Do You Worry about Missing out on Trends Due to Thin Hair? Don’t Worry! The Complete Men’s Fine Hair Guide Help You to Look Trendy in (2020): 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Fine Hair

Do You Worry about Missing out on Trends Due to Thin Hair? Don’t Worry! The Complete Men’s Fine Hair Guide Help You to Look Trendy in (2020): 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Fine Hair

While fine hair can be notoriously difficult to deal with, but with the right hair cut, you can quickly make flat and thin hair strands to appear thicker and fuller. So, no matter if your hair is usually fine or if it’s beginning to thin out, all it needs is the right cut and style to give your locks a new lease on life. Here are the 10 best hairstyles for men with thin hair that will help you glam-up your appearance.

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Embrace the Thinness of Your Hair with the Right Style

Selecting a hairstyle that suits your hair type is one of the crucial things to enhance your looks and even your personality. A hair cut that looks fashionable on you might look awkward for someone else. And, among all types, dealing with fine hair is quite a tedious task. So, if your hair has started to thin out or is naturally fine, just taking the right style and cut will add a new life. Here are some of the best hairstyles for men with fine hair.

Tips for Fine Hair

Don’t Wash Your Hair Daily

Do you wash your hair to get that extra clean feel? Well, this could harm your hair more than doing the good. With over-shampooing, the oils are stripped away from the scalp. And, those natural oils present help in hydrating your scalp. Even a person with short hair shouldn’t use shampoo daily. However, for those with long hair, shampoo at least 3 to 4 times a week is considered the best.

Know about Hair Type

The type of hair matters a lot while selecting the right style for you. What’s your type of hair? Are they curly, straight, dry, or thin? Check out your hair and then buy a shampoo accordingly. This helps you get particular ingredients required for your hair type and reap the rewards of healthier, better hair. For example, curly hair requires some moisturizing ingredients while the thin ones need ingredients that help add volume.

Avoid 2-in-1 Products

Don’t fall for a time-saving technique of utilizing multi-use products. Though that 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combos save you time but using them isn’t good for your hair. The shampoo is meant for cleaning while the conditioner is used for moisturizing hair. However, using both the products together causes the opposite of the desired effect. And, you only get benefit from one. Moreover, when you use multiple products, they harden your hair without giving them enough hydration.

Shampoo Type Matters a Lot

What type of shampoo you use for the hair wash matters a lot. A low-quality (or low-priced) shampoo is generally prepared with harsh products and may strip away the natural scalp oil. While choosing a shampoo for your hair, you should opt for a sulphate-free shampoo that contains natural ingredients.

10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Fine Hair

Here are the top 10 hairstyles for men with thin hair that will help you glam-up your appearance.


One of the best ways to make your thin hair look thicker is to cut them down as short as possible because a short haircut helps hide the sparse strands. On the other hand, the longer the hair, the thinner they appear. Buzzcut is such a style that is considered a perfect choice for people with fine hair. Shaved everywhere, the cut makes your looks better when paired with a beard. Since facial hair attracts the attention away from those on the head, a beard is one of the greatest ways to create a balanced look. And, you can choose from a variety of Buzzcut types such as induction, burr, butch, crew cut, flat top, and high & tight.

There is no need to worry about how to style the buzz cut. Simply rub your hair with a towel after a shower. Also, you can find various products that help maintain that buzz look such as light pomade or coconut oil’s splash.


This one’s among the most stylish and tidy looking hairstyles for men with fine hair. This makes you look great for semi-formal events and office as it makes your hair look polished without being overdone. First, clean the hair with a small quantity of pomade. Then, hold a part of the rough side and comb from the top to downsides across. Ensure that you use a wax product or pomade only to make this style. And, using a gel is not recommended as that could stick the strands together and make you look bald. Most men like this hairstyle because it is easy to maintain and takes roughly five minutes to style.

The style suits the oval and square face shapes. Making the hair appears in high volume and strength is one of the popular benefits of this hairstyle. The comb-over hairstyle also comes with various styling options such as rolling comb-over, elegant comb-over, thick comb-over, long and messy sweep, and Bradley cooper comb-over among others.

Sleek Side Part

Another one of the best ways to make your thin hair look denser is the sleek side part. You should be careful that you shouldn’t use many heavy formulas or hair products. Because doing this will make your fine strands weigh down as well as look lifeless and flat. Alternatively, using the lightweight pomade in small quantities will help your hair appear smoother. The sleek side part hairstyle is good for formal events and does not take too much time also. For getting the perfect side part, you need good quality products and a comb.

Taper Fade Haircut

This hairstyle is a blend of both fades and taper haircuts and also forms a base for different styles and cuts. For the taper fade, the hairstylist clips, trims, and gradually blends the hair as moving down across the sides. Though both taper and fade cuts are combined here, the main difference lies in the fact that a taper cut is generally longer as compared to the fade. The fade begins with short hair and goes down to the shorter ones, frequently cutting down to the skin. The taper is cut with the help of scissors while for the faded one, a trimmer is used. With taper fade cut, a combination of both considered a perfect match for various face types, some popular ones available for men include low & high taper fade and mid taper fade. If you are in corporate and looking for a clean yet fresh look, the low taper fade is the right choice for you.


If you want a hairstyle that complements your face shape and gives you an appealing look, the blowout style should be your go-to choice. The full volume style adds a variety of flair to your looks while flattering your face. To make the style, after washing, blow-dry the hair and point the strands upwards while the drying process is going on. After this, add some Hairspray and pomade to secure your hair in that style. Blowout suits all men, irrespective of skin colour, body shape, age, and other factors. The options are endless depending on how you watch yourself in perfect style and you can choose from styles like messy, slicked, flat, or high.


Do you worry about missing out on trends due to thin hair? You don’t need to and instead, just need to tailor them to suit your type of hair. And, when you are looking to alter a style to thin hair, Pompadour comes in as a perfect contender. Instead of placing the fake hair on the head, scale the style down that works perfectly for you. Small pompadour is as stylish as the big one. To get the pompadour hairstyle with thin hair, you should use quality products like Pomade that holds hair firm and adds a glossy shine.

The best time to make the pompadour style is immediately after the shower. All you need to do is apply the pomade and part your hair, creating a pompadour. Though it is a little tricky to create this style correctly and you might need some time to learn the art.

Textured Crop

The biggest reason why fine hair appears thin and becomes unappealing is that they sit flat. For this, a textured and short crop hairstyle comes out as an appealing solution. In this case, longer strands will become heavier sit flat, pulled downwards while the shorter ones will be lighter and sit higher. However, adding texture to the hair will make them point upwards, and this style is considered both trendy and modern.

This style suits almost all hair types with its ability to add volume to the fine hair, showing off curls or waves and lightening up thick strands. Texture and messy crop cut add both the volume as well as textured styling to your hair. Though these are best suited to men with wavy or curly hair. Similar to other styles, this one also comes with multiple options like short textured hair, medium textured hair, long textured hair, messy textured hair, modern textured fringe, textured undercut, textured quiff, and many more.

The Faded Undercut Hairstyle

One of the most versatile and intricate hairstyles is the faded undercut. This short hairstyle is popular among people with thin strands and goes perfectly well with straight and curly hair. An undercut fade makes you look effortlessly cool with an undercut style. This hairstyle for men with fine hair features a fade of medium to high blurry with the long to medium top hair while short ones on the sides. The gradual fade on the sides of the head helps hide the place that is not easy to manage otherwise.

The faded undercut is a combination of two famous haircuts of men viz., fade and undercut. The faded undercut is a great way of getting a side hair cut that lets you retain your stylish look as well. Also, one of the best parts of this hairstyle is that it allows customization and lets you grab the attention of other people. You can style your strands whenever you want and the hairstyle will always give you astonishing results.

The Side Parting

The perfect short hairstyle for the men with fine hair and you don’t need to be too neat or messy always. The side parting is described subtly with the sides tapered, and it maintains a tidy finish. However, you should add a small amount of wax or pomade to describe the sections. This versatile haircut is suitable for both formal as well as casual situations and is ideally made by men when going to a workplace or an office job. Also, the style does not need very much time to make.

As the name implies, side parting relies on a partition done on the sides but is much more than that. This hairstyle works great for both the thick hair as well as fine hair. Similar to the comb-over and other short hairstyles, it is perfect for the oval and square face shape. For a good side part haircut, you need a pomade of good quality. After drying your hair with the towel, apply this product when your hair is slightly damp. Then make a point on your head’s back either on the right or left side, and comb all your hair from this certain point. After combing, applying a few hairsprays will help fix the style.

Military Cut

The military cut is one of the perfect styling options for short hair. It does not depend on what your hair texture or type is and you can go with the military cut always. This style is short, simple, and easy to maintain. And you can select a low or high fade or an undercut hairstyle on the sides. The fade of the military cut tends to go down to the skin or you can use a guard of #1 size for the cut. Furthermore, you also have the choice of how short you want the cut to be from the top like a crew cut, military buzz cut, high and tight or induction.

The hairstyle is perfect for a marine officer, a soldier, a police officer, as well as a regular person who wants a traditional military haircut.

Always Use Conditioner After Shampoo

Are you among those who want to save time in the shower? For this, many avoid using a conditioner or use 2-in-1 products. However, if you wash your hair with shampoo and do not use a conditioner, then it can cause serious damage. While conditioners replenish the essential oils and moisture, they also make your hair get rid of the sulfate-free shampoo. If the length of your hair is short, then you should use a conditioner after shampoo to keep your hair healthy. And, for long hair, it is a must.

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