! Here's a Crack Of Dawn Crafts-Precious Memories Handmade Photo Album, that holds 20 photographs of 4" by 6" with 4 tags to record thoughts or memories she'd like to put in with the pictures. The size of the album is 10" by 6" with 10 pages, 20 sides, a beautiful cover and a memory box. Available at for Rs.1,800 inclusive of taxes.

Make it an Anniversary of a Lifetime

Go down on your knees if you are ready for it. If you're ready to pop the question, but don't know how, here are a few tips to make it extra special! Choose inspiring ideas to make her yours' for life from Plan a romantic surprise of a lifetime by following these wonderful engagement pointers at or make it an epic moment with India's first ever proposal planners at

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Every little effort counts

If she's worth the effort you have to let her know that she still has your heart after all this time, perhaps even more than when you first met her. And if she is worth it, none of it will seem like an effort. Girls pay a lot of attention to the small things, like how you know her favourite brand and flavour of ice cream, how the flowers were in all the colours she loves or even the fact that you picked a handmade paper card because she adores them. So no effort is too small, and none of it will go unnoticed.