Now Here's a Haircare Product for Men That Can Suit Their On-The-Go Lifestyle: Best Dry Shampoos for Men Available in India (2020)

Now Here's a Haircare Product for Men That Can Suit Their On-The-Go Lifestyle: Best Dry Shampoos for Men Available in India (2020)

Dry shampoos are truly revolutionary products, especially for men who are always on the go. These can simply be sprayed on your hair to keep them free from dandruff, and other hair pollutants. If you have been looking for which dry shampoos to get for yourself, well, your search ends here! Here are the best dry shampoos for men available in India.

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Get to Know All About Dry Shampoos and its Uses

Dry shampoo has been on the market for a long time but has gained its popularity recently. This article will help you understand the benefits of using dry shampoos and the best dry shampoos available in the market for men.

Dry shampoo is a powder or fast-drying spray. It gives you a way of cleaning your hair without using water. They come in different kinds. You can find them in paste form, in powders or sprays. They also come in different colors, so if you color your hair, you can use the best color. Dry shampoo works by absorbing the excess production of sebum and other oils produced in our hair roots and leaves your hair clean and smelling wonderful in no time.

Use it Correctly for Maximum Benefits

Dry shampoos are made with a starch component that absorbs these oils and gives you a grease-free look. They come in handy when you have to make a sudden appearance in a meeting or have a surprise date lined up. These shampoos are commonly used by men and women both and are very useful and time and energy savers. The best way to use them is to know how to use them correctly, or they can give you dandruff-like flakes and dull and dry looking hair. Most of these shampoos can be used in a similar way.

Here is how you can use it effectively and look your best in no time at all.

  • Step 1: Keep the dry shampoo about four to six inches from your hair and spray on the roots. You can use it where your hair feels the oiliest, parts like the nape of the neck or the crown of the head. Take your time and spray on one section at a time.

  • Step 2: Use your fingers to massage it into your roots and scalp for it to start working on the hair. It will gradually absorb all the excess oil from your hair and give an extra volume to them. Now, flip your head upside down and massage it well.

  • Step 3: Use a brush or a comb to smoothen out your hair. You can now use a hot tool to style your hair, and you are all set for any event you didn't have time to wash your hair off.

Benefits of Using Dry Shampoos

Washing your hair regularly is a good way to take care of them, and it keeps you looking groomed, but did you know that using too much shampoo can damage your hair? When you wash your hair, you introduce foaming agents and tons of chemicals used in making these shampoos in the market. Although they make your hair look clean and fresh, they strip away the natural oils from the hair follicles.

These natural oils are important because they create a safe layer over the scalp and prevent toxins from entering your skin. It also makes the immune system work harder to protect your skin. To prevent this, we end up using oil on our hair, which leads to more shampooing so it simply goes on and on. A good way to avoid this is to use the dry shampoo once a week to keep your hair healthy naturally.

Here are some ways of how dry shampoos are beneficial for healthy hair.

  • We never look at the labels before buying a shampoo. We buy shampoos that contain Ammonium Chloride, Glycol or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate plus other chemicals that create foam when mixed with water. These chemicals end up damaging our skin and hair and lead to premature graying, dandruff, and itchy scalp. If you feel that you have been doing the same, it is time to switch to dry shampoo.

  • Washing hair with regular shampoo gives you temporarily clean hair. In contrast, dry shampoo lets your manage the amount of oil you produce. Washing your hair with water and soap also makes your color dull, but if you use dry shampoo, you reduce the use of water and soap, and your hair color stays on for a longer period.

  • Dry shampoos save your time. You can air-dry your hair after wet shampoo, but you can't do it when you are late for work or a party. Using a dry shampoo will have you ready and set to go in no time.

  • The natural powders used in a dry shampoo will give volume to your hair. You can style your hair with your fingers or a brush after dry shampooing. If you have fine and thin hair, you can use it and get nice and fluffy hair.

  • Most men are on the go, busy travelling for business or pleasure, and carrying a shampoo with you everywhere is always a hassle. Dry shampoos come in powder form, and you can easily carry them in your bags. You can use them in any climate or where water is a luxury.

  • Dry shampoo also holds your style, be it a man bun or nice wavy hair. You can spray it on before styling it and give texture to your hairstyle with ease.

  • Dry shampoos come in wonderful fragrance and leave your hair smelling nice and fresh.

Best Dry Shampoo For Men: Top 10 Options Curated for You!

Men don't need to groom themselves, and that they don't need beauty products is a myth. Men are also people and like to look their best and save time as well. The dry shampoos for men are a good way for them to look fresh and clean in less time. Here are some top men dry shampoos in the market. Read on, then choose the best one for yourself.

BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo


There are many different kinds of dry shampoos for men in the market, and one of the best ones is the BBlunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo. This shampoo is made of microcrystalline starch. These are minute particles that can't be seen through the naked eye and absorb the scalp's excess oil. You don't need water to use it. You can simply spray it on when you feel the need to having fresh hair. Shake and spray and wait for it to work for 2 minutes, and you are all set with a perfect look. You can buy it for Rs. 495 from

KICK Dry Shampoo


The Kick dry shampoo is an excellent shampoo for a perfect hair day or a date right after you have worked out in a gym and all sweaty. It revives your dull hair and restores the moisture in it. It also gives your hair texture and makes them extra soft. The best part of using this dry shampoo is that it does not leave any white residue after use or won't leave you smelling like aerosol.

You just have to shake it and spray it on your roots and brush right after it, and you'll have hair smelling like you've just showered. It is paraben and harsh chemical-free, so you can use it as many times you like. The Kick dry shampoo is imported from the USA, and you can buy it for Rs. 2,669 from

Promen Dry Shampoo for Turbuned Hair


Another great dry shampoo for men is the Promen dry shampoo with is specially made for turbaned hair. The Sikh men who used this shampoo swear by it. Being a Sikh requires you to have long hair tied up in a turban forever, which leads to hair damage, bad odor, and discomfort. Since their hair is tied up tightly, it tends to sweat and excrete excess oil. Washing their hair regularly is a hassle for them as they have long hair. The Promen dry shampoo is specifically made to relieve them from this situation and makes life a lot easier for them. It omits a pleasant aroma and makes you feel fresh and confident at all times. It is also dermatologically tested; therefore, you can use it without worrying about ill-effects to your scalp or hair. It is available for Rs. 564 on

Plantain, Bamboo & Charcoal Organic Dry Shampoo

The Plantain, Bamboo & Charcoal is another excellent organic dry shampoo for men. If you have oily hair, this will be one of the best products you can use. It works great by giving you clean hair and nourishes your hair and scalp at the same time. It is loaded with essential vitamins. The Plantain helps hair growth, gets rid of itchy skin, and manages the oil production on your scalp. The rice starch present in the shampoo removes extra grease and dirt stuck to your hair follicles. The Bamboo charcoal makes your hair lighter and provides volume to your hair instantly. You can buy this shampoo for Rs. 400 from

Vishisht-Natural Rosemary Dry Shampoo


Are you tired of getting up late and running to work with messy hair? You won't have to do it again if you use the Vishist Natural Rosemary Dry shampoo. The shampoo has natural rosemary extracts with removes excess oil and grease from your hair by absorbing it as soon as you apply it on your hair. It also gives your hair great volume, which is good for people with thin and fine hair. The shampoo is free of any harmful chemicals and helps retain moisture in your hair to make it look fresh. Simple sprinkle some of it on the roots and massage it gently to spread it evenly. Wait for a couple of minutes and comb for the best effect. It is available for Rs. 194 only

TIGI Unisex Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo


If you are looking for a unisex dry shampoo, you can check out the TIGI unisex Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Matte shampoo. This shampoo works on cleaning the excess oil from your hair and makes it lighter and shiner. It also gives you a fine texture and helps hold your hairstyle in place for a long time. It comes in an easy to spray bottle. Just shake and spray and get ready for any event in minutes. The TIGI shampoo is available on for Rs. 1,200.

The Well-Groomed Guy Men's Dry Shampoo


Another effective dry shampoo for men is the Well-Groomed Guy Men's Dry shampoo. This is a perfect shampoo for men who are always on the run and don't get enough time to take care of their hair. The shampoo contains a potent mix of natural ingredients that cleans your hair perfectly; It contains kaolin clay, rice powder, horsetail powder, and eucalyptus essential oil, which takes care of dirty, sticky hair. The eucalyptus' pleasant smell will give you a lovely fragrance and leave you confident while working on your strict schedule. You can purchase this dry powder shampoo for Rs. 2,119 from

Hair Dance Natural and Organic Dry Shampoo Powder


If you color your hair and worry about losing your color after each wash, you can try the Hair Dance natural and organic dry shampoo. It is one of the best dry shampoos for colored hair, and it is suitable for all colors. So, if you were partying late at night and didn't get time to wash your hair in the morning for office simply apply the shampoo on your hair and get a refreshed look. This is a USA made product that rubs into your hair and removes the excess oil and sweat. You can order the shampoo from for Rs. 3,404.

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo Spray


You can also look into Kevin Murphy's fresh hair dry shampoo spray. The shampoo cleans your scalp and hair effectively by getting rid of all the grime accumulated due to sweat and dirt in the environment. It is suitable for all hair types and is sulphate and paraben-free; therefore, you can use it regularly without being worried about harmful effects to your hair. You can buy it for Rs. 544 from

Batiste Dry Instant Hair Refresh Clean and Classic Original Shampoo


We have saved the best for the last. Batiste Dry Shampoo is one of the best in the market. You can use this shampoo between your regular hair washes and feel clean and fresh. It is a perfect shampoo for men working late and have to be ready the next day for a meeting or a college student partying late at night but has to be in class the next day. The shampoo gives you impeccable hair and adds tons of volume and texture to it to make you look clean and handsome again. You can buy it for Rs. 519 from

Do's and Don'ts of Using Dry Shampoo

Here are simple do's and don'ts you should know when using dry shampoo on your hair.


  • Choose the right shampoo for you. You can look for the kind of fragrance you like or if you like a bit of volume to your hair. You can also find dry shampoos that enhance your hair color. So, do research before buying one.
  • When spraying it on to your hair, focus on the roots instead of the whole head.
  • Always keep it at least 6 inches away from the roots for it to work effectively. It will evenly distribute it and won't create a buildup.
  • Wait for 2 minutes after spraying, then use a comb or a brush to smoothen your hair.
  • A dry shampoo is to be used on dry hair. It won't work on wet hair at all and will leave your hair looking clumpy. So, use it on dry hair only.


  • When you are ready to go outside after using a dry shampoo, don't go out without brushing one last time. It will distribute it evenly on the hair and will give you a clean look even if you've just woken up and got dressed.
  • Don't overuse it. Just a spray or two would be enough for it to work, so don't overdo it. If you use too much of it, it will make your hair dry.
  • Don't only use a dry shampoo; use it between your normal hair wash days to give you perfect hair.
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Be Wary of Using Too Many Hair Care Products Frequently!

The dry shampoo might be one of the best hair care products for men; however, as it's said, too much of anything is good for nothing; you must also follow the same proverb for your hair care as well. Use products as directed by experts, and never overuse them thinking they could produce better results; that's the worst thing one can do to their hair!