Leave a Lasting Impression with Your Immaculate Hairstyle. Top Male Celebrity Hairstyle Trends in 2020 and Why Your Hair Needs a Makeover Now

Leave a Lasting Impression with Your Immaculate Hairstyle. Top Male Celebrity Hairstyle Trends in 2020 and Why Your Hair Needs a Makeover Now

Your hair, the crowning glory of your personality says a lot about who you are and plays an integral role in creating a lasting impression about you in your social and professional circle. If you are wondering which men hairstyles are currently trending internationally then this BP Guide will familiarise you with the latest trends and will also share important hair care tips to ensure that your hair is healthy and groomed impeccably.

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Importance of Getting a Perfect Haircut for Men

Most of your body parts are covered with clothes and its your hair that shows. You hair gives you an opportunity to show off your personality. All you modern men are now aware of your personal style and of course that gives you a finished appearance. Here is why getting a perfect hair style is important:

  • A perfect haircut gives you the much needed confidence and gives you a fresh and clean look.

  • Haircut gives you versatility, you have tons of different hairstyles you can choose from according to your style and profession.

  • If you have thinning or receding hair you can get different haircuts that will make you hair look thicker than it actually is.

  • A haircut is your statement and an extension of yourself. It shows a lot about you and how people perceive you.

Trendy Celebrity Style Haircuts

Long gone are the days when it was only women who worried about their hairstyles, now, men are much more aware and like to show off their personality through a good haircut. Most of the men like to follow the fashion trends and like to flaunt celebrity style haircuts. Here are some cuts that the celebrities carry and so can you:

David Beckham – Textured Slicked Back Hair

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David Beckham is one star that men seriously worship. He is known for his style. His famous comb-over haircut is quite popular. This haircut looks elegant and it is quite easy to get it for yourself. All you need to do is to blow dry your hair to add tons of volume before defining your part, then use your hands and pomade to complete this hair style. You can go to the barber and ask for a pompadour and fade and they'll know what to do and make you a David Beckham look alike.

Colin Farrell's Slicked Back

Another very famous Hollywood star is Colin Farrell who is known for his cool hairstyles. He sports a high volume slicked back look. You can style your hair backwards and then clip the sides to balance out the style which gives the top of your hair more weight.

Brad Pitt Long Hair

How can one forget Brad Pitt when it comes to style and fashion. One of his most famous look is in the movie Troy. You need to have naturally thick long hair which should be reaching your shoulders. Simply keep it off your face by slicking the top parts of the hair for the famous Troy look. Men who like to flaunt their style and show their masculinity with a different look can use this hairstyle and look great.

Akshay Kumar's Style: The Full Pompadour

You can also check out some of the most famous personalities in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar is one star who is very famous for sporting different hairstyles in his movies. One of his famous look is the full pompadour style. You need to start with clean and dry hair and then lift your hair with a comb. Coat your hair with pomade using your fingers and slick your hair back on your sides. Now, style the pomp with a blow dryer. You need to comb your hair from the back of the head to the top while you are slicking it. Slick your hair about four inches from the crown of the head. You also need to slick another four inches and complete the look by slicking the rest of the hair from the top of the head. Now, slick your hair back again using the comb. Flatten the slicked portion and leave the front part for a quiff. Make the quiff at the front of your head to make a wedge shape before lifting the hair to get a perfect quiff. At the end drench your hair with loads of hairspray and you are done with the Akshay Kumar's full pompadour style.

Ranbir Kapoor's Hair Styles

It didn't take long for Ranbir Kapoor to steal the heart of women around the world. He has a distinct personality and knows how to carry himself well. He is also known for some of his crazy hairdos. If you want to become the next heartthrob you can try some of his hair cuts and look cool.

His short and voluminous hair with a short beard became very popular. You can try it by cutting your hair shorter on the sides and keep it longer on the upper part. Simply dry your hair on high heat and keep the hair dryer in front of you so that the upper part of the hair stays upright. Use a matte hair foam because a wet hair look looks great.

Another one of his popular hairstyles is when you cut your hair about 1 cm long on the sides and should increase as you reach the top. The hair of the upper part should be around 4-5 cm long. Then part your hair in a deep side parting. You can use a dry hairstyle product to style your hair this way. Don't forget to add a lot of volume by parting your hair on the opposite side than what you usually do.

Shahid Kapoor's Sleek Side Swept Quiff

If you like to look trendy then Shahid Kapoor's sleek side quiff is the best hairstyle for you. Start with towel dried hair but don't dry it completely. Take a small amount of product and spread it evenly, now blow dry your hair in the direction you want your quiff in and you are done. You can use high heat to set the hair in place and look perfect.

Varun Dhawan’s Cool Hairstyles

Talk about the cutest hunk in the industry and people will start talking about Varun Dhawan and his raw style. One of his famous hairstyles in the brush back faded hair. It is very easy, just ask your barber to cut your hair short but let the middle section in a length which is easy to pull back with a hair brush. Use a hair gel to keep it in place and look great.

Amir Khan's Buzz Cut

Remember Amir Khan's hair cut in the movie 'Ghajini'. He looked great in the buzz cut. The best way to understand a buzz cut is to call it the military cut. Just ask your barber to cut on top with a small fade and add a bold or short stripe in between or anywhere you want and you have a great buzz cut. You can also do this at home but remember to use a good pair of hair clipper, don't try it with a beard trimmer and don't be afraid to experiment with it, nothing goes wrong with a buzz cut.

5 Hair Care Tips for Men

Here are a few tips that will help you care for your hair and get the best celebrity hairstyles:

  • Most men worry about thinning hair but you can make your hair look thicker by using a matte styling paste or clay. Matte products add a lot of light and make your hair look thicker than it actually is.

  • Try an egg wash, it may sound weird to you but your hair needs the much needed protein once a month.

  • Avoid washing your hair every day, over-shampooing takes away the oils from your scalp and your hair needs those natural oils to keep your head hydrated.

  • Always use a conditioner after your shampoo. A good conditioner moisturises your hair.

  • Avoid using a lot of styling products on your hair unless needed. They make your hair look unnatural and damage your hair in the long run.
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Choose Your Hairstyle Carefully

Depending on your personal nature, work profile and face structure you should choose your hairstyle carefully, e.g. if you are corporate professional then your hairstyle and hair maintenance requirements will be different than if you are a professional model. It is also prudent to heed to the advise of your stylist as he is after all the veteran in this field and can advise you the best. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you appreciate which possible trending hairstyles you can consider for yourself. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.